20 Best Latino Anime Characters of All Time (Ranked)

20 Best Latino Anime Characters of All Time

While many anime series are based on Japanese characters and situated in Japan itself, there are many that have external settings or non-Japanese characters. But what is the power ranking of the 20 best Latino anime characters? Join me as we go from last to first for the best Latino characters, considering their importance to the series, abilities, and general impact on pop culture.

20. Maria Ishida (A Silent Voice)

Maria Ishida 20 Best Latino Anime Characters of All Time (Ranked)

Maria Ishida seems to be a sweet and innocent character, a young child who enjoys playful activities like trips to the park and helping her grandmother in the garden. Due to her age, she’s portrayed as curious and naive, not fully comprehending concepts like death or the seriousness of Shōya Ishida’s coma until she sees him again after he wakes up.

19. Io de Scylla (Saint Seiya)

Io de Scylla 20 Best Latino Anime Characters of All Time (Ranked)

De Scylla, one of Poseidon’s Seven Marina Generals, plays a crucial role in the main story arc. Entrusted with guarding the South Pacific Ocean and the Mammoth Pillar, he engages in an epic battle with Shun. Despite displaying powerful attacks, de Scylla faces the realization that Shun’s intense Cosmo transforms the Andromeda Cloth. In the end, while the pillar is destroyed, de Scylla’s fierce loyalty to his mission and duty is evident through his final sacrifice, even though victory against the overwhelming power of his opponent remains elusive.


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18. Ricardo Martinez (The First Step)

Ricardo Martinez 20 Best Latino Anime Characters of All Time

Ricardo Martinez, a main rival and fighter, is the undefeated WBA featherweight super champion and widely recognized as the pound-for-pound number one fighter. His presence is so intimidating, that most fighters instead choose to contest the WBC belt rather than face Martinez in WBA. In their first meeting, he also gave Date his iconic scar, in which Date was defeated in the second round. While never directly fighting Ippo, he did spar with him and knocked him down, but was mainly known for holding the WBA title for more than ten years.

17. Quetzalcoatl (Luck & Logic)

Quetzalcoatl 20 Best Latino Anime Characters of All Time (Ranked)

While technically a demon god, Quetzalcoatl has many human traits including being impatient and a big complainer. However, the flip side of this personality is that Quetzalcoatl is willing to help people who earn his respect, either through properly acknowledging his divinity or being worthy of assistance, such as Yukari, who performs activities similar to that of a high priestess.

When appearing in the main world of the anime, Septpia, gods will lose much of their power. Known as foreigners or envoys, this means they have drastically different abilities as well as often losing attributes. Notable as being one of the more powerful characters, advanced techniques are needed to overcome him, particularly due to his extremely effective poison that fatigues enemies.

16. Sunshine (Kinnikuman)

Sunshine 20 Best Latino Anime Characters of All Time (Ranked)

Sunshine serves as the main antagonist in Kinnikuman, leading the Devil Knights and actively participating in the training of others. Despite his ruthless reputation for using dirty tactics and seeking to defeat and kill opponents, he reveals a softer side when connected to specific individuals. After retiring from wrestling and losing to Justice Chojin, he attempts to destroy the D.M.P. base to eradicate the remaining evil Chojin, though not all are eliminated. Sunshine possesses a unique ability to shapeshift, attributed to his body being composed of dust-like gold material, enabling transformations into various forms.

15. Pedro Domingo (Excel Saga)

Pedro Domingo 20 Best Latino Anime Characters of All Time (Ranked)

Domingo is a bit too on the nose for some people, but he does appear in a very cheeky series called Excel Saga that is dripping with humor, sarcasm, and attempts to parody all manner of things. Dying during the show due to an accident, he spends most of his time as a ghost. Unfortunately, this means he is also confronted with the fact that his sexy wife (her name in the series) has hooked up with his neighbor.

14. Dominique Millian (Grab My Obi Tight, OK?)

Dominique Millian 20 Best Latino Anime Characters of All Time (Ranked)

Dominique, a formidable athlete from Cuba, weighs in at 48 kilograms and is a powerhouse attending the esteemed ESPA school. She showcases exceptional skills in throwing her opponents and exhibits remarkable endurance. Dominique is prominently featured in the Fukuoka International Tournament. Her character serves as a foil to Mari Kuruma, often facing defeat when Mari is her opponent. Despite her impressive victory at the Olympics, it is noteworthy that Mari did not participate in that particular event.


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13. Pepe Iglesias (Megalo Box)

Pepe Iglesias 20 Best Latino Anime Characters of All Time (Ranked)

Iglesias, nicknamed “The Spider,” is the second-ranked contender in Megalonia, where he faces off against the protagonist, Yuri. His agility and quick sideways movements earned him his nickname, showcasing excellent shot techniques and the ability to trap opponents. Despite his strengths, Iglesias reveals a weakness in not having a solid chin. Known for his sharp sense of humor and straightforward demeanor outside the ring, he remains a formidable opponent to watch out for in the world of Megalonia.

12. Peyote Diaz AKA Ramiro (Shaman King)

Peyote Diaz 20 Best Latino Anime Characters of All Time (Ranked)

Ramiro, a shaman from the Mexican jungles and a devoted follower of Hao undergoes various brushes with death and implied reincarnations. Neglecting personal hygiene and self-care, he bears bullet holes, emaciation, and missing teeth. With an intimidating appearance, including a mask and death motifs, Ramiro’s head displays a long scar, and he wields a signature guitar to control his over souls. Resurrected by Hao and bestowed with a new spirit, Santa Muerte, Ramiro is protected against threats and his own destructive nature, marking a halt to his descent into depression.

11. Jesus Burgess (One Piece)

Jesus Burgess 20 Best Latino Anime Characters of All Time (Ranked)

Burgess, known as ‘Champion,’ serves as the helmsman and one of the Ten Titanic Captains of the Blackbeard Pirates in One Piece, holding the position of First Ship’s captain. Active in various story arcs, he acts as a minor antagonist in the Jaya, Post-Enies Lobby, and Marineford Arcs. During the Dressrosa Arc, Burgess gains prominence by winning the A Block Battle while in disguise. With a facemask of Mexican origin, Burgess’s love for combat leads him to seek formidable opponents to test his skills.


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10. Greiger (Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s)

Greiger 20 Best Latino Anime Characters of All Time (Ranked)

One of the many spin-offs from the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise, this takes place almost entirely in Peru, meaning many Latino characters are available. Known as Bommer in the Japanese version, his family was likely killed in an experiment to summon the Crimson Dragon. This forms the main motivation for Greiger as he attempts to take revenge on Goodwin for his village’s destruction. He is kept in the dark about who actually did the experiment, and it is only after dueling Crow that he learns the truth.

9. Carlos Rivera (Tomorrow’s Joe)

Carlos Rivera 20 Best Latino Anime Characters of All Time (Ranked)

Born in Venezuela and initially involved in street fighting, Rivera gained recognition in boxing, reaching a high ranking of sixth in the world. Known for his womanizing tendencies, he possesses both a friendly and kind nature. Discovered by his manager, Harry Robert, during a street fight, Rivera undergoes proper training for professional fighting. His natural strength, coupled with exceptional punching speed, sets him apart from opponents. In a match against Ippo, the fight ends as a no-contest due to extensive fouling, hinting at their even match, with Rivera often concealing his true power level.

8. Nadie (El Cazador de la Bruja)

Nadie 20 Best Latino Anime Characters of All Time (Ranked)

Nadie, a spirited Mexican bounty hunter, takes in Ellis, a girl with supernatural powers, after encountering her in her travels. While the allure of the bounty for Ellis is undeniable, Nadie senses a deeper connection and is determined to unravel the mystery of Ellis’ past. As the lone survivor of an attack on her hometown, Nadie is known for her feisty nature and quick temper. Despite facing death, the intertwined fate of Nadie and Ellis becomes apparent when Ellis plays a crucial role in Nadie’s resurrection. With her distinct style and sharpshooting skills, Nadie navigates the bounty-hunting world on her own terms.

7. Lala Gonzalez (School Rumble)

Lala Gonzalez 20 Best Latino Anime Characters of All Time

Lala Gonzalez, a Mexican transfer student, is a formidable wrestler with a reputation that strikes fear into accomplished fighters at her school. Raised by her father, who imparted his wrestling moves to her, Lala aims to fulfill his dream of making it big in the wrestling world. With her powerful physique and impressive skills, she sets out to achieve her goal in Japan, aspiring to become the greatest wrestler.


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6. Leo de la Iglesia (Yuri!!! On ICE)

Leo de la Iglesia 20 Best Latino Anime Characters of All Time (Ranked)

De la Iglesia, a professional figure skater from America with Mexican heritage, stands out due to his unique approach to choreography. Unlike other skaters, he takes control by personally designing his routines, showcasing his originality and a strong desire to be the best. This strategic choice allows him to adapt his performance to cater to judges or his own conditioning, giving him greater flexibility on the ice.

5. Juan Diaz (Captain Tsubasa)

Juan Diaz 20 Best Latino Anime Characters of All Time (Ranked)

Juan Diaz, modeled after the legendary Diego Maradona, is a standout midfielder for Argentina in the series. Despite his shorter stature at 167cm, Diaz compensates with exceptional skills, agility, and speed. Known for his variety of ball-handling and kicking techniques, including the impressive Drive Shoot, Heel Lift dribble, and Forward Somersault Shot, Diaz is a thrilling player on the field. With an unparalleled scoring rate of two goals per game, he poses a constant threat and ensures that any match featuring him is bound to be exciting.

4. Roberta (Black Lagoon)

Roberta 20 Best Latino Anime Characters of All Time (Ranked)

Roberta Cisneros, a seemingly unassuming maid, is a psychopathic and formidable assassin with a dark past as a guerrilla militia member. In the fictional town of Roanapur, Thailand, portrayed in Black Lagoon, Roberta navigates a world filled with diverse and dangerous characters. Her proximity to violence is constant, as she is ready to eliminate anyone obstructing her path. Possessing supernatural strength, she can break metal with her bare hands and exhibits remarkable toughness. Roberta’s unwavering loyalty to her master, Diego Lovelace, propels her to new heights, and her faith sustains her through challenging times.


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3. Sado Yasutora (Bleach)

Sado Yasutora 20 Best Latino Anime Characters of All Time (Ranked)

Yasutora “Chad” Sado, with a blend of Japanese and Mexican heritage, is a towering and muscular figure known for his quiet and kind demeanor. Despite his imposing stature, he excels academically at Karakura High School. Loyal to his friends, Chad, as he is commonly known, remains cool, calm, and collected in various situations. Guided by the lessons from his Mexican grandfather, he emphasizes the importance of fighting and self-control. Engaging in frequent brawls and fights, especially alongside his blood brother Ichigo, Chad embodies strength, loyalty, and a calm disposition.

2. Michiko Malandro (Michiko And Hatchin)

Michiko Malandro 20 Best Latino Anime Characters of All Time (Ranked)

Michiko Malandro, a central character in Michiko And Hatchin, escapes from prison and embarks on a journey to rescue Hiroshi’s daughter, Hana. Originating from Brazil, Michiko’s initial encounter with Hiroshi results in a bloodied face, but she later develops deep feelings for him. Despite rumors of Hiroshi’s death, Michiko remains determined to find him. After rescuing Hana from her foster parents, the two form a closer bond. Hana, expressing her desire to be called Hatchin, shares Michiko’s stubbornness in pursuing their goals. The name “Malandro” reflects Michiko’s daring and street-smart character, translating to “scoundrel” in Portuguese.

1. Monkey D Luffy (One Piece)

Monkey D Luffy 20 Best Latino Anime Characters of All Time (Ranked)

Affectionately known throughout the series as Straw Hat, Luffy is the founder and captain of a pirate crew and a top fighter, defending his ship and crew in all sorts of situations. Being one of the most recognizable anime characters out there, perhaps it is a bit of a stretch to say he is Latino, as all characters exist in the universe of One Piece, which is different from Earth. Luffy comes from East Blue. However, the creator of the series Eiichiro Oda has stated that he bases the character on a Brazilian. Given that Luffy is one of the main characters of one of the most popular anime series of all time, it’s only fair that he gets recognized here as the numero uno.

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