20 Best The Sims 4 Hair Mods & CC

Best The Sims 4 Hair Mods & CC

Sims 4 is well-known for having flawless styles and updos for just about any sim, and there’s really no such thing as a bad hair day. But, it can be tricky to establish some personal touches as the classic catalog is fairly short on hairstyles for players. Thankfully, there are some truly incredible hair mods and CCs for the Sims 4 that players can use to give their hairstyles a fresh and unique twist. Stick around to find out about the best Sims 4 hair mods and CC hair, and why these mods are worth a download!

20. Diana Hair

Diana Hair frames any female sim’s face perfectly, with soft and extremely vibrant hair textures, but its main feature is the ability to blend in different colors. Many of the colors are sleek, natural, and soft for any neutral and passive sim.

But, quite a few of this mod’s colors are unnatural, including colorful streaks and even ombre options. It can work for sims at any life stage, from childhood to maturity, and it features 3 other options to add on more colors.

19. Bonnie Hair

If you’re looking for simple and sweet yet highly textured hair, then the Bonnie Hair mod may be an ideal choice. It’s a great option for any player wanting a well-styled and curly hairdo with a really cute, summery feel.

The hairstyle itself is fun, playful, and whimsical, with a sleek front and back section topped with two voluminous buns at the top. Since the style is more based on the sim’s personality, it can be suitable for just about any female sim – from early childhood right up until elderly years.

18. Illusions Cornelia Hair

The Illusions Cornelia Hair is ideal for any Sims 4 player seeking simple yet stylish hair. It flaunts an everyday hairstyle with a messy, wavy, and beachy feel, sure to perfectly finish off any sim’s look.

It’s incredibly detailed with some lovely in-depth texture that can frame any sim’s face really well. While it is simple, it offers a ton of variety for players, and it is also compatible with hats.

17. Illusions Adriana Hair

Want to try out split hair dye in Sims 4? If so, the Illusions Adriana Hair CC has you covered, whether you’re playing a male or a female sim. It provides a perfect middle-ground for sims who want the best of both worlds – medium-length hair with more volume, and the choice between more universal color palettes or split hair colors.

The hairstyle itself is wavy and full of life, making it perfect for just about any sim – no matter the style, age, or gender. Go with an alternative yet fashion-forward approach or keep it cool with a carefree getup – there’s plenty you can do with this hair mod.

16. Candy Apple Hair

The Candy Apple Hair mod is ideal for any Sims 4 player who wants their female sims to be as stylish, classy, and put-together as possible. It features a pulled-back high ponytail with some incredible volume and neatly slick frontal sections.

Its simplicity makes it extremely versatile for just about any female sim, whether young or old and irrespective of the style. It’s also suitable for just about any occasion, as it’s perfectly balanced between casual and formal, and it comes in 36 color options.

15. Esmeralda Hair Set

The Esmeralda Hair Set is an awesome option for anyone wanting a simple yet detailed hairstyle. It’s been designed for players seeking a quiet, shy, and introverted look, but it’s still as stylish and customizable as one could imagine.

Its set offers 18 color swatches and it will fit each sim girl from childhood right up until the elderly stage. It’s also compatible with headwear and accessories like hats – a rather complex yet frustrating issue that can occur with quite a few hair mods.

14. Watson Hairstyle

The Watson Hairstyle mod is suitably named, as it’s great for any Sims 4 player wanting a classy, elegant, and sophisticated look. The hairstyle itself can be fit for a princess, with a neat and pristinely polished hairdo.

It’s an ideal hairstyle for a wedding, prom, huge parties, and much more, but it’s predominantly perfect for just about any formal event. It comes in 20 natural color palettes, and the hair has HQ texture topped with both custom and normal shadow maps.

13. WINGS-OS0214

The Wings OS0214 would be an ideal choice for any stylish male sim, flaunting some natural and more extroverted hair colors and a fashionable style to match. While it was published back in 2017, this style still manages to stay timeless and look as modern as ever in 2022.

The inspiration for the style was drawn from a real-life model, the main reason why each hair strand looks so perfectly placed and realistic. The mesh flaunts a ton of detail, making it appear to have active motion during gameplay – even though it doesn’t.

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This classic hairstyle can suit just about any male sim, but players have plenty of room for customization as well. the hairstyle is available in 16 swatches to fit every style, and it’s also compatible with headwear in Sims 4 as well.

12. WINGS-TZ0926

It may be hard to believe that these hair textures and styles could ever belong in a Sims 4 world – this hairstyle CC is absolutely stunning! Wings TZ0926 is an extremely popular option for plenty of Sims 4 players, and it’s easy to see why as it flaunts 20 recolored styles.

This mod can work for just about any female sim, no matter the style you’re going for. The hairstyles with this CC use some classic yet modern recolors of the alpha CC – some of them are far brighter while others incorporate pastel tones into the mix.

11. Inka Hair

Inka Hair is awesome for any Sims 4 player seeking highly textured styles. It matches natural hair with lovely, flowy curls, coupled with big and bouncy yet elegant hair.

It has some stunning detail at the top, such as braiding and quaint buns. There are 18 color varieties available, and this hairstyle can be combined with hats if needed.

10. Stealthic Like Lust

Stealthic Like Lust is one of the best hair mod choices for male Sims 4 players, as it boasts a ton of amazingly detailed variants of the classic alpha CC hairstyle. It’s an amazing option for any player wanting a sexy, sultry, and confident look on their male sims.

This fashion-forward hairstyle has some stunning detail that really brings the classic style to life. It has 18 swatches as well as 6 Ombre tone options, and it’s compatible with hats – so you can style up this do even further.

9. Stealthic – Paradox

Stealthic – Paradox may be perfect if you’re looking for a glamorous yet casual and laidback look. It features a chic and thick high ponytail with a few loose baby hairs for added realism and feel.

It’s an ideal style for any female sim at any age and it’s perfect for just about any occasion. Look sassy yet comfortable while working out or style up this updo with some trendy clothing for special events.

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Players have 27 different colors to choose from ranging from natural blondes to sultry black and even vibrant unnatural colors as well. So, there’s definitely enough room for customization.

8. Marcel Hair

Marcel Hair is yet another awesome hair mod for all the male sims out there, especially if you’re looking for something edgier. This hair mod matches short hair with some fashionable dreadlocks on top, making it great for any sim whether young or mature.

The hairstyle is base game compatible, and it’s simple yet highly detailed. The textures of the dreadlocks are spot-on, making it a favorite for many Sims 4 players.

7. Miracle-Noelle

One of the best things about the Miracle-Noelle hair is that it features one of the most classic and timeless hairdos to ever grace this planet – a messy bun. Everyone loves a perfectly executed messy bun, ideal for just about any scenario in real life or in The Sims 4.

The Noelle hairdo comes with a CC pack named Miracle, along with another hairstyle and a handful of extra clothing items as well. But, players do have the option to only download this hairstyle as well. Its natural and laidback aesthetic makes it ideal for sims at any age or with any fashion preferences.

6. Belen Hairstyle

Belen Hairstyle is great for any female sim wanting a sleek and sophisticated yet sassy and vibrant hairdo. It’s got some awesome HQ and is perfect for just about any occasion.

Unlike many other hair mods out there, this mod features some well-done hair bangs that can perfectly frame just about any sim’s face. While players can choose to stay neutral or natural, players can also spice it up with 60 spectacular swatches – including pastel tones and even vivid neon colors.

5. Supernova, Amanda, and Sonia

The Supernova, Amanda, and Sonia Sims 4 hair mod offers some great options for just about any player, from fashionable locks to shorter modern styles. The mod has some more unorthodox styles for players seeking a more personalized and unique look, with 3 primary styles for every bold player – male or female.

It offers the Supernova, a pixie-style haircut with separate detailed locks that can be used for males or females. The Sonia hairstyle is more suited for anyone wanting a glamorous appearance, with long, wavy, and glossy locks. The Amanda hairstyle is great for any classic everyday look, with simple yet elegant waves topped with a cute bow.

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This hair mod will look absolutely incredible on any female sim, regardless of what look you’re going after. What makes it stand out among many of the other hair mods for the Sims 4 is its extensive color palette range, as this mod offers ninety color recolors.

4. Kijiko’s Shaggy Long Hair

Ever wanted to make your sim look more like an anime character? If so, the Kijiko’s Shaggy Long Hair mod is here to help you out! It’s an incredible hairstyle for any anime-loving Sims 4 player, but it also works really well for anyone seeking a messy, fun, and free-spirited yet stylish look.

The hair mod features two variations – one for males and one for females. It’s available in 65 different color swatches, offering some impressive room for tailoring.

3. Audrey Hair

The Audrey Hair mod has to get a higher spot on this list simply for its incredible detail and realism. This hairstyle’s simplicity and elegance is a masterpiece in its own right, sure to catch the attention of any other sim in the room. A ton of colors are available for players, from natural tones to sweet and blushy pastel hues.

It features a loose and large braid around the back with some delicate locks in the front that frame female sims’ faces perfectly. This fairy updo-type hairstyle is a worldwide favorite for plenty of women, whether it’s for a wedding day, a prom, a special formal event, or just for fun.

2. Ainhoa Hairstyle

If you’re looking for a bombshell Sims 4 hairstyle that looks and feels as realistic as possible, then the Ainhoa Hairstyle could be for you. This wild and curly hairdo has incredible attention to detail, and while it can be played up to be sassy and sexy, it can also be played down to make it suitable for more innocent styles.

This makes the hairdo ideal for just about every female sim, no matter the age or the style. It’s available in 60 different colors for players to select from, including everything from natural blacks and even silver to bright neons and delicate pastel tones.

1. Anto – Echo

Anto – Echo has to be one of the most detailed and well-done hair options for Sims 4 to date, with an exceptionally unique and stylish hairdo as well. While it may not be the universally popular hairstyle in real life, it’s certainly eye-catching and can be seen as a work of art in itself.

One of the best things about this hairstyle is that it can work for males and females as well, meaning it’s ideal for just about every single Sims 4 player that loves edgy styles and trendy fashion. It includes medium-length hair that perfectly frames any sim’s face, complimented by shaved sides and back.

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While it works really well with edgy styles, it can also be played up into a formal and classy look as well. It is available in 18 colors, and each color looks absolutely flawless combined with the hairstyle’s detailed textures.

That’s the list of the best hair mods and CC hair options in Sims 4 for 2022, with images thanks to Nerdbear and Gamers Decide. Rest assured that there’s something for any Sims 4 player, whether you’re looking for a classy updo, a sleek style with awesome accessories, or just want to spice up your sims with some modern and trendy color palettes.

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