The 20 Best Noita Mods in 2023

Best Noita Mods

Developed by an all- Finnish team back in 2020 Noita is one peculiar game. It’s an action-adventure rogue-like game with a procedurally generated environment like many other rogue-like games. What’s interesting about Noita is that every simulated pixel is physically simulated. Noita also has permadeath, which means that once your character dies, it’s over. There’s no “reloading” you have to start from the beginning. Now that we’ve covered the basics of the game, if you’re a fan of the Finnish folklore and can easily see yourself enjoying this game, you’ll enjoy our list of best mods for Noita.

It turns out that Noita has an active (albeit small) modding community and some mods are worth mentioning. We’ve decided to sit down and hop over to Nexus Mods & Steam Workshop and see what are the best and most popular mods for Noita.

1. Inventory Bags

A simple, but probably the most useful mod on this list. Inventory Bags adds the bag mechanic to the game which in turn enhances your carrying capacity. No matter what game you’re playing, if you are a pack rat like me you are bound to have problems sooner or later and I wholeheartedly recommend this mod.

2. Fluid Dynamics

Another interesting mod that adds liquids, gasses, and other matters related to alchemy. Just like With Arcane Alchemy you can mess around with your newfound liquids and find out what they have in store for you. New Liquids are placed around the world so you can happen upon them organically. As the author of the mod states “It’s more fun that way”. You can also modify this mod through its config file.

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3. Arcane Alchemy

A mod for Alchemist among you that enjoy dabbling in the Art of Alchemy. The mod adds potions and alchemic reactions including 38 new materials, 13 magical liquids, and 12 status effects. Newly added liquids have some special properties such as Dark Matter which makes every creature that it touches collapse on itself. Hungry Slime decomposes anything that’s not bolted to the ground itself. Static Charge introduces well, a flammable static charge. It seems like an interesting and fun (maybe a bit dangerous even) addition to your game that offers hours of fun.

4. Conjurer

A sandbox builder for Noita. This mod is focused primarily on building and seeing what you can create with the resources that you have been given. You have the options of spawning creatures, playing with electricity, rotating the planet, etc. Not a classical game mode more of a creation mode just like Spell Lab that allows you to mess around with different combinations.

5. Anvil of Destiny

One more wand workshop on this list but with a twist. This mod adds the so-called “Anvil of Destiny” to the game where you can enhance and improve your wands. Recipes are included on the mod’s main page. Each Anvil you run into is usable only once but don’t worry since Anvil of Destiny is only semi-rare and spawns in most biomes you can always run into multiple anvils during a single run.


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6. Spell Lab

This mod is both workshop and a tutorial. It manages to teach you about the wand and spell system while giving you the ability to test your own combinations. Sadly this mod is not a general one for actually playing it’s more for testing the possible combinations that work.

7. The Binding of Noita

Sort of an item pack for Noita that adds items and spells from Binding of Isaac to the game. Added spells include Bob’s Rotten Head, Dr. Fetus, Head of The Keeper, Polyphemus, and many more. It’s a nice mod to have if you’re a fan of both games.

8. Wand Workshop

Straightforward, as the name says it. With this mod, you have a custom wand workshop available to you. You can edit the stats of in-game wands and enhance them. Just be mindful enough to read the instruction first.

9. Location Tracker – Minimap

It can be a real pain when a procedurally generated game does not have a minimap. Luckily you can always install this mod that generates it for you. What’s even better you can move your newly generated minimap to any part of the screen and even resize it. All in all a useful utility to have.

10. Noita Adventure Mode – Aloittaa

Probably the biggest mod on this list. Aloittaa is a brand new game mode for Noita. It adds new puzzles, artworks, areas, bosses, sounds, etc. I mean everything you could have asked for from a new game mode. There’s a catch though, if you plan on trying out Aloittaa make sure you do not have any other mods installed since the mod is prone to breaking and soft locking you out of your game.


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11. Alternate Biomes

As the name says, the mod adds 16 new biomes & 36 new enemies. Biomes are heavily inspired by the games such as Binding of Isaac and Risk of Rain. If you are craving some variety this is the chance to try this out. Especially if you are a fan of the games.

12. New Weathers Mod

This mod is pretty much straightforward. A lot of players enjoy some variations when it comes to weather and this mod does just that, it adds some weather mods that were originally planned for the game but were never implemented. By installing this mod you will get access to meteor showers, death rays, lightning, earthquakes, etc. It’s a nice immersion mod entry on this list.

13. Ricardo Starter Wand

Meme entry on this list. This mod does exactly what the title says. It replaces your Noita starter wand with an image of the popular meme Ricardo. Don’t expect much besides a couple of laughs.

14. Bleed More Liquids And Powders

If bleeding had been boring for you, now is the time to put some risque into it. This mod modifies your bleeding, and by modifies, I mean changes your blood completely. As the creator of the mod put it “some things are dangerous and some are fun”. By analyzing the list of available “liquids and powders” I can confirm that some are indeed dangerous and some are straight-up weird. You can change your blood to lava, urine, swamp, and fungus among others.

15. Feminine Skin

We’ve all been at THAT part of Skyrim nexus. You know what part I’m talking about. There’s a whiff of that in Noita’s modding scene too. Although small scale, this mod makes Mina more feminine. It tries to somewhat overhaul her appearance by giving her hood and certain physical attributes some volume.

16. Lightsabers

Star Wars fans rejoice! It’s time for Lightsabers. This mod adds a spell that acts as a blade of the lightsaber. Four Lightsabers have been added: Darth Maul’s double-bladed red saber, Darth Vader’s red saber, Obi-wan Kenobi’s first saber, and Obi-wan Kenobi’s third saber. The best part is that physics is somewhat realistic, just like in the movies upon contact with objects and solid surfaces, lightsabers will generate small-scale explosions and sparks.


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17. Realistic Particles Behaviour Mod

I’m a sucker for particle effects in general, so this is one of my personal favorite mods on this list. If you’ve ever felt that vanilla particles seemed a bit off this addon is perfect for you. Over 40 projectile-based spell effects have been improved upon. This mod enhances particle lifetime which in turn makes them last longer. Particles will also collide with objects inside the game giving them “life” they were previously lacking. The cherry on top is the fact that while falling, particles will now show a projectile trail. All in all a nice mod if you’re game was lacking realism.

18. Firearms

What better way to battle Finnish mythological Creatures than firearms? The creator of this mod had the same sentiment in mind that’s why he added two brand new weapons to the game: M16A1 and M1911. You can adjust the damage multiplier as you wish additionaly.

19. Modified Gold Timer

This one is pretty much straightforward. It adjusts the timing you have until gold nuggets disappear. There are a few versions available: disabled timer altogether, x10 and x5 version of modified timer.

20. Passive Regeneration + Perk and Respawn

This last mod on our list adds one feature that Noita is famous for not having – respawn. But to each his own I guess. Along with the respawn option, you can manually adjust your passive regeneration rate. This is the most popular mod for Noita on Nexus Mods. I can see why.

And that’s it. We’ve tried to cover as many different gameplay aspects as possible. From new game modes to features, various items, and cosmetic upgrades, you are bound to find something fun and worth installing!