Jujutsu Kaisen: Every Major Death in Order

Every Major Jujutsu Kaisen Death in Order

Unlike some other similar anime series, Jujutsu Kaisen is not shy with killing off its characters, even if they are the good guys. Sure, a lot of villains have died as well, but Jujutsu Kaisen is one of those series that killed off some of the good guys early on as well. Now, some of these deaths were quite insignificant, but there is a substantial amount of relevant deaths in the series, and we are going to talk about them in this article, in which we are going to list every major Jujutsu Kaisen death in chronological order.

Editor’s Note: This list was updated in January 2024 with Kenjaku’s death.

Suguru Geto


Chapter: Jujutsu Kaisen 0, Chapter 0-4
Episode: Jujutsu Kaisen 0 (movie)

On December 24, Suguru arrives at the Tokyo Exorcism School to get Rika. Suguru kills all his opponents and puts up a curtain all around the school. Suguru then encounters Maki Zenin, Panda, and Toge, whom he easily defeats. While Suguru is happy to see exorcists sacrificing themselves for more exorcises, Yuta shows up and then gets angry.

Suguru sends several cursed spirits on Yuta and Rika, but Yuta manages to fight back and save his friends as well as heal them. As Yuta returns to battle, Suguru releases more spirits, but Yuta uses Rika’s power to defeat them. Suguru manages to understand what Rika’s power is and further expresses his desire to possess her.

Suguru then takes on Yuta in close combat and overpowers him, causing Rika to pull Yuta away from Suguru. While Suguru faces Yuta, the master of curses expresses his views on non-exorcists. Yuta rushes at Suguru, but the latter manages to break his sword. After a brief conversation, the two have with each other, Suguru decides to use all his flails against Yuta and Rika through his Whirlwind technique.

Yuta decides to fully unleash Rika’s power at the cost of his life, and both fire an energy beam powerful enough to exorcise all of Suguru’s curses and force the latter to retreat. Suguru ends up with his right arm ripped off and expresses his desire to possess Rika. Suguru then meets Satoru, and the two begin to chat. Suguru returns Yuta’s student card to him before getting finished off.

Wasuke Itadori

Yujis Grandad

Chapter: Chapter 1
Episode: Episode 1

During his last hours, when Yuji visits him, Wasuke tries to tell him something about his parents, which Yuji refuses to hear, telling him to stop trying to look cool. Before dying, Wasuke tells Yuji that he is a strong kid and to help people whenever he can. He leaves, telling Yuji to make sure he’s surrounded when he dies and not be like him.

Nagi Yoshino

Nagi s27appr3Fttant 3F 3Ftre attaquer par un fl3Fau EP11

Chapter: Chapter 25
Episode: Episode 11

Nagi, returning home, discovers her son Junpei with a new friend, Yuji, chatting by the river. They share a pleasant evening filled with laughter and humor. After falling asleep at the table, Nagi wakes up to find a mysterious finger, unwittingly attracting a dangerous Curse. Later, her death is reported with a gruesome discovery of her amputated body, carefully preserved with ice to slow decomposition. The incident hints at the ominous presence of Curses in the narrative.

Junpei Yoshino

Junpei in his transfigured state Anime

Chapter: Chapter 27
Episode: Episode 12

Junpei and Yuji argue and then fight all over the school. Yuji manages to easily overpower Junpei, as the poison from Junpei’s powers has no effect on Yuji. The latter wonders why Junpei is doing this and after listening to him, Yuji tells Junpei to come to the Jujutsu High School because they will find answers there about the murderer of Junpei’s mother. When Mahito shows up, Yuji is restrained and yells at Junpei to run away.

However, the latter tells Yuji that Mahito is not a bad person but the truth is quite different. Mahito then puts his hand on Junpei’s shoulder, whispering to him that he is just as stupid as the humans he despises and transforms him with his spell. Yuji tries to save him but nothing helps, Junpei collapses and dies at his feet.


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Satoru Gojo targets weakened Hanami

Chapter: Chapter 85
Episode: Episode 33

As Satoru closes in on Hanami and Jogo, the latter attacks Satoru. The sorcerer manages to dodge their attacks and even manages to counterattack. As Jogo walks away from the fight, Satoru pursues him. Hanami decides to attack Satoru with her spell, but Jogo advises him against it. Unfortunately, Satoru quickly grabs Hanami and rips his branches off.

Choso manages to distract Satoru, allowing Jogo and Hanami to attack the Sorceres. However, the weakened Hanami gets crushed by Satoru’s Infinity against the wall and ends up being exorcised. Later, when Jogo is killed by Sukuna, Hanami meets Jogo with Dagon in the “afterlife”. Hanami explains that they still have Mahito and will be reborn one day but a little differently.


Jujutsu Sorcerers trying to crush Dagon with speed

Chapter: Chapter 111
Episode: 35

During a fight, Toji Fushiguro emerges from the portal and enters the Domain to everyone’s surprise. Toji forcibly takes the Floating Cloud from Maki’s hands and eliminates all of Dagon’s curses and defeats him with just pure physical power. Toji then sharpens the Floating Cloud by rubbing the ends of the weapon together.

Dagon then tries to escape, but Naobito blocks his way and Toji takes this chance to stab him. Dagon says it’s not over yet, but Toji keeps stabbing him until he’s exorcised. Dagon is subsequently mourned by Jogo, who burns his comrade’s body. Later, when Jogo is killed by Sukuna, Dagon meets Jogo with Hanami in the “afterlife”.


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Toji Fushiguro

Toji se suicidant pour Megumi CH113

Chapter: Chapter 113
Episode: Episode 35

After Toji stabs Dagon until he’s exorcised, he turns his attention to Megumi and drags him to another location to fight him. Megumi tries to create cover with his Escape Bunnies technique, but Toji easily wriggles out of it. Toji then chases Megumi down an alley and attacks him, but misses him because he falls into the trap Megumi had created.

Toji, seemingly coming to his senses, asks for Megumi’s last name. He replies “Fushiguro” and Toji is happy that Megumi didn’t take the name Zenin; he then stabs himself in the head, destroying his host and ending the fight.


Sukuna and Jogo fight fire with fire

Chapter: Chapter 116
Episode: Episode 36

Jogo fights Sukuna but gets completely overpowered. Jogo then uses his special techninque but finds that Sukuna is unharmed. Sukuna wonders why Jogo isn’t using his Domain Expansion, to which the Curse responds that his Domain would lose. As things progress, Sukuna starts using fire-based attacks much to Jogo’s confusion. The fight continues and Jogo is defeated and killed by Sukuna.

He later meets Hanami and Dagon in the “afterlife” and Hanami explains that they still have Mahito and will be reborn someday but a little differently. As he proclaims that they are the real humans, Sukuna introduces himself and explains how weak Jogo is for trying to be like humans. Sukuna also explains that he had fun fighting him and should be proud of how powerful he is. Jogo starts crying and wonders what it is, to which Sukuna replies that he doesn’t know.

Kento Nanami

Yu montrant a Kento la voie CH120

Chapter: Chapter 120
Episode: 38

When Kento encounters a large amount of Transfigured Humans, he imagines himself living in a house in Malaysia and reading as many books as he wants. He then returns to reality, exhausted. He then worries about Maki, Megumi and Naobito and wonders what happened to them. He begins to prey on the mutated humans, and comes face to face with Mahito.

Mahito offers him to chat because he made him have a good time. Kento wonders if he wants to run away. That’s when he sees Yuji pointing to his right. Kento turns and sees Yuji. Yuji asks him to tell him something, but Kento refuses thinking it will become a curse for him. Kento tells Yuji he’s counting on him for the sequel, then Mahito finishes off Kento.

Naobito Zen’in

Naobito being a lazy drunk

Chapter: Chapter 138
Episode: 34

At one point, Touji steals the Roaming Cloud from Maki’s hand and directly attacks Dagon. Toji, with his physical abilities, overwhelms Dagon. Dagon tries to escape from the fight and Naobito stops him just in time for Touji to impale him with his weapon.

Toji excorcises Dagon but just as the team leaves the territory, Jogo appears and defeats everyone. Furudate reveals to Jinichi, Naoya, and Ougi that Naobito passed away due to Jogo’s injuries at the end of his fight with Dagon.


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Masamichi Yaga

Les derni3Fres paroles de Masamichi CH147

Chapter: Chapter 147
Episode: TBD

Back in the present, Masamichi is walking down the street alone but is stopped by a sorcered who asks him where he is going. Masamichi tells him that he is going to see his son. The sorcerer then tells him that the only way to escape death is to tell them how to make incarnates perfectly autonomous. Masamichi then prepares to fight but that’s when Yoshinobu appears.

The two principals fight but Masamichi loses. At the time of his death, Masamichi reveals to Yoshinobu how to make fully self-contained incarnates. Yoshinobu then asks Masamichi why he didn’t reveal this information before he was mortally wounded and Masamichi replies that it was a curse that he passes on to him. Panda then arrives and Yoshinobu prepares to fight him but Panda ignores him and rushes to Masamichi’s side, carrying his bruised body.

Mai Zen’in

La derni3Fre discussion de Mai et Maki CH149

Chapter: Chapter 149
Episode: TBD

Mai is seen in her clan’s cursed stash, bloodied by her father, Ogi. When Maki sees her, Mai calls her a fool for coming. Unable to do anything, Mai witnesses the exchange of swords between her father and sister. After Maki’s defeat, the two sisters are dragged by Ogi into a pit filled with curses. While Ogi says goodbye to them, Mai crawls up to Maki and feels a heartbeat.

The two sisters find themselves metaphorically on a beach and start a discussion. Mai says her wounds are too bad for her to survive and begins to walk away towards the ocean. Before leaving, Mai decides to take Maki’s dark energy with her and give her a parting gift: a reed branch. Mai asks her one last time to destroy everything and when Maki wakes up, she sees her dead sister right in front of her.

In her hands, instead of what was once a reed branch, Maki finds a new weapon. After moving Mai against the wall, exorcising all the blights in the room, and killing Ogi, Maki addresses her dead sister, saying she is determined to keep her promise. After Maki decimates the Zenin clan, this latter carries Mai and lays her in the arms of Momo who mourns her death.

Naoya Zen’in

Naoya poignard3F par la m3Fre de Maki CH152

Chapter: Chapter 152
Episode: TBD

After the Kukuru and Hei units are shot by Maki, Naoya arrives and confronts her asking if she has a human heart. Maki responds by saying that she doesn’t have any more because it was taken from her. Naoya then immediately attacks Maki with a multitude of blows. He manages to grab hold of Maki’s arm and uses the Throw Technique on her to “freeze” her then sends her flying.

He then tells himself that Maki is not Toji and that he is the only one who can claim his level and that of Satoru. He continues to attack Maki who is unable to withstand the blows and decides to use her maximum speed to try and defeat her, however, to her surprise, Maki prepares to retaliate. Instead of directly attacking Maki, Naoya feints her and gets behind her to prepare to finish her off.

However, Maki surprises him and lands a punch, leaving him bleeding on the ground. After Maki leaves, Naoya tries to crawl to safety, swearing to herself to be tough. However, Maki’s mother, who is also on the verge of death, approaches Naoya from behind and stabs him in the back. At this point, Naoya is too weak to use cursed energy to defend himself and therefore succumbs to the stab wound.


mechamaru death

Chapter: Chapter 128
Episode: 31

Mechamaru started by sending many robotic dolls meant to be a diversion. They didn’t have souls, so Mahito’s Innate Technique didn’t work on them, but they managed to divert his attention for long enough for Mechamaru to appear to vanish. As the earth beneath Mahito and Geto began to collapse, Mechamaru readied another attack while Mahito believed he had escaped. Suddenly, the two stood before a sizable dam facing a monstrous robot. This massive robot was Mechamaru’s Mechmaru Mode: Absolute, a formidable machine with deadly weapons.

As Mechamaru and Mahito engaged in combat, Pseudo-Geto activated a veil that hindered Mechamaru from communicating with the outside world, especially Gojo, whom Mechamaru intended to summon to help him in the battle. However, Mechamaru still had a plan to eliminate at least Mahito. They were both excited about the battle. Mechamaru began with his formidable Absolute Cannon, which seriously hurt Mahito but did not kill him. Mahito changed his feet to deflect the blow. However, they also knew that they each held a trump card because they both knew that just these cursed energy strikes wouldn’t defeat Mahito.

We soon learned that Mechamaru had avoided being killed by using a Simple Domain to counteract Mahito’s Domain’s effects. However, Mechamaru then commits a deadly error: he lets his guard down. Mechamaru was happy, believing he had killed Mahito, but little did he realize that Mahito was still alive and had transformed, preparing for another attack. When Mechamaru finally tried to murder his opponent, Mahito was able to touch him, which ultimately caused Mechamaru’s death as well as the death of his mechanic puppet, which was in Kyoto.


mahito death

Chapter: Chapter 133
Episode: 46

Namely, just before Yuji was going to murder Mahito, Kenjaku, aka Pseudo-Geto, showed up and promised to assist Mahito. Mahito attempted to kill Kenjaku after realizing what he planned to do, but was unable, and Kenjaku then proceeded to use Geto’s original Cursed Spirit Manipulation technique to turn him into an orb and then consume him. And this was the end, as far as Mahito is concerned. There was a chance that Pseudo-Geto could bring Mahito back with the technique, even if only temporarily, but even that ended when Yuta decapitated Kenjaku in the Shinjuku Showdown Arc, seemingly killing him and Mahito as well.


Gojo death

Chapter: Chapter 236
Episode: TBA

In Chapter 236 of the Jujutsu Kaisen manga, Sukuna seemingly killed Satoru Gojo by cutting him in half. He explained that he used Mahoraga’s ability to adapt the technique to the whole world and all of existence, which is how he could bypass Gojo’s Limitless and cut him, as he did not technically cut Gojo, he cut the space Gojo was in, and Gojo ended up being cut as a collateral victim of being in that space. The explanation angered many fans as it was perceived as a Deux ex machina and made no sense overall.


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Kenjaku death

Chapter: Chapter 243
Episode: TBA

In recent events in Jujutsu Kaisen manga Kenjaku is revealed to be hunting the remaining players of the Culling Game. He explains that he can track the Incarnated players through a cursed object he placed in all of them. Ioiri Hazenoki arrives to confront Kenjaku, but before their battle begins, Kenjaku reveals that he has planted Cursed Spirits monitoring the Cursed Energy of every Sorcerer in Shinjuku.

Kenjaku and Hazenoki engage in a fierce battle, resulting in Hazenoki’s defeat and death. Kenjaku then senses a shift in Cursed Energy as Fumihiko Takaba leaves Shinjuku. Suspecting that Ui Ui’s Innate Technique was used to teleport Takaba closer to him, Kenjaku faces Takaba in another intense confrontation.

During the battle between Takaba and Kenjaku, Yuta Okkotsu joins the fray unexpectedly. Yuta surprises Kenjaku, swiftly decapitates him, and defeats him. Kenjaku’s attempt to use Cursed Technique Reversal: Anti-gravity fails against Yuta’s speed and strength. In his final moments, Kenjaku reflects on the reason he couldn’t detect Yuta earlier, realizing it was due to Takaba. Yuta’s intervention marks the end of Kenjaku’s threat.

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