20 Best Minecraft Magic Mods You Can’t Miss

minecraft magic mods

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Mods have become a staple for countless gamers worldwide, as they can enhance any game’s most loveable aspects while bettering their potential shortcomings. Using mods can significantly increase the quality of gameplay, but some can lead to a rather easy and dull experience long term. Stick around to find out about the best Minecraft Magic Mods, what they offer, and how they can completely change your gaming experience.

Editor’s Note: This list was updated in November 2023 and currently lists the most popular magic mods.

1. Mahou Tsukai

Mahou Tsukai

Mahou Tsukai is extremely popular amongst fantasy-loving Minecraft players, often dubbed the best Minecraft Magic mod. It has over 4 million downloads to date and incorporates mystical elements with spells and magic into the Minecraft world, finished with a unique anime-based art style.

Players can expect incredible features, such as mana costs, regen, spell sizes, effects, and more. Even amazing familiars are available that players can summon for an awesome and mystical gameplay experience!


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All the spells also have creative uses, although players won’t get spell progression. The mod also includes a craftable in-game guidebook named the Mahou Tsukai Knowledge Compendium, which players can refer to for help.

2. Ars Nouveau

Ars Nouveau

If you’re looking for a Minecraft Magic Mod that revolves around more of a western-style, the Ars Nouveau mod may be a great fit. Players will be equipped with a Spellbook, helping them cast Magic Spells and progress in their Minecraft magic abilities.

Apart from including spells and casting, this mod will also feature the ability to build Magical Machines and base automation, topped with magical servants. It’s a great mod to use if you’re hoping to create a classic Western wizard or mage, in addition to the fact that it’s quite reliable and updated often.

3. The Harry Potter Mod

The Harry Potter Mod

You heard that right; there’s a Harry Potter mod for Minecraft! How could we ever talk about magic without mentioning this iconic masterpiece? If you’re a dedicated muggle hoping to acquire some of Harry Potter’s most well-loved abilities, this mod may be for you.

It’s worth noting that the mod doesn’t allow players to take the role of the saga’s most iconic heroes and heroines. But it does allow them to cast Harry Potter’s more kid-friendly spells – did somebody say Wingardium Leviosa?

4. Waystones


Minecraft has one of the biggest world maps out there, and getting around the Overworld can become quite taxing without the use of magic. Waystones is a teleportation mod, which focuses on adding magic to travel for easier exploring and mythical aspects.

All players would have to do is place the teleportation devices in areas where they would like to fast travel to. From this point, they would simply need to use a Warp Scroll or a Warp Stone to instantly teleport to the desired location.

5. Magic Dust Mod

Magic Dust Mod

The Magic Dust Mod can be rather complex to figure out, generally requiring players to read a PDF document to learn how to manage all of its inclusions. But it’s a really easy and fun way to transform your Minecraft server into a charming world filled with mythical adventure and magical fantasy.

It adds a ton of amazing magical elements to the game, including mystical artifacts, magic spells, and even awesome fantasy summons for players to use. It’s an amazing magic data pack set that will be incredibly enjoyable for any gamer who loves Minecraft and the mystic arts!


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6. Mana and Artifice

Mana and Artifice 1

Mana and Artifice is an excellent choice for anyone more interested in focusing on their character’s magical abilities. This mod brings an entirely new level of magic to the Minecraft world, with many awesome mythical and mage aspects.

Players can reinvent their Mage RPG Minecraft servers with this mod, using some amazing inclusions to bring their fantastical characters to life. The mod includes great magic features such as enchantments, spells, magic, more enemies and allies, and much more.

7. mcEXP Heroes

mcEXP Heroes

Originally known as RPG Skill Heroes, mcEXP Heroes is a great mod that can add a plethora of amazing magical features to any Minecraft world. Many modders have decided to add their own flair to the concept, but this mod is unique as it features an in-game magic ability system.

It includes four base spells that players can build on as they progress and unique magical bosses with original artifacts – with each only existing in its own world. It’s incredibly fun to play with, especially if you’re a gamer who enjoys magic skills, ability trees, and mystical continuity between each adventure.

8. Potions Master

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Minecraft has awesome options, providing players with amazing abilities, buffs, and more. But, for many players, these potions just aren’t enough. The Potions Master mod may become your best friend if you want to craft even more magical concoctions.

Potions Master allows players to produce incredibly creative potions using magic, specifically potions that are impossible with Minecraft vanilla. An example of such a potion is the Potion of Oresight, which grants players X-ray vision to see ores in the ground. The mod also supports others, provided they have their correct Forge Tag.

9. Ars Magica 2

Ars Magica 2

The Ars Magica 2 mod may be ideal if you’re a devoted magic fan that really wants to take the mystic arts seriously in Minecraft. It includes a ton of awesome spells for players to cast, although the process of managing everything available can be slightly overwhelming.

Fortunately, players can consult the Arcane Compendium, a list that details every single spell that players can create in-game. Using this mod may just result in your character becoming the most overpowered mystic being of all time – but, hey, that’s partially what magic and fantasy worlds are all about!

10. Blood Magic

Blood Magic

Although light elementals and white magic abilities are undeniably iconic, some players still feel drawn to the darker side of the mystic arts. If you’re looking for a more ominous experience and want to use dark magic abilities in Minecraft, Blood Magic may be your best bet.

It allows players to use magic abilities like many other Magic mods, except how power, strength, and energy are gained. Players can only become stronger by killing, after which they can acquire blood to strengthen their magic abilities. Although, players should be warned – much like all forms of dark magic, power will come at a cost.


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11. Electroblob’s Wizardry

Electroblobs Wizardry

Electroblob’s Wizardry takes the vanilla aspects of the mystic arts and combines them with the most loveable Minecraft traits, allowing players to skip the potentially complex process of building specific magic abilities. Players can simply progress by exploring and fighting monsters, gathering beneficial magic items along the way.

There are many things to do and see with this mod, with plenty of unique spells, wands, scrolls, and spellbooks. Players must also embark on adventures, seeking out ancient runes and wizard towers to become true masters of the mystic arts.

Additionally, players can get their hands on special items, armor, upgrades, and much more. The number of spells continues to rise with time, and add-on mods are available for this mod that enable players to use even more spells.

12. Conjuring


The Conjuring mod is an awesome choice for anyone looking for a grimmer, charmed, and mystical experience in Minecraft. While it may not feature the classic spellcasting and magical ability elements like many other magic Minecraft mods, there’s still plenty to love about this unique and otherworldy mod.

Players can craft unique contraptions made out of souls and other items that can be used for awesome purposes like spawning and gear. There is a lot to wrap your head around, but players are fortunately granted help via the Conjuring Enchiridion, which acts as an in-game guidebook.

The mod’s new additions can be learned about using this guide to ensure players stay updated on all things Conjuring. It’s also available in both Forge and Fabric, so Minecraft players can enjoy this mod regardless of what they choose.

13. Thaumcraft


Although following magic skill trees and spellbooks are a classic way to gain mystic powers, some players may feel it’s become slightly bland for them – especially if they’ve been playing similar games for ages. If this sounds like you, the Thaumcraft mod may be ideal, as it involves a unique yet magical concept.

Players can draw magical energy from almost every item in their Minecraft world, thanks to a wand. It’s a great way to ensure your fantastical Minecraft gameplay experience remains unique and open-ended.

14. Witchery


We’ve covered some of the best Minecraft Magic Mods for fans of both light and dark magic – but what about players who fall somewhere in between? This mod may be a perfect fit, as it’s based around the concept of being able to be ‘dark’ in terms of magic abilities and style without necessarily being evil.

Witchery is a modern Wicca spin on Minecraft, topped with rituals, nature spells, and even awesome potions that can turn you into a vampire or werewolf. These aspects make it an awesome and extremely interesting Minecraft Magic mod choice for dark fantasy and lore fans.

Although, it is worth noting that spellcasting is not a major aspect. Players may still spend more time on classic Minecraft activities, such as farming, crafting, and blasting mobs to bits with epic fireballs.

15. Elemental Craft

Elemental Craft

Elemental Craft already has plenty of avid fans and the potential to become one of the greatest Magic Mods for the newer Minecraft versions. As a result, it simply has to be included in this list!

This mod takes inspiration from the mystic arts’ most iconic fundamentals – the earth, wind, fire, and water elements. Players can harness these elements and use them as crafting resources, combined with inert crystals that can be found underground.

16. Apotheosis


Apotheosis is a content mod that enhances your in-game experience by making you more powerful while staying true to the original game’s mechanics. It introduces various features, ranging from small changes like taller sugarcane to significant overhauls of core systems like Enchanting. The mod is divided into modules, each with a specific focus, and they can be independently enabled or disabled.

The Chronicle of Shadows serves as an in-game guidebook for detailed information on the mod’s content, and you can create it using a book and a gold ingot. JEI (Just Enough Items) provides additional in-game information, ensuring a cohesive and complete experience.

17. Mystical Agriculture

mystical agriculture

Mystical Agriculture is a mod focused on growing resources through crops. It introduces various crops that yield essences used to craft materials, mob drops, tools, armor, and more. The mod covers a wide range of resources, including vanilla materials, mob drops, gems, ores, and mod-specific items from popular mods like Tinkers’ Construct, Botania, Thaumcraft, and more.

The mod offers five tiers of tools and armor, with tier 5 being unbreakable and customizable with “Charms” for additional abilities. The armor sets provide unique bonuses, such as water breathing, step assist, and even flight.

In addition to the resource crops, Mystical Agriculture includes special features like Essence Furnaces, the Ultimate Furnace, Essence Apples with buffs, and Essence Coal that burns for an extended duration.

18. Reliquary Reincarnations

Reliquary Reincarnations

Reliquary Reincarnations is a mod that adds magical items and blocks to Minecraft, offering players convenient tools with some challenging acquisition. Some notable items include the Coin of Fortune, a magnet that teleports items to the player; the Hunter’s Handgun, a versatile handgun with various shots; the Infernal Chalice, a portable lava storage and lava protection item; and many others…

19. Forbidden and Arcanus

Forbidden and Arcanus

Forbidden and Arcanus is a magical Minecraft mod inspired by Roleplaying Games, Fantasy, Supernatural elements, Magic, and the Occult, with subtle references to Thaumcraft. The mod enhances your gaming experience with features like the Hephaestus Forge for creating rituals and upgrading its tier, empowering your weapons and tools, discovering new materials through exploration and mining, and introducing unique items and trinkets.


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20. Hexerei

Hexerei is a magical mod allowing players to craft mystical items in witches Mixing Cauldron and store them in portable Coffers. The mod introduces herb jars for easy storage, colored candles that melt over time and offer buffs, and a new biome, the Willow Swamp, featuring unique trees and custom Witch Huts. With upcoming familiars and enchanting features, Hexerei enhances the Minecraft experience with a touch of magic and exploration.

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