15 Best Superheroes with White Hair (Ranked)

Superheroes with white hair 1

A hero’s hair (or lack thereof) is usually a part of their brand, to an extent, with animators often going for unique colors. So, with that in mind, we’re looking at some of the best superheroes sporting glorious white locks!

15. Dove – Hawk and Dove


DC’s Hawk and Dove are a super-duo that just won’t quit.

Dawn Granger is the second person to take on the role of Dove after Don Hall. She got her powers from voices in her head during a hostage situation with her mother, and she promptly used them to take down the thugs.

She eventually met Hank Hall, aka Hawk, and the two became friends and, more importantly, one of DC’s best crime-fighting duos.

Dove’s powers include the ability to transform into a dove when she calls out the word “dove” while she is in danger. She also has superhuman reflexes, hypervigilance, and enhanced durability.

Dawn also has a perfect waterfall of white-blonde hair.

14. Speed – Avengers


Son of Marvel‘s Scarlet Witch and nephew of Quicksilver, young Speed (Thomas Shepherd) is already a superhero and a key part of the Young Avengers.

After stints in juvenile detention centers, the bright-haired Thomas was eventually sent to a high-powered prison that could contain his powers. It is there that he met the Young Avengers (Iron Lad, Wiccan, Hulkling, etc.), who were looking to break Hulkling out of the same facility.

Noticing his immense powers, the Young Avengers invited Thomas to fight for the good guys instead, which he agreed to. Needless to say, Speed would help the team accomplish their goals much quicker.

Speed is capable of reaching…er, speeds of more than 760 miles per hour, and that will likely increase as he gets older. He can also produce hyper-kinetic vibrations that can make nearby objects (or individuals) explode. He also has incredible stamina and intangibility.

13. Silver Sable – Spider-Man

Silver Sable

An underrated comic favorite.

Silvija Sablinova is one of the many New York-based crime fighters working alongside (and sometimes cleaning after) their more famous colleagues.

While she does not have any superhero powers, Silver Sable more than looks the part with her cool suits and stylish white hair. Of course, she can also act the part thanks to her wicked mixed martial arts abilities, powers of deduction, and overall badass bounty hunter chops.

Silver Sable has her own vigilante/bounty hunter organization known as the Wild Pack, and together they embark on special missions or aid Spider-Man and S.H.I.E.L.D. when their expertise is required.

12. Black Cat – Spider-Man

Black Cat

Another frequent Spider-Man collaborator, Black Cat (born Felicia Hardy) is a platinum-blonde beauty who often straddles the line between good and bad.

Felicia Hardy was born into a crime family, with her father being a notorious burglar. After attempts at a normal life led to abuse at the hands of men, Felicia quickly sought to take her revenge on the world by becoming a thief like her father. She would later be trained in the art of burglary and martial arts by her father’s old mentor Black Fox.


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During one of her heists, the Black Cat met Spider-Man and they would eventually become fast friends, and a little more, as they worked together to fight crimes.

In a bid to keep up with her new boyfriend, Felicia underwent a medical procedure that gave her the power to cause bad luck to her enemies. However, the tech she had been implanted with was actually a product of Wilson Fisk, an enemy of Spider-Man, who wanted to jinx Spidey indirectly. The revelation of Felicia’s decision led to the couple’s breakup.

Cat then got Doctor Strange to remove the bad luck powers, which had the side effect of turning her human nails into retractable claws. She would also get her signature Black Cat costume from the Tinkerer. The costume features various cybernetic implants that boost her physical abilities to superhuman levels.

11. Cable – X-Men


As the son of Scott “Cyclops” Summers and the clone of Jean Gray, Nathan “Cable” Summers was always going to be a powerful mutant. In fact, his power was the object (and experimental subject) of Mr. Sinister’s depraved desires.

He first appeared in New Mutants (issue 87), as a time-traveling, gun-toting mutant cyborg with a head of white hair.

Using his incredible powers and abilities, including telepathy, telekinesis, precognition, and mind possession, Cable is able to help the X-Men, the Avengers, Deadpool, and many others across space-time.

What’s most impressive about Cable is his ability to do all this while constantly using his powers to slow the spread of a cancer virus in his body.

10. Quicksilver – X-Men


Famed for that super slo-mo/super-speed scene in X-Men: Days of Future Past, Quicksilver is one of those Marvel heroes who is finally getting some proper mainstream love after decades in the shadows.

Pietro Maximoff was born in Serbia with his twin sister Wanda (Scarlet Witch) to unnamed biological parents. The infants were abducted and raised by their maternal aunt and uncle, Marya and Django Maximoff.

A few years later, the young twins would discover their powers. Pietro discovered his super-speed when he and Wanda were about to face the wrath of an angry mob. He and his sister would run from their village and roam the vast swathes of central Europe for years, surviving any way they could.

The twins would eventually meet Magneto, their alleged biological father, which would spark a series of superhuman events…

Quicksilver has crossed the good and evil divide many times during his growth, but some of his most notable feats have been heroics. He is fiercely protective of his sister and the desire to keep her safe seemingly amplifies his powers at times.

Pietro has superhuman speed which has no apparent limit. Quicksilver can circle the globe in three minutes!

He also boasts superhuman strength and an evolved physiology that allows for extreme metabolic capacity. For instance, his body can absorb almost 95% of the nutrient content he eats.

Pietro has battled and bested several villains and heroes across the Marvel universe. He’s come out on top in fights against Spider-Man, Magneto, and the Sentinels. He also played a big role alongside the Avengers when they took on Ultron.

9. Rogue – X-Men


Everyone remembers their first kiss.

However, for Anna Marie LeBeau, that is one moment she wishes she could forget forever.

This is due to her main power, the ability to absorb energy from living beings just by touching them.

After almost killing her boyfriend, young Anna Marie ran away from home and lived on the land before meeting fellow mutants Mystique and Destiny, who belonged to an organization known as the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

Anna Marie would soon look to earn her stripes by taking down one of the Brotherhood’s main enemies, Ms. Marvel, by absorbing her energy and powers. This is how she gained the ability to fly, her super-strength, and her speed.

However, the absorption of Ms. Marvel proved to have long-term psychological side effects on Anna Marie, who sought the aid of one Charles Xavier.

She would soon join the X-Men under the codename Rogue, and the rest is history…

One of Rogue’s unique attributes is her hair. While it is mostly auburn, Rogue’s hair also features bright streaks of white. Comic fans tend to agree that Rogue was born with this unique pattern, although dye has also been touted. However, in the Fox Films, Rogue gets the streaks when Magneto tries to steal her powers.

8. Danger Mouse – Danger Mouse

Danger Mouse

Now, let’s take a look at the finest secret agent in her majesty’s service.

No, not James Bond.

Danger Mouse!

Created by Brian Cosgrove and Mark Hall, Danger Mouse made his debut in the 1981 animated TV show Danger Mouse. The show was later rebooted in 2015.

The original DM is a seasoned pro who is suave and sophisticated in classic super-spy fashion. He is adept at multiple styles of hand-to-hand combat and is often equipped with gadgets by the Danger Agency’s Professor Heinrich Von Squawkencluck. Let’s not forget all the languages he can speak…

Danger Mouse, and his bumbling sidekick Penfold, receive secret (and self-destructive) instructions from Colonel K before embarking on missions to thwart villains such as Count Duckula, Baron Silas Von Greenback, and many others.

Once he’s done saving the day, Danger Mouse loves to unwind by meditating or simply reading the paper. He also engages in martial arts and weight training frequently to maintain his edge.

7. Princess Yue – Avatar: The Last Airbender

Princess Yue

Princess Yue is an almost-mythical figure who played a pivotal role in the future of water bending and the Avatar’s journey.


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Born to Chief Arnook of the Northern Water Tribe, Yue had a strange sickness as a newborn that left her unable to cry or move.

After all the Tribe’s healers and medicine men had failed to come up with a solution, a desperate Arnook appealed to the Moon Spirit to give his daughter a full life. Luckily, the Chief’s pleas were answered.

Yue (which means Moon) grew up as healthy and vibrant as any girl but she had one remarkable mark from the Moon Spirit’s intervention…long flowing white hair.

She then met Avatar Aang and guided him to the Spirit Oasis in the city of Agna Qe’la so he could access the spirit realm. Shortly, the city would be attacked by a Fire Nation armada led by Admiral Zhao, who also had Prince Zuko and Iroh in tow.

With the water benders defending their shores, Zuko managed to kidnap Aang while in his Avatar state. With the help of Yue, Katara and Sokka would track the prince down and save Aang.

Later on, Admiral Zhao would kill one of the manifestations of the Moon Spirit, a Koi fish called Tui, which caused all water benders to lose their powers in the middle of battle.

To save her people, Yue acted quickly and sacrificed her life back to the Moon Spirit to restore the balance. After dying, she rose in spirit and shared a deep kiss with Sokka before going to the spirit realm.

Yue pops up later in the series to give Aang key advice on a few occasions in the spirit realm. The TV show also alludes to her several times when Sokka’s love life is brought into focus.

6. Danny Phantom – Danny Phantom

Danny Phantom

The aptly named Danny Fenton was just a typical schoolkid until he decided to take a closer look at his parents’ atypical activities…

As professional ghost hunters, Mr. and Mrs. Fenton had all kinds of do-hickeys and doodads that piqued young Danny’s curiosity.

Unfortunately, Danny had a slip up with the Fenton Ghost Portal, which resulted in stray ectoplasm from the Ghost Zone infusing with his DNA. Danny Fenton had become Danny Phantom.

When Danny is in human form, he has his normal black hair and blue eyes. However, when he “goes ghost” his eyes turn green and his hair turns white, which makes it easier to distinguish between his two modes.

As a ghost, Danny has all sorts of powers including super-strength, speed, agility, and flight. He also has ghostly powers such as invisibility, intangibility, and ghost rays most often shot from his hands. Danny can also make other beings or objects invisible and intangible by touching them.

With these incredible powers, Danny Phantom fights to protect humanity from threats from the Ghost Zone.

5. Kimba/Leo the White Lion – Jungle Emperor


An old (and I mean old) Japanese classic.

Kimba the Lion (or Leo, depending on the specific dub) is the star of various manga, anime, films, and videogames tied to the Jungle Emperor (Jungle Taitei in Japanese) franchise.

Kimba, created by Osamu Tezuka way back in 1950, was born on a ship and destined for a life in a zoo before a storm caused a wreck. The young lion cub quickly learned to swim and was soon washed ashore on a strange land, where he would be found and nursed to health by humans.

This kindness reminded little Kimba of his own mother’s tender care, as the future king of the jungle realized the similarities between people and animals. After returning to the jungle, Kimba maintained this core value and made many of his important decisions around it.

As he rose to power, Kimba had to prove his mettle against fearsome predators, natural disasters, and hunters. He also managed to prove his mettle in the game of love by finding his mate Kitty (or Laiya in the English dubs) and later becoming a father to another white male cub.

Kimba boasts incredible abilities including super-strength and super-speed, which are above those of rival male lions. His quick reflexes help him dodge bullets, arrows, and many traps. Kimba also has incredible stamina, and he can run great distances to save the day.

Of course, Kimba also has his signature white fur. Derived from his father, Pjana, Kimba’s coat is one of the main reasons behind his immense following.

4. Storm – X-Men


Ororo Munroe is perhaps the most famous white-haired superhero there is.

Ororo’s iconic locks are a genetic heritage from her mother N’Dare, a Kenyan princess with a family history of “magic”. Her particular power is the ability to manipulate the weather at will or through strong emotions…hence the name “Storm”.

After her parents’ death at their home in Egypt, Storm was raised in Cairo by Achmed El Gibar, the leader of a rag-tag group of street kids. She learned to be a pickpocket and a thief before she decided to seek out her roots by traveling south to Kenya.

After finding her mother’s tribal village (with the help of a certain Black Panther) Ororo was hailed as a goddess by her people. She became their protector and blessed the villages with rain to stave off droughts.

She then met the X-Men for the first time and was recruited by Charles Xavier, their leader, to help with a mission against Krakoa. Needless to say, she impressed the team and was quickly made a full-time member.

Storm would prove pivotal in battles against Magneto and his anti-human mutant armies, and she would cross over with other Marvel characters like Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, and the Avengers in her journey. Storm also reconnected with the Black Panther, whom she married…and then split up with after Wakanda classified the X-Men as terrorists.

Storm also holds the regency of Mars, which is nice and she has played a key role in peace among the worlds. After the annulment of her marriage to T’Challa, Storm returned to the X-Men Academy as a full-time teacher.

Storm is one of Marvel’s premier characters and she has proven popular in comics, TV shows, and films. Apart from her awesome powers, her striking hair could be a big part of that success.

3. Magneto – X-Men


Perhaps the only one here whose hair color is a direct result of aging. Magneto is also the only one here who could pass as a true supervillain. However, even Magneto himself would argue that there are no villains or heroes, at least not in the objective sense.


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His pessimistic views on a human-mutant utopia are pretty understandable given everything he’s been through and humanity’s tendency to hate phenomena they do not understand. He is an almost polar opposite to long-time rival and best friend Charles Xavier, who has an unshakeable faith in coexistence.

Magneto is also the loudest voice calling for mutant rights and mutants’ freedom to form societies that are separate from the humans who abuse and hunt them.

On the surface at least, both Professor X and Magneto seem to share the common goal of creating a world that is safe for mutants. This is undoubtedly the main reason why the two super mutants flip-flop between being allies and enemies.

Magneto’s immense powers need no introduction, and he easily slots in on this list.

2. Perfected Ultra Instinct Goku – Dragon Ball Super

Ultra Instinct Goku

Goku’s face, when his friend Merus of the Galactic Patrol disappeared after breaking his code, was that of sheer horror. It was a look that signified one thing…he was going to have to take the angel’s place and fight Moro the Eater of Worlds.


You see, before Merus’ demise, Goku and Prince Vegeta had been easily brushed aside by the evil wizard, whose power was at an all-time high. Goku had even powered up to his mighty Super Saiyan Blue, all to no avail.

So, you can imagine Goku’s feeling when the only being capable of making a significant dent on Moro vanished into the Namekian wind.

To stand a chance of saving the planet Namek and the universe, Goku had to feel the exact opposite of that. Therefore, with the aid of Jaco (another member of the Galactic Patrol), Goku managed to bring himself down from the emotional rollercoaster he was on and reach a state of total neutrality. It is at this point that the transformation took place…

Summoning immense power, Goku leveled up to Perfected Ultra Instinct, which turned his hair silver-white and gave him unprecedented power. Even Moro was intimidated by the Saiyan’s immense transformation.

Needless to say, the transformation swung the fight in Goku’s favor and Moro was destroyed with ease. A kitten would have had a better chance against an elephant.

Perfected Ultra Instinct is Goku’s highest level of power, and it amplifies all his abilities including his ki, speed, and strength. His Saiyan powers are significantly boosted too.

Additionally, with Ultra Instinct activated, Goku’s moves, blocks, counters, and evasions are automatic and he doesn’t need to think when reacting to an opponent. This makes the all-powerful Goku an even more formidable force and among the strongest in the known multiverse.

1. Aegon Targaryen – A Song of Ice and Fire

Aegon I

The term “hero” is very much a subjective one if we’re speaking Westerosi.

However, the man we’re about to discuss here is regarded as a hero by many prominent figures and houses across the Seven Kingdoms, which is as good as it gets. That said, few people are ever going to argue with the guy with dragons.

Of course, we are talking about the man who forged the almost-literal hot seat that is the Iron Throne and set the stage for Game of Thrones. The man who conquered a continent without a silver strand ever falling out of place…

We are talking about King Aegon the first of House Targaryen, the Dragon, Conqueror of Westeros, the Black Dread of Harrenhal and the Field of Fire, King of the Andals, and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, and Protector of the realm.

Or simply “Aegon the Conqueror” or “Aegon I”.

Legend has it that Aegon and his sisters/sister-wives, Visenya and Rhaenys, were forewarned of the Doom of Valyria, their home, in visions. Acting quickly, the Targaryen clan, which was a rather minor house among the old Valyrian dragon families, decided to move to the Westerosi island of Dragonstone with their small army and slaves. They soon erected a castle and used the island as a strategic retreat.

After the Doom, Aegon shifted all of his attention westwards. Westeros had no dragons, and no armies equipped to deal with dragons. Easy pickings.

Aegon would set up his first camp at the site that would later become King’s Landing before he, and his fearsome dragon Balerion the Black Dread, set about taking over the land with the Targaryen go-to “bend the knee…or die”. Most, including the Tulleys, Tyrells, and Starks, were smart enough to submit without a fight.

Only the Lannisters, the Iron Islanders, and the now-extinct House Gardner were crazy enough to choose the flame.

With the swords of his conquered subjects, King Aegon forged the Iron Throne and began forming society in his image. From the government structures to religion and even the calendar, Aegon’s influence remains a big presence across the realm.

Apart from the largest dragon in Westeros history, Aegon could count on Blackfyre, a Valyrian steel bastard sword. His sisters also rode dragons. Rhaenys rode Meraxes while Visenya rode Vhagar. Visenya also wielded the Valyrian steel longsword Dark Sister.

As a trio, the Targaryens were unstoppable with their three massive dragons, which gave them a supreme tactical advantage in scouting and actual conflict.

Balerion was a great black beast, and the only dragon to survive the Doom. His enormous wingspan could block out the sun, and his head was large enough to swallow an ox whole. His dark flame was more than enough to bake “King” Harren and his Iron Islanders inside their newly-built “fortress”.

Vhagar and Meraxes were hatched on Dragonstone, after the Doom. Although significantly smaller than Balerion, these two dragons were still devastating to the armies of Westeros, particularly at the Field of Fire, where Vhagar and Meraxes helped Balerion in torching thousands of Lannister and Gardener troops.

Add to that the Targaryen’s growing armies of subjects and you had the makings of a dynasty that could only be destroyed from within…

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