Star Wars: 10 Best Jabba the Hutt Quotes (in Huttese)

Jabba the Hutt.Star Wars

Even though the entire Star Wars storyline revolves around the battle between good and evil, there are some characters that dwell in the grey areas, especially when it comes to the criminal underworld of the galaxy. One of the biggest (literally and figuratively) criminal underworld lords was Jabba the Hutt, who was a powerful gangster on Tatooine and was basically the one controlling the entire planet.

Jabba is a gigantic slug-like monster that knows how to make people move because he has power and money. As such, he controlled a huge network of criminals and bounty hunters and was one of the people not even the Empire was willing to cross. That means that someone like Jabba had a dominating personality that made him one of the most fearsome characters in Star Wars, even though we can’t really understand him because he prefers to speak in Huttese. Let’s look at Jabba the Hutt’s best quotes in Huttese.

10. “Solo, la pa loiya Solo!”

Translation: Solo, come out of there! Solo!

We all know that Han Solo and Jabba the Hutt had a long history that stems from the fact that Han used to work for him as a smuggler. As such, Jabba was out looking for Solo during the events of the original trilogy because he needed the smuggler to pay him back for the cargo he lost while working for the Hutt. And this was one of the side stories that made the original trilogy incredibly interesting.

9. “Ee ya ba ma dookie massa eek bon chee ko pa na green na meeto do buny dunko la cho ya.”

jabba and han

Translation: But if you fail me again, I’ll put a price on your head so big you won’t be able to get near a civilized system.

As mentioned, Han Solo owed Jabba a lot of money because of one of his mistakes when he was working for him. That was why Jabba was often out there looking for Han, as he needed Solo to pay him back. The problem was that Jabba was losing patience with Han and was willing to put a bounty on his head to get Solo and pay him for not paying him what he owed.


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8. “Mon kee chees kreespa Greedo?”

Translation: And why did you fry poor Greedo?

During the events of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, we saw Han Solo confronted by a bounty hunter named Greedo, who wanted Han to pay him the money he owed Jabba. Greedo threatened Han with death, so Han had no choice but to kill the bounty hunter. And Jabba wasn’t exactly happy about the fact that Han killed one of the men that was working for him.

7. “Hassa ba una kulkee malia lude eveela deesa sloan dwa spasteega el was nwo yana da gooloo?”

Translation: What if everyone who smuggled for me drooped their cargo at the sight of an Imperial starship?

The entire mess involving Han Solo and Jabba the Hutt stemmed from the fact that Solo worked as a smuggler for Jabba but ended up having to dump illegal cargo after he saw an Imperial starship nearby. As a result, he owed Jabba the value of the cargo that he dumped after he saw the Imperials. You can’t blame Han for saving his skin because he knew that the Imperials were going to board his ship.

6. “Han, ma bookie, keel-ee calleya ku kah.”

Translation: Han, you’re the best.

Even though Jabba the Hutt hated that Han Solo dumped his cargo and owed him a lot of money, he still loved that Han was the best at what he did. Solo was undoubtedly the best smuggler in the galaxy, and that fact made him a valuable man to Jabba. Nevertheless, Jabba had limits to his patience, so he placed a bounty on Han’s head when he realized that not even the best smuggler was above his law.

5. “Han, ma kee chee zay.”

Translation: Han, I can’t make exceptions.

As established, Jabba the Hutt liked Han Solo because he was extremely good at what he did. He was special to Jabba because he could do things that the other smugglers couldn’t do. But Jabba would not make exceptions for Solo’s mistakes because that would set a precedent. Some of Jabba’s men would think that he was playing favorites just because he liked Han, which was why he wasn’t willing to let Solo go for committing a fatal error while working for the Hutt.

4. Spasteelya du oonta Boonta. Ya kun boska bolia!”

Translation: Welcome. Let the race begin!


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Chronologically, the earliest appearance of Jabba the Hutt in the entire Star Wars movie franchise was in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace when he appeared before the pod racers to open up one of the biggest pod races in the history of Tatooine. As the main man of Tatooine, he needed to be the one to welcome everyone in the race. And we all know that he ended up falling asleep in the middle of it, as it is safe to say that Jabba was never too fond of pod races.

3. “Han, ma bookie, baldo nee anna dodo da eena.”

Translation: Han, my boy, you disappoint me.

Jabba was quite fond of Han Solo because he could do things that some of the other smugglers could not do. As such, Jabba had high hopes for him when they were working together. But the problem was that Han failed him in one of his smuggling jobs due to the Empire. And the worst part of it all was that he couldn’t pay Jabba back for the amount of the cargo he lost.

2. “Jee no waba mu ba outmian nudcha Jedi.”


Translation: I have no wish to get mixed up in this outlander war, Jedi.

One of the things that the criminal underworld was always known for was that the people ruling this part of the Star Wars universe didn’t want to get mixed up in the affairs surrounding the Jedi and the Sith. That’s because they only cared about whatever was profitable to them. And the fact that Jabba didn’t want to get mixed up with the war between the Empire and the Rebels shows that he was someone that only cared about his own affairs.

1. “Coos ka murishani. Jee mo da. May nopa nata cheen.”

Translation: You’ve got guts, Bounty Hunter. I like that. But I’m not in the information business.

Despite the fact that Jabba was one of the biggest criminal lords in the underworld of Star Wars, he made sure that he focused more on his business instead of sharing information regarding different people. No one likes a rat, and Jabba wasn’t about to give information to anyone, especially if he knew that there was nothing profitable about selling information to different people all over the galaxy.

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