13 Best Movies Like Choose or Die You Need to Watch

13 Best Movies Like Choose Or Die You Need To Watch

Choose or Die is the newest horror-thriller movie to make its way to Netflix. This is an immersive horror movie wherein a sinister force was unleashed while the main character was playing a video game. It is one of the more unique horror movies that you can watch today, and that’s why we are looking at some of the best movies like Choose or Die that you need to watch if you loved this movie.

13. Ready Player One (2018)

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Ready Player One isn’t a movie that is on the horror side of things, but there are a lot of elements in this movie that are very similar to Choose or Die in a lot of different aspects. This is a movie that allows a VR gamer to enter a world that’s seemingly real enough as the player is in search of a prize. This is a movie that is close to the hearts of those who grew up during the 80s and 90s because there are a lot of different pop culture references in this film.

Why It’s Like Choose Or Die: Ready Player One is similar to Choose or Die in the sense that its plot revolves around a player who is in a high-stakes game. While Ready Player One doesn’t dwell on a life-and-death game, it still is similar to Choose or Die because of how important winning the game is to the player. Of course, there is also a horror scene as we got to see the iconic The Shining scene recreated in Ready Player One.

12. Jumanji (1995)


One of the most popular movies during the 90s is Jumanji, which has become a 90s icon that a lot of kids during that decade grew up watching. This is a movie that focuses on the Jumanji board game, which seems like it’s just a simple game but actually has real-life consequences in the sense that everything that happens in the game happens in real life. And the only way to escape the curse of the game is to actually finish playing it.

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Why It’s Like Choose Or Die: Jumanji isn’t like Choose or Die in terms of its genre because it isn’t even a horror movie. However, they are very similar to one another because of the fact that we are looking at movies that focus on games that have life-and-death consequences and are supernatural in nature. As such, despite the differences in their genres, they are very similar in a lot of different aspects. 

11. Boss Level (2020)


Boss Level is another movie that is similar to Choose or Die despite the fact that it isn’t a horror movie. Instead, it’s more like an action-thriller that will allow you to see someone in a situation that is very similar to what video game characters often find themselves in. The movie follows the story of a former soldier who is hunted by mysterious assassins, and that’s where the video game elements come in because the character has to make a series of suspenseful decisions that are similar to the ones you see in games because these decisions open new paths, new enemies, and a boss level.

Why It’s Like Choose Or Die: Boss Level is kind of like the action version of Choose or Die because of how it focuses more on the action that’s happening in the movie instead of the horror side of the story. That said, there are life-and-death consequences involved in both of these films, and that’s why they are very similar to one another in a lot of different ways beyond the simple video game theme that they both have.

10. Beyond The Gates (2016)

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One of the most interesting movies to watch if you’re interested in a more indie vibe in the horror genre is Beyond the Gates. The movie follows two brothers who were able to find an 80s VHS board game after cleaning out their father’s old video store, and they end up getting trapped in the game. Their goal is to search for their father inside the game and defeat it, or else they will end up getting trapped in it forever.

Why It’s Like Choose Or Die: While Beyond the Gates seems like it’s on the dated side in terms of its effects, this indie movie is very similar to Choose or Die because of the very fact that they both follow stories that are focused on a video game that can very well lead to the deaths of the characters. In that regard, this is like an older and less modern version of Choose or Die.

9. Stay Alive (2006)

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Stay Alive is a movie that follows a group of friends that were able to find a game called Stay Alive after the unexpected death of one of the members of their group. They ultimately decide to play the game to pass the time, but they realize that everything that is happening in the game happens in real life, especially when dying in the game also leads to the death of the person in real life. It’s a thrilling movie that may not have the horror elements of Choose or Die but is nevertheless very similar to it.

Why It’s Like Choose Or Die: Of course, Stave Alive is like the older version of Choose or Die because of the fact that the things that are happening in the game have real-life consequences. This means that the events in Stay Alive are not only limited to the things that are happening in the virtual world, as they can affect reality as well. In a manner of speaking, Stay Alive is Choose or Die but with a different plot.

8. TRON (1982)


TRON is a classic film that had a 2010 sequel that has special effects that are a lot better than the one we saw in the original. However, the original TRON is still better in terms of its story and overall premise, on top of the fact that it entered the movie industry with a plot that is very unique during the early part of the 80s. TRON follows the story of a computer hacker who found himself in the digital realm where he has to survive a gauntlet of several games to escape with his life.

Why It’s Like Choose Or Die: TRON is very similar to Choose or Die in the sense that the player is forced to play a game that has the highest of stakes—life. While TRON is more like an adventure and action movie than it is a horror film, the overall premise is very similar. This allows you to see a movie that has a similar premise but lacks the horror element that is present in Choose or Die, and that can be good for people who don’t necessarily enjoy horror movies.

7. The Circle (2017)


The Circle is more sci-fi than it is horror, but it’s a good movie to watch if you’re into films that explore sci-fi themes that you don’t often see in other films. It follows the story of a young woman who was hired by a powerful tech organization so that she could take part in an advanced experiment that ended up affecting the lives of almost everyone around her. This ends up affecting her friends and family in a negative manner.

Why It’s Like Choose Or Die: As mentioned, The Circle is more sci-fi than it is horror, but the thing about it is that it’s a movie that explores how something technological affects both the virtual world and reality. In that regard, it is similar to Choose or Die in the sense that the things that are happening outside of reality are still affecting the people in the real world.

6. Brainscan (1994)


Another movie that you might want to watch if you’re interested in movies like Choose or Die ins Brainscan, which is a 90s movie that might not have the effects of modern films but is still a fun experience for those who appreciate underrated sci-fi movies. Brainscan follows the story of an avid gamer and horror movie fan that ends up uncovering a mysterious computer game that involves him killing people. However, the truth is that the game actually hypnotizes him into thinking that the killings are merely happening in the game but are actually happening in real life.

Why It’s Like Choose Or Die: Brainscan is like Choose or Die precisely because they are both horror movies that allow you to see how a game can affect real life. In that regard, Brainscan is a gory and fun experience for those who love slasher films, as this movie allows you to see how the lines between games and reality can be blurred.

5. Mindwarp (1991)


Another 90s gem that can be quite interesting for sci-fans is Mindwarp, which is one of the craziest VR horror movies you could ever watch. It might be a low-budget movie, but this is actually a pretty interesting film that’s set on a dystopic planet in 2037, where the main character tries to escape a VR simulation game as the entire human population is under the control of AI. This pits the character against monstrous beasts.

Why It’s Like Choose Or Die: A movie that’s pretty much bonkers when it comes to its plot, Mindwarp is very similar to Choose or Die because it revolves around a game that affects the lives of people. However, in Mindwarp, the game itself controls the entire human population as we follow the story of a character trying to escape the simulation game.

4. Escape Room (2019)

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One of the movies that have benefited from the increasing popularity of real-life escape room games is, of course, Escape Room. The premise of this horror film is simple as it puts six strangers in a high-stakes escape room competition. However, the twist is that these escape rooms that they need to literally escape from have extreme conditions that can very well lead to their deaths. This is why it’s quite simple yet very innovative, as it was able to combine different elements from predecessors like Saw.

Helmed by director Adam Robitel, ‘Escape Room’ is a horror film that involves six strangers who join an escape room competition to win a large sum of money. Soon, they realize that the game involves a series of deadly mystery rooms with extreme conditions, and they must use their intelligence to find a way out of each of them to survive. ‘Escape Room’ and ‘Choose or Die’ share the same genre and involve a lot of gory and violent imagery throughout the narrative. Moreover, the protagonists choose to participate in the game for a chance to win a cash prize, which doesn’t go as expected.

Why It’s Like Choose Or Die: The most obvious reason why Escape Room is like Choose or Die is the fact that they use a combination of gore and violence throughout their own plots. Moreover, the main character is forced to participate in a game that may have a huge purse at the end but is actually quite deadly. In that regard, you are looking at stories that allow you to see the main character risking it all for a prize that may not be worth the life and death situations they are forced into.

3. Saw (2004)


Saw is one of the most popular horror-thriller movies and is also the predecessor for a lot of the different game-like horror movies that we often see today. This movie follows the story of two strangers who are trapped in a room with a dead body. Meanwhile, a mysterious figure that’s actually a serial killer instructs them on what they have to do to escape the situation they are in, and they realize that they have to kill one another to survive.


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Why It’s Like Choose Or Die: The reason why Saw is like Choose or Die is the fact that the main character is forced into a game-like situation wherein they have to resort to violence to escape the deadly consequences of the game itself. And while Saw doesn’t have the supernatural elements of Choose or Die, it is very much one of the movies that paved the way for Choose or Die and other similar films to succeed.

2. Chatroom (2010)


Chatroom was actually directed by the man who directed the original Japanese Ring movies, as we see a horror-thriller that explores how technology can affect the lives of different people. The movie explores strangers who meet in an online discussion forum as they all reveal their personalities to one another. However, the darker their personalities are, the deadlier the consequences are, and this is where we get to see themes such as online bullying and how there is a lack of accountability when it comes to anonymity on the internet.

Why It’s Like Choose Or Die: Chatroom may not have the same kind of game-like environment that you can see in Choose or Die, but the movie explores how technology can affect real life. It’s a movie that seems to be more grounded in realism compared to Choose or Die, but they are very similar when it comes to the consequences of technology and its relationship with the people who use it.

1. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch (2018)

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Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is a revolutionary film that literally allows you to choose the direction of the movie. The movie, which is available on Netflix, allows you to choose what the character should do, and this is where it becomes interesting because of how it gives you an idea of how personal choices can affect the course of a larger narrative. It’s a unique and fun experience that people should enjoy because of how innovative it is compared to the other movies you see today.

Why It’s Like Choose Or Die: The biggest reason why Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is very similar to Choose or Die is the fact that this movie explores something that is somewhat supernatural in the sense that there is something odd going on in the life of a video game developer in this interactive movie. Of course, the movie also allows you to see the consequences of choices and how the events of a game can affect the entire narrative of the film.