30 Best Games Like Among Us You Need to Try in 2023

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Whenever I start a new game, I get so engrossed in it that I eat, sleep and drink that game. Among Us is just like that it is really interesting to play. With every passing mission, you want to play it until you end it. But once you passed the game, maybe a few times, you want to try something else and still similar to Among Us. 

For this purpose, I gathered some games which are the alternate choice of “Among Us” for you to enjoy. These games are compatible with Android, XBOX, PC, and web browsers, so don’t forget to see some exciting details mentioned below. So, without further ado, let’s get into our list of best games like Among Us.

List of Best Games Like Among Us

Here are the top 30 best games like “Among Us” you must try. These games are somewhat similar to the popular game Among Us. You will certainly enjoy the new maps and missions and roles in these games. The games are ranked from the last to the best so stick with me and you’ll get the fruit of your patience. 

30. Mighty Goose

30 Best Games Like "Among Us" You Need To Try In 2021

Genre: Shooter video game/Indie game/Arcade.

Mighty Goose gameplay is a little similar to “Among Us”. This game is a very fast-paced run, and it is starring a bounty hunter goose, a bounty hunter who is an incredible gun shooter. The hunter uses amazingly epic weapons and extremely devastating war machines, which turn everything into rubble. 

This is a battle against the mob of enemies and screen-filling bosses. There are tons of crazy but fantastic weapons, secrets, and upgrades you will discover eventually. Dealing with Galaxy conquering monarchs means traveling to no lands and facing all kinds of hazards. 

Pros are

  • Vibrant pixels and artwork with amazing graphics. 
  • Super soundtrack featuring funky jazz and rock melodies. 
  • This game tests your timing and dodging skills.
  • Offers solid gameplay.


  • This game has a short campaign.
  • This game is not very challenging.
  • There is a lack of stage variety and weapons.

29. Foodtruck Arena

Foodtruck Arena

Genre: Racing/Indie/Sports/Single-player game. 

Foodtruck Arena is an uncommon mix of car battles and football games. This game is an unconventional amalgam of food and sport. You have to become a legendary chef to take part in a special and unforgettable tournament. This tournament is the bloodshed between terrifying opponents. You have to beat them to get to the top of the culinary world.

There are a bunch of eccentric cars and weird recipes which change the lifeless world of gourmet cuisines. The graphics make it very similar to “Among Us”.


  • It is an exciting multiplayer game.
  • Exciting tournament modes and free matches.
  • It is a vehicle football gameplay.
  • The game can be played by a single and dual Joycon controller.


  • This game offers no tutorial.
  • This game kind of feels bland.
  • This game has solo gameplay.

28. Fight Party

Fight Party

Genre: Action game/Indie game.

Fight Party is an online and split-screen fighting game. Fight Party offers combat, combo weapons, and some throwable peril to conquer your enemies. You have to be the last one standing on the map to experience the uniqueness the map offers. 

The overall themes of the game make it very intriguing to battle with your enemies. The rare style of this game makes compelling strategies to throw your rivals down. Fight Party’s strategies make it similar to “Among Us”.


  • This is a top 1 killer game.
  • Light and amusing background music.
  • Quick match in multiplayer.


  • No single-player support.

27. Mitosis: The Game

30 Best Games Like "Among Us" You Need To Try In 2021

Genre: Free-to-Play game/Simulation game.

Some elements like survival are related to “Among Us”. In Mitosis: The Game, the player is a cell wandering around careful not to be eaten by larger cells. To survive he had to eat smaller cells and have to be attentive to viruses. The player has to keep this fact in mind that smaller cells move faster than larger cells so he could split himself to move fast in addition he has to be extra cautious of being eaten by larger cells. 

Mitosis: The Game offers four modes: Free-to-Play, Guilds War Game, Capture the Flag Game, and Random Team Game.


  • Great modes of the game.
  • There is a built-in chatroom.


26. Killer Queen Black

Killer Queen Black

Genre: Strategy Video Game/Sports game/Indie game/Simulation game.

Killer Queen Black is a strategic game just like “Among Us”. Killer Queen Black is an 8-player fierce game that managed to gain quite the following. It is an epic strategic game for players both locally and online. 

Killer Queen Black is played casually in quickplay matches as well as ranked matches. In ranked matches, there is an increase in intensity. You can also invite your friends to a private room for a chat. If you are playing as a Queen you have to defend your hive and your workers too. Strategies are necessary and beneficial to play this game. 


  • This game offers 8 players online and local matches.
  • There is an improved style of build
  • Amazing pixel art makes the arcade look original.


  • Improvements are needed for map designs.

25. Knight Squad 2

30 Best Games Like "Among Us" You Need To Try In 2021

Genre: Shooting video games/Fighting games. 

Knight Squad 2 has a gameplay similar to “Among Us”. Knight Squad 2 is a multiplayer game for both local and online multiplayer.

You can pick any cartoon character and you have to choose an outlandish weapon and fight to be a victor.  Knight Squad 2 is very easy to learn with entertaining modes, you can hunt for souls, divulge yourselves in battles, seize the Grai,l and much more.  There are a bunch of unlockable characters and captivating maps waiting for you in this game. 


  • This game features 13 modes and 100 combat arenas.
  • Offers a lot of customization to your cartoonish character.
  • Payload and Minion Attack features are available. 


  • This game doesn’t have a cross-save or progression option.
  • It does not support a cross-play among different platforms.


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24. Paper Pirates

Paper Pirates

Genre: Casual game/Indie game/Strategic.

If you are looking for a game with themes of trust and betrayal like in “Among Us” you have found the perfect game.

In Paper Pirates, the player has to get hold of a crew and jump abroad on a spooky pirate ship and start a fantastic journey of social deduction game. Paper Pirates is a voyage that up to 10 pirates can join.

Every day the captain of the crew chooses some pirates he trusts but it is up to the pirates to act on the captain’s commands or cause trouble. At the end of the day, everyone votes on which pirate will walk the plank but they have to be careful to fling ghosts out of the ship, not an innocent person. 


  • There are three game modes.
  • Offer up to 10 pirates per game. 
  • Amazing customization of pirates and voyage.


  • You will either love or hate the graphics.

23. Can’t Drive This

30 Best Games Like "Among Us" You Need To Try In 2021

Genre: Racing video game

Can’t Drive This has gameplay and graphics like “Among Us”.

Can’t Drive This is a multiplayer racing game.  The player has to drive his monstrous truck and his friends have to build the road for him to beat other opponents. The twist of this game is that you cannot slow down because your truck might explode if you do. This game provides customizable race tracks and vehicles which adds to the appeal of this game. 


  • Single-player and multiplayer cross-platform features.
  • Amazing customization features.
  • Nice soundtrack and sense of humor.


  • Does not offer many game modes. 

22. Move Or Die

Move Or Die

Genre: Puzzle video game

Move Or Die is a fast-paced game in which the mechanics change every 20 seconds. It is a 4-player game where the rules interchange in every single round. There are a lot of amazing modes to choose from with their amazing features and mechanics. Like its title, this game urges you to take some action because inaction might explode your character.  Some of the game elements are akin to “Among Us” and that why we put it on this list of best games like Among Us.


  • Striking graphics and an amazing soundtrack.
  • There are community-wide challenges daily.
  • This game includes Steam Workshop support.


  • It is a pay to win game.

21. Accident on the Simple Rd

Accident on the Simple Road

Genre: Action game/Indie game/Multi-player/Casual game.

Accident on the Simple Rd is a social deductions game and a mix between Civilians and Among Us.

The civilians must fix the school bus or they have a choice to fire the maniacs with the limited supplies. Every player has a house and a supply box and only the owner can open his house. House keys can be stolen by other players. Supply boxes have the things like food, and water which are in demand. Maniacs’ mission is to steal the food supplies and not letting the Civilians fix the school bus. 


  • Completion of demands by supply box.
  • Amazing graphics and visuals.


  • The game lacks the proper amount of gear.
  • The time in which you can accomplish the task is limited.

20. Mindnight 

30 Best Games Like "Among Us" You Need To Try In 2021

Genre: Free-to-Play/Strategic/Role-playing game/Indie game. 

Mindnight is quite similar to “Among Us” in its theme of trust and betrayal as well as a social deduction.

In Mindnight game, you are given a role to play either a hacker or an agent. It is a social deduction game there is deception, accusation, and a lot of unpredictable behaviors. The agent has to pick out the hacker before the disturbance happens and the hackers are assigned to create mess and chaos. This game challenges your lying and your ability to detect lies. 


  • It is a great game for new gamers/players. 
  • Very challenging assignments
  • A complete guide is provided.


  • Bad graphics.


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 19. Wigged Out

Wigged Out

Genre: Action game/Video game/Indie game/Sports

Various elements of Wigged Out are similar to “Among Us” like strategic moves.

Wigged Out takes place in an unreliable past where two rival schools go against each other in a comical and chaotic ball game. The ball in this game is called BOB (Big Ol’ Ball). The ball is thrown over all over the fields and when it hits your opponents or team members, it makes them fly. 


  • It is a very challenging game
  • Great soundtrack 


  • Does not allow the single-player game.
  • The graphics are not very impressive.

18. Space God

Space God

Genre: Action game/Indie/Casual.

The survival theme makes Space God akin to “Among Us”.

Space God is a ‘hyper retro neon’ style game. The player has to keep moving to survive the enemy attacks and kill enemies to get to the next level. Star coins can unlock new ships and weapons. The graphics of this game are very flashy and colorful which might appeal to children. 


  • Single-player, multiplayer, and online co-op.
  • Fluid motion and fluid shooting.
  • Great music.


  • Controller issues. 
  • Meta-game unlocks are not visible sometimes.

17. Suspects: Mystery Mansion

30 Best Games Like "Among Us" You Need To Try In 2021

Genre: Action game/Party/Free-to-Play/Casual game.

If you are into a game with Social Deduction like “Among Us” then Suspects: Mystery Mansion is perfect for you. It is a multiplayer game too with the themes of Trust and Treachery.

In Suspects: Mystery Mansion, players are invited to solve a mystery. Nine players are trying to investigate a puzzle, but they have to be careful because the killer is among them. The killer is one of the players and he might kill the players to stop the investigation. Suspects: Mystery Mansion is a social deduction game where the players discuss to pinpoint the killer. After the discussion, there is voting based on gut instincts about the suspect. 


  • Multiplayer game
  • Very challenging and exciting


  • Does not allow the single-player game.

16. Killer: Infected One Of Us

Killer Infected One Of Us

Genre: Casual game/Indie/Massively Multi-player.

The secret identity theme of this game is quite alike to “Among Us”. Android and iOS device users can play this game. 

Killer: Infected One Of Us is set in the future, 2040. Statements come from the headquarters in the Arctic about some newly found viruses. You and your team will study the newly found viruses. During the research, something got out of control and many people got infected with the virus. The infected “killer” has to infect people with the virus and the Healthy people have to find a cure and stop the spreadd of the virus. 


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  • This game offers exciting quests.
  • Amazing soundtrack. 
  • Text and voice chats.


  • Problems with the controller.
  • Not easy to play.

15. Dichotomy

30 Best Games Like "Among Us" You Need To Try In 2021

Genre: Indie/Action/Adventure/Multi-players.

This game has the same Traitor and Survival theme and that’s why we put it on our list of best games like Among Us.

4-10 players play Dichotomy to neutralize the traitors. There can be a single traitor or a few of them, and exposing them is crucial for the crew. The players have to complete the tasks to capture the traitors. 

Dichotomy is one of the best alternatives for the game “Among Us”. 


  • Exciting challenges.
  • Multiplayer.
  • Great soundtrack.


  • Graphics are sub-par

14. Werewolves Within

Werewolves Within

Genre: Simulation/Strategy/Role-play/Social Deduction.

Werewolves Within is about role-playing and social deduction for up to 5-8 players. Werewolves Within is not a survival or traitor game like “Among Us” but some of the game elements are the same as the deceit of imposters, survival, and deception.

After multiple attacks on townsfolk, the village of Gallowston reached its limits. You have to collect resources to protect your village and its people. But you have to be careful because the enemy’s lair is somewhere hidden and you need to uncover it. You have to survive the deception and a lot more surprises in Werewolves Within.


  • Multiplayer game.
  • Great graphics.
  • Resources are very useful.


  • It is an add-weighted game.

13. Triple Agent

30 Best Games Like "Among Us" You Need To Try In 2021

Genre: Deduction/Espionage game. 

Triple Agent has similar themes and elusive strategies to the game “Among Us”. If you enjoyed the deception schemes in “Among Us”, you will certainly enjoy this game and it is available for Android and iOS users. 

Triple Agent game is full of deceit, betrayal, and hidden identities. You can be a service agent or a virus, which is called a double agent. The double agent’s role is to create the wrong suspicion about other players and protect his identity. 


  • Single device playing feature.
  • Impressive graphics.


  • Repetative gameplay.

12. Undercover


Genre: Deduction/Strategy game 

Undercover is also one of the games with deceptive identity themes like “Among Us” in a different but simple way.

In Undercover, the players are given different identities like Mr. White, a civilian person, and an undercover person. They have to figure out each other’s identities as well as their own to pick out the enemy. The player is given a clue word to distinguish between enemies and friends. 


  • The theme of manipulation and deception.
  • Available online and offline 


  • Not a single-player game, requiring 3 players.

11. Dread Hunger

Dread Hunger

Genre: Adventure/Indie/Fighting game.

Dread Hunger survival and betrayal elements are similar to “Among Us” so it is one of the best substitutes for it. 

In Dread Hunger, there are 8 players or Explores who go on a voyage in the horrible Arctic and among their crew, there are two traitors who are doing everything to create a catastrophe for Explorers. You have to betray your friends and survive eating whatever you can get your hands on. 


  • New maps, terrifying weapons, and exciting challenges.
  • Lots of mechanics for objectives
  • Multiplayer game. 


  • The social deception theme is weak. 
  • The tutorial is not helpful.

10. First Class Trouble 

30 Best Games Like "Among Us" You Need To Try In 2021

Genre: Indie/Party game.

The main themes of First Class Trouble are related to “Among Us,” like Betrayal and Survival theme. First Class Trouble is a multiplayer game available for Android, Play Station, and iOS users. 

It is a party game in which players work together and against one another to survive. No matter your role as a human Resident or Personoids you have to use your common sense and wit to survive. In First Class Trouble, you have to deceive your way into the game in a very thrilling and troublesome environment. The game is full of taxing decisions and eccentric situations. For these reasons, we decided to put First Class Trouble up high on our list of best games like Among Us.


  • Exhilarating killing scenarios.
  • Endless customization possibilities.


  • Weak support.


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9. Hidden In Plain Sight

Hidden In Plain Sight

Genre: Strategy/Indie/casual game

Hidden in Plain Sight is one of the best games like “Among Us” you could try, they are similar when it comes to goals and tasks.

Hidden In Plain Sight game is played by a group of 2-4 players who are given certain tasks they have to do together to gain observation. You have to blend in the rush of AI characters to do the assignment. During these tasks, the player has to eliminate some members without anybody’s notice. Elimination and Death Race are some of the modes you have to use to get the attention you need.  


  • Death Race and Elimination modes of the game
  • Available both online and offline. 


  • The game requires a gaming controller. 
  • Not available in single-player mode.

8. Enemy On Board

Enemy On Board

Genre: Indie/Fighting/Free-to-Play game.

Enemy On Board is an ideal game to play with your friends when you are looking for a game akin to “Among Us”.

In Enemy On Board, you can have eight members and out of these eight members, six will be your crew but two will be picked as some alien impersonator. You have to murder the aliens before they cause trouble. The Aliens live among the crew members and after some time they become hard to distinguish as the communication stops between the members. 


  • multiplayer up to 8 people.
  • Impressive graphics.


  • Malfunction in communication chats. 

7. Unfortunate Spaceman

30 Best Games Like "Among Us" You Need To Try In 2021

Genre: Shooting/Indie/Fighting game.

Unfortunate Spaceman has a common theme of survival and space-based gameplay so this game is an ideal pick in the list of best games like “Among Us”. 

Unfortunate Spaceman offers different modes to play from, you just have to choose from the list. Unfortunate Spaceman is a multiplayer game for up to 12 players. During play, you can wander in the rooms, hide, and eavesdrop on a conversation between other contestants. 

For survival, you have to fight the hordes of enemies and also protect fellow spacemen. In survival mode, you also fight against a Crumerian insect swarm. There is a shapeshifter mode to hunt and escape.


  • Voice chats are available.
  • Multiple gaming modes


  • Gameplay is overcrowded.

6. Project Winter

Project Winter

Genre: Social deception/Shooting/Adventure/Strategy.

Project Winter is based on trust, betrayal, and deceit just like in “Among Us”. In Project Winter, you have to perform certain assignments and tasks to assemble the necessary resources. 

Sabotage has a prominent role in this game because imposters are living among you so you have to be cautious to put your trust in players. Traitors will cause trouble by spreading lies but you have to trust your survival instincts.


  • Impressive visuals
  • Massively multiplayer.
  • Proximity support voice chats available.


  • Not popular as Among Us.

5. Secret Neighbor

30 Best Games Like "Among Us" You Need To Try In 2021

Genre: Survival horror/Stealth/Adventure. 

Secret Neighbor is among one of the best games like “Among Us” sharing the survival and traitor theme, available on Android, iOS, and Xbox.

In Secret Neighbor, 6 players break into a neighbor’s home. The cunning neighbor traps the players and makes them disappear. The disappearance adds to the intrigue of the game because a traitor is camouflaged as the neighbor. Secret Neighbor has a great storyline and engaging gameplay. 


  • Best deduction game available on Xbox.
  • Offers impressive graphics visuals.


  • No new advantages.


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4. Werewolf Online

Werewolf Online

Genre: Strategy/Indie/Casual game

Werewolf Online is not purely a survival or traitor game like “Among Us” but some of its elements are quite similar to Among Us like deception and trust.

You have to gather all the resources available and defend your people and village but the twist is that some liars also live in your village and will destroy your village and your team. There are up to 16 players and you need to discover who the cheat and liar are. There is an air of betrayal and deception, through which you will come out as the winner. 


  • Survival and deception theme.
  • Great graphics and visuals. 
  • Massively multiplayer.


  • Burdened with advertisements. 

3. Betrayal.io

30 Best Games Like "Among Us" You Need To Try In 2021

Genre: Mystery/Strategy game.

Betrayal.io shares the main theme of betrayal and survival with “Among Us” and it is one of the top best alternatives of Among Us you can enjoy. Betrayal.io can be played on any platform like Android without any restrictions. You can download Betrayal.io on smartphones as well as PC.

Although the gameplay of Betrayal.io is somewhat similar to Among Us but is tougher to play. In the game, you find the betrayer or become a deceiver yourself and trick your teammates. 


  • Available free on every platform.
  • Massively multiplayer.
  • Offers support to enjoy a  party room


  • Not available for iOS users.
  • No bug fixes.

2. Town Of Salem

Town Of Salem

Genre: Strategy video game/Social Deduction/Indie game.

Town of Salem is one of the popular games like “Among Us”. Depending on who you ask, it’s much better too since it offers more roles and better versatility in those roles.

Some elements of Town Of Salem are similar to Among Us as strategy and deception. Unlike other games, you can select your characters from the list of 33 characters. This game has a great vision and scope. The game has mafia, neutral, good guys, arsonists, serial killers, and many others.

The game challenges your ability to lie and detect lies to capture the traitors among the people. 


  • Lots of customization and characters
  • Themes of trust and treachery


  • The graphics are not good.
  • The moderation of the game is no good.

1. Deceit

30 Best Games Like "Among Us" You Need To Try In 2021

Genre: Indie/Action game/Free-to-Play.

Deceit is the top best game in the list of games like “Among Us” as it has different gameplay but the themes of treachery, trust, and deceit are identical.

In Deceit, you meet people and put your trust in them, and strive to survive. Deceit is unlike any other local game, in this, you wake up in an Asylum where 5 other players are present. Out of these 5 players 2 are infected with a terrible virus. This virus compels them to kill innocents and your duty is to become an ally with other players and kill the traitors. This game is one of the best social deduction games ever made.


  • Best trust and treachery-based game.
  • Amazing graphics and visuals.
  • Fast and full of action.
  • Multiplayer up to 6 players.


  • Restricted only to PC.
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