20 Best Movies Like The Northman: Epic Masterpieces


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The Northman is proving to be one of the most anticipated films of 2022, given the fact that we are now going to see a true Viking story that’s going to be told in a movie. Of course, the trailers have helped hype fans up because of how it is set to become an action-packed film that’s going to have plenty of fight scenes and intense moments involving some of the most ferocious fighters in history.

That said, for those who are yet to see The Northman or have seen it but are looking for something similar, the good news is that there are some movies that are quite like this epic masterpiece. And we have a good list of some of the best movies that are like The Northman.

20. Outlander (2008)

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Outlander is somewhat one of the oddest movies we have on this list, but it’s still a pretty good film to watch if you’re into some Viking action that’s mixed with sci-fi. The movie follows a spacecraft that lands in Norway during the time of the Vikings, and that’s when the main character and the antagonist emerge. The latter wreaked havoc through Norway, and that was when the main character used his advanced technology together with the weapons of the Vikings to defeat his enemy before it destroys the planet.

Why it’s like The Northman: Outlander is like The Northman because of the Viking theme involved in this movie. It’s also an action-packed movie that will allow you to enjoy some good fights between two aliens in the middle of the lands of the Vikings. In that regard, this is a movie that mixes the age of the Vikings with a good dose of sci-fi to deliver an odd yet somewhat effective combination.

19. Pathfinder (2007)


Pathfinder certainly didn’t do well in terms of its critical reception, but fans of action-packed movies about Vikings should still be able to enjoy this film. The movie follows a young Viking that was adopted by a different tribe after he survived a shipwreck. He ends up growing into a fierce warrior that could stand well enough against the other Vikings that were slaughtering the tribes of the north. And when it was time for him to protect the woman that he loves, he basically waged war against all of the Vikings.


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Why it’s like The Northman: Of course, Pathfinder is a lot like The Northman because it’s an action-packed movie about a Viking. However, what makes it very similar to The Northman is the fact that we are looking at a character who is up against the odds for the sake of protecting the people he needs to protect. As such, there are some parallels between the two films, despite Pathfinder not being too good when it comes to its overall performance.

18. The Last Samurai (2003)

the last samurai 1024x680 1

The Last Samurai is one of the most epic samurai movies released in the past two decades because of how it isn’t as white-washed as some of the other Hollywood samurai films. This movie follows the story of an American military officer who was hired by the Japanese government to train the country’s first army in military warfare and in the use of guns so that they could quell an uprising led by samurai rebels. But when he gets captured by the samurai rebels, he gets acquainted with samurai culture and ends up fighting for them after discovering his true purpose in life.

Why it’s like The Northman: While The Last Samurai is Japanese and Northman is Scandinavian, the thing that makes these two movies similar is the fact that you are looking at movies that allow us to see the culture of the warriors that historically roamed these lands. The Last Samurai allows us to see samurai culture, while The Northman makes us understand more about the Vikings. Of course, we also get to see a ton of action in both of these films.

17. 47 Ronin (2013)

47 ronin.jpg

47 Ronin is more of a white-washed samurai film that is fantastical and isn’t grounded on realism. Nevertheless, it’s a fun movie to watch if you’re into samurai films that are combined with a sense of mysticism and fantasy as we get to see the tale of 47 former samurai who lost their lord when a jealous rival hatched a plot that led to the lord’s suicide. That said, the former samurai who worked under this lord went on a quest for revenge against the other lord so that they could clear their late master’s name and seek justice.

Why it’s like The Northman: Outlander is like the Northman because of the Viking theme involved in this movie. It’s also an action-packed movie that will allow you to enjoy some good fights between two aliens in the middle of the lands of the Vikings. In that regard, this is a movie that mixes the age of the Vikings with a good dose of sci-fi to deliver an odd yet somewhat effective combination.

16. Ironclad (2011)

Ironclad has a plot that’s very easy to follow because the basic premise is that the movie takes place in medieval times in England. Meanwhile, due to the tyrannical rule of the king, a band of rebels seeks to find a way to end his rule in what is a violent and gory movie that’s full of action and intense scenes. It’s not for the faint of heart but trust us when we say that it’s a fun movie that belies its comparatively small budget.

Why it’s like The Northman: The reason why Ironclad is somewhat similar to The Northman is the fact that the main characters in these films have the same purpose, which is to end the tyranny of a king. However, in The Northman, we are looking at a Viking prince that wants to take revenge on his uncle and take back what he had lost. So, while there may be similarities in how they approach their plots, they are still somewhat different from one another.

15. Ben-Hur (1959)

ben hur 1959 26.jpg

Ben-Hur is one of the greatest films ever made because it won a record of 11 Oscars and was the first of the three movies to have ever achieved this feat. The story of this great movie follows an aristocratic Jew who was forced into slavery when he angered a powerful childhood friend. So, while he was a slave, he decided to take revenge on this powerful Roman official in what is a great adventure that any fan of great films should see as soon as possible.

Why it’s like The Northman: What makes Ben-Hur so similar to The Northman is that we are looking at a story that’s all about revenge. In Ben-Hur, the main character angered a high-ranking official and was forced to become a slave as he started harboring thoughts of vengeance throughout his time as a slave. Meanwhile, in The Northman, the main character was forced out of his home when his uncle betrayed and killed his father and is now on a mission to reclaim what is rightfully his.

14. The Gladiator (2000)


The Gladiator is one of the most iconic movies of all time because of how it features powerful performances from its main characters. This movie follows the story of a Roman general who became close to the emperor because of his success on the battlefield, and that was what made the emperor choose him as his successor. Nevertheless, the emperor’s son, a spoiled young man, was angered by this and killed the emperor and the general’s family and sent him away to become a slave. However, the general returned as a gladiator who vowed to take his revenge for the death of the emperor and his family.


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Why it’s like The Northman: The same theme of revenge is seen in The Gladiator, as the main character is on a quest to redeem himself and the people that the new emperor had wronged. That said, we are looking at two characters who were displaced from their lives and their positions and are now working their way up to take revenge on the person who forced them to live lives of hardships.

13. The 13th Warrior (1999)

the 13th warrior antonio banderas social

The 13th Warrior is one of the underrated gems that you need to watch if you’re into movies about Vikings. This movie follows an exiled Arabian ambassador who was taken in by a group of Vikings, as he ends up learning more about Viking culture and ends up respecting them despite his initial thoughts about them being uncultured. From there, they end up realizing that there’s an evil presence closing in as they are now forced to battle a force that they thought was only mythical.

Why it’s like The Northman: The 13th Warrior is very similar to The Northman because it allows you to get to know more about Viking culture. While The Northman allows you to see this culture from a third-person standpoint, The 13th Warrior allows you to experience it through the eyes of the main character. Of course, there are plenty of action scenes involved in this movie as well.

12. How To Train Your Dragon Movies (2010 – 2019)

howto1 superJumbo

Let’s take a break from the more serious movies so that we can take a good look at the How to Train Your Dragon movies that have become quite popular among children and adults alike. This animated movie series is inspired by Viking culture and dragon-slaying, as the Vikings in this story are famed dragon slayers that eventually learned how to coexist with dragons after understanding these creatures more. And it was all thanks to the efforts of the main character, who might not be the best warrior but was the first to befriend a dragon.

Why it’s like The Northman: At first, The Northman and How to Train Your Dragon are quite different from one another, but there are some similarities. Of course, both movies are inspired by Viking culture, even though The Northman is more grounded in realism. Then there’s also the fact that we are looking at two different films that portray Vikings as great warriors, although How to Train Your Dragon uses a more lighthearted approach.

11. The Vikings (1958)

Kirk Douglas The Vikings Janet Leigh Richard.jpg

The oldest film we have on this list is the 1958 The Vikings movie, which is basically a movie that is self-explanatory based on its title alone. Basically, The Vikings is a movie that allows us to see Viking culture, and it was the movie that actually shaped the way we perceive Viking culture. The movie features characters like Ragnar Lothbrok, who is arguably history’s most popular Viking, as we get to understand what makes the Vikings tick in this classic film.

Why it’s like The Northman: We recommend that you watch The Vikings before you watch The Northman so that you’ll be able to understand more about Viking culture. Nevertheless, you can watch this movie after The Northman so that you’ll be able to see how this movie was able to shape the way we see Viking culture. Regardless, they are similar to one another in the sense that they retell classic Viking stories.

10. Beowulf (2007)

beowulf 2007 zemekis

Beowulf is a CGI movie that retells the story of the Old English poem based on the story of Beowulf, who is a hero that became king when he vanquished the monstrosity called Grendel. However, in the movie, we get to see more to this story as Beowulf himself had to suffer the wrath of Grendel’s mother in the form of a golden dragon that he himself sired. It’s a great action-packed movie to watch if you’re into fantasy and animated fights.

Why it’s like The Northman: Beowulf is similar to The Northman in the sense that they both come from regions that are more or less neighbors of one another. While Beowulf is in Old English, The Northman is Scandinavian. Of course, Beowulf also explores themes like revenge and family, which are all present in The Northman. And we can’t forget about the epic fight scenes that both of these movies have.

9. Valhalla Rising (2009)

image w1280.jpg 1

Valhalla Rising is a dark Danish Viking movie that allows you to see a Viking story that’s darker than most others, despite the fact that we do know that Viking movies tend to be brutal. The story of this film follows a Norse warrior that was enslaved by a Viking chief. However, the warrior breaks free from slavery and vows to take his revenge against the one who enslaved him. However, he runs into a group of Crusaders who invite him to go on a voyage to Jerusalem in a journey that’s full of infighting, perils, and starvation.

Why it’s like The Northman: Valhalla Rising is probably one of the closest movies to The Northman in terms of how dark it is because of how both films are quite serious when it comes to their tones. However, they have different stories that follow different characters, and that’s what makes them unique from one another. Nevertheless, themes like revenge are still present in Valhalla Rising.

8. Thor Movies (2011 – Present)

Thor Movies in Chronological Order.jpg

The Thor movies are the only MCU films we have on this list, and we currently have three of them (with more coming in the future). Of course, the Thor movies follow the Asgardian hero named Thor and the different adventures that he goes through in all three of his movies. Thor battles all sorts of villains and creatures in his movies as we get to understand a bit more about Norse mythology in a manner that’s a bit lighthearted yet full of fun action.


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Why it’s like The Northman: Even though Thor is a bit more lighthearted compared to The Northman, what we do know is that they are similar in terms of their roots, as both stories come from Norse or Scandinavian tales. So, while Thor is more fantastical than the realistic story of The Northman, they are similar in terms of their roots. It is worth noting that The Northman’s Alexander Skarsgard almost earned the role of Thor before Chris Hemsworth was chosen.

7. The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy (2001 – 2004)

lord of the rings trilogy

With more Oscars than what your fingers can count, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy is the best trilogy in all of film history and is a film adaptation of Tolkien’s classic Lord of the Rings book. The movie follows a quest to defeat a dark lord by destroying the ring that essentially houses a part of its soul. We follow unlikely heroes that you wouldn’t expect to become the main characters of the story but were indeed able to prove their worth throughout the entire trilogy.

Why it’s like The Northman: The Lord of the Rings has a story that isn’t remotely close to what The Northman is all about. But if you’re a fan of movies with some of the most epic battle scenes of all time, then that’s where you will begin to see how similar The Northman is to the LOTR trilogy.

6. Kingdom Of Heaven (2005)

kingdom of heaven 1

Kingdom of Heaven follows the story of a blacksmith who got roped into a quest to Jerusalem by a father that he didn’t know he even had. While in the Holy Land, he had to take his late father’s role as a lord and ultimately became the defender of Jerusalem when the army of the king fell to the superior tactics of the Persian leader named Salahudin. This allows us to see some of the most epic fight scenes you can see on film as the blacksmith-turned-knight defends Jerusalem with only a few people and with nothing but his knowledge about how sieges work.

Why it’s like The Northman: Kingdom of Heaven may be set in a different time and place compared to The Northman, but they do have some similarities in the sense that they feature epic battles that are intense and full of action. Another thing that makes them similar is that they both follow two characters who lived ordinary lives but were roped into a quest that is tied to their respective lineages.

5. Centurion (2010)

maxresdefault 7

Centurion is a movie about a Roman legion that is based in Scotland long before the English began settling in the British Islands. In this movie, a Roman officer pursues an indigenous leader but ends up getting his men slaughtered along the way. With only a few survivors left, the Romans desperately flee from the natives of Scotland as they are picked off one by one by their pursuers in this film that’s all about desperation.

Why it’s like The Northman: At first, Centurion doesn’t look like it has some similarities with The Northman, but the similarities become more apparent when you look at how both movies have the same kind of dark tone. The Northman is more about revenge, while Centurion is more about survival. Nevertheless, they are both serious movies with a lot of intense and drama-filled action.

4. Sword of Vengeance (2014)

sword of vengeance.jpg

Sword of Vengeance is a story that follows a Norman prince who returned to his homeland after experiencing years as a slave. However, he ends up learning that his father had been murdered by his uncle, who took the throne. As such, the prince now has to lead an army composed of farmers against the tyranny of his uncle in a quest that’s about vengeance. Of course, there are plenty of brutal battles in this epic movie.

Why it’s like The Northman: The plot of Sword of Vengeance is a lot like The Northman because both of the main characters are princes that were forced to leave everything behind after their uncles took the throne by killing their fathers. That said, their plots are actually mirrors of one another, but the movies are set in different times and places.

3. Braveheart (1995)


Braveheart is one of the best films of the 90s because of all of the intense action and drama involved in this historical film. It follows a Scottish rebel who amassed an entire rebel force to challenge the king of England after his wife was killed. The movie allows us to see how one single man who had everything taken away from him could prove to be a threat to an entire kingdom with all of its armored knights.

Why it’s like The Northman: Braveheart is a lot like The Northman because of its intensity as a historical action movie. There are a lot of battles and epic fights in this movie. However, the biggest reason why they are so similar is that they are both movies with main characters that are on a quest for vengeance and retribution.

2. Hammer Of The Gods (2013)

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Hammer of the Gods is an epic movie that follows a young man’s story as he transforms into a brutal warrior after traversing unforgiving lands to look for his brother. And the reason why he needed to go on a quest is that the people of his land were relying on his brother to restore order to their kingdom. But what was originally a quest to look for his brother ended up becoming a coming-of-age story for this warrior.


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Why it’s like The Northman: Aside from the fact that they both take place in the same setting and are more or less from the same time period, Hammer of the Gods and The Northman are so similar because the characters go on their own personal quests and are changed into brutal warriors due to the experiences that they had to go through.

1. 300 (2007)


One of the most popular historical movies is 300 because how this movie is the epitome of testosterone. 300 is action at its finest because of how brutal, gory, and intense its fight scenes are. In a nutshell, 300 follows the story of King Leonidas, who led 300 of his best warriors to slow down the Persian invasion that was threatening to take over not only Sparta but the entire country of Greece.

Why it’s like The Northman: 300 is similar to The Northman in terms of how epic this movie is in the action department. The tone of these movies is very similar to one another because we are looking at stories that are overshadowed by how intense the battles are and how both characters are fighting for causes that are bigger than their own personal goals.

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