20 Best Naruto Villains Ranked

20 Best Naruto Villains Ranked

If you carefully observe Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto franchise, you’ll probably have noticed that the characters are one of the stronger aspects of the whole series. In this article, we will be dealing with a specific group of characters – Naruto’s villains. And while Naruto’s villains never reached the notoriety of Bleach’s villains, for example, they are still awesome enough to merit a standalone article. Here is a list of the 20 best Naruto villains ranked by how great they were as characters.

20. Rasa


Befitting his status and responsibility as a leader, Rasa was very concerned about the welfare of his people, so much so that he was willing to ally with Orochimaru to destroy Konoha to support Sunagakure’s resources, despite knowing that Orochimaru was a very dangerous and unpredictable ninja. This turned out to be a fatal mistake on behalf of the Kazekage, as he and his bodyguard were betrayed and killed by Orochimaru.

In the family sphere, however, Rasa seemed to be much more Machiavellian since he was willing to sacrifice his wife’s life to fulfill his goal of turning his third child into the most powerful weapon of Sunagakure.

When he realized Gaara’s lack of control, which was a danger to the villagers, he tried to assassinate him several times due to his instability and the discomfort he aroused among the villagers, despite it being his fault for having created a monster in the first place.

19. Hanzō


Hanzō was very concerned about his safety. He was guarded 24 hours a day and did not allow anyone in his presence, even children until they were searched. He cared greatly for his position as village chief. This obsession with security tricked Hanzō into thinking he was preserving the great skills he had amassed. Instead, he only deteriorated them due to a lack of practice.

Although he saw the Big Five countries as his enemies, he was always ready to ally with foreign countries, even those that had caused him great harm, to stay in power. He was also ready to betray people without remorse. The leader of the Orphans of Ame and their team paid the price. He tried to kill them all without mercy; this betrayal, ironically, led to his demise.

Long ago, during his youth, Hanzō had once sought ideals of “peace” and even attempted to realize this belief through the unification of the Five Great Countries. However, after realizing that such a method would only result in perpetual war and, therefore, simply leave death in its wake, he rejected his beliefs.

Then, Hanzō became exclusively devoted to preserving the power he had already amassed, becoming more and more arrogant about his own martial skills, which had much declined through lack of practice. Even at the time of his death, Hanzō still couldn’t understand how someone he once defeated could have become more powerful than him.

18. Zabuza Momochi

Zabuza Momochi

Zabuza is cold, cruel, arrogant and particularly ambitious. His character traits manifested themselves at a very young age. As a child, he took sadistic pleasure in slaughtering all his opponents during his genin exam, thus eliminating all competition. Because of this devouring ambition, he became one of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist and wasted no time in fomenting a coup against the power in place.

Although he was condemned to exile for this, he did not give up his ambitions, and as a nukenin, he did everything in his power to gather the elements necessary for his future victory. He took Haku to his side, whose hereditary powers and devotion were a weapon of choice in his fight. Then, he became a mercenary to accumulate the necessary funds to finance his project.

Thus, we know that his goal in working for Gatô was to get rid of this man when the time came and take control of his fortune. Yet this “Demon” also has its share of humanity.

When Haku, in his place, took a mortal blow from Kakashi, Zabuza didn’t seem to be moved by his death, even trying to take advantage of the situation to cut Haku and Kakashi to pieces at the same time, the morals that he had. Naruto said in tears, knowing how to bring out his true feelings. Zabuza mourned his faithful friend and took revenge on Gatô, who mistreated his remains by killing him.

17. Hidan

Rituel de Hidan

Hidan was one of the rudest and most disrespectful characters in the series. He swore and pitied his allies and opponents alike, the opposite of a “religious” person. He very rarely used honorifics when he spoke and even sometimes in a certain sarcastic tone, for example, when he called Deidara “Deidara-chan.”

He was the only member of the Akatsuki who disrespected the leader of the organization, Pain, and he openly declared his pressing desire to kill him in front of the others. The only respect he seemed to have was for his god, and besides, he was quite prone to using his name as an insult.

He openly blamed his partner, Kakuzu, for his blasphemous habits, his love of money, and the fact that Kakuzu frequently ridiculed Hidan’s religion and fighting style. Despite this, whenever Hidan was in a murderous mood, the two worked impeccably together in combat, and it can be inferred that he cared about his partner from his panicked reaction when he nearly killed Kakuzu when possessed by Shikamaru’s technique.

16. Sasori


As a child, Sasori carried with him the sadness due to the lack of love caused by the early death of his parents. The apprenticeship of puppetry by his grandmother was intended to allow him to forget this sadness. He created two puppets in the likeness of his parents but, realizing very quickly that this was not enough to fill his emotional void, he turned into a cold being.

From then on, he no longer gave importance to human life, going so far as to declare that he felt nothing at Chiyo’s death, his heart seeking to become like his body, a puppet without any emotion.

However, he will not succeed entirely, seeming to show at the time of his death a behavior that he himself considers futile by helping Sakura who managed to beat him with the help of Chiyo. Nonetheless, he remains a cruel man with a very down-to-earth outlook on life, declaring that things like life, death, or murder are “simpler than you think.”

15. Kakuzu


He comes across as greedy and quite materialistic, especially being only interested in money. He only values ​​missions if they are worth doing, and especially if they can earn him bounties. Moreover, he seems to have joined the Akatsuki solely out of personal interest, in the sense that his activities within the group give him the possibility of enriching himself, for example by reselling the bodies of his victims.

He also claims to be the treasurer of the organization, which seems true since he has subordinates who take care of his accounts (they will be attacked by Suigetsu). Kakuzu is certainly a former bounty hunter given his connections and his way of conceiving his missions as “manhunts” which brings him money.

However, he is also cautious and willing to obey Pain, the leader of the Akatsuki, without question. On the other hand, his relations with Hidan are tense, because the latter exasperates him with his ceremonies and his manners, (Hidan on his side also does not support the materialistic side of Kakuzu and does not give any value to money). According to him, it was due to his mood swings that he killed his previous teammates.

14. Deidara


It doesn’t take much to upset or annoy Deidara. A hothead who often overreacts, he happens to be an incendiary sadist who loves the raw destruction of explosions. He regards these as his revered “art”. He has a language tic consisting in ending the majority of his sentences with “Hm. “. He also has certain megalomaniac traits: because of his “art”, he considers himself to be the best and he always envisages victory.

The defeat drives him crazy to the point where he can actually end up blowing himself up. In addition, he constantly wants people who meet him to be grateful for his abilities, which he himself considers sublime. He suffers terribly from narcissistic personality disorder, probably due to difficult periods he could have lived during his past, however unknown.

Deidara considers himself first and foremost as an artist and this greatly influences his conception of combat, which he perceives as a form of artistic expression. He shares this view of things with Sasori, although they interpreted it differently.

13. Kimimaro Kaguya


Unlike the rest of his clan, Kimimaro had no vested interest in fighting or killing, and viewed his abilities only as a way to be of use to others. He was a calm and quiet person who devoted himself to any mission at hand. As a child, he was softer despite his natural talent for fighting and his unique abilities which made him the strongest in his clan, seeing as he didn’t want to hurt others he had no involvement with and his interest in flowers.

His gentleness is also reinforced by his empathy and kindness towards Jūgo, being one of the few people able to prevent the latter from losing control of himself.

After meeting Orochimaru, Kimimaro developed a strong devotion to him, bordering on religious zeal or viewing him as a father figure (the manga suggesting the former and the anime suggesting the latter), seeing Orochimaru’s apparent kindness as a reason for him to exist under the idea that serving Orochimaru in any way is the only purpose he had.

12. Kisame Hoshigaki

Kisame Hoshigaki

The most striking feature of Kisame’s personality was his unshakable will, tolerating neither doubts nor regrets and which did not make him shrink from any mission: whether morally monstrous, practically impossible, or even totally suicidal. Kisame was the Akatsuki member whose self-sacrifice to the group, and formerly Kiri, was the most absolute, having joined and sacrificed his life, and the lives of many others, for the organization’s goals of his own free will.

His harsh and violent past and the cruelty of the tasks that were always assigned to him made him a cold and ruthless being (neither charity nor pronounced cruelty, like some other members of Akatsuki), seeing himself as a “cannibal”.

He joined the Akatsuki for a “world without (the) lies” which repels him; this trait is particularly marked in him, which makes him difficult to approach: he cannot be sympathetic or only attentive towards anyone, anyone being a potentially designated target, to become attached to someone one that he would potentially have to kill is of a hypocrisy that is unbearable to him and would be a terrible burden for the proper execution of his objectives (which he would accomplish even if he had feelings therefore, for him, as much not have one).

The only person he ever felt close to and “accomplicated” to was Itachi, thinking they shared that same “cannibalistic” nature, but he discovered at the very end of his existence that it wasn’t just that that defined him.

11. Gaara

Gaara Partie I

Gaara was once kind and he initially tried to be friendly with others, despite their fear and hatred towards him, but Yashamaru’s actions and words changed him. Realizing that no one loved him, Gaara used his sand to carve the kanji “Love” into his forehead, as a symbol of a “self-loving demon” and to live up to his name.

He was convinced that Karura had destined him to live like this, firmly believing what Yashamaru had told him. Gaara became emotionally withdrawn, silent and consumed by a bitter hatred towards everyone except himself and “Mother”: Shukaku’s voice in his head. He found pleasure in annihilating the many assassins sent to kill him and, by extension, all who threatened his existence, and eventually made this his reason for living.

This worsened during Shukaku’s occasional requests for blood to quench his thirst, with Gaara then becoming ruthless, such as when he killed Baiu and Midare ignoring their pleas.

Gaara’s insomnia, imposed by the fear that the demon inside him would eat away at him if he were to fall asleep, only reinforced his instability and his desire to kill. His hatred extended to his brother and sister, not considering them as such. According to his own words, he was ready to kill them if they angered him.


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10. Konan


She seems to be cold in nature, however, she remains protective of Nagato (especially concerned about his health). As an S-rank criminal, having grown up in a war-torn era and having been personally trained under the tutelage of Jiraiya, one of the Legendary Three Ninjas, Konan was undoubtedly a very powerful kunoichi. Her skills were recognized by her partner Pain, as well as her former master, Jiraiya.

9. Danzō Shimura

Le bras droit de Danz3F

In his youth, Danzō was a brash and enthusiastic ninja with a strong desire to prove himself. His greatest ambition was to surpass Hiruzen, a goal he never achieved in his lifetime. However, he still lacked self-confidence and deep down inside he had a certain fear of facing danger.

As an adult, Danzō changed his demeanor and became a calm and thoughtful individual who, like the members of the Root who were under his command, refrained from letting his emotions show. Danzō’s beliefs differed from those of the Hokage in that he was convinced that the interests of the village were above all, including above notions of ethics and morals.

An extremist, Danzō preferred to eliminate threats directly, not hesitating to assassinate or execute rather than trying to negotiate and use diplomacy. He showed fanaticism towards the ideal that a ninja should sacrifice absolutely everything for the good of his village.

8. Kabuto Yakushi

Kabuto Yakushi

Kabuto’s loyalty and personality are difficult to define, indeed he can be honest and courteous as he can be very sadistic, he knows how to be helpful and show humor. He likes to play with the minds of his enemies, pushing them over the edge, revealing their deep weaknesses to use them later. He does not tolerate the disrespect Sasuke Uchiha shows for Orochimaru.

The Sannin himself also often had trouble guessing the thoughts and real intentions of his right arm, like when he asked him to kidnap Sasuke, suspecting him of wanting to kill him instead of kidnapping him. He tested him by suggesting that this was the best time if he wanted to betray him. However, despite his doubts, Orochimaru relied on Kabuto and found the idea of him not obeying his orders preposterous.

7. Zetsu

Zetsu Blanc2 edited
Zetsu Noir2 edited

White Zetsu seems to be the calmest and the most composed, even slow in certain circumstances, which makes him look a little simple or even stupid (not to be taken seriously because White Zetsu knows how to be very intelligent and very observant as during fight between Sasuke and Itachi).

He also knew how to show initiative and a strategic spirit as during the summit of the kage where his brief appearance allowed him to spread his spores on all the protagonists of this assembly to allow Sasuke to escape, or at worst , to buy time by weakening his enemies while waiting for Tobi to arrive. White Zetsu presents a very childish and submissive character, being always humble.

Black Zetsu has a more complex personality than his white alter-ego. Black Zetsu is always very serious and is totally tyrannical towards White Zetsu, not hesitating to impose his choices when the two form a duo.

He even shows some very impatient sides to his personality like during the hunt for feudal lords where Black Zetsu attacked recklessly and literally “dashed” straight into a decoy and trapped lair; eye that the bodies in front of him (even standing and with their back to him) were trapped puppets from which he escaped, to them, and to the ninjas having spotted him when he rushed into a sound trap (very rude for a ninja such as Zetsu, proof once again of his overflowing impatience) very easily.

After this adventure, we could also see Black Zetsu’s pride when he was annoyed that we could have underestimated him like this.

6. Madara Uchiha

Madara de Joven

Madara is described by many as a confident and proud man, looking down on his enemies such as Ōnoki, both after his resurrection and in the past, as well as not being afraid of Mei Terumī’s jutsus.

However, sometimes, he praises the abilities of others, such as Mei’s abilities and also A’s and his Lightning Release Armor, also Gaara and Ōnoki, for their impressive defense, he also praises them for being able to put an end to his first meteorite, as well as praising Naruto, for countering his Wood Release attack.

Also, he has a habit of referring to fighting as “dance”. As an Uchiha, Madara has an extreme and cruel hatred towards the Senju Clan and Konoha, as he is a descendant of Madara’s older brother, who was not approved to have been the successor of the Sage of Six Paths. This hatred was compounded, when the town chose Hashirama Senju to be Hokage, instead of him.

5. Nagato Uzumaki/Pain

Nagato Squelettique

According to Jiraiya, he would have mastered the six nature changes of the Chakra and the five elements at only ten years old thanks to his Rinnegan, a unique fact in the history of ninjas. He is able to manipulate six corpses at the same time, which he names Pain, after having implanted dozens of extremely resistant black piercings (transmitters and receivers of Chakra) in them all over the body and face.

The controls in the same way many invocations that one of his corps can use. When the six Pain are joined together they form Pain Rikudô (the six kingdoms of Pain). After the death of his best friend Yahiko, Nagato will make his corpse the main body among the six. Although he resides most of the time in the hidden village of Ame, when he wishes to handle the bodies in a remote place, Nagato must also leave the village and stay at a reasonable distance from the corpses, in a place as far away as possible. high as possible, to maintain full control over them.

4. Kaguya Ōtsutsuki

Kaguya 3Ftsutsuki 1 Naruto

In the anime, Kaguya manifested extraordinary powers long before she consumed the fruit of the Divine Tree. She could perform interstellar travel, put people to sleep, hypnotize them, erase their memories, or even release a powerful shock wave from her eyes, capable of knocking back or even slaughtering her enemies.

Kaguya attained such unparalleled power that she was able to seriously injure Isshiki, though he was caught off guard; as well as pacifying the world that was torn apart by war alone, causing people to worship her in fear. Hagoromo, being a legendary figure himself, praised his mother’s power as superior to all others, including his combined with his brother’s.

Even at the height of their power, it took Hagoromo and Hamura several months to defeat her. Kaguya exhibited unique abilities, such as merging with nature to give her control over environments in her dimensions, such as ice and snow, flight, and, in the anime, the ability to read minds and feelings. of somebody.

3. Obito Uchiha/Tobi

Obito Uchiwa

During his time as a Konoha ninja, Obito’s abilities were average at best, struggling to match his Academy comrades. Determined to improve, he trained for several months and eventually became a chūnin. Madara saw great potential in Obito and therefore chose him as his disciple. Madara’s hopes proved right, as under her tutelage, Obito greatly enhanced his late blooming abilities, becoming a copycat of Madara in his prime.

At the age of 14, Obito issued a challenge to the Fourth Hokage and nearly destroyed Konoha. As an adult, he defeated two of the most talented Root ninjas, killed Konan, and held his own in one-on-one combat with Naruto, Killer B, Guy, and Kakashi. As Shinju’s jinchūriki, Obito’s power exceeded even Hashirama Senju’s, he was able to effortlessly battle three powerful Hokage, overwhelm both Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha, as well as the entire forces of the army. Shinobi, with minimal effort.

2. Orochimaru


Orochimaru possesses a complex personality; however, he was most often described as “twisted” by a large number of people, including Tsunade. Jiraiya speculated that the death of his parents when he was young, along with the horror he felt when Tsunade lost Nawaki and the tears she later shed when she lost Dan, imply that Orochimaru began to despise the fragility of human life and how it affected those still living, which led him to desire immortality.

To this end, the primary purpose of Orochimaru’s human experiments was to test what modifications the human body could sustain and to harness a subject’s unique abilities for themselves. Once this goal was achieved, Orochimaru hoped to be worthy of the title of “ultimate being”, unable to die and able to achieve his secondary goal of learning all the ninja techniques in the world, which would normally take him several lives.

1. Itachi Uchiha

Itachi Uchiwa 2

From an early age, Itachi was quiet and shrewd, showing noticeable maturity for his age and knowledge of how to deal with any situation. At the same time, Itachi was still quite naïve as a child in many real-world scenarios, and as such was willing to learn from his peers on how to differentiate certain situations. He lived at a distance, observing people and ideas without getting directly involved so that he could fully understand them.

Although this approach prevented him from getting close to many people, it allowed him to think and act without prejudice, while evaluating things as fairly as possible. In the anime, Itachi unwittingly gained a lot of friends and admirers for his concern for others despite his passive nature.

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