30 Best Minecraft Survival Seeds in 2021

30 Best Minecraft Survival Seeds in 2021

Have you ever heard about the best Minecraft survival seeds? Minecraft seeds are the codes that the game uses to create worlds. These worlds have many exciting landmarks and landscapes, which is why they’re great for exploring. These seeds cover everything, from stunning landscapes and thrilling dungeons brimming with loot to jaw-dropping views.

It’s easy: choose the area you want to explore, regardless of whether it’s an excellent location for spawning or a beautiful setting. To get the seed started, grab the numbers and place them in the seed field. You can explore and create gorgeous Minecraft seeds as the game does all the work.

Here’s the list of the 30 best Minecraft survival seeds in 2021.

  1. Minimalist Survival Island: 3366408241916580461
  2. Castaway Double Shipwreck: 7777777777988733304
  3. 12 – Eye End Portal Seed: 4776164391216949839
  4. Mansion In the Heartwood: 110918009997
  5. Ocean Temple Island Village: 6039186344010446208
  6. The Township: 2083747154327962073
  7. Four Villages at Spawn: -4379469131957062683
  8. Double Village Islands: 5329177101860618450
  9. Big Bamboo Jungle: -6007508716048973791
  10. Ice-Olation Island: -452616212506859587
  11. Beautiful Badlands: 83539627
  12. Giant Mushroom Donut: -6316420307748711466
  13. Stronghold Spawn Seed: -160471485
  14. Blacksmith Island: 542630838
  15. Biome Melting Pot: 2111844826
  16. Arctic Survival Island: 1669737730
  17. Mushroom Island: 5975519174833736675
  18. Woodland Mansion: 834769748139291188
  19. Coastal Village with Docked Ship: 2083747154327962073
  20. Village on a High Pillar: -5694368681594500133
  21. Jungle Biome Surrounded by Mesas: 867832618049646
  22. Tundra Village: -2109507520
  23. Neverwinter: 627689198065479624
  24. Mansion Oasis: -1167558203395702077
  25. Mesa So Alone: -1479345304
  26. Frozen Island Seed: -7865816549737130316
  27. Spruce Village and Coral Reef: 673900667
  28. Mountain Cliff: -969535336
  29. Igloo and Winter Forest Seed: -3500229128833691836
  30. Horses and Desert Village Seed: 8678942899319966093

30 Best Minecraft Survival Islands in 2021

Whether you are a professional miner or just starting to load up your first world, Minecraft terrain is something you cannot control. Although your imagination may be full of possibilities, you will often spawn in an uninspiring, flat world with only the occasional chicken. It’s not a suitable canvas to create your masterpiece.

It’s important to remember that the final results depend on which version of Minecraft it is. A fantastic seed in version 1.5 could turn out to be a disappointing one in version 1.7. This version should be set in your Minecraft launcher for the best results.

1. Minimalist Survival Island

30 Best Minecraft Survival Seeds in 2021

Seed: 3366408241916580461

This minimalist setting may inspire you to do some soul-searching. It is impossible to find essential supplies. When the sky is filled with the ocean, where will you find your first piece of wood? It would be best if you were careful where you choose to swim. You may not see the ocean monument, but it is there. Still very minimal in terms of Minecraft survival seeds!

2. Castaway Double Shipwreck

Seed: 7777777777988733304

This Minecraft seed from a double shipwreck island is perfect for survival stories. As if your ship was wrecked on the island’s shores, you will spawn here. But you are not the only one. Another shipwreck is also here. What are the fates of those who survived unlucky? Perhaps through the nearby ruined nether portal?

3. 12 – Eye End Portal Seed

Seed: 4776164391216949839

The Minecraft seeds that your world’s End Portal generates are scarce, with all 12 Eyes of Ender activated and assembled. It is doubtful that you will stumble across one randomly. This one is yours to load up for your survival adventures. Head to coordinates Z: -637, X: 1146, and Y:63 to get ready to attack the fortress. Just below you is the room that houses an activated End portal for the fortress. You might want to check out the nearby jungle and desert villages before you rush to the dragon.

4. Mansion In the Heartwood

Seed: 110918009997

Nothing beats running headfirst into a mansion in the hope of capturing every Illager who moves. It’s not easy to find a mansion in survival. You’ll spend hours searching every forest in the hope that you will come across that mysterious wooden structure. The mansion is located in a dark, eerie forest with badlands. The mansion itself is not difficult enough. There’s also a pillager post at the edge of the forest.

5. Ocean Temple Island Village

30 Best Minecraft Survival Seeds in 2021

Seed: 6039186344010446208

This seed for an island village looks just like something out of The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker. This idyllic little village is surrounded by water and has several houses and watchtowers. You can even start your mining operations from a cave located below the village. Just outside of the town, just beyond the wooden docks, is an ocean temple.

6. The Township

Seed: 2083747154327962073

It’s easy to find a Minecraft shipwreck that you can explore by looking at this unwracked ship, which appears to be docked in the village. You can immediately load up the treasure and begin digging on this abandoned ship. It might even be a good home if you move to town. The placement of the ship may not be as ideal if the seed is generated in 1.17. However, you can create your world in 1.16.1 and then play it in 1.17.

7. Four Villages at Spawn

Seed: -4379469131957062683

These villages may not live in harmony. However, you can discover this information by creating a Minecraft world and planting the seed. The Taiga village is just west of where you will spawn. There are three other types of villages nearby: the Tundra and Savannah, and the Desert. If you look closely at the screenshot, you can almost see them all. You can see them in the second photo, as they are lit up by their torchlight at sunset.

8. Double Village Islands

Seed: 5329177101860618450

It’s always great to find island villages, but what about two? Each with its village. Even better, they are connected across the ocean. Even is that one of them has become a zombie village. This seems like a great place to start a story.

9. Big Bamboo Jungle

Seed: -6007508716048973791

If you’re not familiar with Minecraft’s panda mobs, this seed will plant you next to a large bamboo forest. The forest’s edge is located not far from the spawn. You’ll find a small village on the edge of the bamboo forest and a nearby witch-hut.

10. Ice-Olation Island

30 Best Minecraft Survival Seeds in 2021

Seed: -452616212506859587

So, that’s it. Cool. They are not only a source of dreadful fear but they can also be used to make homes. Who wouldn’t love to live in an ice palace? This seed is unique because, unlike many others, it spawns on two small islands. This seed is special because you can turn in any direction to see ice spikes. This seed will not be easy to survive. You need to think quickly. Perhaps you can make friends with the polar bears next door.

11. Beautiful Badlands

Seed: 83539627

You’ve found the perfect biome in the Badlands. This is a more difficult challenge than you might expect, so don’t be too relaxed. These colorful mesas will be your spawning ground, just beside an abandoned mineshaft. You’ll find more treasure chests and mineshafts in the ravine nearby. There are also spawners. This seed will give you a great start and challenge.

12. Giant Mushroom Donut

Seed: -6316420307748711466

This huge, donut-shaped Mushroom Island is the place to go if you’re looking to enjoy one of Minecraft’s most rare biomes. This huge island is home to a multitude of Mushroom cows, fungi, and other creatures. You’ll find underwater ruins if you go towards the center.

13. Stronghold Spawn Seed

Seed: -160471485

This is the perfect seed for anyone who wants to run fast to the finish. The end portal is located at coordinates 899, 47, and 38. You will spawn next to a zombie village. You might want to visit the nearby savannah community, which is just across the bay from where your spawn.

14. Blacksmith Island

Seed: 542630838

This village has three blacksmiths and is a great place to spend your mornings on if you are looking for an island that you can wake up on. This is a lot of gear you can swipe right away. This is a very popular speedrunning seed. The abandoned village of zombies on the island can be your first target. You will find a Stronghold and an end portal underneath the island where you spawn. You’ll find many places you can dive into the stronghold by just taking a quick swim.

15. Biome Melting Pot

30 Best Minecraft Survival Seeds in 2021

Seed: 2111844826

Although this Bedrock edition seed won’t drop you exactly where you want, we believe it is worth teleporting. Use the /tp command after you have spawned to send yourself to coordinates (-185 64, 117). The edge of the mushroom biome will be visible. You can see a small ocean with a badlands biome, jungle, mountains, tundra, and even ice spikes. This area contains several desirable, rare biomes. It is perfect for anyone who wants to see a small amount of Minecraft’s best features. You’ll also find a tundra settlement if you go into the ice spikes.

16. Arctic Survival Island

Seed: 1669737730

This is the Bedrock edition of that isolated arctic survival island’s seed for Java. This medium-sized island is surrounded by an iceberg-free ocean. You’ll find plenty of trees and space here, as well as many underwater shipwrecks nearby. There are still a few dark forests that you can find once you have conquered everything. It’s quite far from civilization, so you shouldn’t expect to find a village without a long boat ride.

17. Mushroom Island

Seed: 5975519174833736675

This fungus-inhabited island will allow you to become the ruler of your Mushroom Kingdom. After you have finished exploring the sandy beaches and done some fishing, you can return to your island home and enjoy some quality relaxation.

There are two other islands in the vicinity of the mushroom island: a desert island and a forest mansion island. So, there is plenty to explore. It is difficult to find mansions at all times, so it is even more rare to find two. Even Mario Bros. couldn’t do it this well!

18. Woodland Mansion

Seed: 834769748139291188

This seed features a rare Woodland Mansion Seed, which is great for returning and new players. This Java seed is unique because it has a desert biome and village nearby. These chest contents are hidden in underground watchtowers and under the ground and contain an Enchanted Book. It’s perfect for adventurers.

19. Coastal Village with Docked Ship

Seed: 2083747154327962073

Do you want to take a trip to the seaside? The spawning location is located right in front of this coastal village, which also has a ship docked outside. There are many uses for this seed, including a multitude of mining opportunities and an easy entry to the Nether.

Although this seed was created for 1.16 players, note that it works on 1.17, but the ship spawned differently. It’s a great place to establish a base and then travel the world.

20. Village on a High Pillar

30 Best Minecraft Survival Seeds in 2021

Seed: -5694368681594500133

This Minecraft seed is incredibly unique. It features a towering plinth that has a small village sitting on top. Any Pillagers appearing to attack the village from the bottom seem to be unable to reach the Villagers.

21. Jungle Biome Surrounded by Mesas

Seed: 867832618049646

Mesa biomes are home to some of the most striking views in Minecraft. These rocky outcrops and reddish blocks make for beautiful views. This is especially true if the mesa biome concerned includes a small jungle.

You can take a stroll down to the shade of the nearby jungle oasis if the sun is getting too hot or you are tired of the sandy surroundings.

22. Tundra Village

Seed: -2109507520

This beautiful mountain island is available on both 1.17 and Bedrock. It also has a Mushroom Village as well as a Savanna Village. This seed contains buried treasure that includes the Heart of The Sea, a portal that has been destroyed, and a spider spawner. It is an adventurer’s dream!

23. Neverwinter

Seed: 627689198065479624

This beautiful map seed allows you to spawn in a coastal village that is surrounded by mountains. This is the ideal location to create a vast empire that is safe from pillages and raids. It is possible to fortify your defenses in this area, as there is only one way for enemies to come from. You can also mine through the mountains from your home.

24. Mansion Oasis

Seed: -1167558203395702077

This mansion map shows you how to spawn in the middle of a huge Jungle biome and Mesa Biome. You can find a nice oasis area with a Woodland Mansion if you head a little Southwest. This rare find makes an excellent base for operation once it is cleared. It also has a beautiful view and provides a warm, inviting atmosphere!

25. Mesa So Alone

30 Best Minecraft Survival Seeds in 2021

Seed: -1479345304

You will spawn in the Mesa Biome, which is near two of the abandoned villages shown on this map. Mesa biomes, which are very attractive to the eye, are a great place to look for the reason that the Villages in the vicinity are abandoned. Legend says that there is a Villager House on a floating, unnamed island. Perhaps the Villagers who live there will have the keys?

26. Frozen Island Seed

Seed: -7865816549737130316

This is the ideal location for winter wonderland spawning. It’s home to adorable Minecraft mobs such as polar bears and imposing glacial spires. Although the icy landscape where you spawn extends quite far, there is a nearby landmass so that you can mine for essential resources before you head back to the ice sheets. The best part is that you will spawn on a survival island, which is surrounded by ice. This allows you to mine down important minerals.

27. Spruce Village and Coral Reef

Seed: 673900667

It’s a gentle way to get started in Minecraft. But, it’s even more enjoyable if the village is only a few steps from beautiful coral reefs and stunning mountains. This seed will provide resources for many days, lots of food, and a safe place for the night.

28. Mountain Cliff

Seed: -969535336

This 1.9 Minecraft seed is for you if you are fascinated by bizarre and inexplicable geological formations. Although this seed will not produce many hidden treasures, it will create a column with rising stone pillars that have waterfalls and sheep at its peak. This is a great place to build a Minecraft tower.

29. Igloo and Winter Forest Seed

Seed: -3500229128833691836

You will find the secret basement in one of two cozy igloos that you’ll find when you drop this winter forest seed. The secret basement is hidden under a rug. Be careful, though, because a workshop and a zombie villager are waiting for you inside. You can get rid of the undead resident to find an underground base with plenty of storage and a brewery – perfect for starting in a snowy biome.

30. Horses and Desert Village Seed

Seed: 8678942899319966093

This seed spawns a stunning array of horses, on the outskirts of a large desert village. It is the perfect starting point for equestrians to start their Minecraft adventures. There are many treasures inside the village, including diamond horse armor, gold ingots, saddles, and obsidian. This Minecraft desert village seed has everything you need to ride off in the sunset on your noble steed.

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