15 Best Starbound Mods in 2023

best starbound mods

Starbound quickly became one of the most fun and enjoyable 2D action-adventure games for plenty of sci-lovers around the world. But, just like most games, the use of mods can be an amazing way to spice up the overall gameplay experience. Stick around to find out about some of the best mods to try out for Starbound.

15. Universal Uncrafter

Universal Uncrafter

Starbound players know that crafting makes up quite a big portion of the experience, and many focus on things like crafting more efficiently or faster overall. But, there may be times when players might need to “un-craft” something instead of craft.

This is where the Universal Uncrafter mod comes in – offering players a way to do just that! It adds a powerful space tech system that can break down any item that players feed it, resulting in Grey Goo – which can then be stored and used at a later stage. While it’s not considered essential by any means, it’s definitely an awesome way for players to put old items like outdated weapons and armor to good use, or at the very least minimize wasted storage space.

14. Compact Crops

Compact Crops

Plenty of Starbound players may spend their time exploring and traveling in search of the next great adventure. But, there are definitely tons of players who prefer to be homebodies – hanging out around their base tending to their land, which can be easier said than done.


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The Compact Crops mod can be an excellent option if you’re this type of Starbound player, as it will make practicing agriculture in Starbound far simpler. It allows crops to grow closer together, which takes out the need for requiring huge amounts of farmland, while also increasing the crop density and therefore the overall crop yields.

13. RPG Growth

RPG Growth

If you’re looking for a mod that will turn the Starbound gameplay experience into something more in line with a traditional RPG in terms of progression, then the RPG Growth mod may be a perfect choice! This mod will change the way the progression works in Starbound, allowing players to gain levels by defeating monsters or completing tasks in the game.

Players will gain some AP to distribute at each level of their progression, so players will be able to choose how their character grows stronger. This is in addition to new abilities and possibly even new equipment, depending on how you choose to develop your Starbound character, as well as a profession, specialization, and affinity for players to enjoy.

12. Green’s Dye Suite

Greens Dye Suite

Starbound definitely offers plenty of fun and entertainment for players considering how expansive it can be, but there are certainly a large number of players who would appreciate some more room for personalization. The Green’s Dye Suite can be an excellent way to get a customized character, as it offers over 4000 color palettes for nearly every equipment piece in the entire game.

This includes most custom creations gained from other mods as well, and players even have the option to add their own color palettes if they wish to do so. It is a really amazing way to feel more connected to your Starbound character through personalized characters and experiences.

11. Improved Containers

Improved Containers

Although it’s great that Starbound features a ton of items, storage can really be a pain at times. There will always be a need for more space to house all your trinkets and materials, and the storage options in-game can be slightly underwhelming at times. It’s safe to say that quite a few players would appreciate some more handy mechanics and allowances for overall organization.

The Improved Containers mod makes the most out of the storage options that are available for Starbound players, transforming storage spaces into more ideal variants through things like mass selling, searching mechanics, automatic sorting, persistent storage, and much more. This mod makes newly-opened chests somewhat less explosive as well, and even allows quick-stacking from your inventory with only one simple click.

10. Pixel Furnishing 2.0

Starbound has tons of quaint aesthetic features, but many players wouldn’t mind adding some homey touches around their base. Pixel Furnishing 2.0 is an addon that focuses on crafting and building, including some beautiful art pieces for players to enjoy.


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Each piece of furniture features a small piece of pixel art, in addition to some adorable paintings that players can hang up. Players can decorate their bases with pixelated monitors, and even comfort items like beds, shops, crafting stations, and much more.

9. Avali Race Mod

Avali Race Mod

Unique races is one of the most enjoyable aspects of Starbound for quite a few players, and many may wish they could add more of this fun element to the game. The Avali Race mod is certainly not the only mod for more races in Starbound, but it is one of the most popular – primarily due to how cute this race actually is!

Players can now enjoy the Avali, adorable critter-like creatures that are actually pretty advanced in terms of technology. Players can find a ton of extras over and above the Avali playable race and their weapons, such as furniture, vehicles, equipment, and even mounts that really tie the entire theme together.

8. Character Extender

Character Extender

The Character Extender mod is ideal for any Starbound player who is looking to extend the game’s diversity overall since it adds more room for species icons. It allows players to have up to 36 different species in their character creation screen, far more allowance than the original.

Although the mod does not include any extra species itself, it is essential for any Starbound player who is making use of modded-in races. This mod is a must-have for ensuring diversified species, all without sacrificing on comfort and playability.

7. Elithian Races Mod

Elithian Races Mod

Yet another race mod for Starbound is the Elithian Races Mod, which will significantly expand the number of races that Starbound players can meet or choose to play as in the game. This mod includes a bunch of unique races such as the reptilian Avikan, the descendants of mankind known as the Aegi, the robotic Trinks, and many more.

In addition to the inclusion of new races, each race comes with its own unique aesthetic and style and extends from the race itself to extras like weapons, structure, furniture, decorations, armor, and much more. This mod adds a plethora of variety for Starbound players, especially those who want way more than the original races in the game.

6. More New Species

more new species

The original game features tons of species throughout the world, but it’s safe to say that there could always be more interesting creatures for players to encounter. The More New Species mod does just that, as it’s an amazing mod that can overhaul the Starbound biodiversity pool.

Some of the best species included are Saturnians, which are insect-like creatures, Lamias, which are serpent-like creatures, and the Orcana whale people. There are quite a few mods that will add more species into the Starbound world, but this is one of the most popular to date.

5. A.V.I.A.N.


The A.V.I.A.N. mod would be a great choice for any Starbound player who’s started growing tired of the original AI in the game, featuring a digital blue bird that acts similarly to an avian version of Cortana. While she does speak quite a lot, she has some pretty interesting things to say – a fun and quirky way to add more entertainment to the gameplay experience.

She offers the standard features but also adds some interesting narration to events throughout the game. Players don’t even have to start a new game for her to start chirping away – it’s a really good choice if you want something that adds simple flavor without changing the game much at all.

4. Enhanced Storage

enhanced storage

The Enhanced Storage mod is yet another mod that focuses on the overall storage system in Starbound. But, this mod is pretty expansive, even converting standard items like barrels into storage spaces, making it one of the most popular to date.

Players can enjoy tons of handy changes that this mod allows, such as increased capacity, filtered item sorting, displayed sale values, and much more. The mod even adds colored containers to make keeping track of everything that much easier!

3. N7 Arsenal: A Mass Effect Mod

n7 arsenal

Starbound fans may already feel a connection between these two games since they do feature quite a few similar elements. As a result, the N7 Arsenal: A Mass Effect Mod is a great option all around for just about any player, as the base concept blends in with Starbound really well.


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Players can enjoy the Mass Effect charm in Starbound thanks to adding new weapons, items, armor, and much more to the game. Some special additions include things like the M-8 Avenger, the N7 Valkyrie, and the classic N7 Eagle handgun – not to mention the range of awesome gear including Quarian, Turian, and N7 Human armor.

2. Frackin’ Universe

Frackin Universe

The Frackin’ Universe mod is by far one of the most popular mods for Starbound overall – some players might argue this mod should be at the number one spot. It’s undoubtedly one of the simplest ways to completely renovate the entire gameplay experience, as it introduces a ton of new aspects like races, biomes, and even new monsters.

However, the main reason why it may miss the top spot is since it cannot simply be integrated with a simple old save file – it’s so expansive that players will need to start fresh with this mod. That being said, with so much new stuff to offer any Starbound player, it is still definitely worthwhile – not to mention that it’s compatible with many other mods as well!

1. Arcana


Making it to the number one spot is Arcana, a surprisingly user-friendly mod that can completely change the entire Starbound experience – of course, without altering the game’s natural charm. Arcana is a huge mod that only takes one simple install, making it different from many complex mods that can be equally complex to get up and running.

It adds a ton of new armor, clothes, furniture, new buildings, and a range of gameplay improvements – particularly when it comes to food and farming. In addition, players can enjoy the new Arcanian race, more than 60 unique armor and weapon sets, new bosses, as well as planet biomes like the Illuminated Plains, the Windswept Peaks, and the Arcane Desert.

That’s all of the best Starbound mods for you to check out. Although there are plenty more Starbound mods that also offer an amazing experience, the mods on this list have been noted as some of the most popular within the Starbound gaming community.

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