30 Best Reincarnation Anime Ranked to Watch in 2023

30 Best Reincarnation Anime Ranked (2022 update)

The theological and philosophical concept of reincarnation stipulates “that the non-physical essence of a living being begins a new life in a different physical form or body after biological death.” This is not so frequent in Western tradition as it is in the East, which is why it makes sense that there are a lot of great anime series focused on that concept. They appear in different shapes and sizes and in this article, we are going to rank the 30 best reincarnation-themed anime series you need to watch.

30. In the Land of Leadale

land leadale anime

Original Run: January 5, 2022 – March 23, 2022
Number of Episodes: 12

After a terrible accident that put her on life support, Keina Kagami’s last vestige of freedom was in the massively multiplayer online role-playing video game (VRMMORPG) World of Leadale. However, when life support stops working, Keina dies instantly, but suddenly, waking up in the body of her game avatar, Keina, now Cayna, finds that the worries of her old life seem to be a thing of the past, but somehow this new land doesn’t seem to be the Leadale she remembered.

29. I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level

ive been killing slimes for 300 years and maxed out my level 14132 1

Original Run: April 10, 2021 – present
Number of Episodes: 12

After living an arduous life as an office worker, Azusa passed away from overwork at a young age. A goddess grants her wish to be reborn into a quiet life. So she finds herself as an immortal, non-aging witch at the age of 17 in a new world. She vows to spend her days as stress-free and as pleasant as possible. She has a house and a field that she can cultivate, and there is everything else she needs in the nearby village.

She joins the Adventurer’s Guild and regularly hunts down slimes in the area, which drop crystals to make a living. But after three centuries of doing this simple work, she has reached the highest level of witchcraft. When this becomes known and Azusa becomes famous as the powerful “Witch of the Plateau”, all sorts of adventurers and powerful beings suddenly appear who want to compete with her. The witch’s quiet life is now over.

28. Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody

Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody

Original Run: January 11, 2018 – March 29, 2018
Number of Episodes: 12

Ichiro Suzuki is a video game programmer who, after his partner disappeared before the release of the game, had to fix the bugs by himself, so he decides to take a nap He somehow wakes up in the world he was apparently editing before sleeping, where he sees his new name: Satou Pendragon. Upon activating a default ability, he visualizes a group of lizardmen not far from his position.

To survive, Satou uses the gift ability Starfall or Meteor Shower, whereby annihilating all enemies he goes up to level 310 and becomes very rich. Satou decides to hide his level and live peacefully meeting new people. Meeting Zara, Pochi, Tama, Liza, Arisa, and Lulu among others that he will meet throughout his journey.

27. The Strongest Sage With the Weakest Crest

Strongest Sage Weakest Crest 04

Original Run: January 8, 2022 – March 26, 2022
Number of Episodes: 12

The mighty dragon Godslayer ravaged the world until a mage, the wise, could stop him. The magician knows that there are even stronger dragons. But his power is limited by a seal that he, like all other humans, has had since birth. So he decides to let his soul be reborn in another body. Sometime later he finds himself in six-year-old Matthias Hildesheim. His seal is now one that helps him in magical combat.

But the world around him has changed: people hardly use magic anymore and most of the tools for it are out of use. Instead, they rely on weapons and machines. In fighting his arrogant brother Vigel and training his older brother Leik, Matthi also learns that magic itself has changed and is now harder to master. So he must now first master the changes in the world before he can devote himself to his actual goal.

26. Skeleton Knight in Another World

Skeleton Knight In Another World1

Original Run: April 7, 2022 – present
Number of Episodes: 5+

After falling asleep while playing his online game, the protagonist of the work wakes up transported to another world embodied in the body of his gaming avatar possessing his gaming equipment. After a short time, the protagonist remembers a detail of his character that he had forgotten due to the heavy armor he wore, obscuring his body entirely, he had created a Skeleton Knight.

Finding himself in the body of a skeleton, he decides to hide his appearance and that if discovered he would use the role-play biography he had invented for his character, that of a great knight affected by an incurable curse. and crossing the world in search of a solution.

25. The 8th Son? Are You Kidding Me?

8th son

Original Run: April 2, 2020 – June 18, 2020
Number of Episodes: 12

Shingo Ichinomiya was once a Japanese salaryman until the day he fell asleep and woke up in a magical fantasy world as a boy named Wendelin von Benno Baumeister, the eighth son of the noble Baumeister family. Because his family is poor, Wendelin is unlikely to inherit anything from his father, as the family’s noble title, wealth, and possessions will go to his older brother, Kurt, while the rest of his siblings leave the estate to find income by other means.

When he looks through his father’s library he finds a magic test orb that glows rainbow colors when he activates it, proving that he has the ability to use magic. Alfred, a former court mage turned restless undead, senses his magical prowess and decides to teach Wendelin everything he knows about magic.

Thanks to Alfred, Wendelin becomes a skilled swordsman and magician, although he did it in secret to avoid family disputes. Growing up and studying at the Academy, Wendelin will have to form a group of adventurers with his classmates and will have to learn not only to adapt to this new world, but he must also have many deeds and heroic adventures.

24. Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?!

Watashi Nouryoku wa Heikinchi de tte Itta yo ne 02 Miffy

Original Run: October 7, 2019 – December 23, 2019
Number of Episodes: 12

Misato Kurihara is a genius. This is what she was told ever since her exceptional abilities started to emerge, making people expect a lot of her. But on the day of his high school graduation ceremony, an inattentive driver rushes in the direction of a little girl.

Without thinking, Misato jumped into the street, protecting the little girl at the cost of her life. When she wakes up, she meets God, the Creator, who explains to her that the girl she saved will lead a life of great fame.

23. My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!

My Next Life as a Villainness Episode 01 Figure 03 scaled 1

Original Run: April 5, 2020 – September 18, 2021
Number of Episodes: 24 (+ 2 OVA)

Duke Claes’ only daughter, Catarina Claes, was proud and selfish because she was spoiled by her parents. However, when she was eight, her father took her to the royal castle where she bangs her head against a stone. As a result of this, she recovers memories of her previous life as a young otaku girl who lost her life in a traffic accident.

This world seems familiar to her, she notices that it is that of the otome game, “Fortune Lover”, which she played before her accident and of which in reality she has been reincarnated as the rival of the heroine and antagonist of the game.

22. Seirei Gensōki: Spirit Chronicles

Seirei Gensoki Spirit Chronicles

Original Run: July 6, 2021 – present
Number of Episodes: 12

Rio is an orphan boy whose mother was brutally murdered in front of him when he was five years old. Since then he has been searching for his mother’s murderer. In addition, he is the reincarnation of Haruto Amakawa, a student of modern Japan who died in an accident and now shares his memories of this other world.

With the help of Haruto’s memory, Rio gains a special magical power that, if used properly, can give him a better life. Thanks to this power, he is able to free the kidnapped Princess Flora and bring her safely back to the Kingdom of Bertram, whereupon Rio receives permission to study at Bertram’s Royal Academy. An accusation against him causes him to drop out of college and flee the kingdom.


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He flees to the eastern regions of the world where his mother once lived. There he meets members of his family and learns that he is the son of a fugitive princess from the Kingdom of Karasuki. Years later, Rio decides to return to the Western Kingdom under a new name to exact revenge on his parents’ enemies.

21. The Greatest Demon Lord Is Reborn as a Typical Nobody

The Greatest Demon Lord Is Reborn as a Typical Nobody

Original Run: April 6, 2022 – present
Number of Episodes: 5+

As the most powerful entity of all time, Demon Lord Varvatos believes that life is quite boring. When he takes matters into his own hands and decides to reincarnate, he calibrates his magical strength to be perfectly normal. But there’s no way he could have predicted that everyone in the modern world would be weak as bugs, which means he’s totally taking over the world once again!

Reborn under the name Ard, he has women who fawn over him, the royal family begging him to become the next king, and a former subordinate who insists on killing him. But Ard has a one way mind, and he will stop at nothing to achieve his ultimate goal!

20. The World’s Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat

finest assassin behind the scenes

Original Run: October 6, 2021 – December 22, 2021
Number of Episodes: 12

The protagonist is an old man who has lived his life as the best assassin in the world. Due to his advanced age, it was decided that he would be allowed to stop working and retire. When he gets on a plane, it turns out that it was sabotaged and even his skills as the best assassin in the world cannot save him from his death. He is resurrected by a goddess after his death.

She wants to give him a new life in a world of swords and magic. In this world, he is tasked with saving the world from being destroyed by a hero. Upon accepting the goddess’ request, he is reincarnated as Lugh Tuatha Dé. He then swears to himself that from now on he will fully enjoy life as a human being and will no longer be misused by anyone as a means to an end.

19. The Rising of the Shield Hero

The Rising of the Shield Hero Chapter 82

Original Run: January 9, 2019 – present
Number of Episodes: 25

Naofumi Iwatani was summoned to a completely different world with three other boys from parallel Japans to become the “Legendary Four Heroes”, or “Four Ancestral Saints”, of this strange new world. Each of the Heroes was equipped with their own legendary equipment as soon as they were summoned to the strange new world: Naofumi received the “Legendary Shield”, the only defensive equipment of the four, while the others respectively received an offensive weapon.

Due to Naofumi’s lack of charisma and experience, he ended up with only one teammate to accompany him, an attractive young woman, while the others received several: unfortunately, on the second day, Naofumi was betrayed, stripped, and falsely accused by said teammate.

Disgraced and persecuted by everyone in the kingdom, from the king to the peasants, Naofumi’s thoughts are now filled with nothing but revenge and hatred. Thus begins his journey in this world where he will have to progress alone.

18. Mushoku Tensei

Mushoku Tensei

Original Run: January 11, 2021 – December 20, 2021
Number of Episodes: 23

A 34-year-old Japanese NEET is kicked out of his home following the death of his parents. After some soul-searching, he concludes that his life was ultimately useless. Seeing a truck driving at high speed heading towards a group of teenagers, he decides to intervene to try to achieve at least once something significant in his life, and manages to put one of them out of danger before dying.

Waking up in the body of a baby, he quickly realizes that he has been reincarnated in a world of Heroic fantasy, where an atmosphere of medieval Europe reigns. He then sets out to succeed in his new life, discarding his old identity for that of Rudeus Greyrat, son of the minor nobility. Due to his genetic factor and early training, Rudeus becomes extremely skilled in magic.

During his childhood, he became a student of Roxy Migurdia, a demoness, then befriended Sylphiette, an elf. He later serves as a teacher for Eris Boreas Greyrat, his cousin. When a magical cataclysm teleports them far from home, Rudeus decides to escort Eris home. During his journey, Rudeus receives advice from the mysterious Hitogami and becomes friends with Ruijerd Speldia, whose honor he will aim to restore.

17. So I’m a Spider, So What?

So Im a Spider So What

Original Run: January 8, 2021 – July 3, 2021
Number of Episodes:

During a long fierce fight between the hero and the demon king of a fantasy world, their magic power was so intense that it crossed another world and formed a gigantic explosion in a classroom, killing the students inside. inside. The latter are immediately reincarnated in this world, while some became princes or prodigies, others were not so lucky.

The protagonist, who was the most antisocial of the group, discovers that she has reincarnated as a spider within a dungeon filled with vicious creatures. Currently at the bottom of the food chain, she must adapt to this new situation with great determination in order to survive in a world that is unknown to her. She thus goes through extreme trials, with only her human knowledge and her overwhelming positivity, to continue to persevere against creatures much stronger than her.

16. Ascendance of a Bookworm

Ascendance of a Bookworm

Episodes: 26 (+ 2 OVA)
Original Run: October 3, 2019 – present

Motosu Urano, a student passionate about books and a future librarian, dies crushed under a pile of books in an earthquake. Before taking her last breath, she expresses her wish to reincarnate in a world where she can read books forever.

Fate has other surprises in store for her as she wakes up in the body of a little girl named Myne, in a world where books are scarce and provided only to elites. Myne, retaining her memories of her previous life, decides to create and print her own books so that she can read again.

15. The Ambition of Oda Nobuna

The Ambition of Oda Nobuna

Episodes: 12
Original Run: July 9, 2012 – September 24, 2012

Yoshiharu Sagara, a high school student passionate about video games about feudal Japan, especially Nobunaga’s Ambition games, suddenly finds himself in the Sengoku era in the midst of battle. He is saved by a man who would later become Hideyoshi Toyotomi, but at the cost of the latter’s life.

These events have completely changed the story, and Yoshiharu will try to put things back in order. However, the story takes a different course than what he learned. Nobunaga Oda is now a bright young girl, but the young one is not named Nobunaga Oda but Nobuna Oda.

14. By the Grace of the Gods

By the Grace of the Gods

Original Run: October 4, 2020 – present
Number of Episodes: 12

Ryoma Takebayashi is a lonely man who led a life full of hardships until he dies from an unfortunate accident in his sleep, which came to a rather sudden and disappointing end. Ryoma had never had a blessed life, but after his death, three great gods sought his cooperation and reincarnated him as a child in another world with swords and magic.

Receiving the warmest and most divine welcome from the gods, Ryoma decides to live quietly on his own in the forest for the time being, where he makes use of his innate knowledge and skills, combined with the blessings of the gods. Working diligently at magic and hunting, Ryoma’s greatest passion is researching his tamed slimes. As he trains a variety of slimes (some newly discovered), he raises the curtain on this quiet life fantasy that celebrates a second life with kind people in another world.

13. Wise Man’s Grandchild

Wise Mans Grandchild

Original Run: April 10, 2019 – June 26, 2019
Number of Episodes: 12

One night an employee, due to hard work, inadvertently crosses the road in red and is hit by a vehicle, only to reincarnate in a fantasy-type universe while keeping his memories. Having survived a massacre as an infant, he is adopted and raised by the powerful wizard Merlin Wolford, known as the wise man, who takes him with him, deciding to raise him as if he were his own nephew and giving him the name Shin.

Shin discovers that he possesses innate magical abilities, and under Merlin’s guidance he gains enormous power. However, when the boy reaches 15, Merlin admits that he has taught him everything except common sense, having raised him in a forest far from his peers and from the city.

Diseum, king of the Kingdom of Earlshide, recommends that Shin attend his Academy of Magic, with the agreement not to use it for political warfare. In the capital, Shin saves two girls, Maria and Sicily, and will later open a club that includes him and his other new friends.

12. Dog & Scissors

Dog Scissors

Original Run: July 1, 2013 – September 16, 2013
Number of Episodes: 12

The high school student Kazuhito Harumi is a bookworm, especially he loves the novels by Shinobu Akiyama. One day when he was protecting a young woman from a robbery in a café, he died. But he wakes up again in the body of a dachshund, which is taken away from the pet shop by the same woman shortly afterwards.

Unlike everyone else, she, Kirihime Natsuno, can communicate with him telepathically, and it turns out that Shinobu Akiyama is her pen name as a writer. Kazuhito can finally meet his favorite author and read her long-awaited novel, but he is repeatedly tormented by the sadistic Kirihime, especially with the scissors she always carries with her. In addition, Kirihime is always jealous when other women are interested in Kazuhito.

Over time, he gets to know her everyday life and her equally strange surroundings. Kazuhito’s sister also finds him again, although Kirihime successfully convinces her that the dog isn’t her brother.

11. Knight’s & Magic

Knights Magic

Original Run: July 2, 2017 – September 24, 2017
Number of Episodes: 13

Following a traffic accident in which he dies, Tsubasa Kurata, an otaku genius computer scientist with a passion for mecha and robots, sees his soul reincarnated in a different world where there are giant robots, called “Silhouetted Knights”, who are the main fighting force in this world.

Medieval knights of this world use these giant robots and magic to fight voracious beasts, demons, and animals that devour whatever is within their sight.

Tsubasa is reborn in this new parallel world as Ernesti Echevalier, a boy born into a noble family; he was able to keep his memories and is still enthusiastic about the mechs. Thus, he is determined to achieve his own figure knight in order to defend his kingdom.

10. KonoSuba

konosuba anime

Original Run: January 14, 2016 – March 16, 2017
Number of Episodes: 20 (+ 2 OVA)

After an untimely and embarrassing death, Kazuma Satō, a Japanese hikikomori teenager, meets a goddess named Aqua, who offers him to reincarnate in a parallel world with MMORPG elements, where he can embark on adventure and combat. against monsters.


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Although offered a divine item or overpowered ability to use in this new world, Kazuma, following a taunt from Aqua, chooses her to accompany him to Axel’s town, where he quickly finds that the latter’s lack of judgment is of little benefit to him.

9. Is This a Zombie?


Original Run: January 11, 2011 – June 7, 2012
Number of Episodes: 22 + 3 OVA

Aikawa Ayumu is a normal high school student until the day he is murdered by a serial killer. He is then reborn as a zombie thanks to the necromancer Eucliwood Hellscythe. Aikawa then becomes his servant but inadvertently absorbs the powers of a “masō-shōjo” named Haruna and in turn, becomes a masō-shōjo.

The young man will then have to manage his schedule between his duties as a masō-shōjo, his studies, and the search for his assassin, with Eucliwood, Haruna, and a vampire ninja named Seraphim living with him.

8. Punch Line

Punch Line

Original Release: April 9, 2015 – June 25, 2015
Number of Episodes: 12

Yūta Iridatsu is one of the tenants of Koraikan, a pension where only four other girls live, named Mikatan, Ito, Meika, and Rabura. One day, however, Yūta, following the hijacking of a bus, finds himself catapulted out of his own body, thus becoming a spirit in all respects. Led by the cat Chiranosuke, Yūta discovers that in order to return to normal he will have to find the book Nandala Gandala, but that before doing this he will have to protect his roommates from various circumstances. As if that weren’t enough, as long as he is a spirit Yūta will also have to be careful not to see two or more panties in a row, otherwise, the Earth will be destroyed by a meteor for some reason.

7. World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman

World Break Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman

Original Release: January 11, 2015 – March 29, 2015
Number of Episodes: 12

The story takes place at Akane Academy, where students known as the Saviors study. The powers, divided into Shirogane and Kuroma, are reincarnations of people who lived in the past and now have superpowers. Shirogane wields weapons while Kuroma wields magic for defensive purposes; the students are trained to protect people from monsters called metapsychics who brutally attack people indiscriminately.

The story starts from the perspective of the protagonist, Moroha Haimura, who possesses Shirogane’s superpowers, and Kuroma, who is chosen to enter Akane’s academy. At the academy, he meets Satsuki, a violent girl who is very boastful and level-headed. One day, while attending a class to show off his skills, he joins Akane Academy’s elite team. But school life for a student is not like everyone else. Moroha’s school life begins to turn upside down when, on one occasion, monsters begin to appear in the middle of the community and attack people.

6. Angel Beats!

anime reviews angel beats

Original Release: April 3, 2010 – June 26, 2010
Number of Episodes: 13

The characters are teenagers who have died – often in a tragic way – who have not had an easy life or who have not been able to achieve their dreams, their ambitions. They are all in a world that is life after death, a place where they have to try to live normally again to fulfill their dreams in order to disappear or admit that they had a good time together.

But a young girl, Yuri, wants revenge on God, for the evil he has done to them in the real world. The day Otonashi arrives in this new world, he is forced to integrate. But who is this girl with white hair? An angel, the servant of that famous God the group is looking for? Yuri, along with his whole group, will try to unravel these mysteries during the 13 episodes.

5. In Another World with My Smartphone

In Another World with My Smartphone

Episodes: 12
Original Run: July 11, 2017 – September 26, 2017

The 15-year-old Tōya Mochizuki is accidentally struck by lightning and killed by God. As an apology, God allows him to be reborn in a fanciful world but very different from his old world with one special request. Tōya uses it to bring his smartphone to the new world with him.

God also amplifies his physical, mental, and magical performance to apologize again for killing him. Enjoying his second life, Tōya befriends many different people in this world. He begins to travel from one world to another.

4. The Saga of Tanya the Evil

The Saga of Tanya the Evil111

Episodes: 12
Original Run: January 6, 2017 – March 31, 2017

For insulting God, an arrogant Japanese salaryman, at the time of his sudden death on February 22, 2013, is doomed to be reborn in another universe similar to the Europe of the 1910s, in an empire torn by countless wars with all its neighboring countries.

The salaryman is reborn in the guise of an orphan girl, Tanya Degurechaff, who at age 9 becomes a second lieutenant in the Imperial Army. According to God, whom Tanya calls “Being X,” if she is unable to die a natural death or refuses to have faith in Him, her soul will leave the circle and be sent to Hell for the countless sins that Tanya has. committed in his previous life.

3. Erased

Boku Daku 06 44 1280x720 1

Release: January 8, 2016 – March 25, 2016
Number of Episodes: 12

We are in 2006. Satoru Fujinuma is a mangaka who cannot get his career off the ground. To make ends meet, he works as a pizza delivery boy. Reserved, Satoru does not open up to the world around him.


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Yet he has the ability to go back a few minutes before an accident occurs. One day, following a sudden event, Satoru is taken back to 18 years ago when he was still in elementary school, giving him the opportunity to stop a criminal who had kidnapped and murdered three of his classmates.

2. Death Parade


Release: January 9, 2015 – March 27, 2015
Number of Episodes: 12

The story consists of a succession of two people who wake up in a bar with a dark atmosphere. Unsuspecting, they do not yet know that they have entered a deadly game. Indeed, they don’t know how they landed here. Decim, the bartender, and his assistant then explain to them that they will have to play a bar game (darts, bowling, billiards, etc.) and put their lives in game in order to perhaps understand what happened to them.

1. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime Season 2 Part 2 release date spring 2021 Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken S2 1

Episodes: 60 (+ 5 OVA)
Original Run: October 2, 2018 – June 22, 2021

Satoru Mikami is a 37-year-old single salaryman living in Tokyo: he would be almost satisfied with his monotonous life, if he could have had a girlfriend. While he meets his younger brother in the street, who introduces him to his fiancée, panic takes hold of the sidewalk when an imbalance armed with a knife rushes through the crowd.


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Satoru is fatally injured in the back while intervening to protect the couple. As he conducts a brief reflection on himself during his agony, a “voice” listens to him and interprets his “last words”.