10 Best Kerbal Space Program Mods To Try in 2023

best KSP mods

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When it comes to adding mods to your Kerbal Space Program experience, there are definitely a ton of aspects to consider. But, there is certainly a mod out there for every need! Stick around to find out about the best Kerbal Space Program mods for you to try.

10. BD Armory

bd armory

Kerbal Space Program can be nail-biting at times, but for the most part, this game can be pretty gentle and relaxing. However, many players may feel like it would be far more interesting and fun with the addition of explosions – specifically, intentional explosions.

BD Armory would be ideal if “exploration and science meet objects blowing up” sounds like a fun time for you! This mod flaunts a fine selection and bangs and booms, from autocannons to MLRS artillery and even raging turrets – sure to tickle the fancy of any Kerbal Space Program player who wants to explore outer space while dominating the planet’s surface.

9. Telemachus


Although exploring the edges of our known universe can be understandably exciting, it’s just not enough for some players. Many Kerbal Space Program enthusiasts may want a taste of those in charge – I mean, really in charge behind the scenes.

If you are more interested in running your own control center from the comfort of your home spanning across multiple screens and web browsers, then Telemachus may be the perfect fit. This mod not only allows players to become fully immersed in mission control roles but enables you to enjoy the entire experience with friends.

8. B9 Aerospace

b9 aerospace

The vast majority of Kerbal Space Program is generally based around classic outer space machinery and vehicles, such as rockets and much more. While spaceplanes are definitely supported in the game’s core, there really isn’t much more that’s specific to them – leaving a rather large void for quite a few players.

Fortunately, B9 Aerospace can fill in that black hole by adding a whole bunch of special parts for spaceplanes, including parts for things like fuselages, engines, cockpits, and much more. What makes it even crazier is that this mod has been intentionally designed so that it’s compatible with the Procedural Wings mod, so players can really customize their dream spaceplane.

7. Environmental Visual Enhancements


Before going any further, it’s worth pointing out that the graphics and visuals in Kerbal Space Program are pretty good for its time – especially considering that this game is over 7 years old now. Still, modders and enthusiasts have been pretty on point in tweaking the game through visual mods.


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If you love Kerbal Space Program but just feel like you’d appreciate some more modernized aesthetics, then the Environmental Visual Enhancements mod may be the perfect option. There are quite a few visual-focused mods out there for Kerbal Space Program, but this one is certainly topnotch compared to most.

This mod performs tons of graphical facelifts by adding volumetric clouds for the planets, city light clusters, and much more to provide a far more immersive and realistic experience. This mod is a showstopper when it’s used in combination with other mods as well, such as Scatterer – although, you will need a solid setup to make sure things run smoothly.

6. Docking Port Alignment Indicator


Spending time out there in the vast, dark, void that we call outer space can be extremely fun, but all things need to come to an end – specifically, your exploration time. Putting two docks together is possibly one of the most frustrating parts of Kerbal Space Program, mostly requiring players to eyeball it based on various other factors – like mounted lights, for example.

Not to mention, lining up two docks starting from crazy distances apart can be a nightmare. The Docking Port Alignment Indicator (DPAI) is pretty much all you’ll need to solve these troubles, as it’ll do most of the hard work for you.

5. Kerbal Attachment System


Although this is by no means an essential mod, it is super handy in quite a few instances and for countless Kerbal Space Program players. The Kerbal Attachment System mod, also known as KAS, adds a range of dynamics to the building aspect of the game, particularly while you’re still in orbit.

Players can now let their Kerbal head out and lash ships together with a whole bunch of random tools and materials like wire, spit, and even rigid struts. Building structures in Kerbal Space Program like refueling bases on planets couldn’t be easier!

4. KSP Interstellar Extended


If you feel like the availabilities within Kerbal Space Program could be more expansive, but don’t necessarily want to blow things out of proportion, then this mod may be a great fit for you. The KSP Interstellar Extended mod, also known as KSPI-E, pushes up deployable science tools to cargo bays and nearly doubles the size of the tech tree in the game.

This expands players’ options by a ton while including a range of more complex production chains of materials – many of which are necessary for leveraging more innovative technologies. This is definitely a must-have for any Kerbal Space Program player who wants to push the limits of science.

3. Kerbal Engineer Redux


If you want a little bit of guidance in terms of analytics and analysis, but don’t want the fun sucked completely out of the game, then the Kerbal Engineer Redux mod would be an ideal fit. This mod can be a massive help with things like feedback and Delta-V calculations.

While it’s definitely not essential or extravagant in any way, it can be a huge helping hand for just about any Kerbal Space Program player – especially considering that getting up in the air is not as simple as it may seem at first. Having the ability to add entirely customized sections to your HUD in-game can have a massive influence on your situational awareness in-game overall.

2. kOS


Although Kerbal Space Program does technically put players in change, it may not always feel that way – plenty of players may want a little bit more control. That’s where kOS comes in, which acts similar to an autopilot control system.

But, it’s not all cut and dry, since players will need to write the control code for anything that they will want to happen. This will need to be done in ‘Kerboscript’ – an odd yet strangely familiar language that’s quite similar to numerous languages utilized throughout the earlier phases of flight system design.


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The overall idea is quite charming and possibly exciting for anyone who finds the process fascinating. Still, even if you find the idea of this daunting, it can still be incredibly helpful, not to mention that you may learn tons of valuable deep math skills along the way – who said gaming can’t be educational?

1. MechJeb 2


Making it to the top of the list is MechJeb 2, a later version of the original MechJeb. This mod literally opens up an entirely new world for players, including a suite of monitors and controls – from piloting a sip to orbit by itself from launch to better staging analysis for Delta-V and TWR.

However, while these skills are amazing, they are not accessible from the very beginning. Players will need to invest Science into the R&D facility along the way in order to unlock them. Still, this mod will eventually take over in terms of more mundane tasks as you grow, which can be super handy for just about any player.

That’s all of the best Kerbal Space Program mods for you to try out in 2022, with images thanks to PCGamesN. While there are tons of Kerbal Space Program mods out there for nearly every need, the mods on this list have really become favorites throughout the community.

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