All 10 ‘Invisible City’ Mythological Creatures Explained 

Invisible city creatures

Netflix’s Invisible City is fantasy series heavily inspired by Brazilian folklore and, as such, has plenty of mythological entities included in the main storyline. These elusive and mysterious beings have remained shrouded in secrecy for centuries, but now it’s time to unveil their stories and unravel the secrets of their existence. From the mischievous Saci to the stunning Iara, it’s time to explore these creatures that have inhabited Brazil’s jungles for centuries. 

1. Cuca

Ines Butterflys

Cuca is portrayed in the series by stunning Inês (Alessandra Negrini). Her magical voice has the power to induce a magical type of sleep in her “victims” and transport them to other dimensions or uncover otherwise deep-buried memories. Due to her magical abilities, she is a master of hypnosis and “reading people.” Her mythological equivalent is Cuca, quite a prominent creature in Brazilian and Portuguese folklore.

She is often depicted as a terrifying creature with scaly skin, glowing eyes, and long sharp claws. Her appearance is meant to strike fear into the hearts of children and discourage them from acting out. According to the legend, if a child misbehaves or disobeys their parents, Cuca will come to their house and take them away, making them disappear. This story is often told as a cautionary tale to scare children into obeying their parents and behaving properly.

2. Curupira 


Curupira is the first mythological entity we see in season 1. Portrayed by Fábio Lago, Curupira acts as the guardian of the forest and sports a menacing flaming head. It is an incredibly dangerous creature, and in part, it’s responsible for the creation of “Dry Skin.” According to Brazilian Folklore, Curupira takes the form of a small, red-haired man or boy with backward feet.

He is known for his mischievous and protective nature and is said to live in the forests of Brazil. Curupira is believed to be the guardian of the animals and plants in the forest and is said to punish hunters and loggers who disrespect nature. You know that Curupira is around when you hear whistling or laughing in the forest. He also has the ability to create illusions. 

3. Iara

Invisible City Camila Siren

Iara is portrayed by Jessica Córes, and she’s certainly one of the most memorable characters that we’ve encountered in the series due to being a mermaid. Mermaids are known for pulling unlucky sailors and men into the waters, never to be seen again, and this is something that Camila attempted to do to Eric, but he survived.


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In Brazilian folklore, Iara is known as the “Lady of the Waters, a beautiful mermaid or siren who resides in the rivers and streams of Brazil. According to the legend, Iara would use her enchanting singing voice to lure men to their deaths by drowning them in the water. Sirens in Brazil are often depicted with long, flowing dark hair and fish-like tail with extremely seductive voices and alluring personalities. 

4. Tapire-iauara 

Tutu invisible city

Like most cultures around the world, Brazil is no stranger to shapeshifting entities, both malevolent and benevolent in nature. According to Brazilian legends, Tapire-iauara is a powerful and benevolent spirit who has the ability to shapeshift into various animals, such as a jaguar, a deer, or a tapir. It is said that Tapire-iauara protects the animals of the Amazon rainforest from hunters and other threats and punishes those who disrespect or harm the natural world. Tapire-iauara, we’ve seen in the Invisible City, Tutu, has the ability to shapeshift into a tapir, specifically. 

5. Saci 


Saci is a trickster who was promptly recognized and identified by Eric’s daughter Luna. In the series, Saci took on the identity of Isac (yes, I know, very clever) and had the identity to appear and reappear at will. In folklore, Saci enjoys playing pranks on people, such as hiding objects, tripping them, or making noises in the middle of the night. Despite his mischievous nature, Saci is not considered to be evil and is often portrayed as a trickster figure who teaches people valuable lessons through his pranks. Most cultures around the world have tricksters in their lore, and Brazil is no different in that regard. 

6. Boto – Pink River Dolphin 

Pink dolphin 1

Pink River Dolphin was the entity that started Eric’s journey as he came across this mysterious creature after his wife died, and it made him wonder whether everything was connected. Boto likewise ended up being Eric’s father, and it’s the source of his own supernatural abilities that are put into greater focus in season 2.


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Like Tapire-iauara, Boto is a shapeshift, capable of taking on the form of a Pink River Dolphin. Dolphin can transform into handsome man, that seduces and impregnates women. Like Cuca, the legend of the Boto is told as a cautionary tale, warning young women of the dangers of being lured by a handsome stranger who may not be what he appears to be. But there’s a positive side to Boto as well since the creature is often associated with fertility and abundance. 

7. Dry Body – Corpo Seco 

Dry body

Dry Body is a person who was, after death, cursed to wander the world forever instead of attaining eternal rest due to the unspeakable crimes that were committed while the person was alive. Dry Body appears as an entity with hollow bones, shriveled leathery skin, and long nails and hair, and it strikes fear into the hearts of the innocent. In Invisible City, Dry Body took on the form of a malevolent curse capable of possessing other living people. Eric managed to get rid of the Dry Body for a time by killing himself. 

8. Matinta Pere

Matinta Pere

We were introduced to Matinta when Luna, desperate to uncover the location of her father’s body, made a deal with her in exchange for something that she might ask in the future and regretted it bitterly. Matinta is easily among the most dangerous on this list due to her sorcery and her ability to make people regret their wishes.

The witch often takes the form of a hunchbacked woman with long grey hair and ragged clothes. She can likewise shapeshift into various animals, such as snakes. Matinta Pereira is believed to have the power to curse people, causing them to fall ill or even die. However, she can also be invoked for protection, with people calling upon her to ward off evil spirits or enemies.

9. Wolf Boy – Lobisomem

Wolf Boy

Early in season 2 of Invisible City, we learn that Eric has the ability to steal the powers of other magical entities. One of those magical entities is Wolf Boy. Eric somehow manages to lift the curse and take on the powers of a werewolf for himself.

Lobisomem, or werewolf, is a pretty common mythological creature that appears around the world, but the version of the creature we see in the show has its roots in Brazil. In some versions of the story, the transformation is triggered by being bitten by another werewolf, while in others, it is a curse inflicted by a witch or through a pact with the devil. The Lobisomem is said to be particularly dangerous and aggressive during its transformed state, preying on humans and animals alike.

10. The Headless Mule 

The Headless Mule

Despite its terrifying reputation, the figure of the Headless Mule remains a popular subject of Brazilian folklore, inspiring countless stories, songs, and artworks, and the mule found its way to Invisible City as well. According to legend, the Headless Mule can only appear on certain nights, usually on Fridays or during the full moon. It is said to roam the countryside, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake and emitting a deafening howl that can be heard for miles.

In some versions of the story, the Headless Mule is believed to be a shape-shifter, able to transform into other animals or even a beautiful woman to lure unsuspecting men to their doom. In others, it is believed to be a harbinger of bad luck or misfortune, with its appearance signaling a looming tragedy or disaster.


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10. Moura Encantada


Debora was revealed in the series as having the power to shapeshift into a snake. This is a curse well-known in Brazilian folklore as Moura Encantada is a supernatural being that appears as a beautiful, seductive woman with long dark hair and glowing eyes. She is often depicted wearing a flowing white dress and jewelry made of gold and precious stones. This stunning girl has the power to shapeshift into a hideous snake, often guarding treasure, and we know that Marangatu, the city of gold, is the prevalent theme in season 2 of Invisible City. 

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