11 Best Shows Like In From The Cold You Need To Watch


In From The Cold is Netflix’s newest spy series, as it explores the story of an ex-Russian spy that was called back to action by a CIA agent to stop a plot that involved the fate of the world. But the best thing about In From The Cold is that it isn’t your usual spy show because we are talking about a spy that has stopped being a spy for more than two decades and is now a mother. Still, if you have binged it through the entire weekend and are looking for something similar, here are the 11 best shows like In From The Cold that you need to watch.

11. Hanna (2019 – 2021)


Hanna is one of the best shows that you can watch on Amazon Prime. You might be familiar with the title of this series because it is actually adapted from a movie with the same title. And this is one of the best spy shows that you can watch right now because of its amazing fight scenes that were properly choreographed.

The story of Hanna focuses on a girl that escaped from a CIA facility. It is revealed that a certain arm of the CIA is actually experimenting on young teenagers by enhancing their DNA so that they could potentially become assets in the future. After Hanna escapes, she lives with her adoptive father, who trains her in the art of self-defense so that she can protect herself. But she also uses her training to rescue the other girls in the CIA facility she escaped from.

10. Condor (2018 – Present)


Condor is another show that was adapted from a movie with the same title. What you will love about Condor is that it doesn’t tend to slow down and is seemingly always on the go. It keeps your heart pounding from start to finish, and that is why this spy series is a great show to watch for those who want a rush of adrenaline.

This series follows the story of a CIA analyst who simply went out for a lunch break. After returning to work, he found all of his colleagues dead, and this led him to think that there must be something going on with what had just happened. In a sense, the story of the main character revolves around finding out the truth and the conspiracy behind the death of all of the other CIA agents he worked with.

9. Killing Eve (2018 – Present)


If you want a show that truly lives up to the hype because of all of the awards and accolades it has won, then Killing Eve should be something you should watch. This is an award-winning show that has been nominated for 50 awards because of how brilliant it is at casting some of the best talents that were able to flesh out the entire plot. And you will be familiar with Grey’s Anatomy star Sandra Oh in this series.

Killing Eve revolves around an MI5 agent that was fired from work but ended up being an MI6 agent instead. Her role is to investigate an assassin. However, as she investigates this said assassin, she begins to form a bond with the person she was supposed to be investigating. As such, there is a conflict of interest in this amazing series.

8. Counterpart (2017 – 2019)

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What makes Counterpart very similar to In From The Cold is the fact that it has a supernatural element. Although the supernatural element in In From The Cold was a result of an experiment, Counterpart’s story is more cosmic in nature. But that doesn’t change the fact that this is a great spy series that uses a bit of sci-fi to its advantage.

The story of Counterpart revolves around a low-level employee working for the UN. He discovers that his workplace has a portal to a different Earth, and he uses the portal to follow a career as a spy. That is the sci-fi or supernatural part of the story, but it is also quite creative in the drama aspect of the narrative because it actually pits the two different Earths against one another instead of using a country-versus-country story that is quite prevalent in spy shows and movies.

7. Nikita (2010 – 2013)

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There are actually various versions of the Nikita story because there was a French movie and a 90s series that were released before this one. However, this version seems to be the more appealing as far as its action scenes are concerned because it was choreographed really well and comes with the modern picture quality that you can only get from a newer show.

Nikita’s story revolves around a young woman who was trained to be an assassin. However, she went rogue and began hunting down the members of the same organization that trained her. As she went about her business of hunting and killing, she learned that there was a bigger narrative behind the curtain, as she eventually became a part of that larger conspiracy.

6. Alex Rider (2020 – Present)

Alex Rider is actually based on a series of novels written by a British author. So, if you think that sounds familiar, then you might be thinking about James Bond. Of course, there is a good reason to believe that it is quite similar to James Bond, but Alex Rider focuses on a teenage character instead of an adult. And, in case you are wondering, Alex Rider also has a movie counterpart called Stormbreaker.

The story of Alex Rider revolves around a teenager who was recruited by the MI6 for infiltration missions. So, the reason why they specifically recruited him is that there are certain places that adult agents aren’t capable of infiltrating, and that is where Alex Rider comes in. But, as he works as an agent, he realizes that things are far more complicated than simply infiltrating and getting info.

5. Shifter (2019)

Shifter is a lot similar to In From The Cold because of the very fact that, as the title of the series suggests, it revolves around a character that can turn into anyone she wants. The reason she can do so is due to an experiment conducted by the CIA. Her genetic makeup was modified such that she could shift whenever she takes a special injection.

The plot of Shifter revolves around the shifter CIA agent herself. In case you are wondering why it only ran for a single season, you should know that it doesn’t have a really good plot. But it gives a lot of entertaining moments for fans of the spy genre. Of course, because the main character got addicted to the special drugs she was taking, the series also takes a good look at the complex issue of drug addiction.

4. The Americans (2013 – 2018)

The Americans has a plot that is quite similar to the Russian infiltration plot that was revealed at the end of In From The Cold. This is why it is very similar to In From The Cold, as it also revolves around Russian spies that were tasked to infiltrate the US and pose as normal everyday Americans. But the difference here is that the series actually takes place during the Cold War.

In The Americans, the story revolves around two KGB spies who were tasked to go to America and become a couple to gather intel. This is where things became interesting because they fell in love and started a family, all while posing as a regular American family. It’s more of a slow-burn series that really follows the slow-paced life of real spies. And the best thing is that this is actually created by a former CIA agent who knows a thing or two about spies.

3. Chuck (2007 – 2012)

The thing about Chuck is that it is actually a good blend of comedy and action in what was one of the most popular spy shows during the 2000s. And while it doesn’t come with the same kind of serious story that is prevalent in In From The Cold, Chuck is quite entertaining and is similar to the aforementioned series because of the sci-fi element that it uses.

Chuck is about a computer geek who accidentally opens an email with a lot of vital government secrets. The sci-fi element came when the information got downloaded into Chuck’s big brain, as a CIA agent was forced to recruit him so that they could protect the government secrets that are in his brain. And what you will love about this series is that it was able to turn an everyday guy like Chuck into an action star.

2. Homeland (2011 – 2020)

Homeland is one of the best series when it comes to the spy genre and when you are talking about government secrets and plots to overthrow governments. This is why the series lasted for nearly a decade, as it is as great as it is. It also tackles a lot of different issues and real-life problems regarding racism and national security.

The story of Homeland is about a former soldier that returned home after eight years as a captive. However, the CIA believes that this soldier became a spy that was involved with a terrorist plot that could possibly put the nation at risk. And the series revolves around CIA agent Carrie’s story in uncovering the possible terrorist plot.

1. Alias (2001 – 2006)

One of the greatest spy shows that has ever graced our television screens is Alias, which stars Jennifer Garner in what is most probably her breakout role as an actress. Alias is also one of the most well-known spy shows of all time and is arguably the most popular of its kind during the early 2000s. So, if you want to watch a classic, Alias should be at the top of your list.


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Alias revolves around a young woman who learns that her family has been involved with undercover work for a long time already. As such, she agrees to become a spy for a secret branch of the CIA. But being a spy turned her life into a complicated mess because she had to juggle her secret job with her social and romantic life. And everything changed when she found out that she actually wasn’t working for the CIA. 

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