All 4 ‘Jumanji’ Movies in Order (Including Animated Series)

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‘Jumanji’ franchise is a series of movies blending adventure, fantasy, and humor in quite a clever way involving a strange board game. The movies are based on the children’s book ‘Jumanji’ and its sequel ‘Zathura’ written by Chris Van Allsburg. The first movie released in 1995 is still the most popular one and the one that marked many childhoods, but the subsequent installments in the franchise were moderately successful as well. Today, the ‘Jumanji’ franchise consists of 4 movies and one animated television series, and we’re going to tell you how to watch them in order.

Editor’s Note: This watch order was updated in November 2023 to include the latest news regarding the ‘Jumanji’ franchise.

All 4 ‘Jumanji’ movies and a show in release date order

The 1995 movie is what started it all, thanks to the magnificent performance by Kirsten Dunst and Robin Williams. It was also an entirely new concept, and despite the mixed reviews that the movie received from critics, it’s still one of the most popular adventure movies released in the 90s. Today, the franchise has expanded to include three additional movies and a single animated TV series. Here’s the release order of ‘Jumanji’ franchise:

  1. ‘Jumanji’ (1995)
  2. ‘Jumanji’ – TV Series, 3 Seasons (1996-1997)
  3. ‘Zathura: A Space Adventure’ (2005)
  4. ‘Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle’ (2017)
  5. ‘Jumanji: The Next Level’ (2019)

Are all ‘Jumanji’ movies connected? What’s the best order to watch them in?

All ‘Jumanji’ movies are connected, and the animated TV show is directly connected to the first movie. All movies are set within the same universe, the central connection being the Jumanji game, no matter its version. While each film has its unique storyline and characters, they are all connected by the overarching theme of the Jumanji game and the unpredictable adventures it unleashes. ‘Zathura: A Space Adventure’ is a stand-alone spinoff but also has a board game at its center.

The best way to watch all ‘Jumanji’ movies and TV show is in release date order since it follows the chronology of the movies.


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All 4 ‘Jumanji’ movies in chronological order

As we’ve mentioned, the ‘Jumanji’ timeline is fairly simple and straightforward to follow. The only exception in the watch order is ‘Zathura,’ while it’s part of the same franchise, it’s not really connected to the rest of the movie through the ‘Jumanji’ game. Here’s the chronological order of the ‘Jumanji’ franchise.

  1. ‘Jumanji’ (1995)
  2. ‘Jumanji’ – TV Series, 3 Seasons (1996-1997)
  3. ‘Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle’ (2017)
  4. ‘Jumanji: The Next Level’ (2019)
  5. ‘Zathura: A Space Adventure’ (2005)

1.‘Jumanji’ (1995)

Jumanji 1995

In 1969, Alan Parrish, facing bullying and his father’s disappointment, discovers the board game Jumanji on a construction site. After inviting his friend Sarah Whittle to play, they realize the game’s mystical nature as it transports Alan into the jungle, leaving behind a cryptic message. Meanwhile, a swarm of bats appears, forcing Sarah to flee the mansion, setting the stage for a mysterious and perilous adventure tied to the dice rolls in the enchanted game.

2.‘Jumanji’ – TV Series, 3 Seasons (1996-1997)

Jumanji TV Series 3 Seasons 1996 1997

The animated series adapts the plot of the first movie; this is why it’s second on our watch order. Judy and Peter Shepherd discover the magical board game “Jumanji,” where each turn presents a game clue that transports them into the jungle until they solve it. They meet Alan Parrish, a character trapped in the game, and together, they strive to escape by unraveling their respective clues. Additionally, Peter faces consequences for cheating as he transforms into various animals, and the trio encounters another player, the self-proclaimed Master of Jumanji, whose clue is ultimately solved with the kids’ help, breaking the cycle of the game.

3. ‘Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle’ (2017)

Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle 2017

In 1996, teenager Alex Vreeke discovers the Jumanji board game, which has transformed into a video game cartridge. When he plays it, he gets sucked into the game, disappearing from the real world. Twenty-one years later, four high school students find the game and, upon starting it, get transported into Jumanji as their chosen avatars, each with three life marks, raising the stakes with the fear of real-life consequences if they lose all three.

4. ‘Jumanji: The Next Level’ (2019)

Jumanji The Next Level 2019

After their first year of college, Spencer Gilpin, feeling dissatisfied with his life, re-enters the Jumanji game to become his avatar, Dr. Smolder Bravestone. Concerned for their friend, Martha, Fridge, and Bethany enter the game to rescue him, only to discover that Spencer’s grandfather Eddie and his friend Milo are also pulled into the adventure. As Bethany seeks help from Alex Vreeke, the player they previously rescued from the game, the group faces new challenges in Jumanji.

5. ‘Zathura: A Space Adventure’ (2005)

Zathura A Space Adventure 2005

Brothers Walter and Danny discover a science fiction board game called Zathura, and when they start playing, the game’s cards predict and manipulate real-life events, including a meteor shower that sends their house floating into outer space. As they navigate the challenges of the game, their sister Lisa is accidentally put into cryonic sleep. Walter and Danny realize that completing the game is the only way to return home and restore everything to normal.


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Where to watch the above-mentioned movies?

The original ‘Jumanji’ movies can be streamed on Max and Fubo, while the show can only be bought on Amazon. ‘Zathura’ can be rented on Apple TV, Amazon, Google Play and YouTube.

‘Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle’ can be streamed on Fubo, Hulu, FXNow and DirecTV. ‘Jumanji: The Next Level’ can be streamed on Starz.

Will there be more ‘Jumanji’ movies?

Dwayne Johnson revealed in December 2019 that the next ‘Jumanji’ installment would delve into the identity of the player behind the villain Jurgen the Brutal, who was an avatar in the game. Jake Kasdan confirmed early developments for a follow-up film in March 2020, expressing plans to maintain the core cast, but the project faced delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In October 2022, producer Hiram Garcia announced that Jake Kasdan would not direct the next ‘Jumanji’ movie, and instead, Eric Brevig would rework it as a modern remake of the original film.

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