8 Best Quotes from ‘Invisible City’ Season 1 & 2


Netflix’s ‘Invisible City‘ has been a hit among fantasy and mystery enthusiasts since its debut. The fantasy series based on Brazilian folklore follows the story of a man named Eric, a detective who discovers the existence of magical creatures in the heart of Rio de Janeiro after investigating a mysterious case. Throughout its two seasons, ‘Invisible City’ has not only captivated audiences with its intriguing plot and incredible depictions of fantasy creatures but also with its thought-provoking dialogue. In this article, we have compiled the eight best quotes from ‘Invisible City’ that will leave you thinking long after the credits roll.

1. “You can’t live off and feed on legends.” 

This line was spoken in the first episode by João. João is trying to talk the local community into selling their land to the construction company and receiving compensation for it. We know that fishing has been on the decline in the area, and everybody suspects that it’s due to the activity of the construction company, but the sudden ecological damage has its roots in something far more sinister. João urges the community to take the compensation for the land with the words that their folklore and legends won’t feed them when fish runs out. 

2. “They walk among us, Eric. Ever since man became man, they are mirrors of us.”

This quote was spoken by Ciço, who realized long before Eric that the world that they thought they knew was inhabited by supernatural creatures. The realization was shocking for Eric, as he watched seemingly ordinary people going about their day, but he was likewise aware that there was something supernatural going on, and it was connected to his wife’s death. Little did he know that he would ultimately turn out to be one of “them.”

3. “Now this curse has been set loose, Inês. And it’s killing. Every spirit needs a body to inhabit.”

While wandering the forest, Ciço realizes that the tomb that previously contained Dry Body has been unsealed and that it’s running rampant, killing people responsible for its death in one way or another. Ines figures out that the spirit cannot harm people by itself and needs a body to inhabit, which means that they are dealing with something corporeal and very real. Even though the spirit cannot touch them, the body that the spirit inhabits can. 

4.”Your mother died because her time arrived, and there’s no medicine or herb that would ever change that.”

João and Ciço are once again on opposing ends, with João blaming his own father that he is somehow responsible for the death of his mother because he was unwilling to leave his ancestral home in nature. Ciço explains to João that dying is a natural part of human life. Even if his mother lived in the luxury of the city instead of living in the wilderness of the jungle, she would have still died because no amount of money, medicine, technology, or knowledge could protect us from dying. 


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5 “Only people are good or evil, Luna.”

At the beginning of season 2, Luna and Ines are searching for Eric’s body, and Luna has several leads based on her prophetic dreams. Ines and Luna run into a place of power in the jungle, with Ines sensing great power beyond human comprehension. Luna asks whether the power is evil or good in nature, and Ines answers that only people can be good or evil. Everything else simply is and has no motives that lean one way or another. 

6. “The world is more than meets the eye. Nature has its rules; we can’t simply go about doing as we please.” 

Luna tried to force her way into the closed section of the jungle, protected by ancient powers, but Ines, wise as always, encouraged her to drop the idea since the place was protected by ancient magic for a reason. Luna’s way of dealing with things, rushing with no regard for safety and other unspoken rules, will eventually land her in a world of trouble. 

7. “I know you’re absolutely terrified of losing your daughter. Of losing Luna. Of losing sight of who you are. But I know that you’re even more terrified of what you might see when you look in the mirror.”

This quote was spoken by Ines to Eric. Eric wakes up and accidentally steals the powers of Wolf Boy. He is looking for answers and is not willing to wait to get them. His plan only threatens to put his daughter and everybody else in danger, but Ines recognizes the true reason for his fear and newfound foolhardiness. Eric is afraid to deal with the things that are happening to him.

Ever since the first episode, we’ve seen Eric’s world turned upside down, from losing his wife to finding out that the mythical world is real to dying and ultimately being transformed into a beast. Eric is terrified that the beast that he’s become to protect his daughter is far worse than the things he is protecting her from. 

8 “Messing with the natural order of things has its consequences. You know about that better than I do.”

Ines eventually summons Matinta Perê, a sorcerer that made a deal with Luna. Matinta was the one that allowed Eric to revive himself in the water, and now, since Eric is freed and goes around absorbing supernatural powers, the natural balance has been compromised. Matinta simply tells Ines something that she is quite aware of, just because they are supernatural entities, it doesn’t mean that they are above nature and natural order. 

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