12 Best Mexican Comedies of All Time

Mexican Comedy Movies

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Mexican cinematography is very versatile and is getting more and more interesting as the years go by. They have unusual and quirky ideas that they project in various different genres. Maybe most famous for their dramas and crime movies, we can’t forget to mention some other genres where excellent movies can be found.

Mexican comedies are witty and sometimes hilarious, often including some criminal or dramatic elements that make them even more interesting. This is the list of the 12 best Mexican comedies of all time.

La ley de Herodes (Herod’s Law 1999)

Herods Law

This is a very interesting and unusual comedy with crime elements set in 1949 Mexico. The corrupt former mayor is killed by the peasants and now a poor janitor Juan Vargas needs to take his place in their remote and deserted town in central Mexico. He tries to change the way of running the town and live by some new principles such as modernity, peace and progress.

But soon he realises that there is nothing to do when corruption is so deeply engraved in the town’s functioning. And so he follows his predecessor and becomes corrupt, too. Step by step, he will become the worst mayor of the town ever. 

El infierno (Hell, 2010)


This action comedy-drama talks about Benjamin Garcia known as Benny who gets deported from the United States to Mexico. Back home Benny gets involved in the drug business and for the first time in his life is surrounded by money, women, fun and success. But soon he realises that this kind of life is not really what he expected.

This black comedy deals with the mafia world and shows us how organised crime can bring satisfaction at the beginning but it soon changes its course. It gives a great insight into the situation in Mexican cartels and the way gangsters live there today.

No se aceptan devolusiones (Instructions Not Included, 2013)

Instructions Not Included

This comedy-drama brings us the story of Valentin, Acapulco’s womanizer whose life changes when his ex-girlfriend leaves a baby on his doorstep and disappears without a trace. He decides to follow her to the United States and takes the little girls with him. He ends up raising Maggie there for six years and becomes a skilled stunt man.

His connection with Maggie is wrong and their relationship functions on every level since Maggie helps him grow up, too. But everything changes and his family is threatened when Maggie’s birth mum shows up and wants to receive full custody. Valentin is scared that he might lose his daughter and best friend.

Nosostros los Nobles (We Are the Nobles, 2013)

We Are the Nobles

This hilarious comedy set in modern-day Mexico brings us a story of a wealthy businessman, German Noble and his three grown-up children. With German, it was always about the job and he finally realises that his children are doing nothing with their lives except spending his hard-earned money.

Being under a lot of stress with Javier, Barbara and Carlos, German gets a heart attack and ends up in hospital. He decides to teach them a lesson and tells them that his company is in a problem and that they have to hide for a certain amount of time and completely cut their connections with his money. It means they will have to find a proper job and earn their own money for the first time in their lives.

La vida inmoral de la pareja ideal (Tales of an Immoral couple, 2016)

Tales of an Immoral couple

This romantic comedy tells the story of a teen couple who meet at a private Catholic school and immediately feel the chemistry between them. They start exploring their relationship sexually and soon end up in love. 


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We follow their story through flashbacks and meet them 25 years after their high school romance. They have been separated in the past due to a scandal but reunite when they accidentally meet in the street. Both of them decide to make up their spouses and families just to make each other jealous.

¿Qué culpa tiene el niño? (Don’t Blame the Kid, 2016)

Dont Blame the Kid

After a one night stand with a young immature bachelor Renato, Maru finds out that she is pregnant and desperately wants to get rid of the child. Before doing so, she shares her news with Renato who doesn’t agree with her decision. But Maru is determined and finds herself at the doctor where she has a change of heart.

She goes back to Renato who is thrilled and wants to be a part of Maru’s life, not only as their child’s father but as her husband, too. They eventually get married but when Maru gives birth to their son, everyone is finally certain of one thing. Will it change Renato’s feelings for Maru or will he be able to put this fact aside?

A.T.M.: A toda maquina! (Full Speed Ahead, 1951)

Full Speed Ahead

One of the oldest Mexican comedies, but worth mentioning since it might have been an influence on many newer movies of the same genre. It is a story about two police officers, at the same time very good friends, but also rivals.

They often quarrel over women and sometimes even get into fights and other kinds of trouble. The movie features many songs sung by both main protagonists. The movie was followed by a sequel in the same year, though it didn’t get that much attention.

Elvira I Will Give You My Life But I’m Using It (2014)

Elvira I Will Give You My Life But Im Using It

This comedy-drama brings us the story of Elvira and her husband Gustavo who one night simply disappears from her and her two children’s lives. Elvira is now a 40-year old single mother who has no idea why her husband left them. She is relentless to find the love of her life and begins to search for Gustavo.

She is following several clues and step by step realises that Gustavo was leading a parallel life that includes a secret romantic relationship. But Elvira will not stop until she finds him which will put her in numerous funny situations.

Cantinflas (2014)


This is a biographical drama-comedy, an untold story about one of the most famous and beloved comedy stars of all time. Mario Moreno is a Mexican comedian who wants to be recognised in the whole world. We follow his story from a poor Mexican neighbourhood to his fame in Hollywood. 

The movie starts with Moreno’s great success with the movie Around the World in 80 Days and it takes us back to his humble beginnings as a comedian in small theatres in Mexico City. We learn more about his relationship with the American producer Mike Todd and Moreno’s wife Ivanova.

La dictadura perfecta (The Perfect Dictatorship, 2014)

The Perfect Dictatorship

This comedy-drama follows the story of a powerful Mexican Television Corporation that reveals a scandalous story. It involves Governor Carmelo Vargas who is found in the middle of serious crimes and illegal businesses. The Governor wants to clean his name and makes a secret deal with the owners of the TV company, a deal that is worth billions.

Carlos Rojo and Ricardo Diaz are in charge to change the image the Governor has made of himself in front of the public and make him the most suitable presidential candidate. The Mexican Television has already done and the question is will they do it again?

Un mundo maravilloso (A Wonderful World, 2006)

Un mundo maravilloso

Juan Perez is one of the poorest men we can meet. He becomes famous in an accident that looked like an attempt of suicide where he protested against the government and his social status. To clear their image, The Ministry of Economy decides to provide Perez with a new car, a flat and a job.


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But when other poor people hear about Perez’ destiny, they start to imitate him by faking suicides in several buildings around Mexico City. To end it all, The Ministry of Economy decides to declare poverty a crime and get rid of all the poor in the country. Perez ends up in prison but when he gets out three years later he will do anything to stop being poor again.

Matando Cabos (Killing Cabos, 2004)

Matando cabos

One of the most anticipated Mexican comedies, Matando Cabos proved to be a huge hit once it got out. It was mostly inspired by Guy Ritchie’s Snatch. Jaque was found having sex with the daughter of one of the most influential businessmen, Oscar Cabos who happens to be his boss as well. 

Jaque gets in a fight with Cabos who accidentally rips and loses consciousness. Jaque asks his best friend Mudo for help and this is where this comedy actually starts. They don’t know what to do with Cabos so they put him in the trunk of their car and decide to drive him to his house, leave him there and make it all look like a bad hangover after a night of drinking.

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