10 Best Minecraft Cottage Blueprints & Ideas

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One of the best things about Minecraft is that it allows players to create everything from scratch, using countless blocks to bring their unique ideas to life – whether they be classic and minimalistic or lavish and extravagant. Plenty of Minecraft players have created modern mansions and stunning themed homes, but cute and cozy cottages remain on top of the fan-favorites list. Still, it can be challenging to get started with so many awesome ideas.

10 Best Minecraft Cottage Ideas

Needless to say, the potential for creating custom cottages in Minecraft is endless, depending on what styles players prefer and of course what materials and decorative items are available. We’ve gathered some of the best cottage ideas (in no particular ranking order) for you to try out in your own Minecraft world – just remember to add your own spins and twists to ensure it feels as personalized and homey as possible!

1. Cozy Survival Cottage (by Jolee)

This cozy survival cottage uses a combination of stone brick foundations, smooth ‘painted’ walls, glass for natural lighting, and tons of tiny details. This creator uses an interesting campfire mechanic to create unique wood textures for this design and even includes a realistic, crackling fireplace.

Players will need a plethora of resources to bring this intricate design to life in their own Minecraft world. But, thankfully this creator has taken the time to guide others through the entire process – from structure to outdoor decor and even interior design.


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The entire cottage design is topped off with indoor hanging planters, bookshelves, a functional kitchen, an outdoor garden to grow crops, crucial Minecraft utility blocks, and much more for convenient and cozy cottage living. According to Jolee, it should take 2-3 hours to gather the resources needed, and around 1-2 hours to build while following the guide.

2. Aesthetic Cozy Cottage (by Tootsie)

This aesthetic cozy cottage uses a blend of stone types for a realistic feel, topped with picturesque lanterns behind glass window panes. These elements are contrasted by the use of wooden fences as beams, as well as smooth blocks for a ‘painted wall’ appearance.

A great method that this creator uses is colored markers for guidance while building, placing down blocks into the ground to reference throughout the process. The design is finished off well with cute mushrooms, colorful flowers, lush greenery, and ‘planter boxes’ for windowsills, as well as detailed roofing, fencing, and railings.

3. Aesthetic Cottagecore House (by Platinum Thief)

This simple cottage-style house combines the essentials into one small and cute home, using lighter wood planks, blocks, and logs topped with larger windows and a clean light roof. This cottage is more minimalistic and modern compared to others, and it may be a great choice for beginner Minecraft builders – especially since it also includes a floor plan blueprint.

However, while it is simple, this cottage is not without detail and trimmings – both indoors and outdoors – as it’s equipped with a fully functional kitchen, bedroom, and living space. The creator used a combination of wooden stairs and blocks to create the framework, trapdoors for slimline windowsills, stone and dirt pathways, and lush greenery for a delicate yet natural feel.

4. Cottagecore Survival Base (by Platinum Thief)

Yet another addition by the above creator is this cottage-style survival base, which uses a darker color palette and a classic combination of wood and stone. This is another simpler cottage design that can be great for beginners, also featuring a helpful floor plan blueprint.

The design includes larger windows for increased natural lighting, which works well for its smaller surface area. Once again, the creator has guided players in creating an efficient indoor living space with a kitchen, lounge, fireplace, and bedroom. This is all held together really effectively by natural wood logs, topped off with detailed fencing, lush greenery, stone steps, flowers, a mini garden, a pet den, and much more.

5. Aesthetic Cottage (by Derezero)

This cottage-style Minecraft house incorporates a few classic design elements – darker wood, stone bricks, clean painted walls, and light wood details. This small cottage has everything that Minecraft players would need all in one neat and cute package – featuring a cozy brick and cobblestone patio, vertical windows, detailed windowsills and decals, and much more.

The interior features a comfortable living space, including a functional kitchen and a well-lit living area. This is all topped off with plenty of greenery for a lush and cozy woodlands feel, as well as a few scattered haybales, plenty of flowers, and a useful waterway.

6. Cottagecore Farmhouse (by Zaypixel)

This Minecraft home takes the fundamentals of farmhouse designs and incorporates a lovely and picturesque cottage style, using a stunning combination of dark wood, medium wood, and stone bricks, which are contrasted by clean white walls. Its farmhouse and cottage elements come through quite well and complement each other throughout the design.

The creator uses stone brick and wood fencing for pillars and beams while using dark natural logs for the cottage’s structure. There’s plenty to see inside as well, as the interior design is based around a homey feel with plenty of paintings, carpets, plants, and comfort items. All of these aspects are finished off with some amazing trailing vines, flowers, detailed window areas, dirt pathways, and much more.

7. Cottagecore Starter House (by fWhip)

This unique cottage design combines a ton of classic cottage design elements, including red stone bricks, dark and medium wood, classic stone, and much more – all topped off with natural elements, decorations, and two cute, smokey chimneys. An interesting design detail that this creator incorporates is the use of autumn birch leaves, which goes well with the chosen color palette.

Finding a location and leveling out the land before building can be quite taxing. Fortunately, this creator takes us through the exploration and resource gathering process as well, which can help out players who are unsure where to start and how to actually survive until the cottage is built.

8. Aesthetic Cozy Cottage (by Platinum Thief)

One of the iconic Minecraft cottage creators is back yet again with another take on the classic cottage style, this time using darker logs and stone bricks, setting up next to a perfectly positioned evergreen tree. The interior features essential living spaces, such as a cozy bedroom, a functional kitchen, utilities, and more.

While the exterior’s structure may seem dark overall, it’s contrasted well by the use of lighter wood for the walls, as well as tall and wide glass windows for natural lighting. The design is topped off with rustling lush leaves, trailing vines, hanging lanterns, pot plants, and standing lamps.

9. Aesthetic Cottage (by Ayvocado)

If you’re looking for a sweet, cozy, and simple cottage design, this one may be for you. This cottage is a neat all-in-one package but is not short of detail and architecture, as the creator has used plenty of well-placed wooden stairs and blocks to add more visual texture to the structure. The interior features plenty of utilities and details, such as pot plants, bookshelves, a fireplace, a kitchen, a loft bedroom, cupboards, and even rails for added detail.

The design incorporates classic cottage elements, such as darker and medium wood, clean cream ‘painted’ walls, and cobblestone steps, all framed well by plenty of shutters and trapdoors. This is all topped off with delicate lush greenery, blossoming flowers, plant pots, a slimline smokey chimney, and hanging lanterns.

10. Large Oakwood Survival Cottage (by SheepGG)

This cottage-style oakwood survival home is a hefty step up from the classic cottage, featuring a wide range of amenities and add-ons for convenient living. Needless to say, this design will take more time and effort than many of the others, but it’ll be worthwhile if you’re looking for a spacious and comfortable cottage that has absolutely everything you need.

Using a light color palette by focusing on wood logs, pale planks, and fencing, this cottage can be seen as a semi-lodge as well. It features plenty of interior living areas and details, such as a kitchen, storage unit, spacious bedroom, lounge, study, two-tier balcony, porch, and much more.


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In addition, it also includes a comfortable yet cozy area for animals, as well as a fully equipped lower-level farming space and top-deck planter sections for Minecraft players with a green thumb. This is all finished off with tall slimline windows, well-placed greenery, pot plants, shutters, hanging lanterns, and much more.

Minecraft Cottage Design Tips

It’s no secret that Minecraft supports the creation of just about the architectural style, topped with stunning indoor and outdoor decor. But, there are a few factors that can turn a simplistic house into a cozy cottage. Here are some of the most significant factors to consider as you create your own custom Minecraft cottage!


The walls should ideally be made with a combination of stone and wood – although, that’s still being rather vague in Minecraft. Many players prefer using the following blends:

  • Cobblestone-type blocks or stone bricks for structural zones (as opposed to smooth, polished, or chisled stone blocks)
  • Oak/ Spruce wood logs for vertical pillars or horizontal beams
  • Oak/ Spruce wood blocks for standard walls and interior walls.


The floors should be solid wood rather than logs for the best cottage feel. Use a combination of wood blocks, wood planks, and wooden steps, either oak or spruce. Birchwood blocks, planks, and stairs can work really well for some designs, or to lift the color palette in the cottage’s interior. Cobblestone or stone brick can also work well for outdoor floor space.


When it comes to the roof, the most important factor is ensuring that you have some added detail and dimension. The best way to achieve a cottage roof aesthetic is to use blocks, planks, and steps, either with stone, wood, or a combination.


An important aspect of cottages is their close relationship with nature. Cottages should be up-and-close with natural elements, adding vines and leaf blocks to the exterior’s walls and ceilings.


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In addition, players should spend some time creating a small and cute garden around the cottage as well, topped with lots and bushes, flowers, streams, and winding pathways. Players can use grass blocks, leaves, and even dirt to make this happen, topped with fencing and steps for added detail.


The windows for the cottage should be relatively small and made of clear glass. Players can add quite a few windows to cottage designs without ruining the aesthetic, topped with window shutters, windowsills, pot plants, and even running vines.


Regardless of what style you go for, location will be a significant factor in creating the aesthetic you’d like. When it comes to creating cottages in Minecraft, players should go for woodland areas topped with running streams and rivers. But, you’ll also need to think about future structures, such as nearby underground bases or farms, before choosing the location.

Having access to nearby resources such as water, ground, and wood can be an amazing way to have a picturesque cottage setting while ensuring your character has everything needed for survival. Just remember to make sure the surrounding trees keep growing!

Building Tips

Irrespective of what home you’re building in Minecraft, tutorials may not always tell you what to consider for further gameplay. Consider these factors before going ahead with your Minecraft cottage to make the process simpler and more enjoyable:

1. Gather Materials Before Starting

You’re going to need a ton of blocks to make this happen, even if you’re going for a smaller cottage. Gathering all your resources ahead of time will be the best way to stay on track.

2. Details Matter

One considerable aspect about cottages is the little details – whether it be tiny flowers underneath windows, hanging lights, lush greenery, or custom-cut stone and wood blocks for the cottage’s structure. All of these details matter and players will need to spend time adding these trimmings for the best cottage aesthetic possible.

3. Interior Design

Interior design in Minecraft is an entirely different ball game. But, it’s important to consider what kind of colors, materials, and decor you’ll be using to make sure the cottage feel runs right through your home.


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Tutorials often help out in this area, but you’ll also need to consider space for items and blocks you’ll use in the future – in addition to decorative items. Plan out your rooms accordingly beforehand, even if it means slightly altering the cottage’s design and layout.

Mojang knows just how much Minecraft players love to build, and the game is equipped with all the materials and trimmings you’ll need to bring your ideas to life. Whether you choose to follow any of these tutorials or shoot for something in between, relying on your imagination will still be key in creating the sandbox cottage of your dreams.

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