20 Best Monster Girl Anime of All Time (RANKED)

20 Best Monster Girl Anime of All Time (RANKED)

While coming up with this article, we had some trouble because the ‘Monster Girls’ genre is not that well defined. Is it a specific subgenre or just a fandom definition is still unclear, but we have decided to come up with a list of the best anime from this specific group. We have decided to focus on the characters themselves as we are going to give you a list of the 20 best anime with monster girl characters in them, ranked from 20th to 1st place.

20. Interspecies Reviewers

Interspecies Reviewers episode 1 1280x720 1

Original Run: January 11, 2020 – March 28, 2020
Episodes: 12

In a world where there are many and different humanoid species and where prostitution is legal, there are different “cabarets” for each type of species managed by “succubi”. As each species has different opinions on how each courtesan works for them, various brothel visitors have become critics, evaluating their experiences with various succubi and displaying them in the local pub.

The series largely focuses on a human named Stunk, an elf named Zel, and an angel named Curimvael.

19. Durarara!!


Original Run: January 8, 2010 – March 26, 2016
Number of Episodes: 60

From the same creators of Baccano!, Durarara!! an anime set in a violent Tokyo populated by young thugs and gangsters of all kinds. The events take place in the Ikebukuro neighborhood where Ryugamine Mikado moves invited by his childhood friend Kida Masaomi who immediately warns him to keep away from some shady characters who roam the neighborhood: a violent man dressed as a bartender, an information salesman, and a mysterious gang calling themselves “Dollars”.

But upon his arrival in the city Mikado will come across a Dullahan, a headless motorcyclist who drives a big black motorcycle with the engine and headlights off, who is considered an urban legend that everyone is terrified of, even the gangs of Ikebukuro.

18. To LOVE Ru


Original Run: April 4, 2008 – October 28, 2015
Episodes: 64

The 15-year-old student Rito Yūki is in love with his classmate Haruna Sairenji, but never manages to confess his love to her because something always comes up like a curse. So he enjoys a bath and can’t keep his thoughts off her when suddenly a naked girl falls into the tub with him. It is Princess Lala Satalin Deviluke heir to the throne of the planet Deviluke.

She is on the run from her father because he urges her to marry, but none of the candidates suit her. After her spaceship was shot down, Lala teleported to earth and landed in Rito’s arms. After this initial shock for Rito, he finds out that Lala has fallen directly in love with him and wants to marry him in order to be able to stay on earth.

Her revealing and naive manner make him sweat a lot. She has no problem sharing a bed with him, admitting in front of Rito’s class that he is her fiancé, and unconsciously builds an additional wall between Rito and Haruna, who can no longer decide which of the two to go really loves.

17. Rosario + Vampire

Rosario Vampire CAPU2 01 Large 01

Original Run: January 3, 2008 – March 27, 2008 / October 2, 2008 – December 24, 2008
Number of Episodes: 13 / 13

Tsukune Aono is an unremarkable young boy who unfortunately failed all the high school entrance exams. By pure chance, his father finds an advertisement for Yokai High School, the High School for Monsters.

It is there that he meets Moka Akashiya, an angelic-looking young girl who actually hides a split personality and very powerful vampire powers (S-class monsters). His powers are revealed when the rosary adorning his neck is torn off. Thanks to Moka’s powers, both will fight several monsters. Later, Tsukune and Moka will meet the succubus Kurumu Kurono and Yukari Sendo, a gifted little witch.

16. Is This a Zombie?


Original Run: January 11, 2011 – June 7, 2012
Number of Episodes: 22 + 3 OVA

Aikawa Ayumu is a normal high school student until the day he is murdered by a serial killer. He is then reborn as a zombie thanks to the necromancer Eucliwood Hellscythe. Aikawa then becomes his servant but inadvertently absorbs the powers of a “masō-shōjo” named Haruna and in turn, becomes a masō-shōjo.

The young man will then have to manage his schedule between his duties as a masō-shōjo, his studies, and the search for his assassin, with Eucliwood, Haruna, and a vampire ninja named Seraphim living with him.

15. YūYū Hakusho

yu yu hakusho 1

Original Run: October 10, 1992 – December 17, 1994
Number of episodes: 112

Fourteen-year-old Yusuke Urameshi is the perfect thug: brawler and rebel. Yet one day he dies saving a little boy from an accident, but this child would have miraculously survived even if Yusuke hadn’t intervened. Not foreseen by the authorities of the kingdom of the dead, his sacrifice poses a problem.

This is why he is offered to come back to life, after having succeeded in proving that he is worthy of it. He then becomes a detective of the spirit world without knowing it, and is endowed with powers that will help him in his various tasks, both in the human world and in that of the spirits.

Helped by Botan, the “ferryman of souls” who settled her case at the time of her “death”, of her friend Kuwabara, and under the direction of Enma junior, the son of the Dark King in charge of the examination of souls, he is tasked with finding three demons (Goki, Hiei, and Kurama) who have stolen three relics from the world of darkness: the sword of darkness, a mirror and the ball of Gaki.

14. Spice and Wolf

Spice and wolf thumbnail

Original Run: January 9, 2008 – September 24, 2009
Number of Episodes: 24 (+ 2 OVA)

Spice and Wolf is set on a continent inspired by Europe in the late Middle Ages. The population of a small town, Pasloe, in an unspecified time, made a pact with a wolf god to avoid lean periods and guarantee good harvests.

While preparing for the feast in honor of the wolf, a young merchant named Lawrence discovers, hidden among the skins contained in her cart, a sleeping girl with the ears and tail of a wolf. The young woman introduces herself as the Holo – name of the wolf deity – of her and asks the boy to take her back north to where she was born.

Lawrence, initially skeptical, asks the girl to prove to him that she really is Holo the wolf goddess. The goddess then decides to transform herself, assuming the appearance of a huge wolf; Lawrence is thrilled and terrified. After a few small events in Pasloe village, Lawrence agrees to take Holo with him. The wolf goddess, during the journey, shows an enormous experience in the trade so as to surprise the expert merchant Lawrence.

13. Problem Children Are Coming from Another World, Aren’t They?

Problem Children Are Coming from Another World Arent They

Original Run: January 11, 2013 – March 15, 2013
Number of Episodes: 10 (+ OVA)

Must have isekai anime on this list. The story follows Izayoi Sakamaki, a boy who misses the world. One day, an envelope arrives at his house. By opening it, he finds himself in an instant transported to a parallel world.

From there, he discovers that two other “problem children” have also been carried by the same envelopes: a taciturn girl named Yo Kasukabe, as well as a beautiful and haughty young girl called Asuka Kudo.

Subsequently, a young girl, Kuro Usagi, appears and informs them that she has summoned all three of them to the “No Name” community to overthrow a demon.

12. The Rising of the Shield Hero

The Rising of the Shield Hero Chapter 82

Original Run: January 9, 2019 – present
Number of Episodes: 25

Naofumi Iwatani was summoned to a completely different world with three other boys from parallel Japans to become the “Legendary Four Heroes”, or “Four Ancestral Saints”, of this strange new world. Each of the Heroes was equipped with their own legendary equipment as soon as they were summoned to the strange new world: Naofumi received the “Legendary Shield”, the only defensive equipment of the four, while the others respectively received an offensive weapon.

Due to Naofumi’s lack of charisma and experience, he ended up with only one teammate to accompany him, an attractive young woman, while the others received several: unfortunately, on the second day, Naofumi was betrayed, stripped, and falsely accused by said teammate.

Disgraced and persecuted by everyone in the kingdom, from the king to the peasants, Naofumi’s thoughts are now filled with nothing but revenge and hatred. Thus begins his journey in this world where he will have to progress alone.

11. Fairy Tail

animes like fairy tail

Original Run: October 12, 2009 – September 29, 2019
Number of Episodes: 328

The story focuses mainly on the missions carried out by one of the teams of the Fairy Tail guild, composed of Natsu Dragnir (fire dragon hunter), Lucy Heartfilia (constellationist), and Happy (an Exceed, blue cat that can be done appear wings, fly and speak), who will soon be joined by Erza Scarlett (knight mage) and Gray Fullbuster (Ice mage and later Ice demon hunter), two other members of the famous guild.


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They are joined on the adventure by Carla (an Exceed white cat, like Happy), Wendy (Heavenly Dragon Slayer), and many more.

10. Guilty Crown

guilty crown 10th anniversary 1 1

Original Run: October 13, 2011 – March 22, 2012
Number of Episodes: 22

Tokyo, 2039. Having suffered deeply from the epidemic of the Apocalypse virus which occurred on the day of Lost Christmas, which weakened the bases of its power ten years earlier, Japan is now only holding on through the external support of several countries, maintained by the GHQ military regime where the value of every life has become insignificant.

It is in this context that Ouma Shū, a young student who feels bad about himself, finds Inori, singer of the group EGOIST, in his lair: the young girl, injured, has just stolen from Sephirah Genomics a precious cylinder intended for Gai, leader of the terrorist group. Undertaker. Flushed by the Anti-Bodies, an intervention group under the direction of the GHQ, Inori is kidnapped and Shū, helpless, nevertheless decides to complete her mission.

9. Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World

ReZero − Starting Life in Another World

Original Run: April 4, 2016 – March 24, 2021
Number of Episodes: 50 (+ 2 OVA + 50 ONA)

One day, leaving a convenience store, a Japanese high school student in a tracksuit named Subaru Natsuki is transported to a parallel world without any explanation. While trying to make his mark in this new world, Subaru is attacked by a band of bandits.

On the verge of death, he is saved by a silver-haired half-elf named “Satela,” accompanied by a cat-like spirit, Pack. To reciprocate, he decides to help her with her daily chores, including finding the badge stolen from her by Felt, a young girl living on theft.


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Later, in the slums of the city, they are attacked and killed by a mysterious person. Before dying, Subaru promises Satela that he will do anything to save her.

8. Outbreak Company

Outbreak Company

Original Run: October 3, 2013 – December 19, 2013
Number of Episodes: 12

The protagonist of the plot is the otaku (anime and manga fan) Shin’ichi Kanō, whose love proposal was abruptly rejected by a longtime acquaintance with reference to his hobby, after which he isolated himself socially. After a year has passed, his parents ultimately give him the choice of going back to school or looking for a peopwe job. He then applies to the company called Sōgo Entertainment Shōsha Amutec-sha, who are looking for an otaku. During the interview, however, he is stunned by Jinzaburō Matoba.

7. Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid


Original Run: January 12, 2017 – September 23, 2021
Number of Episodes: 25

Kobayashi is employed at the InferNet corporation as a programmer and secretly passionate about the figure of the waitress, particularly from the Victorian era. Her life changes dramatically when she, returning home after a hangover, gets lost in the mountains and meets a dying dragon.

Kobayashi saves him and the dragon, assumed human form, turns out to be a young female to whom she Kobayashi offers, still drunk, hospitality.

The next day, Kobayashi, not remembering the events of the previous night, finds himself a dragon in front of her house, who becomes a girl with horns and a tail named Tohru.

After a brief summary and a moment of distrust, Kobayashi decides to keep her as a waitress. The stories see Tohru and her dragon friends trying to fit in with humans without being too conspicuous.

6. A Centaur’s Life

A Centaurs Life

Original Run: July 9, 2017 – September 24, 2017
Number of Episodes: 12

The series is set in a world that has taken a different path of evolution than the one we know, resulting in mythological creatures, like centaurs, satyrs, mermaids, and demons, taking the place of humans in today’s society. . The story mainly centers around a young centaur, named Himeno Kimihara, going about her daily life with her friends and family.

5. Interviews with Monster Girls


Original Run: January 7, 2017 – March 25, 2017
Number of Episodes: 12 + 1 ONA

The story takes place during a time when demi-humans, popularly known as “demi”, have slowly begun to gain acceptance into human society. Tetsuo Takahashi is a biology teacher who is interested in running backs. He brings together the three running backs of his high school, trying to capture their attention, gain their trust and understand this phenomenon.

4. No Game No Life

No Game No Life Season 2

Original Run: April 9, 2014 – June 25, 2014
Number of Episodes: 12

Sora and Shiro are inseparable brother and sister, both in reality and in video games (they are not actually brother and sister but see each other as such). As a team, their individual skills make them invincible: Sora has a shrewd intuition, great culture, very high intelligence, and unwavering insight, while Shiro possesses an intelligence beyond genius.

In the real world, they are reclusive, antisocial, and hikikomori. In the video game world, they play together as 『 』 (white), a mysterious group of online gamers unaware of defeat, finishing first in every game they participate in. Because character account names are always empty space, they are known as “White”.

3. Sekirei


Original Run: July 2, 2008 – September 17, 2008; July 4, 2010 – September 26, 2010
Episodes: 12; 13

In Tokyo in 2020, referred to as Shintō Teito (“New Eastern Imperial Capital”), the boy Minato Sahashi fails the university entrance exam for the second time, has not yet had any success with women, and moreover, he is still unemployed. However, he is very intelligent, but cannot cope with the pressure of an exam, which explains his constant failure.

As a result of these circumstances, however, he is labeled a loser by many, even his little sister. One day the attractive Musubi falls into his hands as if she had fallen from the sky. However, he soon realizes that Musubi is not an ordinary girl, but that she is a Sekirei and has chosen him as her Ashikabi.

The Sekirei are extraterrestrial life forms that crash-landed on earth with their spaceship in 1999 and were found by students Minaka Hiroto and Takami Sahashi. On board the ship were 108 life forms, which are also described as “a pillar and 107 small birds”, as only one, the pillar (# 0 / # 1), was in the adult state, while eight other living beings (# 2 – # 9) were present as embryos and the remaining 99 (# 10- # 108) as fertilized eggs.

2. High School DxD

High School DxD

Original Run: January 6, 2012 – July 3, 2018
Number of Episodes: 49 + 6 OVA

Issei Hyoudou is a second year high school student, very sensitive to female forms. Her life is turned upside down during her meeting with Yûma, a charming young girl who turns out to be a fallen angel. At the end of the day, Issei is taken to a small park and Yûma asks him if he wants to make his wish come true. He expects to receive a kiss, but she asks him to die for her by resuming her true appearance.

The boy is brutally attacked and killed by Yûma. Issei wakes up the next morning, believing in a dream. The next day after suffering a second attack from fallen angels, he notices Rias Gremory, a third year student in his high school, naked in bed. She reveals her demon identity to Issei and tells him that she has reincarnated him as a demon to live as a servant of the Gremory family.

1. Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou


Original Run: July 7, 2015 – September 22, 2015
Episodes: 12

For years, the Japanese government has kept a secret: mythical creatures like centaurs, harpies, and lamias are real. Three years before the story began, the government revealed the existence of these creatures and granted them a legal pass license, the “Interspecies Cultural Exchange Act.”

Since then, these creatures, known as “liminals” or “extra-species”, have become a part of human society, living with normal families as foreign exchange students and au pair visitors, but with other rights and certain restrictions. (The main restriction is that liminals and humans are prohibited from hurting each other).


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Kurusu Kimihito did not initially volunteer for the exchange program, but when he watches in amazement as Mrs. Smith accidentally delivers the scared and embarrassed Miia to her doorstep, he doesn’t have the heart to deny her a roof and they start living together. Over the course of the story, Kimihito gathers and shelters other female liminals, each of a different species.

Some come more or less by accident, some are forced to be with him by Mrs. Smith or forced by themselves, and before long he finds himself in a hectic environment in which he struggles to live in harmony with his new life. housemates, as she deals with their constant advances and the dramas about helping them navigate the human world.

The situation takes on a new twist after the girls are notified that due to anticipated changes in the law on human-liminal relationships, Kimihito is expected to marry one of the girls on a trial basis, increasing thus between these tenants the competition for their attention.