20 Best D&D Miniatures for Your Next Tabletop Adventure

20 Best DD Miniatures For Your Next Tabletop Adventure

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Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) has always been one of the most popular tabletop games of all time as it has been around for decades and is still going strong. Of course, you will never have a complete D&D experience without the miniatures that you can use to represent the characters that are in the adventure that you and your friends are on. So, with that said, we have a list of the best D&D miniatures that you can get for your next tabletop adventure.

20. Chardalyn Dragon

chardalyn dragon header 1231622.jpeg copy

You might be wondering why a great dragon figure is last on this list but bear with us when we say that the premium figures aren’t always the best because they aren’t the most essential miniature to have in a D&D game. That said, having a Chardalyn Dragon miniature with you on your next tabletop adventure will always be a delight.

This figure is massive and weighs more than 3 pounds. On top of that, it has measurements of 12 x 18 x 9 inches, and that means that it should be quite a sight to behold whenever you’re playing with your friends. The figure comes ready to use right out of the box. As such, when you take it out of the box, your friends would be surprised to see that you have such a massive dragon that has a storyline that runs deep in the entire D&D lore.

19. Purple Worm

009PurpleWurm ml

Of course, one of the most legendary creatures in all of D&D is the Purple Worm, which has taken the lives of many adventurers throughout its long history. This is an amazing miniature to have in your next D&D game because it is as imposing as it is fearsome. It sends a message that will tell your friends that you are serious with your approach to your D&D game.

Although this massive 10 x 8 x 2 inches figure is as great and as imposing as it is, it doesn’t have a higher spot on this list because it isn’t an essential miniature. Think of it as a luxury to have if you are someone who simply wants to impress your friends in your next D&D adventure. Nevertheless, it will immediately wreak havoc the moment you place it on the game map.

18. Familiars

DW uBn U8AEKiA1.jpg large

Familiars are some of the most common creatures that are used by different adventurers whenever they are playing D&D. Having a companion animal should be a delight for someone playing D&D, and that’s why you might want to have a familiar miniature with you on the map in your next adventure with your friends.


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Going for this familiars set will allow you to choose from multiple familiar animals as it includes a cat, a frog, and an owl. Having a familiar figurine on your map is also great because it reminds you that you actually have a familiar with a skill that you can use in a dire situation. As such, these familiar figures belong on our list and should be with you in your next D&D adventure.

17. Bahamut 

Bahamut illov3

Bahamut is probably the baddest dragon in a game that has dragons written all over it as he is the legendary god of dragons. As such, he should be a great addition to any kind of D&D adventure, as having this imposing and large figure will allow you to become the envy of any adventurer out there. It comes ready out of the box and should be a delight to use on any adventure that involves Bahamut himself. 

Of course, as great as it might be to have the greatest dragon in a game that is literally about dragons, this Bahamut miniature might not be as important as the other miniatures that we have on this list. That’s why it sits that low on our list. Still, if you can afford to have this figure, then there shouldn’t be anything stopping you from getting it.

16. Doors

024AnimatedDoor ml

Yes, we know that doors aren’t the most interesting and imposing miniatures to have in a D&D game. But trust us when we say that these are just as important as the NPCs themselves because they make your experience much more meaningful and interactive. They are essential when it comes to environments that are indoor, and that’s why doors in a D&D make the experience a lot better.

The best thing about this doors pack is that there are plenty of different doors that you can choose from, depending on what kind of adventure you want to have. And having door miniatures is an investment for any kind of hardcore D&D adventurer.

15. Zombies


We said that doors are essentials in a game of D&D because they make your experience better, especially in dungeons and other indoor environments. However, zombie miniatures are going to make your dungeons even more interesting because these are some of the most common enemies that D&D gamers often encounter in a game.

Having zombie miniatures in your next D&D adventure will make the game much more interactive because of the fact that you are going to have something that represents the common enemies that adventurers often have to go through in a game. That’s why you might want to invest in zombie miniatures.

14. Goblins

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Goblins are kind of like zombies and the other low-level grunt monsters in a D&D game because they are almost always around to mess up an adventurer’s day. They are almost always making things difficult for the adventurer because of the fact that they can be found anywhere and are often going to make things difficult for any D&D gamer. That’s why you need to have goblin miniatures in your next D&D adventure.

The best thing about goblin miniatures is that they are staples when it comes to any D&D game. This miniature set has a lot of different types of goblins that have their own weapons. And if you want to be a goblin in your next adventurer, you can even choose one of these miniatures because they are so versatile and fun to play with.

13. Skeletons


Of course, skeleton miniatures are also going to find their way into this list because, like the zombies and the goblins, they are staple monsters that D&D adventurers often encounter in a game. You are going to have a lot of fun having skeleton figures on your game map because they make the game more interactive and fun. And you can have a representation of one of the most common low-level grunts in the game.

These skeleton figures are so fun to have because they are quite handy and are able to add the creep factor to any dungeon in a game. They add interest to any D&D campaign because there are a lot of things that you can do with skeleton miniatures. Of course, if you want to play as the undead, there shouldn’t be anything stopping you from using a skeleton as your own in-game figurine.

12. Polukranos 

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Polukranos, the World Eater, is a great miniature figurine to have in your next D&D game because this is one of the legendary monsters in D&D lore. Of course, having a creature as legendary ass Polukranos will make things a lot more interesting for you and your friends in your next D&D game, especially if this entity is part of the storyline you are playing.

This Polukranos figure is huge and imposing but is one of the smallest figures when it comes to legendary D&D creatures. Nevertheless, that doesn’t change the fact that, when it hits the table, your friends will understand how serious the game has become and how large the stakes are becoming.

11. Orcs


There probably isn’t a more classic enemy in the world of D&D than the orc because orcs are basically some of the most common monsters that adventurers run into when they are playing. And orcs are always staples when it comes to different adventure games outside of the world of D&D.


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As such, having an orc miniature will make things a lot more interesting in a game because of the fact that these monsters are some of the most imposing yet intriguing creatures in the world of D&D. Of course, it never hurts to play as an orc as well because some players may want to come with the imposing strength and intimidating look that an orc tends to have.

10. Mimics

81RL9F9pFBL. AC SL1500

The age-old annoying treasure box wannabee has always been some of the things that have annoyed different D&D adventurers throughout the years. Mimics are also staples in almost any D&D adventure because they only add a level of trickiness to an adventure. Imagine one of your friends thinking that he has gotten a treasure chest but actually ended up encountering a mimic instead.

Having a mimic miniature in your next D&D adventure will make your dungeon crawling more interesting because these creatures will make the quest trickier and trickier. In that regard, it is best to add a mimic set to your collection of D&D miniatures so that you will be able to use them whenever you want to add a level of trickiness to your next adventure with your friends.

9. Wolves

IMG 1764

Wolves are some of the most common feral beasts that different D&D may encounter during an adventure. These are animals that can lurk in forests and plains, depending on the kind of adventure you are on with your friends. That’s why you might want to have a wolf miniature with you in your collection, as these animals will make any D&D game a lot more fun.

Of course, having a wolf miniature will also add a level of versatility to your gameplay because you can also use this animal as a familiar for your adventurer. In that regard, wolf miniatures are fun and versatile figures to have in any kind of D&D SET. And the coolest part is that these figures are just as cool and imposing as actual wolves.

8. Spiders and Rats

giant rats spiders and bats miniatures from amazon e1539097601117 1

The dungeons that you and your friends enter in a game of D&D are almost always dark and full of decay. While skeletons and zombies are staples in dark dungeons, we can never forget the fact that spiders and rats are just as common as any other creature that is hiding in the shadows of the darkest dungeons in the world of D&D.

So, if you’re a dungeon master trying to make things spicier for your friends, it won’t hurt to have spiders and rats as the miniatures that you use to make the game even better and more exciting. Having a stockpile of spiders and rats in your D&D set will make the adventure even more interactive and versatile. You can simply throw these miniatures on your table if you want. 

7. Thugs and Soldiers

warriors of erebor used in dnd pathfinder miniatures 600x620 1

We often glorify the different soldiers that we see in a D&D adventure because they form a huge part of what makes a game so exciting, but we should never forget about the fact that thugs and soldiers are also some of the elements that add a level of versatility to any tabletop quest that you go on with your friends.

Having thugs and soldier miniatures will allow you to add non-monster enemies that your adventurers may need to go through if they want to succeed in the mission. Of course, humanoid foes are always just as interesting as monsters, and that’s why it might be a good idea to have thugs and soldiers in your set of miniatures. And most thug and soldier miniature sets come with different thugs and soldiers that have various types of weapons.

6. Beholder

maxresdefault 9

The Beholders are some of the most classic enemies in the world of D&D, and that’s why you might want to have a Beholder miniature with you whenever you are playing with your friends. Beholders are often used in official D&Dcampaigns because they have always been some of the most popular enemies that adventurers often encounter. As such, it should be a good idea to have one in your set of D&D figures.

Of course, even if you’re playing a homebrew campaign with your friends, Beholders can also be a great addition to your adventure, especially because they add a different level of intelligence to a game. They are actually mini-bosses that will make things more interesting for you and your friends, and that’s why you might want to have a Beholder miniature the next time you start rolling the dice.

5. Wizards

wardlings figureshot 1 725454 utw4n2JN

Wizards are staple characters in the world of D&D because of how versatile they are. They are often in the mix of things because they can be enemy sorcerers that adventures need to defeat or can actually be useful NPCs that can offer tips and items in a quest. That’s why you must have a wizard miniature in your collection.

Of course, going for a wizard miniatures set should be ideal because of the fact that you would want to have different types of wizards to choose from. You can choose a sinister-looking wizard as an enemy, or you can go for a cool-looking wizard as your wizard character in your next D&D adventure. The possibilities tend to be endless when it comes to wizard miniatures.

4. Tombs and Traps


Yes, we placed tombs and traps at such a high place on this list because of the very fact that they make any kind of dungeon much more challenging and interesting to any D&D player. It won’t be a D&D game if the dungeons don’t have tombs and traps that make the game a lot trickier. As such, having tombs and traps in your miniatures set will make the game much more interactive.

There are plenty of different toms and traps that you can choose from whenever you are looking for great miniatures. Just choose the ones you believe are the best when it comes to their overall appearance and the quality of their build.

3. Adventurer’s Campsite Set


The Adventurer’s Campsite Set is one of the best sets that you can get if you want a good and complete set of miniatures for your adventurer in your next D&D quest. This has everything that any adventurer could ever dream of because of how complete it is. It has all the different basic environment pieces that you may want to have and is a great way for you to start your D&D miniatures collection.

Of course, players in a D&D game will want to have a more interactive experience regardless of what kind of adventure they are on. That’s why the different pieces that come with this Adventurer’s Campsite Set will make the game much more exciting and fun for any kind of player out there. And it’s going to be great to have your own little campsite whenever you are on a mission to slay an evil wizard or a huge dragon.

2. Kraken

Kraken MINIATURE01 1

Unleash the Kraken with this mighty D&D miniature piece that’s only going to make your game much more exciting because you have one of the biggest monsters on the sea. Any sea-based D&D campaign will love having a large Kraken around to spice things up, as this should be a miniature you would want to pick up for your next adventure.

This miniature comes with a lot of different accessories that may make your quest more interactive. Of course, you can also detach the tentacles from the body of this monster so that you can have a more interactive game, especially when your adventurers are attacking its tentacles one by one. It simply is a fun way of making a sea campaign much more enticing.

1. Sapphire Dragon

sapphire dragon hed 1229679.jpeg copy

Finally, we have the coolest dragon miniature in the world of D&D miniature as the Sapphire Dragon stands as a figure that you should want to have in your collection. While this dragon isn’t something that is as important or as essential as the other miniatures we have on this list, it will never hurt to have one of the coolest-looking monsters on your D&D map.


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Even if the Sapphire Dragon is only there for a guest appearance, it still is one of the best miniatures to get because it is simply that cool and amazing to have. And we really can’t say anything more about how awesome this miniature is.

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