40 Best Offline Games For Android And iOS

40 Best Offline Games For Android And iOS (2021 Update)

Android games have been so popular over the last few years that they have swiftly eclipsed the popularity of gaming consoles. The continual advancement of the smartphone industry has enabled top game developers to flood the Google Play Store and Apple App Store with their greatest offerings. However, one of the most serious criticisms leveled about some mobile games is their inability to be played offline. Not only is this inconvenient for regular commuters, but it also means you can’t play your games if your internet is down.

This post will offer suggestions for games that run flawlessly offline. Keep in mind that this does not mean that these games will never have internet connectivity. Some, such as Google Play, offer cloud-based capabilities or require you to download new levels on demand. By the way, if you use Google Play Games or Apple’s Game Center and are concerned about keeping your in-game accomplishments, you may play these games offline without fear of losing them, as they will be immediately updated the next time you connect to the Internet. Without further ado, let’s go straight into the top 40 offline games for iOS and Android.

1. Badland

40 Best Offline Games For Android And iOS (2021 Update)

Availability: Free with in-app purchases

While this is not one of the newest games available, it remains one of the most popular. Badland is an exceptionally well-designed action-adventure sidescroller available on Android and iOS that struck us with its loving yet foreboding ambiance.

You play as a bird and must navigate your character through a forest. Numerous hazards and traps await to stymie your progress. Badland continues to scroll indefinitely, and when your bird hits the left edge, you will resume at the last checkpoint.

There are over 80 levels to finish in all, but only the first 40 are available for free. The remaining levels may be purchased in-app. Conveniently, there is a multiplayer option in which up to four people may explore a total of 21 levels on a single device.

2. Rush Rally 3

Availability: Free with in-app purchases

This car stimulation game will immerse you in a near-real-life racing experience on your phone. You may run races at any time of day or night, in rain or snow. Race through gravel, dirt, and tarmac to claim victory. As with driving recklessly in the real world, your car may sustain damage and deformation.

This game’s Career mode allows you to take part in a single rally or an A-B race. You may modify, repair, and personalize your vehicle to your specifications. This is a single-player and multiplayer game including ghost racing. Controls have been optimized and are consistent.

3. Alto’s Adventure

Availability: Free with in-app purchases for Android, $4.99 iOS 

Alto’s Adventure is one of the most popular new Android games, offering a tranquil action adventure with Alto and his buddies.

The game’s experience is delivered by snowboarding on a variety of terrains. The Verge has named the dynamic physics-based gameplay “one of the greatest Android games.”

4. GRID™ Autosport

Availability: $9.99

GRID Autosport is an Android-exclusive console-quality racing that launched in 2019. If you haven’t played this racer before, it has a variety of racing types, from dirt courses to city streets, and, of course, a variety of unique vehicles to compete in. By contrast, the majority of Android races are free-to-play, which means they have several dubious monetization schemes and a necessity for a continual online connection. Therefore, if you’re looking for a premium mobile racer that won’t break the bank, can be played offline at any time, and includes controller compatibility out of the box, GRID Autosport is presently the finest option on the Play Store.

5. 9th Dawn III

40 Best Offline Games For Android And iOS (2021 Update)

Availability: $9.99

9th Dawn III is the culmination of the previous two entries in this action-RPG series, and it has an abundance of polish, not to mention a plethora of treasures to acquire as you explore the game’s expansive open world.

While the series’ second installment lacked controller compatibility and had a strange jump mechanism, both flaws have been addressed in this version. Therefore, whether you choose to play with a touchscreen or a physical controller, both are supported, and the game can be played entirely offline, making it an ideal RPG for portability on a phone or tablet. Seriously, this is an excellent version that should give hundreds of hours of dungeon exploration entertainment, so don’t miss out.

6. Crossy Road

Availability: Free with in-app purchases

Crossy road is inspired by Minecraft, featuring blocky-styled trees, automobiles, and other items. Needless to say, Crossy Road is an excellent offline Android game that you cannot afford to miss out on while stuck in traffic. Crossy Road is a pretty simple offline game to play. The player must just tap to move the chicken in different directions.

Be cautious, as heavy traffic and fast-moving trains will be your undoing in the offline game Crossy Road. Although the game has no time restriction, an eagle is constantly lurking above the ground, waiting to make you its next meal. The game has over 150 collecting characters, local and online multiplayer (when you play online, that is), offline play, and Android TV compatibility, among other features.

7. Minecraft

Availability: $7.99 with in-app purchases

Are you interested in constructing a small house or a big castle? You should give Minecraft a try. You may play this game offline with your buddies or even alone on your Android phone. You may browse the marketplace for the newest community contributions and download brand-new maps, skins, and textures. Additionally, players may alter the time of day and summon monsters around the game.

8. Temple Run 2

Availability: Free with in-app purchases

Temple Run’s initial edition swept the smartphone gaming industry by storm. Temple Run 2 is the same game but has been updated to include new characters and temples. The primary objective of the game is to run incessantly. You run to escape falling off cliffs or being murdered by demons and traps. You can continue gathering money and other important goods during your adventure. The game’s success has even spawned a film of the same name.

9. Subway Surfers

Availability: Free with in-app purchases

Subway Surfers, like Temple Run, is an infinite running game. Indeed, this is the most downloaded game for Android smartphones on the internet. Players must flee without being apprehended by pursuing cops. If you’re lucky enough, you can gather as many goods as you want along the route, including presents and jetpacks.

While you may control your player in the temple race using the accelerometer, in this offline game, you must slide your finger over the screen to transfer the character between three areas. It’s enjoyable to play the game, download it to your computer, and slide your fingers over the screen.

10. Traffic Rider

40 Best Offline Games For Android And iOS (2021 Update)

Availability: Free with in-app purchases

Traffic Rider is one of the greatest racing games available for download. What you must do is accelerate to the finish line without colliding with anything. That is played in first-person camera mode.

Wheelies can be performed to get more points and money. There are several objectives that you must complete to advance to the next level. This offline game has a variety of game modes, including trials, two-player games, and basic infinite runner games that never finish until you crash. To advance to the next task, you must accomplish the current one. This offline game has around 70 missions and 29 motorcycles that must be unlocked. That game’s visuals are so lifelike that it appears as though you’re riding that bike in real life.

11. Asphalt 8: Airborne

Availability: Free with in-app purchases

If you want to fill your Android phone with the greatest mobile games available, you cannot afford to overlook Asphalt 8: Airborne. This is one of the greatest racing games for Android devices. Airborne is a game in the same vein as its predecessor. Tilt to steer, Tilt and icons, On-screen controls, and Tap to steer are the four control modes available. However, the game demands a significant amount of storage space, and the game’s updates also require a significant amount of space.

While you may race against the offline game’s artificial intelligence without an internet connection, the web multiplayer mode is worth exploring because it allows you to race against up to 12 opponents simultaneously.

12. Plague Inc.

Availability: Free with in-app purchases

A fantastic all-purpose illness simulator that has captivated millions of players. Naturally, the game’s greatest success occurred on the PC, where, in addition to the usual scenarios that the makers generously filled, modders distributed so many truly excellent patches that the game was bound to be a blockbuster. 

While there are no modifications accessible for mobile devices, the game is already incredible, especially given its Free to Play model. The game regained popularity following the COVID-19 epidemic since the virus’s progress paralleled the game’s narrative.

13. Stardew Valley

Availability: $4.99

Stardew Valley is a farming and living simulation game, a relatively obscure genre with a devoted following. The point is that this game may easily consume hundreds of hours of your time. True, things begin simply enough with a few crops and perhaps a chicken or two, which is ideal if you want to play at a leisurely pace. However, if you’re looking for a game with substance, not to mention an infinite campaign, Stardew Valley is unquestionably my top pick in today’s list, especially now that the game supports gamepads. Not only is this a fun game to play casually on a phone with touch controls, but it’s also a great game to play on tablets and Chromebooks when out and about, owing to the integrated controller compatibility and lack of an online connection need.

14. Shadow Fight 2

Availability: Free with In-app purchases

Shadow Fighter 2 is a popular addition on the list, coming from the creators of the famous Android game Vector. It combines RPG elements with traditional fighting, resulting in an extremely addicting game. Your character can be armed with a variety of dangerous weapons and martial arts skills.

Additionally, you may go across six distinct worlds with a personalized fighter, all of which are connected by a deep tale.

15. Benji Bananas

40 Best Offline Games For Android And iOS (2021 Update)

Availability: Free with In-app purchases

You take charge of Benji’s trip as he hops from vine to vine in quest of nourishment in this adventure game. Along this adventure, collect bananas and other fruits to get points and rewards. As you go through the game, you may get upgrades and power-ups. The visuals are lovely and cartoonish, which makes it enjoyable for players of all ages.

The game allows you to use your understanding of physics in a variety of landscapes and environments, including temple ruins, jungles, and waterfalls. Upgrades and abilities are obtained through bananas and chilies. The monkey’s clothing, as well as its ropes, may be modified with vines, flaming ropes, and snakes to provide a variety of thrills.

16. Eternium

Availability: Free with In-app purchases

This role-playing game is simple to handle and is set in a classical environment. After downloading the game’s material, you may play it offline. Collect gems by killing opponents and go on an endless number of adventures. You can choose to play as a Warrior, Mage, or Bounty Hunter, and the weapon you choose will be determined by your character.

Combat aliens, skeletons, zombies, robots, and dragons while traversing stunning hand-crafted locations. The game takes place in dungeons, mountains, castles, and graveyards, among other places. Acquire higher levels to improve your talents and gain access to more powerful abilities and weapons.

17. Really Bad Chess

Availability: Free with In-app purchases

Do you enjoy the notion of chess but become perplexed by the rules? Do you wish you could instead make up your own rules? Consider this game of Really Bad Chess, which allows you to have some fun while still playing a serious game. With a slight tweak, you may unlock a whole universe of possibilities in the game using random pieces.

The free version of this game is updated daily or weekly with new levels and challenges. Additionally, you may compete against other players and put your gaming abilities to the test. Additionally, there are other color palettes to the standard black and white. Really Bad Chess blends the discipline and strength of traditional chess with ingenuity and creativity. Take a load of this game and embark on an adventure through this bizarre universe in this puzzle game.

18. Smash Hit

Availability: Free with In-app purchases

Smash Hit is one of those games that has been a constant companion for me throughout the years. This does not mean that it is a new title – far from it. Indeed, it has not been updated in over two years, but this does not diminish the degree of enjoyment offered by the game, in my opinion.

You go through very simple stages, blasting bullets to destroy everything that crosses your screen on both the left and right sides. The difficulty level soon increases, assuring that even seasoned veterans will struggle to complete this game. This title is geared toward a laid-back gaming experience. This maxim becomes much more true while wearing headphones, as the soundtrack creates an almost addictive appeal while automatically driving you to restart to best your earlier efforts.

19. Riptide GP: Renegade

Availability: $2.99

Riptide GP Renegade is an Android and iOS jet ski racing game that will keep you occupied for hours: In a slightly post-apocalyptic atmosphere, you whiz through watercourses that are not only densely packed with obstacles but also hostile to your every move.

You may activate your turbo to increase your speed. Because the turbo does not last indefinitely, you may recharge it during the race by doing acrobatics. The trick’s complexity determines how much turbo energy you obtain. A tutorial demonstrates how to control the jet ski and execute stunts, and also acts as an introduction to the tale. Along with the stunning graphics, the gameplay is quite difficult, since you are not on solid land, but rather racing through the water, which needs a great deal of intelligence to keep the jet ski under control.

20. Hitman Go

40 Best Offline Games For Android And iOS (2021 Update)

Availability: $5.99

Based on Eidos’s popular stealth action game, Hitman Go delivers a portable game experience in the renowned franchise’s turn-based puzzle game. This offline Android game’s mechanics are as follows.

To begin, gamers will take on the role of Agent 47. Second, he must successfully fulfill his objective of eradicating targets at all levels under certain parameters. While a level is a layout on a grid-based board with interconnected nodes and lines that serve as the characters’ course of travel.

Thirdly, assassination missions will require players to position Agent 47 adjacent to the target node. Finally, as players go farther into the game, each level becomes more confrontational.

21. The Room: Old Sins

Availability: $4.99

The Room: Old Sins, the fourth installment in the series, is a room escape game packed with finely constructed puzzles set inside a frightening dollhouse. Thus far, so eerie, correct? When an engineer and his wife vanish, the search for an enigmatic item begins. Continue on the route to their creepy attic, where you’ll discover an odd antique dollhouse. Throughout the game, you’ll unravel the secrets of Waldgrave Manor by following clues, exploring places, and inspecting things for hidden mechanisms. Once you start playing, it’s nearly difficult to put down — and if you haven’t already, there are three other games in the series, all of which are playable offline.

22. Earn to Die 2

Availability: Free with In-app purchases

In a zombie-infested post-apocalyptic world, the only way out is to drive. Earn to Die 2 builds on the popularity of the first with the same side-scrolling gameplay but with a new narrative mode that is five times longer than the original. As simple as driving over mounds of zombies may sound, strategy is necessary to conquer the game. You must consider the quantity of petrol in your tank, the durability of your vehicle, and even the timing of your acceleration and deceleration to maximize your mileage. The rescue ship will not wait indefinitely, so jump on and ride to peace and safety.

23. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Availability: $6.99

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the perfect example of a large-scale console-style experience on mobile. The mobile version of the PlayStation 2 classic works well, and the open-world third-person shooting action measures up to modern standards. San Andreas is a standout Grand Theft Auto title. Additionally, it is one of the greatest Android games.

24. Rayman Adventures

Availability: Free with In-app purchases

Everyone’s favorite French platformer has returned, and he’s now available on smartphones. Rayman Adventures is everything you’ve come to expect from a Rayman game – quirky graphics, tight platforming action — all wrapped up in an Android game. You may play as over 55 characters across seven distinct realms while growing your Sacred Tree and unlocking new adventures. Locate the Ancient Eggs, hatch more than 320 unique Incrediballs, and use them to… That appears to be the case. It’s a crazy trip and one that’s difficult to pass up.

25. Sonic Dash

40 Best Offline Games For Android And iOS (2021 Update)

Availability: Free with In-app purchases

Sonic Dash breathes new life into the traditional platformer by transforming it into an immersive and never-ending running experience. Sonic or one of his buddies — including Knuckles and Tails — must rush across a variety of levels. Sonic’s homing strike and occasional danger occurrences add variety to each run. You’ll even get the opportunity to square battle against two of the Sonic franchise’s most infamous villains: Dr. Eggman and Zazz from Sonic Lost World.

26. Lara Croft Go

Availability: $5.99

Lara Croft GO is a single-player digital board game in which you must maneuver the iconic Tomb Raider heroine through numerous locales while solving puzzles and battling enemies.

All motions are turn-based, which means you must carefully plan your movements and time each action. Each level is more difficult than the previous one, and there are over 115 distinct puzzles to complete.

27. Fallout Shelter

Availability: Free with In-app purchases

Fallout Shelter is a free video game aimed towards lovers of zombie and post-apocalyptic films, as well as fans of the main Fallout video games. You’re entrusted with creating a fallout shelter, filling it with survivors, managing its supplies, and defending it against invaders and mutant beasts in Fallout Shelter.

Despite its Sci-Fi horror theme, the game features a charming 2D cartoon design that lends personality to the rising number of survivors and various dramatic scenarios that emerge during the game.


Availability: $5.99

LIMBO is an atmospheric platformer in which you assume control of a young kid who has traveled to limbo in pursuit of his sister. This Android video game is totally black and white and mainly depends on shadows to disguise obstacles and creatures, creating a really eerie gameplay experience.

LIMBO will appeal to adult players who grew up playing traditional 2D platformers like Super Mario Bros. but may tire younger gamers due to its duotone design.

29. Plants vs Zombies 2

Availability: Free with In-app purchases

Naturally, the PC version is superior and more global than the mobile version, but this is more than sufficient for an enjoyable activity without a network connection. The mobile version’s gameplay is identical to that of the PC version. Additionally, you must strategically put various sorts of plants to prevent a swarm of zombies from infiltrating the garden and devouring the owners’ brains.

In general, this is the entire game, in which we must unlock increasingly stronger species to defeat increasingly powerful zombies. Pleasant visuals and a lighthearted mood provide hours of entertainment.

30. Cover Fire

40 Best Offline Games For Android And iOS (2021 Update)

Availability: Free, with in-app purchases

This is a typical shooter, which isn’t terrible, and there aren’t many of them available for smartphones, particularly without in-app payments. The game has a huge arsenal of weaponry, which we’ll need to unlock as we go. Despite the typical filler seen in most shooters, the game features fairly beautiful visuals that are comparable to their PC counterparts. It is already time for mobile games to compete effectively with projects for PCs and consoles, owing to their strong graphics cards. Everything is intuitive and even rudimentary in terms of game mechanics, yet there are convenient controls and the ostensible formation of military people.

31. Once Upon A Tower

Availability: Free, with in-app purchases

Once Upon A Tower is an offline game that inverts a large number of game components. Rather than rescuing a princess from a tower, the prince is killed and the princess is kicking some buttocks with a sledgehammer to evade the dragon. And, rather than scaling a tower, she is excavating down.

Along the journey, she’ll face a variety of enemies, from ogres to wall-climbing spiders. Then there are the unexpected pitfalls. As if that weren’t enough, she needs to act quickly or the dragon’s scorching breath will destroy everything. Keep in mind the other adversary: gravity.

When possible, collect money and power-ups; you’ll need them to progress through the stages and escape the tower. Once Upon A Tower is an endlessly entertaining offline game.

32. Crowd City

Availability: Free, with in-app purchases

Crowd City offline game is one of the most popular android games. The nicest part about this offline game is that it is playable offline. Few offline Android games are as addicting as Crowd City.

I guarantee that you will like playing that offline game. Crowd City’s offline game is really easy to pick up and play. You’re utilizing a random character that you may name; it’ll travel along with the other individuals, and anybody you contact will become a clone of your team.

To win this offline game, you must create a large number of clones of your team and train them to capture and develop another individual.

33. Homescapes

Availability: Free with in-app purchases

3-in-a-row games were quite popular at one point, and they remain firmly established on a large number of devices, particularly those with little built-in memory. Homescapes is distinct from other three-in-a-row games in that you get to repair and decorate your own house in exchange for performing the task correctly. As such, it functions as a type of builder’s simulator.

We have no idea what type of property it is with its seemingly infinite rooms and a butler named Austin, but if you use your imagination, you may imagine yourself as Batman and possessing a massive estate. Although the program may be used without an internet connection, there are several advantages to connecting to a network that is not present in the initially downloaded version.

34. ICEY

Availability: $2.99

ICEY for iOS and Android appears to be a simple action hack-and-slash game. The protagonist, a mechanical samurai, slashes, spins and brawls her way through a succession of artificial adversaries. As you sprint and battle your way through the various stages, the game provides a thrilling beat-em-up experience, with a nice narrator providing valuable information.

Additionally, it’s a lot of fun. Do not be fooled by the simple appearance. ICEY indicates early on that there is more to uncover if you delve deeper. If you opt to ignore the narrator and take alternate pathways, you’ll uncover a hidden level and an intriguing narrative.

35. Hill Climb Racing

40 Best Offline Games For Android And iOS (2021 Update)

Availability: Free with in-app purchases

Whereas Asphalt 8 concentrates on fast-paced, high-octane racing that needs constant awareness, Hill Climb Racing 2 takes a more measured approach. The game is essentially a remake of the original Hill Climb Racing, but with improved gameplay aspects.

You get to do aerial stunts and play games for hours on end without being bored. The best thing is that Hill Climb Racing 2 is completely free to play, with some optional in-game purchases.

36. 4 Pics 1 Word

Availability: Free with in-app purchases

4 Pics 1 Word is a game show-style game in which participants are given four images, each of which is closely related to a single word. It is up to the participants to speculate on the meaning of the term and solve the problem.

On paper, this appears to be an absurdly easy game with no complexities. However, as the game advances, it becomes significantly more challenging. 4 Pics 1 Word is unquestionably a game worth playing if you’re looking for a difficult setting right on your phone. The 4 Pics 1 Word game’s tough and enjoyable nature makes it one of the greatest free offline games accessible to download.

37. Jetpack Joyride

Availability: Free with in-app purchases

If the name intrigues you, I can guarantee you that the game will be much more. Jetpack Joyride is a game that combines the greatest elements of arcade-style gameplay that have impacted generations of gamers.

You play as Barry, common plankton who enters a top-secret facility, dons a jetpack, and embarks on an adventure. The gameplay is vibrant, enjoyable, and incredibly simple to learn. There is constantly something going on the screen, thus this is the game for people looking for high-octane action with lots to do.

38. Angry Birds 2

Availability: Free with in-app purchases

Since Rovio Entertainment’s original Angry Birds grabbed the market by storm in 2009, the value has skyrocketed to the point that Angry Birds has become a brand name. It’s reasonable to assume that Angry Birds is the most well-known mobile series.

A franchise that dwarfs Pokemon Go and the ill-fated Flappy Bird. Angry Birds 2 is the first legitimate sequel to Angry Birds. I was dubious at first, but the game lived up to my expectations. Although several iterations have been released over the last few years, the sequel manages to provide something new. There is a lot of enjoyment to be had, and you will not feel as though you are watching a sequel.

39. Infinity Loop

Availability: Free with in-app purchases

Want to play something soothing to divert your attention away from the mayhem occurring all around you? The answer is the Infinity Loop. The principle is really straightforward: tap on puzzle pieces to rotate them, join all lines, and complete loops.

The visuals and audio are as basic as they come. This is ideal for the game and ensures that it does not deplete your battery. After a brief lesson, you’re on your own. There is no need for anything else with such easy gameplay and controls.

The levels gradually increase in difficulty up to a certain point, and the developers claim there is an endless amount of them. Additionally, there is a “black mode” that forces you to break all loops rather than create them. To summarize, you will never be bored, regardless of how long you are detained in the transit lounge.

40. Bloons TD 6

40 Best Offline Games For Android And iOS (2021 Update)

Availability: Bloons TD6

Tower defense games are a popular genre in app stores, in which you place units along a predefined path and utilize them to defend against oncoming waves of more powerful forces.

Bloons TD has been updated to version 6, which includes 3D maps, new towers, powers, and upgrade pathways, as well as monkey heroes. If you’re looking to save a few dollars, the earlier edition of the game is still accessible and is still a lot of fun to play.

Whichever one you pick, you’ll get access to hundreds of maps, unique events, co-op play, and infinite play options. Later rounds get really challenging, and just as you begin to relax, a swarm of camouflaged balloons slips through your defenses before you can move to stop them. You’re back to the drawing board.