All 50 Star Wars Species from the Movies & TV Shows (Ranked)


The entire Star Wars universe is full of different creatures that each have their own species and races because of the very fact that there are plenty of different systems and planets all over the galaxy. While humans are mostly at the center of the events, some of the other species from the other systems have also played their part. That’s why we are here to rank all of the Star Wars species from the movies and TV shows.

50. Yuzzum

image 1cbf7376

We start our list of Star Wars species with Yuzzums. The Forest Moon of Endor is quite popular not only because Endor was the location of the Rebel victory over the Empire but also because of the Ewoks that populate the Forest Moon. However, the truth is that there are other creatures that populate the same areas, and these are called the Yuzzums.

Yuzzums are also just as furry as the Ewoks, but they are not as intelligent. They may be sentient, but they fall below the intelligence level of the Ewoks, who themselves aren’t quite as intelligent as well. That’s why these pack hunters are at the bottom of our list. And the fact that they aren’t close to the cuteness of the Ewoks is also a bad thing for these creatures.

49. Chagrian

databank chagrain 01 169 e8ce3def

One of the scariest alien races that we saw in the prequel movies is the Chagrian. There is a good reason why they look so striking, as these aliens have large horns and blue skin that makes them look very intimidating. 

And we see a Chagrian playing a huge part in the galaxy as Palpatine’s right hand. Mas Amedda was one of the trusted people that Palpatine kept by his side, as he probably knew all of the Sith Lord’s plans. But we do think that he spent a good part of his off-cam life licking the boots of the soon-to-be Emperor.


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48. Gand

zuckuss main image af4f3e42

Gands are some of the more mysterious races you can find in the Star Wars galaxy because they look like giant bugs that you just want to squash with a giant boot. On top of that, they are also very weird, as they only breathe ammonia and are capable of using mist to track people.

In the original trilogy, we saw Darth Vader hiring a Gand bounty hunter named Zuckuss, as he commissioned him to catch the Millennium. He only appeared on the screen for a very short while, but his appearance was already too striking for anyone not to notice.

47. Utapaun

Pauan 2

One of the battles that took place during the prequel movies, particularly Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, was the Battle of Utapau, which took place on the planet of the Utapauns, as the Republic forces were looking to free the people from General Grievous.

These aliens look menacing because they are tall and have fangs that make them look quite scary. But as scary as they may have looked, they were too afraid to fight against Grievous and his droid army. That means that the Utapauns probably aren’t as scary as they may look.

46. Kitonak


The Kitonaks are some of the funniest-looking species in the entire galaxy because they look like walking phalluses because of their shape and due to the fact that they have weird heads. However, despite their penis-like appearance, they are actually quite capable in their own right.

In the Star Wars galaxy, the Kitonaks were often portrayed as musicians that are capable of creating great music together with a band. You could even see a Kitonak playing a horn in the Star Wars movies. But the problem with this race is that they are often quite slow, and that means that they probably aren’t the most reliable creatures in the galaxy. 

45. Clawdites

zam wesell bbaffe9f 1

You are probably familiar with them if you’ve seen Episode II: Attack of the Clones because there was a Clawdite that was hired to kill Senator Amidala on Coruscant. Clawdites are also called changelings because they can change their appearances. This is why they make great spies and assassins.

The reason why this Clawdite, named Wessel, can be easily remembered is due to the fact that a good part of the movie was spent on Anakin and Obi-Wan chasing the assassin. However, this Changeling was eventually killed by Jango Fett using a poison dart.

44. Talz

talz 596c05e8

The Talz aren’t the most memorable aliens in the galaxy when it comes to their role in the Star Wars continuity. However, you probably couldn’t forget about the scene wherein a large and fuzzy creature was seen scratching after Han Solo killed Greedo on the spot. That was a Talz.

Like the Wookiees, the Talz are also huge and powerful creatures that are capable of becoming the muscle of any team of underground criminals. And the fact that they are very capable due to their raw strength is what makes them undeniably useful when it comes to a fight that requires their muscle.

43. Arcona


The Arconas are some of the aliens that you can see in the cantina scene during the events of Episode IV: A New Hope. There are actually plenty of interesting aliens in the cantina, and that’s why a lot of those aliens are on this list. 

Meanwhile, the Arconas are the alien species that have yellow eyes and heads that look like they are shaped like the letter T. However, that Arcona in the cantina, named Hem Dazon, appeared once again in the expanded lore when he became addicted to Rodian blood. That means that they actually devour the blood of other species in the Star Wars galaxy.

42. Dressellians


Dressellians aren’t the most well-known species in the Star Wars galaxy because they can be quite mysterious. You could actually see a few of them in the briefing scene of the Rebels during the events of Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. However, not a lot is known about them.

Nevertheless, a Dressellian named Orrimaarko actually played a good role during the events of the Rebellion because of the fact that he fought well enough for the Rebels. On top of that, you won’t miss him on-screen because he wears an eyepatch and carries a huge blaster with him.

41. Yarkora

star wars races yarkora

Yarkoras are some of the weirdest-looking species in the galaxy because they look like camels that learned how to walk on their hind legs and use their hands for grabbing. These bipedal camel-like creatures are large and have a huge appetite that fits their huge size.

You could actually spot a Yarkora in the scene that included Jabba’s palace in Return of the Jedi. However, instead of looking like a friendly alien, this Yarkora actually looked very intimidating and unfriendly. Nevertheless, this Yarkora named Saelt Marie actually became one of the most sought-after Star Wars toys back in the day.

40. Quarren

l intro 1605290623

If you’ve played Final Fantasy games or if you’re familiar with Dungeons and Dragons, you would think that the Quarrens are actually Mind Flayers, and they actually look the part. These are species that are quite common throughout the Star Wars Galaxy, as you can see them in a lot of different scenes.

The Quarrens share the same planet as the Mon Calamari. However, they stand out more than their Mon Calamari counterparts due to the fact that they look like they came straight out of an HP Lovecraft book. This means that they probably aren’t as friendly as the Mon Calamari.

39. Gran

gran 857179a3

Our next entry on the list of Star Wars species is one of the most common species you will ever find in the Star Wars universe, Grans. Grans are often featured in a lot of different scenes. And it’s not even because they are simple to portray, as they actually have complicated appearances.

Nevertheless, Grans can be seen in the pod racing scene, the senate scenes, and even in scenes where regular pedestrians are walking. These three-eye creatures with ears that look like bat wings are actually quite noticeable, as you won’t miss them whenever they appear on the screen.

38. Kubaz

kubaz adc8f95d

The Kubaz are creatures that come from Kubindi. But because they are not made to speak the common language of the galaxy (which is English), they speak through clicks and whistles instead.

In the Star Wars movies, we see a Kubaz sneaking around to locate Luke Skywalker’s location and for R2 and 3PO. The Kubaz was Garindan, who was the one who ratted on the heroes, as the original Star Wars trilogy began partly due to his doing.

37. Dugs

sebulba 1f3fe180

The most notable Dugs you will ever see in the Star Wars movies appeared in Episode I: The Phantom Menace, as the young Anakin had a Dugs rival in podracing. This Dugs is Sebulba, who was the best podracer in Tatooine before Anakin defeated him.


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Despite the fact that these are small creatures, they are actually forces to be reckoned with, as Dugs have small legs and huge arms that they use for movement. And you probably wouldn’t want to be at the receiving end of a punch from those powerful arms.

36. Klatooinians

klatooinian raiders main 45ff03d3

The Klatooinians are menacing-looking species that can be found all over Jabba’s court, as they are actually some of the most powerful groups on Tatooine. In fact, a family of Klatooinians ended up ruling a part of Mos Espa after Jabba’s death, as you can see in the events of The Book of Boba Fett.

While they do look menacing, the Klatooinians aren’t thugs because there are some of them that were members of the Jedi Order during the event of the prequel movies. That means that they are just like any other species on the planet in the sense that there are bad Klatooinians and good Klatooinians.

35. Devaronian

devaronian 51b6f148

The Devaronians are probably the most evil-looking species in the entire galaxy because they are large beings that have horns jutting out of their head. On top of that, they have a menacing look that’s complete with large fangs. You’d probably soil yourself if you saw one of these aliens in person.

A Devaronian can be seen in the same cantina scene in A New Hope. Meanwhile, in season 1 of The Mandalorian, Din Djarin worked alongside a Devaronian that acted as the group’s muscle in one of the bounties that the titular character took.

34. Snivvian

sinrich b8147a86

Snivvians are some of the most common alien species throughout the entire original trilogy movies because of the fact that you can see them anywhere. They also became quite popular as action figures during the 70s, and that’s why plenty of people are familiar with them.

Nevertheless, the Snivvians became quite rare during the prequels and the sequels. But a Snivvian named Snaggletooth became quite prominent as a toy during the 70s because of how rare it is.

33. Amanin 

image 796e6968

The Amanin are some of the most mysterious species you will ever see in the galaxy. On top of that, they also have silly faces that will make you wonder how they evolved to look like bananas that are from your nightmares. As such, they are quite odd even when you compare them to the other species in Star Wars.

There is only one Amanin you could see in the Star Wars films, and you will see it in Jabba’s palace. Adding to the fact that the alien already looks scary, this one was carrying a staff that’s decorated with different skulls. This is one species you wouldn’t want to mess with.

32. Ishi Tib


Ishi Tib are also quite common Star Wars species in Star Wars films and series because of the fact that you can find them anywhere. You can find these green creatures in Return of the Jedi, where they made their debut. They were also referred to as bird lizards during the filming of Episode VI, as it seems like Lucas didn’t put a lot of imagination into creating them.

Of course, the Ishi Tib are also quite prominent because they are some of the species that outright served either side of the Force. As such, they are neither evil nor good, unlike some of the other species that seem to align themselves with only either the good or the evil.

31. Ortolan

Max Rebo Playing

Ortolans are blue alien Star Wars species that look like elephants, and they could have been very interesting, but you will only see one of these aliens in the entire Star Wars universe. And that Ortolan is Max Rebo, who could be found playing music alongside all of the other members of his band.

While Max may be a good musician, you could also see him in Jabba’s palace. That means that, while he may be a talented musician, he might also be quite psychotic and evil. This makes us wonder whether or not all Ortolans are actually just as evil as Max Rebo.

30. Shistavanen

Voolvif copy

The Shistavanen are the Star Wars counterparts of werewolves because they actually look like werewolves. However, the truth is that they weren’t supposed to be in the Star Wars movies because the Shistavanen mask was just left over from the props that the FX team had from the previous movies he worked on.

Nevertheless, we did see a pretty interesting Shistavanen named Lak Sivrak, who was found in the famous cantina scene that we all know and love. And the people who were watching A New Hope were probably wondering why there was a werewolf in the cantina.

29. Gungans

ep1 ia 70138 bd7b9296

The Gungans are some of the most polarizing Star Wars species in the universe, particularly because of Jar Jar Binks, who is one of the most annoying characters in the entire lore. Nevertheless, that doesn’t take away the fact that Gungans can be quite interesting, especially if you factor in the Gungan army that we saw in Phantom Menace.

Gungans are kind of like amphibian-looking species that live in an underwater city in the Naboo. They shared the same planet as the humans on Naboo and ended up having a good relationship with them after the events of Episode I. The Gungans also went on to have a representative in the Galactic Senate in the form of Jar Jar.

28. Muun

san hill 852a226d

The Muuns were first introduced as a member of the Banking Clan that was introduced back in Attack of the Clones. However, at that time, the only member of the Munn race was San Hill, who served as the representative of the Banking Clan.

However, have you ever heard of the story of Darth Plagueis the Wise? Well, Darth Sidous’ master was actually a Muun. And that means that one of the greatest Sith Lords in recent memory is actually a member of this species, as the Muuns eventually became quite prominent in the Star Wars galaxy.

27. Ugnaught

themandalorian mando kuill 1

Ugnaughts are often seen as the maintenance crew of the Star Wars galaxy because you often see them doing the repair work. In fact, the most prominent Ugnaught was Kuiil, who played a good part in season 1 of The Mandalorian, as this old-timer used to work for the Empire until he bought his own freedom.

Looking like small pig-like humanoids, Ugnaughts are actually hardworking people that are great at manual labor and in the jobs that droids are not capable of doing. This is why Kuiil was once employed under the Empire.

26. Aqualish

Gorothin Vagger

The Aqualish look like they’re a cross between a walrus and a spider, and that means that they look fearsome. To be fair, a lot of the different creatures you can find in Mos Eisley are actually pretty fearsome, as the Aqualish was introduced in the ever-popular cantina scene that had all sorts of different species.

Of course, you can never forget about the Aqualish that ran into Luke in that cantina, as you can see how aggressive this alien was. This very same Aqualish was the first creature in Star Wars history to have his hand cut off on-screen. And as we all know, that wasn’t the last time someone’s hand was cut off.

25. Kaminoan

kaminoan main image 8f582a48

The Kaminoans were first introduced during the events of Attack of the Clones, as this Star Wars species were the greatest cloners in the galaxy. They can be found in the secluded and once-secretive planet of Kamino, where they raised an entire army of Jango Fett clones that ended up serving the Republic against the Separatists.

Kaminoans look like giant Q-tips and gray aliens. Nevertheless, they are genius cloners who were able to produce some of the greatest clones the galaxy has to offer. And Palpatine probably used the same cloning technology they used to keep himself alive after the events of Return of the Jedi.

24. Duros

7a90e43a 5e62 4b42 9ad1 0f5acc1f5595 cad bane mad

One of the most prominent and most popular bounty hunters in the history of Star Wars is a Duros named Cad Bane. Introduced during the events of Clone Wars, Cad Bane used to be a protégé working under Jango Fett but eventually became the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy after his mentor died. Meanwhile, Bane also went on to become one of the mentors of Boba Fett.


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The Duros are blue versions of the classic gray alien archetype. However, they have bodies that are similar to that of a human, except for the fact that they tend to be slender. Meanwhile, the Duros also have large red eyes that make them look menacing.

23. Toydarians

databank toydarian 01 169 748d4d11

The only Toydarian we ever saw in the entire Star Wars universe is Watto, who used to be the ones who owned Anakin and his mother. Watto worked as a parts vendor in Tatooine, as we saw him selling ship parts to Qui-Gon Jinn during the events of Phantom Menace. And he is quite impressive because of the fact that Jedi mind tricks don’t work on him.

Toydarians are tiny winged creatures with elongated noses. And according to Watto, the only thing that works on him is money. This makes us wonder whether or not the other Toydarians are just like him in terms of his greed.

22. Bith

bith 998c8489

Our next entry on the list of Star Wars species are Bith. Bith are some of the most popular denizens of the cantina in Tatooine, as they are arguably the first species you may end up remembering if you try to remember the ever-popular cantina back in A New Hope.

These aliens were seen playing music in the cantina, and you are probably playing that music in your head right now. And the Bith is the closest thing you will ever see to the gray alien archetype in the history of Star Wars.

21. Weequay

weequay main bobf b be593098

The Weequay also became quite popular in the Star Wars universe. Other than the fact that they were all over Jabba’s court, they also played a good role in the Clone Wars series. And the most popular Weequay of all time is the ever-popular Hondo Ohnaka, the greatest pirate in the galaxy. 

Weequays are very notorious for being some of the species that tend to lean towards the evil side, but they mostly dwell as underground criminals. That’s why the Weequays you see are either working for Jabba or are pirates working under Hondo.

20. Ithorians

ithorian main 0cc7f24e

Ithorians look like hammerhead sharks that have humanoid bodies. However, they have played their own roles in the Star Wars galaxy, as different Ithorians were quite prominent due to their peaceful nature.

For one, there was an Ithorian Jedi during the time of the Clone Wars. Of course, the Mayor of Mos Espa during the time of The Book of Boba Fett, Mok Shaiz, was also Ithorian. And proving that not all Ithorians are nice, Mok Shaiz actually plotted to have Fett killed and even sold off his city to the Pyke Syndicate.

19. Gamorrean

gamorrean main 5141bc61 1

The Gamorreans are green boar-like humanoid species that became quite prominent in Star Wars as your run-of-the-mill musclemen. They were introduced in Return of the Jedi as some of the bodyguards that Jabba employed to keep him safe. And the same Gammorrean guards ended up working for Boba Fett later on.

Gamorreans are actually quite stupid, despite the fact that they are capable guards. It probably is due to the fact that they aren’t the smartest species that got them entry-level jobs as glorified bouncers.

18. Trandoshan

trandoshan vs wookiee 1 e1529006366861

Trandoshans were also quite popular among old-school Star Wars fans because of the feared mercenary named Bossk, who was one of the best bounty hunters in the entire galaxy. He was probably just a few notches under Boba Fett in the bounty hunter leaderboard, and that meant that he was also just as feared.


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The reason why Trandoshans are great bounty hunters is the fact that they are capable of tracking their prey relentlessly. These lizard creatures even nearly killed Ahsoka and Chewbacca in one of the episodes of the animated shows, and that goes to show how capable they are as hunters.

17. Bothan

TaleofTwo Header

The Bothans are actually some of the species that you will never see in any of the Star Wars films or shows because they are only prominent in the Thrawn novels. However, despite the fact that you don’t see them on-screen, they are quite important and interesting as the Bothans were vital in acquiring the plans for the second Death Star.

In the Thrawn novels, the Bothans were actually enemies to the Rebellion. But the ones that were mentioned in the films were regarded as heroes. And that means that they are quite important and interesting, despite the fact that we never saw them on-screen.

16. Geonosian

databank geonosian 01 169 c6020111

The Geonosians were the bug-like creatures that we saw in Attack of the Clones, as these species were able to strike fear in the hearts of the Jedi due to the fact that they created the massive droid army that nearly wiped out the Order in Geonosis.

That said, despite the fact that these creatures look like cockroaches, the Geonosians were also the ones responsible for building the Death Star. They are capable builders that were also employed by the Separatists to build entire armies of droids. As such, they are capable enough to give any other species a run for their money.

15. Sullustan

databank sullustan 01 169 01e4c3e0

The Sullustans are some of the most memorable Star Wars species in the galaxy, even though they didn’t really play a huge role in the Star Wars continuity. What makes them very interesting is the fact that they look like they were taken straight out of the Muppets.

The most famous Sullustan is Nien Nunb, who worked as a co-pilot for the Millennium Falcon during the attack on the second Death Star when it was Lando who was at the helm of the famous ship. That said, Nien Nunb is as true a hero as any hero can be in the Star Wars universe, despite the fact that we couldn’t really understand what he was saying.


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14. Hutts

attachment bad hutt cgi

The Hutts have long been considered to be gangsters that are at the top of the underworld of the Star Wars galaxy. They basically control a huge part of the underworld because of their influence over those who don’t belong to either side of the battle between good and evil. Due to their power and influence, the Hutts are considered untouchable even to the Empire.

Hutts look like giant slugs that are hardly capable of moving on their own. You would wonder how such a creature was able to control so much power in the galaxy, but the Hutts have always been in power even during the time of the Old Republic during the Legends storyline of Star Wars.

13. Mon Calamari

databank moncalamari 01 169 135967d9

The Mon Calamari are very important in the Star Wars continuity because of the fact that they were responsible for providing a lot of the cruisers that the Rebellion used during their war against the Empire. And one of the most prominent members of this race is the famous Admiral Ackbar.

Known for yelling, “It’s a TRAP!” Admiral Ackbar was one of the leaders of the Rebellion, as he led his people against the Empire during the original trilogy. And the fact that the Mon Calamari sounds delicious as well is what allows them to have a good spot on this list.

12. Lasat

Lasat Zeb

The Lasat is one of the Star Wars species that was thought to have gone extinct when the Empire attacked their home and nearly wiped them out. However, during the events of Star Wars: Rebels, it was believed that they were still alive, as they were brought to a new planet that they could hopefully colonize.

No doubt the most prominent Lasat is Garazeb Orrelios, or Zeb, who went on to become a member of the Ghost crew that struck fear in the hearts of the Empire in the Star Wars: Rebels series. Zeb was basically the Chewbacca of the team, except for the fact that he could actually talk.

11. Rodian

rodian main de29c78f

The Rodians are a race of lizard people that resemble the Sleestak in Land of the Lost. They are some of the most memorable creatures in all of Star Wars due to the fact that Greedo, a prominent bounty hunter, was one of the first people to die on-screen.

But while Greedo was the most popular Rodian, they are also quite prominent and common because you could find them all over Mos Eisley on Tatooine. As such, they are actually quite common in the galaxy and are probably second only to humans in terms of sheer numbers.

10. Ewoks

databank ewok 01 169 747db03a

Primitive and seemingly harmless, the Ewoks played a huge role in the destruction of the second Death Star, as they were able to help the Rebel forces on the Forest Moon of Endor destroy the shield generator that was protecting the superweapon. And they did all that using primitive weapons that you can fashion out of branches and leaves.

Despite being primitive, the Ewoks are considered some of the cutest creatures in the entire continuity as they look like walking teddy bears. Nevertheless, despite being cute, these feral creatures are actually tough fighters that were willing to lay their lives on the line to help the Rebel forces they barely knew. Of course, they did so thinking that C-3PO was their legendary god.

9. Togruta

databank togruta 01 169 4618d329

The Togruta are humanoid creatures that tend to have an affinity with the Force. That’s because we have met a few Togruta who have become Jedi themselves. The most prominent Togruta Jedi is Ahsoka Tano, who was Anakin’s Padawan during the events of the Clone Wars. Meanwhile, we also have Jedi Master Shaak Ti as another one of the prominent Jedi Masters of her time.


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What makes a Togruta unmistakable is the fact that it has a head-tail growing from their heads. This head tail actually allows Togrutas to become more empathic, and that’s why they usually have a natural affinity with the Force.

8. Twi’lek

61532feb1edf6600010aff30 image 6dcfa1e4

The Twi’lek is another famous Star Wars species and they have also played a prominent role in the Star Wars continuity because a lot of Twi’leks actually appeared in the movies and shows, and a lot of them played amazing roles. One such Twi’lek is Hera Syndulla, the leader of the Ghost crew back in the events of Star Wars: Rebels. Syndulla’s family are also known as resistance fighters against the Empire.

Of course, Jabba’s majordomo is a Twi’lek named Bib Fortuna. You could also see plenty of other Twi’leks playing prominent roles as senators, Jedi, and dancers. As such, they are almost just as common as the human characters in the Star Wars continuity. And it is easy to spot a Twi’lek because they have colored skin and head tails growing out of their heads.

7. Chiss

Thrawn TGTB

The Chiss are almost human except for the fact that they have blue skin and red eyes. Other than that, all of their other features are similar to a human. And these species come from Unknown Regions found in the deepest parts of the galaxy.


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No doubt, the most prominent member of this race is Grand Admiral Thrawn, who worked his way up the ladder as an adopted child of a noble family in Csilla. And after he was exiled by the Chiss Ascendancy during the events of the Thrawn Ascendancy trilogy of books, he earned himself a good spot in the Empire because of his amazing gift when it comes to military strategy and tactics.

6. Humans

luke skywalker disney plus mandalorian the rescue

Of course, humans deserve a spot on this list as well. We no longer need to describe humans because you only have to look at a mirror to know what they look like. However, different races of humans live throughout the galaxy, as there are some humans who are native to certain planets, such as Mandalore.

Humans are the most populous species in the entire Star Wars galaxy. On top of that, some of the most important characters in the history of Star Wars are humans as well. So, why don’t they have the top spot on this list? Well, it’s simply because some of the worst things that happened in Star Wars were also caused by humans.

5. Zabrak

darth maul star wars phantom menace lucasfilm disney.jpg

The Zabrak are some of the coolest creatures you can find in the galaxy. They basically look like humans except for the fact that they look like they have face tattoos and that they have small horns jutting out of their heads. Of course, the most popular Zabrak is Darth Maul.

Zabraks live on the planet Dathomir, where they are second-class citizens to the Night Sisters, who use their powers to strengthen the Zabraks whenever they need foot soldiers. Maul’s brother, Savage Oppress, was a prominent Zabrak who became stronger due to the magic of the Night Sisters.

4. Jawas

Star Wars Jawas appearance under robe hood

Seemingly unassuming, the Jawas have played minor roles in the Star Wars universe, but they have always been interesting because no one seems to hate or touch them. Jawas are small hooded creatures with faces that have always been hidden. And no one seems to know what they look like or even care about that.

Jawas are scavengers that scavenge the deserts of Tatooine, looking for different things that they could possibly sell. That is how both R2 and 3PO found Luke, as the Jawas found them and sold them to Luke’s family on Tatooine. Of course, Marshal Cobb Vanth also acquired Boba’s armor through the Jawas that stole them from an unconscious Fett.

3. Tusken Raiders

l intro 1604336267

We’re slowly reaching the top spots of our Star Wars species list and in our top three, we have the Tusken Raiders. The Tusken Raiders are the nomadic sand people that live in the Dune Sea of Tatooine. They are said to be the original people of Tatooine before the different species decided to live on a desolate sand planet.

Tusken Raiders wear masks that keep their faces hidden, as there is no exact description of what they look like. Nevertheless, these sand people tend to be very defensive when it comes to their territory, as they won’t hesitate to retaliate when provoked. However, they are also honorable people who will treat other species as their own as long as the Tuskens are treated with respect.

2. Wookiees

wookiee bio 1 541e8c87

While there aren’t a lot of these creatures in the galaxy after the Empire attacked their planet and enslaved them, the Wookiees are some of the most prominent and most recognizable species in Star Wars because they look like walking creatures that are seemingly made by crossing a bear with a dog. And despite their rather savage appearance, Wookiees are actually noble and caring creatures that are loyal to a fault as well.


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Chewbacca is the most popular Wookiee in the galaxy because of his contributions to the Rebellion. Meanwhile, Black Krrsantan has also made a name for himself as the only black Wookiee ever introduced on-screen.

1. Yoda’s Species


Nobody knows what they are called, but we are going to call them Yoda’s species because of the fact that Yoda is the most prominent member of this species. Yoda’s species are quite mysterious due to the fact that nobody knows what they are called and because of how there are only a few of them in the galaxy. These creatures are small and green and have pointed ears that make them look like friendly goblins.


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Despite that, all of the members of Yoda’s species we have seen seem to have a strong affinity with the Force. They also get to live long lives, as Jedi Master Yoda himself lived to become 9000 years old. Meanwhile, Grogu, who is actually 50 years old, is still an infant during the events of The Mandalorian.

What is the most common race in Star Wars?

The most common race in Star Wars is the Human race. Besides humans being the most populous species in Star Wars, humans are also the cause of many major events that helped to shape the galaxy far away.

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