Minecraft: Here’s What Polar Bears Eat & How to Feed Them

how to feed polar bears in minecraft

Polar bears in Minecraft share many similarities with their real-world counterparts, but there’s one crucial difference. In Minecraft, players have the unique ability to tame these wild animals, much like domestic ones. Taming these creatures involves feeding them a substantial amount of meals, which, in turn, demands ample food supplies. If you’re unaware, you might wonder: What do Polar Bears eat in Minecraft?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Polar Bears in Minecraft eat Raw Fish.
  • They usually eat all types of raw fish, but raw Salmon or raw Codfish are their favorite ones.
  • You can feed a Polar Bear by approaching it and activating it while holding fish in hand.

Can you feed Polar Bears in Minecraft?

What Do Polar Bears Eat In Minecraft?

In Minecraft, you have the option to feed polar bears. Raw salmon and codfish are their preferred and delicious meals, with these being their favorite. However, they’ll happily consume any type of fish, though serving them salmon and codfish is ideal. To feed them raw fish, click the right button of your mouse and release.

When you defeat a polar bear, it will drop raw codfish or salmon. However, only adult bears drop fish in the game; a baby bear drops no items. Cubs are also more hostile than adults. Adults only become aggressive if baby bears are around; otherwise, they remain calm like any other animals. Escaping them in water is challenging as they are fast swimmers, matching a player’s speed, making it difficult to get away.

Feeding a polar bear is crucial when you want to tame or breed them. After feeding enough fish, a red heart appears above them, indicating that you’ve provided sufficient food to consider them your domestic animal.


5 Best Fishing Rods in Minecraft

To tame a Polar Bear in Minecraft, you’re going to need a lot of fish

To tame a polar bear, create a habitat resembling their cold biome. Drastic habitat changes may lead to the death of bears. Once the cold environment is prepared, venture into the cold region alone to find a polar bear. If a polar bear is spotted with a cub, it’s advisable to keep a safe distance, as their reaction can be dangerous.

After feeding them a few salmon fish, you can easily tame them and bring them to the specially built place. Ensure to secure them in an enclosure, as they tend to run away if left free.

Polar bears primarily consume raw fish, and while they eat various types, salmon and cod are the best choices. Since bears have a substantial appetite, gathering fish in large quantities is necessary to satisfy their hunger.

Feeding polar bears also serves as a tactic for breeding. Present raw fish to any two polar bears, and they are ready to breed. Just ensure to provide them with a habitat that mimics the natural feel of cold biomes.

How to get raw fish for your Polar Bears?

Minecraft fish

To obtain raw salmon, fish using a fishing rod with enchantments such as Lure and Luck of the Sea. Salmon can also be obtained by killing Guardians, Polar Bears, and other salmon. For raw cod, fishing is the primary method, with similar enchantments affecting the catch.

Cod can also be obtained through trading, killing polar bears, cod mobs, or dolphins. Both types of fish can be found in oceans, with specific spawning conditions and behaviors.

Using water buckets on cod yields fish buckets, and cooked cod is obtained when a cod is killed while on fire. However, cod cannot survive outside water, and they are vulnerable to weapons with the Impaling enchantment in Java Edition.

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