50 Best Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Mods of All Time

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The Elder Scrolls is an iconic game, but, much like all games, it still has room for improvement in certain areas. Mods have become almost essential for countless avid gamers worldwide, as they can enhance any game’s most loveable characteristics while improving on potential shortcomings. Stick around to find out about some of the best Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Mods of all time and why they’re worth using.

50 Best Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Mods (Ranked)

There is a plethora of Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Mods to choose from, offering various benefits that can add value for just about any player. But, finding a great mod involves a fair amount of consideration since players should ideally look for something that improves their experience without making the game too easy or linear.

Below is a summarized grouping of the best Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Mods, as well as which aspects they focus on – if you’re looking for a mod that targets something specific:

Focal PointElder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Mods
& Items
COBL; Unnecessary Violence III; HUD Status Bar; Deadly Reflex; Kvatch Rebuilt; AliveWaters; Weapon Expansion Pack; Martigen’s Monster Mod; Knights of the Nine Revelation; Oblivion Randomizer Project; Nehrim; Better Dungeons; Alternate Start; Midas Magic Spells of Aurum; Maskbar’s Oblivion Overhaul; Immersive Weapons
Gameplay Elven Map Redux; Keychain; Enhanced Camera; Uncapper; Sounds of Cyrodiil; Oblivion XP (Version 2); Oscuro’s Oblivion Overhaul; Francesco’s Leveled Creatures and Items Mod; DarNified UI; Dynamic Map
& Visual
Weather – All Natural; Really AEVWD; Oblivion Graphics Extender; Qarl’s Texture Pack II; Oblivion Reloaded; Immersive Interiors; CandidENB Reborn; Improved Trees And Flora 2; Natural Environments; Better Cities
& Bug Fixes
Stutter Remover; Engine Bug Fixes; The Unofficial Oblivion Patch
Models &
Capes and Cloaks; CM Partners; Rens Beauty Pack; Oblivion Character Overhaul Version 2; Beautiful People; Blockhead; Coronerras Maximum Compatibility; Companion Vilja
Mod ManagementCOBL; Oblivion Script Extender; Oblivion Nexus Mod Manager

The ranking for these mods is debatable, as players will need to gauge which mods would prove most beneficial to them based on numerous factors. However, we’ve ranked these mods based on usability, popularity, quality, functionality, and overall value.


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Below is an overview of the best Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Mods of all time, including their estimated rankings and their added features:

Rank No.Elder Scrolls IV:
Oblivion Mod
Added Features
1The Unofficial
Oblivion Patch
Fixes over 2,500 bugs and around 70,000 object placement errors
Adds new weapons, all of which are fully integrated
3Better CitiesAdds dozens of new buildings and activities to each city
Removes many of the game’s graphical limitations
Adds tweaks to aspects like climate, nature, and creatures
5Qarl’s Texture
Pack II
Adds graphical improvements
Improves a large portion of the game’s textures
Oblivion Overhaul
Adds changeable encounters, upgraded tools, apparatus drops, and much more
7Companion ViljaEnables the Vilja the Nord companion
Skeleton mod based on physics
Enhances individual model body parts for better movement
9Midas Magic
Spells of Aurum
Adds nearly 300 new spells to the game
10Oblivion Graphics
Enables the best graphical enhancement possible
11Alternate StartAllows players to start their journey by arriving on a ship
12BlockheadEnables modifications to characters and animation overrides
13Better DungeonsTransforms every cave in the game’s world
Adds new challenges to dungeons
14Really AEVWDRevamps distant views throughout the game’s world
15Dynamic MapChanges the map to display new additions from mods
Adds terrain color to the map
Adds cyclical changes to the game
Improves aspects like climate, nature, and weather
17DarNified UIModernizes and enhances every in-game menu
18NehrimTakes place in a totally new and unique world
Includes new content and mysteries
Enhances the faces of everyone in the Oblivion world
Bug Fixes
Responsible for fixing invalid and damaging bugs
Randomizes most of the game, including NPC apparatus, spells, and more
22Knights of the
Nine Revelation
Improves the Knight’s questline
Includes hundreds of new objectives, original NPCs, and unique companions
Monster Mod
Adds over 150 competitors and characteristics
Adds new locations, characters, and challenges
Expansion Pack
Adds over 625 new Fine Iron and Rusty Iron weapons
Leveled Creatures
and Items Mod
Alters the leveling system of the beings around players
Customizable mod effects
26Oscuro’s Oblivion
Tweaks the difficulty level for a more challenging experience
– All Natural
Adds environmental effects
28Oblivion XP
(Version 2)
Modifies the Oblivion XP system
Includes a ton of natural structures, natural features, and new locations
30Sounds of
Adds thousands of sound emission points and 250 brand-new sound effects
31UncapperRemoves the restriction cap and allows gamers to surpass 100
Forces the game to always be set in first-person
33KeychainAdds a virtual key system
34AliveWatersAdds new elements and creatures to the underwater world
Overhaul Version 2
Revamps the Oblivion character model aesthetics
36Kvatch RebuiltAllows players to restore Kvatch and become the count/countess
37Deadly ReflexAdds new skills and moves for characters and enemies
38HUD Status BarAdds new customizable HUD bars and features
39Improved Trees
And Flora 2
Adds depth and detail to trees, flowers, and vegetation
40Stutter RemoverEliminates stutter, bugs, errors, and technical issues
41Oblivion Nexus
Mod Manager
A service mod intended for managing plugins and mods
Improves graphics by tweaking post-processing effects
43Rens Beauty PackAdds a new race variant and new cosmetic options
Violence III
Adds additional combat panels, actions, and techniques
45Oblivion Script
Extends the game’s scripting capabilities, allowing more complex mods to work
46CM PartnersAdds nearly one hundred companion NPCs
Customizable companion feature
47Elven Map ReduxMakes the map look better than the initial Oblivion map
48COBLImproves how the game deals with mods
Adds new features and items
49Immersive InteriorsMakes a massive difference to the interior of structures
50Capes and CloaksEnables players to wear capes and cloaks

Of course, when it comes to gaming mods, their popularity is always debatable based on players’ preferences and preferred playstyles. We’ve gathered everything you need to know about these awesome Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Mods, focusing on their primary advantages to players with images thanks to Gamerant, NerdBear, and FandomSpot.

50. Capes and Cloaks

This mod is more focused on adding trim to your gaming experience – quite literally. Although it offers no benefits or advantages to gameplay, many players just wanted something extra to make their character look and feel special.

Capes and Cloaks

The Capes and Cloaks mod enables players to wear capes and cloaks, as the name suggests. It’s a simple and small addition to Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, but it’s safe to say that this style just looks and feels right.

49. Immersive Interiors

If you’re looking for something that will make the game look and feel far more immersive when you’re indoors, then this mod will possibly be the best option out there. Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion players know that structures can often feel detached from the outside world. Things outside will simply stop happening once players enter a house or building, and it can really suck the realism out of the gameplay experience.

Immersive Interiors

This mod makes a massive difference to the interior of structures overall. In addition to small but notable details, the mod even allows players to look outside windows and actually see the outside world. NPCs won’t be walking around or doing odd jobs around the area, but it makes the entire world feel far more cohesive and blended together.

48. COBL

The COBL mod is essentially an all-in-one package for Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion players, especially for those who choose to play with other mods. It does a range of awesome and beneficial tasks that can greatly improve playability while adding some neat new things to the game.


It works to improve the game and how it deals with mods, allowing various mods of the same type to work perfectly in unison – free of bugs and errors. This mod also adds new features, such as the ability to sort alchemy items easier, and new objects, such as beers, foods, containers, and much more.

47. Elven Map Redux

The Elven Map Redux mod is an Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion map mod that can be helpful to just about any player. It simply adds color to the traditional Oblivion map, and it also has a few enhancements that give a special flair to the original.

Elven Map

All of its alterations make the map look way better than the initial Oblivion map, as well as more pleasant to navigate and use. Its functionality is rather basic, but it can be an excellent and safe choice for pretty much all Oblivion players.

46. CM Partners

An element that many fans missed in Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion was the companion system. Fortunately, the CM Partners mod enables the use of a proper companion system in Oblivion, including a few amazing companion features and functions.

CM Partners

The mod includes nearly one hundred NPCs to select from and to have as companions, who will travel around the lands of Cyrodiil with players. The mod even allows players to create their own custom companions and call for their aid whenever they’d like assistance.

45. Oblivion Script Extender

Playing Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion with mods can feel like a walk in the park, but some mods can actually be more complex to run than one might expect. If you’re planning on using more complex mods, then the Oblivion Script Extender may just become essential over time.

Oblivion Script

It does not add anything extra or special to the game, but it will greatly improve the gaming experience for those who find their favorite Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Mods too overwhelming to use. It is a special mod that extends the game’s scripting capabilities, allowing more complex mods to work as they were intended.


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This mod is an absolute must for almost all players who want to use mods. It should definitely be on your download wishlist if you’re planning to install and run the best Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Mods – including most mods on this list!

44. Unnecessary Violence III

If you’re looking for a way to make Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion more gruesome and aggressive, this mod is perfect for you! It changes the combat system in the game by adding additional panels, actions, and even techniques for epic kills – and, of course, unfortunate deaths.

Unnecessary Violence III

Unnecessary Violence III adds more combat passages, allowing players to throw objects at enemies, change their hold on their weapons, and much more. Instead of classic fighting mechanics, you’ll be blowing up foes, cutting off monsters’ limbs, and launching spears through targets’ throats – essentially creating fountains of blood and gore.

43. Rens Beauty Pack

Beauty mods are not new to the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion community – to be fair, the game’s models may have been deemed as unsightly, to say the least. Many players were not happy with the cosmetic availabilities or the look of their characters in general. While beauty mods are not a must-have for all players, cosmetics and character customization are an integral aspect of fun and immersion for quite a few RPG enthusiasts.

Rens Beauty Pack

The Rens Beauty Pack mod comes with a new race variant and also adds a range of new cosmetic options, such as hairstyles for both female and male characters. Other than the new race, its additions are nothing out of the ordinary. Still, the amount of detail and effort that went into this mod definitely makes it worth a mention.

42. CandidENB Reborn

If you’re looking for a general graphics tweak for Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, this one may be the right mod for you! CandidENB Reborn is perfect for gamers seeking an EMB to improve graphics by tweaking post-processing effects. It quite literally transforms the world into something out of a cinematic movie, leaving a ton of glorious scenery and striking views for those who download it.

CandidENB Reborn

However, it is important to note that this mod will require some extra time and preliminary steps before using this RNB preset. Players will have to make sure they read the description and install it properly for it to function as intended.

41. Oblivion Nexus Mod Manager

The Oblivion Nexus Mod Manager displays all of the mods offered, according to the player’s usage, allowing players to accurately sort them and even see them more noticeably than they can with the original Oblivion launcher. It enables players to get everything they need all into one neat and tidy interface for easy use and enhanced convenience.


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It’s a service mod intended for managing plugins and storing them. But, it also allows players to download or even uninstall a ton of mods in a simple and easy manner, which can amount to massive savings on time and effort – perfect for Oblivion players using countless mods simultaneously.

40. Stutter Remover

We love Bethesda – they have brought us some of the most iconic RPGs to ever grace this planet. But, it’s fair to say that their games are never short on technical issues, and players are often left to fend for themselves in coping with these issues.

The Stutter Remover mod is a great option for players who feel their gameplay experience could be a bit smoother, as it works to eliminate stutter, bugs, errors, and technical issues that the official creators have left unresolved. It’s a must-have for anyone who’s experiencing issues like irregular or stuttering frame ratios.

39. Improved Trees And Flora 2

Considering that Oblivion was only a product of its time, plenty of the natural elements have been left looking quite bare bones. The trees and flora are no exception, and they really could do with some work compared to other open-world titles.

Improved Trees And Flora

The Improved Trees And Flora 2 mod focuses on adding depth and detail to trees, flowers, and vegetation, in particular, transforming nature into a much more realistic variant. With this mod, players can roam their Oblivion world amongst rustling trees, bright plant life, and enriched natural spaces.

38. HUD Status Bar

Playing Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion can be tricky with the classic HUD, as it can be challenging to gauge what your character needs at each moment. The HUD Status Bar mod will totally revolutionize the way your HUD looks and functions, allowing players to get a much better grasp of the environment and character necessities.

HUD Status Bar

It even adds new bars and features, all of which can be adjusted to meet each player’s needs and preferences. While this mod is not essential and only offers very basic features, its added bars and customizability can greatly improve the gameplay experience for just about any player.

37. Deadly Reflex

The Deadly Reflex mod may be ideal if you want to add some flair to your combat style in Oblivion, as it adds plenty of different strategic depth with unique maneuvers. The mod adds aspects like new skills and several new moves or capabilities, such as dodge, stun, and even finisher moves.


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It’s a great way to allow your character to take on enemies with far more than basic attacks. However, enemies will also have the same characteristics with this mod – one of the reasons why it can make the game so much more fun and interesting.

36. Kvatch Rebuilt

A common fantasy among Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion players was to rebuild the once-mighty city of Kvatch, which simply was not possible in the original game. Players were simply forced to stare at its ruins, wondering how it may have thrived in its glory days.

Kvatch Rebuilt

The Kvatch Rebuilt mod allows players to do just that – rebuild the great city of Kvatch. It will not instantly revive the area, but it can transform the ruined city into one of the most enjoyable places to visit in the game over time. It will enable players to embark on a quest that, once completed, will allow players to restore Kvatch’s former state and even become the count or countess.

35. Oblivion Character Overhaul Version 2

Since Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is fairly old, it is fair that the models are graphically outdated. Still, the game has aged well, and many gamers still play the game but hope for a more modern look overall.


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The Oblivion Character Overhaul Version 2 is a comprehensive, all-in-one revamp of the Oblivion character model aesthetics, completely reworking character heads with all races, hairstyles, eyes, textures, and much more. It’s a great way to ensure your character looks up-to-par, as it achieves a look that’s more in line with the likes of Skyrim and The Elder Scrolls Online.

34. AliveWaters

The region of Tamriel is filled to the brim with lush natural life, mystical magic elements, charming creatures, and much more. But, Cyrodiil’s waters have left many players feeling slightly underwhelmed – there could be so much more going on beneath the surface!


AliveWaters adds a ton of new elements and creatures to the underwater world, whether tucked beneath waves or hidden at the base of water bodies. These inclusions make exploring underwater areas far more exciting and enjoyable, so players actually have a purpose to head out on aquatic adventures – apart from eventually finding the sunken chest.

33. Keychain

Apart from potentially tiresome aspects and areas in need of tweaking, a notable burden that stood out in Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion was the breathtaking amount of keys – that players would need to keep in their inventory. Having hundreds of keys in your inventory is undeniably painful, but the Keychain mod is here to help you out! It features a virtual key system, which all of your keys will be reallocated to.


Simply open the keychain and select any key that’s needed. Considering that all players will be faced with this situation as they progress through the game, the Keychain mod is essential for just about anyone. Gone are the days of dealing with awful clutter, or mixing up keys with other items when scrolling through an endless list of items in the ‘All’ section.

32. Enhanced Camera

Third-person can be exceptional for many scenarios, but it often comes down to player preference. If you love Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion but loath the default POV, then Enhanced Camera may be your best chance at achieving the realistic viewpoint you’d hoped for!

Enhanced Camera

It essentially forces the game to always be set in first-person, irrespective of the environment or context. It also makes first-person feel far more realistic, as players can actually look down and see their own bodies as they move around, explore, and even fight monsters.

31. Uncapper

The Uncapper mod is ideal for players who really want to push the limits of vanilla Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. It removes the restriction cap and allows gamers to receive certain attributes and abilities once they surpass the initial restriction cap of 100.


Without using this mod, the player will only be able to hit 100 at max. This mod’s cap will be altered to 200 if weapons are broken during hand-to-hand combat, or due to any other type of change or damage.

30. Sounds of Cyrodiil

Plenty of players may have heard about the Sounds of Cyrodiil mod and possibly passed it up in favor of graphics-based mods, for example. But, the Sounds of Cyrodiil mod is seriously worth a chance – it can really transform your gameplay experience in unimaginable ways!

Sounds of Cyrodiil

The creator’s aim was to revitalize the game through the use of effects and sound, and this was undoubtedly accomplished to the tiniest details. This mod breathes life into Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion through layers upon layers of sound, making each area or environment feel far more realistic, immersive, and alive.


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The creator has added thousands of sound emission points to the game overall, as well as a total of 250 brand-new sound effects. Although players could go without this mod, using it will enable a playthrough that you can see, hear, and feel for the immersive and charming gameplay experience of your dreams.

29. Unique Landscapes Compilation

Many payers may be hoping to achieve a complete overhaul of the natural environments in the game, and this mod does a remarkable job in this area. It’s an all-in-one package for anyone who wants a total revamp of the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion world. The Unique Landscapes Compilation mod essentially compiles all of the best landscapes, turning everything into one single mod that can make the game’s world feel as alive and bustling as it should.

Unique Landscapes Compilation

It includes a ton of amazing natural structures and features, such as new waterfalls, new locations to explore, and much more. While it does not include any new features or functions, it’s a great way to make sure your Oblivion experience feels far more in touch with nature overall.

28. Oblivion XP (Version 2)

The Oblivion XP mod allows for a far more enjoyable and modified adventure, providing players with XP or gems upon acquiring kills during tasks. The mod will modify the way that the XP system functions in Oblivion, enabling players to gain XP by other means as well.

Oblivion XP

Players can acquire skills by exploring new areas or completing minor tasks as well. It transforms the XP system into something more in line with Creation of Warcraft and Baldur’s Gate, where players earn XP from killing opponents and finishing quests.

27. Weather – All Natural

There are quite a few weather and environment-based mods to use for Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. But, the Weather – All Natural mod essentially combines the best of all these mods for all-in-one weather applications and settings.

Weather – All Natural

It makes the game look and feel far more realistic, making it an essential choice for players who prefer a photorealistic look. It’s an absolute showstopper when combined with the other graphics or environment-based mods mentioned on this list.

26. Oscuro’s Oblivion Overhaul

Some players felt that Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion was never as challenging as expected, although some players appreciated the lower than anticipated difficulty level. Setting the difficulty level to max still didn’t make it as challenging as most other RPGs, and the thrill of a challenge is a must for many RPG gamers. If you’re hoping to get the Hardcore gaming experience you’d hoped for, the Oscuros Oblivion Overhaul may be perfect for you!

Oscuros Oblivion Overhaul

It tweaks the difficulty level, removing aspects like monsters adapting to skill levels or slaying tough creatures early in the game. This mod will set you up for an incredibly tough and rough Oblivion experience, which can be ideal for many players. It’s also a great way to spice up the game if you’ve completed it a few times and have the know-how on how to beat most creatures in the game.

25. Francesco’s Leveled Creatures and Items Mod

Francesco’s Leveled Creatures and Items Mod makes the entire gameplay experience more exciting and adaptable as it alters the leveling system of the beings around players. Its features can result in a more realistic and enjoyable Oblivion experience, especially at lower levels of the game.

Francescos Leveled Creatures and Items Mod

It also provides the option to turn off many of the mod’s characteristics, allowing players to choose which features suit them most. In this way, players can still preserve Oblivion’s core experiences and pick the mod effects they like most.

24. Weapon Expansion Pack

If you’re looking for weapon options with added trimmings, the Weapon Expansion Pack may be a good choice. It adds over 625 new Fine Iron and Rusty Iron weapons to the game and is qualified to repair Oblivion weapon faults that the devs may have missed.

Weapon Expansion Pack

Although this mod makes it possible to use a ton of new weapon types in the game, it also adds new traits. It’s a great choice for any gamer who wants a bit more out of their weapon selection.

23. Martigen’s Monster Mod

If you’re looking for an Oblivion mod that adds more to your gaming world overall, then the Martigen’s Monster Mod may just be the right one for you. It allows a change of pace concerning characters, environments, and much more, making for a fresh spin on the classic version.

Martigens Monster Mod

This mod adds over 150 competitors and characteristics, filling the game with variation and unique elements. Players can discover all sorts of new locations, characters, and challenges, and battles with enemies will bring a flurry of brand-new thrills.

22. Knights of the Nine Revelation

The Knights of the Nine Revelation mod would be ideal for Oblivion players who want to be a ‘good’ knight, as it improves the Knights questline. It also includes hundreds of new objectives, original NPCs will fully voiced dialogues, and unique companions.

Knights of the Nine Revelation

All of the occasions included in the mod are consistent with the books. Many players have enjoyed this mod as they assumed a journey thousands of years into Tamriel’s past, eventually taking the role of the lone salvation for countless survivors.

21. Oblivion Randomizer Project

The Oblivion Randomizer Project is ideal for players wanting a completely unique and wonky spin on Oblivion vanilla, as it turns things upside down with unexpected twists and classic craziness. This mod completely randomizes most of the game, including NPC apparatus, spells, and more.


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It features a ton of fun and somewhat comedic spins, such as blunt swords that need to be used for defeating enemies. It’s a great option for players who want to more light-hearted but challenging Oblivion experience and love a good troll.

20. Engine Bug Fixes

This mod is a must-have for just about anyone, as it tackles the issues that the developers may have left behind. It’s responsible for fixing all of the invalid and possibly damaging bugs in the game, ensuring an enhanced gaming experience overall.

Players will not have to deal with errors, bugs, or even viruses with this mod, as this mod solves a lot of known harms – even with Oblivion’s dated game engine. It makes the entire game far more enjoyable and will be beneficial for just about every Oblivion player out there.

19. Beautiful People

The fact that Oblivion’s characters were an eyesore really bothered many players, especially since graphics have only become more pristine and visually appealing over time – Oblivion’s models have not aged well. Thankfully, players can use the Beautiful People mod to remedy this situation.

Beautiful People

Beautiful People will enhance the faces of everyone in the Oblivion world to make them more pleasant to look at during gameplay. It’s not a must-have by any means, but it’s definitely worth downloading if you’ve been side-glancing Oblivion’s NPCs for years.

18. Nehrim

The Nehrim mod is a prize-winning TC for players, focusing on repairing almost everything about Oblivion. It takes place in a totally new and unique world that is around the same size as Cyrodiil, except that everything has been customized and placed by hand.

It is much more intentionally designed and detailed than the original world of Cyrodiil, but it still stays true to Oblivion’s feel. It’s also jam-packed with new and special content, and even unique mysteries for players to discover.

17. DarNified UI

The DarNified UI mod is not major, but it can be a massive help to just about any Oblivion player since it modernizes every menu and makes it work correctly. It also replaces the sphere map with a wonderful variant and adds small tweaks that amount to easier usability.

DarNified UI

Fonts become smaller, more information is displayed, settings can be adjusted in-game, and the HUD is enhanced overall. It’s a really helpful UI mod that makes the UI less compressed, and it works well when combined with other mods as well.

16. Natural Environments

The Natural Environments mod is by far the best mod for Oblivion when it comes to improving the aesthetic of landscapes and natural elements overall. It’s an all-in-one package for any player who wants a completely realistic nature system in their game, as its systems significantly enhance in-game nature overall.

Natural Environment

It adds cyclical changes to the game for a realistic and natural feel while improving aspects like climate, nature, and weather. This mod is super complex, understandably so. But, it’s a must-have for any player who wants their experience to be as realistic as possible while adventuring and exploring the world’s terrain.

15. Dynamic Map

If you’re looking for an Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Mod that focuses on improving the game’s maps, look no further – the Dynamic Map mod may just be a perfect choice! It’s been dubbed as the best Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Map Mod of all time according to the community. This mod will essentially change the map to display whatever new things the player may have added to it.

Dynamic Map

For example, mods that add new towns will enable this mod to display their locations on the map. It also adjusts the map’s color to match the terrain of the areas – even if you haven’t installed any Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion mods that alter the terrain. This mod’s features offer amazing benefits to players, and it can be an excellent choice for just about any player using a selection of Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Mods simultaneously.

14. Really AEVWD

Inaccurate and vague draw distances are a common problem in games, and Oblivion was no exception – leaving players often wondering what really lies ahead. The Really AEVWD mod works to improve the way players see materials in the distance in-game, offering a massive revamp to distant views throughout the game’s world.


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It balances image class against the act to make Oblivion far more perceptive and entertaining, improving visual quality and playability. Distant views become brighter and more detailed, allowing the world to appear far more realistic and connected.

13. Better Dungeons

While dungeons are a basic element of these types of games, they are still a fundamental factor that can transform any game’s immersion levels. If you’re looking for a mod that enhances Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion’s dungeon areas for a heightened exploration experience, then this would be an ideal option. It’s safe to say that this mod flaunts an obvious level of hard work and dedication.

Better Dungeons

Better Dungeons actually transforms every single cave in the game’s world, making it far more appealing to the eye while adding extra challenges and aspects to each dungeon. This mod is a really great choice for all-around use, as it will instantly enhance the gameplay quality for adventurous players. But, players may want to use this mod after clocking the game at least once, just to make sure they still get the feel of vanilla Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion caves.

12. Blockhead

Blockhead would be ideal for any Oblivion payer who always wished they could make custom changes to their character, as it bypasses some of the game’s current restrictions. Players can make modifications to their character’s head and body with the mod, override animations and even experience some random moments.

The creators intended for players to use this mod for laughs, and it’s safe to say that there could be a ton of chuckles considering the potential. It’s a great way to add a comedic twist to Oblivion and unwind while having your way with model appearances.

11. Alternate Start

While this mod does not add much to the gameplay experience, it’s still become a favorite for many Oblivion players and Morrowind fans. This mod allows players to start their journey by arriving on a ship (without being a prisoner).

Alternate Start

Everything else after the arrival is along the same lines. The player will need to fill out immigration forms and define their character race and class. But, it’s a nice way to freshen up the intro of Oblivion and kick start your game in style without breaking immersion.

10. Oblivion Graphics Extender

The Oblivion Graphics Extender mod is an absolute must-have for players who want the best graphical enhancement possible, as it makes the entire game more beautiful overall. It’s a great choice for any player who values visual appeal, especially when it’s combined with the landscape mods mentioned on this list.

Oblivion Graphics

It’s an amazing way to ensure your Oblivion world is as fantastical and realistic as you’d like, but it may come at a cost – the main reason why it’s lower on this list. Players will need quite a solid setup to run this mod, so make sure your graphics card is up to par before installing it.

9. Midas Magic Spells of Aurum

Ever wanted Oblivion to feel far more mystical and magical? If so, the Midas Magic Spells of Aurum mod will be your best bet since it greatly enhances the game’s magic elements.

Midas Magic Spells of Aurum

It adds nearly 300 new spells to the game, all of which players can learn and transform themselves into one of the most powerful magic masters in Cyrodiil. This mod may not appeal to all Oblivion fans, but it’s an amazing option for Mage enthusiasts and RPG magic lovers.

8. Coronerras Maximum Compatibility

The Coronerras Maximum Compatibility mod is the absolute master of skeleton mods for Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. There are a ton of crucial factors to consider when it comes to skeletons in gaming, but they can significantly affect the character’s movements with regard to physics.

Coronerras Maximum Compatiblity

It makes models capable of using each body part to interact with other parts, which has a massive impact on movement and feel. Using this mod will not do anything notable by itself, but the difference will undoubtedly be noticeable if you install mods that add additional features for character models.

7. Companion Vilja

While there are numerous companion mods out there, the Companion Vilja is often considered the best in terms of quality and enjoyability. With this mod, players can embark on all of their adventures with Vilja the Nord by their side.

Companion Vilja

The Companion Vilja mod doesn’t leave room for customization, but it does offer a fleshed-out and enjoyable experience for players. Its script and voiceovers are of top-notch quality, making it great for a unique and pleasant experience.

6. Maskbar’s Oblivion Overhaul

The Maskbar’s Oblivion Overhaul is a repair mod that adds changeable encounters, upgraded tools, apparatus drops, and much more. Players can use pretend death, introduce or deactivate set-ups, and even use resource assembly or wealth hunts with this mod.

Maskbars Oblivion Overhaul

Players can destroy their enemies in so many ways with this mod – many of which are unimaginable, except for this mod’s creators. It’s a great mod to have for plenty of added benefits overall.

5. Qarl’s Texture Pack II

Qarl’s Texture Pack II is perfect for any Oblivion player who wants their game to feel more dimensional and fresh, as it covers pretty much everything concerning graphical packs. It adds graphical improvements while updating a large portion of the game’s textures, amounting to texture around 4 times better than the originals.


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It reworks every texture in the game, making them appear far more updated and appealing. But, this mod will not work on improving the textures of armor, weapons, creatures, NPCs, and clothing.

4. Oblivion Reloaded

If you’re looking for an all-comprehensive graphics mod that you won’t need to install in fragmented sections, the Oblivion Reloaded mod would be ideal for you! It was actually created by the same talented individuals that brought us Skyrim Reloaded and New Vegas Reloaded, so rest assured it’ going to be top-quality!

Oblivion Reloaded

This mod will remove many of the graphical limitations that are naturally embedded into Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion’s core coding. In doing so, it essentially sets the post-processing aspect of the game free and adds new tweaks to aspects like climate, nature, and even creatures.

3. Better Cities

The Better Cities mod is one of the most popular options for Oblivion players overall, and it can be an excellent mod choice for just about any player. It’s pretty easy to understand why since it can instantly transform dead and bland areas into fun and active cities bustling with life.

Better Cities

It adds dozens of new buildings and activities to each city in the game, making them feel far more realistic, immersive, and lived-in. It’s a must-have for any Oblivion player who feels the cities are boring and dull in the vanilla version.

2. Immersive Weapons

There are quite a few awesome weapon-based mods for Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, but the Immersive Weapons mod is truly something special. It adds a ton of new weapons to the game, all of which are fully integrated into Oblivion’s intricate systems.

Immersive Weapons

This means that the weapons you’ll find in this mod will be leveled accordingly, and will function just like the vanilla Oblivion weapons would. They won’t break the game at all, adding variety for players while perfectly blending into the land of Cyrodiil.

1. The Unofficial Oblivion Patch

When Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion was originally released, the game was quite buggy, to say the least, causing a range of issues for many players just trying to enjoy the game. The Unofficial Oblivion Patch was actually made by the community, with the intention of repairing the game as a whole – fixing over 2,500 bugs as well as around 70,000 object placement errors.

Unofficial Oblivion Patch

Although this mod does not add anything extra to the game, it does solve a ton of problems that can make the gaming experience an absolute nightmare. The primary reason why it’s on top of this list is since it is a must for players who want to play Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion post-2020 and beyond, even if they choose to neglect to install all other mods.

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion may be over a decade old by this point, but the constant release and update of mods continue to revive the game and enhance its playability. There are countless Oblivion mods to choose from. But, these mods definitely stand out from the rest, enabling players to achieve the Oblivion experience they’ve always wanted or allowing OG players to reinvent the game with a fresh and unique twist.