40 Best Fictional Characters that Start with S


Fictional characters have their way of getting under our skin and staying there long after we are done watching the movie or the show. As time pass, we tend to forget some of them, but if we keep a list of those characters, we are just one click away from them. So, in that regard, here is a list of the 40 best fictional characters that start with S!

1. Simba (The Lion King)


The first on this list is Simba. Simba is the main character in The Lion King movie. Scar exiled Simba, blaming him that it was his fault that Mufasa died, and later on, Simba returned, confronted his uncle, and claimed his place as a rightful king. 

2. Supergirl (DC Comics)


Kara is a Kryptonian superhero and also Superman’s cousin. She left Krypton when it exploded also, but her pod got lost in space, so she arrived on Earth years after Superman because of it. Supergirl has similar powers and abilities as Superman.

3. Sleeping Beauty (Sleeping Beauty)

sleeping beauty

Sleeping Beauty is a well-known Disney character. A witch cursed her to die when she pricked her finger on a sharp object. She became the curse victim, but instead of dying, she fell into a deep sleep. Only a kiss from one who truly loves her shall awake her again and break the curse. 

4. SpongeBob Square Pants (SpongeBob Square Pants) 


SpongeBob is a yellow sea sponge who lives in the city of Bikini Bottom. He loves working as a cook at a local fast-food restaurant. SpongeBob is good-natured and obsessed with getting his driver’s license from Mrs. Puff’s boating school.

5. Sam Winchester (Supernatural) 


Sam Winchester is the main character in Supernatural, along with his elder brother Dean. Sam and Dean are hunters after supernatural creatures. Their main goal is to find their father, who went missing. Sam received supernatural powers after being fed demon blood by Azazel.

6. Santa Claus (The Santa Clause)


Santa Claus is the symbol of Christmas, bringing gifts to children. He lives at the North Pole, has elves working for him in his factory, and reindeer pulling his sled.

7. Superman (DC Comics) 


Superman is known as the Earth’s greatest protector. He was sent to Earth from Krypton because Krypton faced destruction. Due to the different atmospheres on Earth and exposure to the Sun, his powers on Earth were reinforced. His powers include flight, superhuman strength, heat vision, x-ray vision, and cool breeze. 

8. Severus Snape (Harry Potter) 

severus snape

Severus Snape is a Potions teacher at Hogwarts. He is one of those characters you either love or hate; as it turns out, he sacrificed his whole life for the greater good but did not want the world to know that.

9. Shrek (Shrek) 


Shrek is a fictional character and is the lead character in the movie of the same name. He is an ogre and is often molested because of it, so he prefers living alone. He is on a quest with his best friend, Donkey, to save Princess Fiona from an evil king and take back his swamp. 

10. Steve Rogers (Marvel Comics) 


Steve Rodgers, a.k.a Captain America, is a World War ll soldier who was a part of a secret government program and received a super soldier serum that grants him superhuman strength, speed, agility, and stamina. He became America’s first superhero. He acted as a captain to the Avengers.


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11. Sauron (The Lord of the Rings) 


Sauron is the main villain in the Lord of the Rings franchise. Sauron forged the One Ring to control the world. To destroy that Ring, a young Hobbit, Frodo, with the help of his friends, had to travel a long and difficult journey.

12. Spider-Man (Marvel Comics)


Peter Parker is a young student who was bitten by a genetically modified spider and developed spider-like powers. He can shoot webs from his wrists, stick to walls and other vertical structures, and sense danger from far away. He became a friendly neighborhood hero in his community.

13. Sarah Connor (Terminator)

sarah connor

A character from The Terminator movie franchise, Sarah Connor, was an average woman destined to give birth to a child who would become the leader of the Resistance group in the fight against Skynet and the machines. She became a fierce fighter and guns expert and has fought various Terminators throughout her life.

14. Sinbad (Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas)


Sinbad is a sailor accused of stealing the book of Peace from the goddess Eris and forced to go to her realm at the world’s edge to reclaim it and save his childhood friend Prince Proteus. 

15. Scrooge (A Christmas Carol)


Scrooge is the main character in the well-known novel by Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol. Scrooge is a wealthy but cheap man who doesn’t celebrate Christmas. One night, he is visited by the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Christmas Present, and Christmas Future.

16. Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock Holmes)


Sherlock Holmes is a famous private detective. He is an introvert who lacks social skills and has a strong sense of tidiness. Solving cases is the only thing that excites him.

17. Snow White (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs) 

snow white

The character of Snow White is derived from a fairy tale. She was the first Disney princess and female fictional character. When Snow White is exiled by her stepmother, who is jealous of her beauty and an evil queen who wants to kill her, she runs into the forest and meets seven dwarf miners who welcome her and make her part of their family.

18. Sonic (Sonic the Hedgehog)


Sonic is a hedgehog empowered with incredible speed. An evil scientist Dr. Robotnik has bad intentions and plans to use his super unique powers for his selfish needs and to achieve world domination, and Sonic has to stop him. 

19. Shuri (Marvel Comics)

shuri 1

Shuri is T’Challa’s sister who inherited the mantle of Black Panther from her brother. She is also a genius scientist with an exceptional mind and knowledge of science and technology and is responsible for designing T’Challa’s Black Panther suit. She is an expert martial artist and weapons expert. 

20. Stuart Little (Stuart Little) 


Stuart Little is the main character in the movie of the same name. He is a mouse. When the Little family adopted him initially, he was unwelcome by his brother and the family cat. They plot to get rid of him, but as time passes, they accept him as a family member. 

21. Sylar (Heroes)


Sylar is the main antagonist of the drama series Heroes. He is a super-powered serial killer who targets other Superhumans to steal their abilities. He has the ability called Intuitive Aptitude and is employed in his regular life as a watchmaker.


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22. Sheeva (Mortal Kombat)


Sheeva is half human half dragon race of Shokan who are the residents of the Outworld realm. She is muscularly built with four arms and three fingers in each hand. Sheeva possesses great strength and can throw fireballs from her mouth. 

23. Scarlett O’Hara (Gone With The Wind)


 Scarlett is the main character of Gone with the Wind. She battles through the difficulties of the Civil War and Reconstruction. 

24. Shao Kahn (Mortal Kombat)


Shao Kahn is a ruler of the realm of the Outworld. He is a master of black art and has no mercy on his opponents. He lost to Earth realm warriors after winning nine consecutive Mortal Kombat tournaments forcing him and his armies to retreat. 

25.Sam Witwicky (Transformers)

sam wit

Sam is one of the main human characters in Transformers movies. He is adventurous in nature, has shown leadership qualities in the movies, and is regarded highly by Optimus Prime.

26. Scarlet Witch (MCU)

scarlet witch

Wanda Maximoff, a.k.a. Scarlet Witch, is the master of magic, telekinesis, and hypnosis. She can telepathically communicate with others and can manipulate energy and reality. She also has the power of mind control.

27. Star-Lord (Marvel Comics)

star lord

Peter Quill, a.k.a Star-Lord, is the leader of The Guardians of the Galaxy. Star-lord was raised by a group of intergalactic thieves. He is half human, half Celestial, with powerful weapons and a suit.

28. Steppenwolf (DC Comics)


Steppenwolf is the demonic leader of the armies of Apokolips. He led the army of Apokolips to invade the Earth but was defeated by its heroes. His primary weapon is an axe, and he is an excellent hand-to-hand combatant. 

29. Selene (Underworld)


Selene is the main character from the Underworld movie franchise. She is portrayed as a skilled vampire assassin to avenge the murder of her family. She is an excellent weapons expert. She has superior strength, reflexes, speed, and healing ability as a vampire.

30. Shredder (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)


Shredder is the villain of the TMNT franchise. He is the leader of the Foot Clan, a group of ninja warriors. Shredder runs various illegal ventures across the US, including arms, drug smuggling, and assassinations for money. His physical appearance resembles a samurai with a cape and blades on his shoulders, forearms, and hands.

31. Sub-Zero (Mortal Kombat)

sub zero

Sub-Zero is a grandmaster of a ninja assassin. He is the arch-rival of Scorpion and can manipulate ice in many shapes and forms. As a master in hand-to-hand combat, Sub-Zero is considered a deadly ninja warrior who will stop at nothing to achieve his goal.


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32. Shang Tsung (Mortal Kombat)


Shang Tsung is a powerful Sorcerer. He is the master of black magic who devours his opponent’s soul. This ability grants him immortality as well as transforming into the form of the person whose soul he has consumed.

33. Scorpion (Mortal Kombat)


Scorpion was resurrected in hell after being murdered by Sub-Zero. He became the embodiment of hellfire and could use fire breath to burn his opponents alive. His rivalry with Sub-Zero is one of the most famous in the gaming world.

34. Shazam (Shazam Movie)


Billy Batson, a young orphan kid living with his foster parents, is called upon by the council of wizards. The wizards bestowed all their powers upon him, transforming him into the superhero Shazam. He is capable of flight, has incredible speed and strength, and is nearly unbeatable.  

35. Scar (The Lion King)


Scar is the villain in the first Lion King movies. He is the envious brother of King Mufasa and plans to dethrone him as King of the Pride Land. He succeeds in killing Mufasa and proves to be a ruthless king and brings the Kingdom to near extinction. He is cunning in nature.

36. Starscream (Transformers)

starscream e1553900462712

Starscream is a Decepticon. He is a brilliant war tactician and dreams of overthrowing Megatron as the Deception’s leader. He transforms into a fighter jet, can fire missiles, and has a canon machine gun. 

37. Storm Shadow (G.I Joe)

storm shadow snake eyes 1281331

Storm Shadow is an expert martial artist in various styles and has a very high pain tolerance. He can easily climb vertical walls, jump through great distances, and use weapons such as swords, nunchaku, and bows with excellent precision. 

38. Scooby-Doo (Scooby-Doo)


Scooby Doo is a special dog that can speak in somewhat broken English. He is generally frightened easily but displays heroic feats whenever necessary. Scooby has a big appetite, loves eating, and is pretty laid back. He never misses a chance to rest or take a nap during work.

39. Sebastian (The Little Mermaid)


Sebastian is a Jamaican Crab who is fond of music and gets extremely excited by it. A kind, fun-loving-natured being who is truly loyal to King Triton and would risk his life for the ones he loves. 

40. Sandy Cheeks (SpongeBob Square Pants)

Sandy Cheeks gets a science book delivery

Sandy is a squirrel who lives underwater. She is close friends with SpongeBob and is known for wearing an astronaut suit. She knows karate and is good at science.

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