15 Best Shows & Movies About Money, Finance & Business You Need To Watch

Movies about money and finance

There is a saying that money makes the world go round, and numerous movies want to prove that fact. Concentrated on money and business in general, they investigate what revolves around all these enterprises or wealthy individuals who behave in a certain way around money and when without them. We could go on and on about this topic, but this time we are bringing you the 15 best shows and movies about money, finance, and business.

Billions (2016 – )


What it’s about: This is a complex drama about US Attorney Chuck Rhoades and the ambitious hedge fund king Bobby Axelrod who are using all of their wits and maneuvers to outsmart each other. 

Why you should watch it: If you want to see a series about the complications and problems wealth and power might bring to someone, there is no better choice than Billions. A massive hit with excellent acting names to give us the best in the movie industry, Billions will, without any doubt, keep you interested until the very end. 

Ozark (2017 – 2022)

Ozark characters

What it’s about: Marty and Wendy Byrde and their two children seem to be a loving and ordinary American family. But Marty and Wendy are top money launderers who work for one of Mexico’s largest drug cartels. We are witnessing their rise from a well-situated family to crime lords who are slowly beginning to get entangled in their business without any plans of getting out.

Why you should watch it: This crime drama is one of the best tv shows of the last decade, a gripping story that perfectly shows the change in people when being introduced to large sums of money. It is dark, slow, and atmospheric, with excellent performances by Laura Linney and Jason Bateman. 

Glengarry Glen Ross (1992)

Glengarry Glen Ross 1992

What it’s about: In this excellent drama, we follow days in a real estate agency where and witness what kind of moves workers have to make, what impacts their success, and in what way they are responsible for the things that happen at the office and if it affects them in any way.


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Why you should watch it: This brilliant mystery crime-drama with Alec Baldwin, Jack Lemmon, and Al Pacino in leading roles tells the real story behind the world of sales. It shows how employees deal with the constant pressure in this line of work with all its ups and downs and highs and lows.

American Psycho (2000)

american psycho

What it’s about: Based on the novel by Bret Easton Ellis, this thriller is about a psychopath who hides his sadistic fantasies from his coworkers. Unlike his egomaniac colleagues, he is so much more, a sick man who allows himself to think he is superior to others and enjoys murdering everyone he finds unappealing or not good enough to be in his presence and even to exist.

Why you should watch it: American Psycho is one of the most disturbing movies about serial killers ever, with one of the most disgusting protagonists in this crime drama/thriller about a 27-year-old successful Wall Street worker Patrick Bateman. He seems to have it all and is extremely narcissistic, vain, and self-obsessed. It also shows how some successful men look down on the ones who are not wealthy as them.

Wall Street (1987)

w. street

What it’s about: Wall street in the 1980s. Bud Fox is an ambitious stockbroker who would do anything to get to the top.  Being fascinated by the powerful Gordon Gekko, Fox asks him to mentor him and soon is taken by greed, and his decisions slowly start getting more and more serious.

Why you should watch it: This is an excellent crime drama that gives us a good insight into the world of Wall Street in the 1980s, with great directing by Oliver Stone and brilliant performances by Michael Douglas and Charlie Sheen. 

The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

wallstreet 580

What it’s about: Jordan Belfort became one of the most successful and influential stock brokers in the 1990s together with his partner Donny Azoff. Their company was one of the fastest growing in the business, but unlike their professional success, their private life began to go downwards, thanks to the amounts of various substances they abused. FBI was soon on their tail, and Azoff and Belfort found themselves in more problems than they expected in the beginning.


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Why you should watch it: This remarkable true story gives a somewhat disturbing picture of what life on Wall Street might look like. Everything is money-oriented, and it can get pretty scary having to witness what power can do to people. Leonardo di Caprio, Margot Robbie, and Jonah Hill are excellent in this Martin Scorsese crime drama.

Margin Call (2011)

margin call

What it’s about: This movie is set in 2008 and centers on the most important individuals at an investment bank and their lives in the 24-hour period. We learn a lot about the early stages of the famous financial crisis of that year. 

Why you should watch it: If you are interested in the finance world in general, this is a very good movie to watch since it explains a lot in an interesting and not too complicated manner. It has a brilliant cast consisting of stellar actors such as Kevin Spacey, Jeremy Irons, Stanley Tucci, and Paul Bettany. 


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Rogue Trader (1999)

rogue trader

What it’s about: This is the story of the young, talented, and ambitious Nick Leeson, who wants to be more than a simple bank clerk. He finally gets the opportunity and decides to seize it. He travels to Jakarta, where he has to solve a problem no one can, and is soon offered a new job there. His first year is extremely successful, even though he has done numerous illegal things which will slowly bring him various losses, professional and private.

Why you should watch it: This is an interesting story based on true events, with the always great Ewan McGregor in the leading role. It is educational and especially intriguing to everyone who deals with finance and money and wants to learn more about various schemes. 

The Profit (2013 – 2021)

the profit

What it’s about: Marcus Lemonis is a multi-billionaire who owns his own company, and when not working, he is looking for struggling businesses that are in need of help and money. He offers them his cash for a piece of their business and a percentage of the profits.

Why you should watch it: This is an excellent tv show, a game show that will be particularly interesting to business owners who want to learn more about various tips and tricks. It is full of useful information; everyone can learn a lot, never mind their business field.

Succession (2018 – )


What it’s about: This drama centers on the Roy family, who is known for controlling the world’s biggest media and entertainment company. But their business and professional and personal lives, in general, are completely changed when their father decides to leave his company to them.

Why you should watch it: This brilliant drama depicts the relationship among family members and how it changes when they have to deal with different issues. It is slow at the beginning and requires a lot of attention and concentration, as well as getting used to its tone, but when you finally manage to do that, it is worth every minute of watching. 

Trading Places (1983)

Louis Winthorpe Trading Places

What it’s about: One of the cult 1980s comedies is this excellent movie about Louis Winthorpe, a businessman for a successful firm called Duke and Duke where they are at the moment discussing the fact that there are various elements, such as a person’s environment, which determine how well you do in your life. After bumping into a street hustler named Billy Ray Valentine and getting him arrested, he becomes his bosses’ guinea pig when they decide to switch his and Valentine’s places and test their company’s premises. 

Why you should watch it: This hilarious comedy depicts people at their lowest and highest and gives us an excellent insight into the world of the wealthy and how they behave among the ones similar to them and those who weren’t as lucky.

Jerry Maguire (1996)

jerry maguire

What it’s about: Jerry Maguire is a successful and talented sports agent fired after a breakdown at his old firm. After experiencing a moral epiphany, he decides to live by these new rules of his. He works now as an independent agent but has only one client who decided to stay with him and the help of his former colleague.

Why you should watch it: One of the most beloved sports dramas of all time and one of Tom Cruise’s best roles ever. It shows us what goes on in the world of sports and how the money rolls there. It also brings us closer to human morals and what goes on when they decide to act on their feelings and thoughts.

Suits (2011 – 2019)


What it’s about: Mike Ross is fired after having only one interview with one of New York City’s best legal closers, and soon they become one of the best in what they do. Their good relationship and brilliant work skills will make them popular but also a problem in other law firms. But the most important thing will be keeping each other’s secrets. 


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Why you should watch it: This is an interesting crime drama with a good plot and excellent cast, giving you a great insight into the business and legal world, where most things revolve around money. 

Breaking Bad (2008 – 2013)

breaking bad

What it’s about: Walter White from BB is an iconic character, a normal suburban father and husband, a good chemistry teacher whose life just starts going in the wrong direction. As much as he wishes to stop what he is doing, he is not seeing any way out of what he got himself into. And then there is that universal inner struggle between good and bad, which is very well depicted in both main characters of these two series.

Why you should watch it: This fantastic TV show is one of the best portrayals of what money can do to a person. From an ordinary chemistry teacher to a drug mogul who knows almost everyone in the drug business, Walter White is the best example of a person who changed during a period of life when his or her money income grew immensely.

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