15 Best Moon Knight Costumes Ranked (Show & Comics)


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Like any superhero, Moon Knight has seen his fair share of costume changes over the course of the character’s history in the comics and in the Disney+ series. Some of the differences in the designs of the costumes may be subtle, but there are some costumes that tend to stand out more than the others. That said, let’s look at the best Moon Knight costumes in both the show and the comics.

15. Moon Knight 2099

2099 1

The name of the costume suggests that this is a futuristic version of Moon Knight. Moon Knight 2099 is arguably the most unique version of the standard Moon Knight costume because of how it involves futuristic aspects. This Moon Knight is a character in the Spider-Man 2099: Exodus #3 comic book.

What makes Moon Knight 2099 so unique is the helmet. While a good part of the costume still resembles the standard Moon Knight, except for the fact that it is more on the silver than the white side, the helmet is completely dome-shaped and covers the character’s entire face. There is also a crescent moon symbol on his face. 

14. ArachKnight

Arachknight header

ArachKnight is one of the most powerful versions of the Moon Knight character in the comics because, as the name suggests, he is a combination of Moon Knight and Spider-Man. Imagine someone with the powers of Spider-Man becoming the avatar of Khonshu. That makes him more dangerous than he already is. 


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Of course, this is also one of the most striking costumes that Moon Knight has ever worn. Think of it as the standard Moon Knight costume that, instead of a white or black inner under the hood, he wears the classic Spider-Man red. This costume is pretty much a lot different compared to the usual Moon Knight costume because of the striking color combination, but it still is one of the best.

13. All-New, All-Different

moon knight

All-New, All-Different is a Marvel Comics era that became prominent in 2015, and Moon Knight was one of the characters who saw a makeover in this era. This is also one of the best Moon Knight costumes in terms of how it respects the classic look while also making it a bit more practical and sensible.

What that means is that this Moon Knight costume sticks with the usual white hood but has more black on it in the sense that it is predominantly black instead of using the usual white-dominant look that Moon Knight has always been known for. This is actually a classic look that Marvel Comics later abandoned.

12. Vengeance Armored


It isn’t a secret that Moon Knight has been through a lot of different costume transformations over the years, but the basic all-white concept almost always stayed. In that regard, the Vengeance Armored version of Moon Knight uses a variation of that all-white look but gives him a more armored appearance instead of the original fabric costume.

This armored version of the character makes him look ready to take on different enemies with more layers of protection on his body. Of course, this armored look also gives Moon Knight a silver-like color scheme that makes him look more durable. It’s a good costume that goes well with the “knight” in Moon Knight’s name.

11. All-White


The all-white armor that Moon Knight wore during his unhinged period was never really given a proper name, but this was the time when he was very broken both as a person and as a hero to the point that he was basically unhinged as a vigilante. This was one of the most brutal periods in the character’s life because of how he was left broken as a person.

True to his unhinged nature during this period, Moon Knight adopted his classic all-white costume while adding a few details here and here. One of the biggest changes was the addition of the knuckle spikes, which allowed him to become more brutal. Meanwhile, the belt also has gold crescents.

10. Ronin


We often associate the Ronin character with Hawkeye, but there was also a brief period where Marc Spector himself wore the Ronin costume and became a hybrid of the Moon Knight and Ronin. In that regard, he looks like the usual Ronin character but uses a black Moon Knight mask under the Ronin hood.


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This period was during the Ultimate Comics line where Marc Spector of Earth-1610 had to join forces with Kingpin in an attempt to go after Ultimate Spider-Man, believing that the web crawler was the reason behind a deadly explosion.

9. West Coast Avengers

787114. SX1280 QL80 TTD

During the earlier days of Moon Knight, he became a member of the West Coast Avengers, as Marvel was still trying to make the character more popular by having him work with other heroes. This was the time when his costume really started to evolve as Moon Knight now has more Egyptian elements in his costume so that his link to Khonshu will be more established.

This version of Moon Knight also has a golden ankh as an emblem and another one as a weapon instead of using the usual golden crescent blades that he uses. This was during the 80s and before he truly became a more independent character.

8. Ultimate Marvel Alliance

Moon Knight Ultimate Marvel Alliance

While not necessarily a comic book or a series, Ultimate Marvel Alliance is a video game that has done a great job at adapting the costumes of the different Marvel characters in the game. Of course, Moon Knight is one of the characters included in this game.

Moon Knight’s costume in Ultimate Marvel Alliance is similar to the classic look that is quite popular among fans. However, there are some hints to his MCU costume design as well, especially if you factor in how padded this costume is and how it comes with the same seams that the Disney+ Marc Spector suit has.

7. Marvel Team-Up

Moon Knight Marvel Team Up

After Moon Knight left the West Coast Avengers to go solo, there were moments wherein the character had periods of lull, especially during the gap when there were no issues released about him. Nevertheless, during that span, he actually teamed up with other Marvel characters during the earlier part of the 2000s.

Of course, during the time when he was teaming up with other Marvel Characters, Moon Knight saw another change in his costume. This time, he went back to the old costume that his character used to wear, as his bodysuit is all-black while the rest of his costume is white. 

6. Earth X

Moon Knight Earth X attacks in Marvel Comics. 1

The Earth X costume that Moon Knight wears is something that is very different compared to his usual costumes because it is rather impractical but fits the overall persona of this character. Earth X Moon Knight is an alternate reality version that wears mummy bandages instead of an actual suit.

Another thing worth noting is that Earth X Moon Knight sticks to Marc Spector’s mercenary identity as this version uses guns. So, while his costume may be impractical, to say the least, he uses a weapon that makes up for his lack of practicality.

5. Ultimate Moon Knight

wSxoW4P3YVy7QJpWPCTtKqlzDDrACIn58baizB8ot w.jpg copy

Ultimate Moon Knight is the very same Marc Spector that wore the Ronin Costume in Earth-1610 when he had a run-in with Ultimate Spider-Man. This time, he wears his Moon Knight costume instead of using the Ronin costume. This version of the costume tends to be a bit different as well.

As one of the strongest looks in the history of Moon Knight, this costume uses a darker costume that is all-black instead of using the all-white or the black and white look that he is known for. On top of that, he makes use of a battle staff that the other Moon Knight versions have never used.

4. Mr. Knight (Live-Action)

moon knight episode 2 reviews spoilers

Mr. Knight in the live-action version of Mr. Knight introduced in the comics. This is actually Steven grant’s take on the Moon Knight suit as it resulted from Layla telling him to “summon the suit” and ends up taking things literally by wearing a three-piece Moon Knight suit.


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The Mr. Knight in the live-action series has a few differences from its comic book counterpart. He still wears an all-white three-piece suit, but the vest that Grant’s Mr. Knight wears is collared. Meanwhile, the mask that he wears has stitch marks, which are absent in the comic book version of the character.

3. Mr. Knight (Comics)

Moon Knight Mr Knight In The Comics

Of course, the Mr. Knight character found in the live-action Moon Knight series is a direct adaptation of the same character in the comics. They look the same in the sense that they both wear a three-piece suit that’s all-white. However, there are a few subtle differences that you’ll only catch if you look at the details.

Another difference is in relation to the characters. The Mr. Knight in the show is simply Steven Grant’s take on the character. On the other hand, Mr. Knight in the comics is the character that Moon Knight takes on whenever he wants a public face that could address the police and the media. In that regard, you can think of him as the spokesperson of Moon Knight in the comics.

2. Live-Action

moon knight hero.jpg

The live-action version of the Moon Knight suit takes on the all-white motif that the character has been known for in his newer iterations in the comics. However, the suit that Marc Spector wears looks like it is wrapped in mummy bandages all around, including the mask. Meanwhile, the suit also looks like it is a lot more padded than the usual Moon Knight costume in the comics.

On top of the fact that it looks like it is made of mummy bandages, the live-action Moon Knight costume also has a more Egyptian look because there are hieroglyphs written on certain parts of the suit. The suit also has an Egyptian-like waistband, which is absent in the Moon Knight of the comics.

1. Classic


The best Moon Knight costume is the classic look that the character has been known for throughout the long history of the character. This look takes on the popular all-white motif that fans adore so much. Of course, the classic suit became the prototype for the other suits that Moon Knight wore throughout the character’s history, as the core elements are usually kept. 


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This is actually the suit that Moon Knight debuted in during the Werewolf By Night comic book series. In that regard, it has remained the most iconic suit that Moon Knight has ever worn in his entire life.

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