How to Build the Best Team in Pokémon Platinum? Complete Guide

best pokemon platinum team

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With so many incredible Pokémon to choose from, it’s no surprise that many players can struggle when creating their team in Platinum. Stick around to find out some of the best Pokémon to choose from, as well as how you can go about making the ultimate Pokémon Platinum team.

What Is The Best Team In Pokémon Platinum?

Of course, having all of the ‘end-game’ or strongest Pokémon would make an ultimate team – but, most players are looking for the ‘best’ team that they can use for the majority of the game. While there are tons of amazing Pokémon to choose from in Platinum, many players find that choosing the right starter determines how the rest of the team will follow.


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Below is the most popular team for Pokémon Platinum, with stats and images thanks to Nerf Gamer, believed to be the best amongst the majority of Pokémon Platinum players:


The starter that you would go for with this team is Chimchar, which is a Fire Type Pokémon that will evolve into Monferno at level 14. From this point, it will become a Fire/ Fighting Type and will finally become Infernape once it hits level 36.


Infernape has some really great attributes that can be beneficial to just about any player, with 104 attack power and 108 speed making it one of the most effective sweepers in the entire game. While Infernape’s defenses are rather average overall, this Pokémon can still take a punch and hold its own.


The next Pokémon on the list is Staraptor, a bird-like creature. Players will need to start off by catching Starly, a Normal/ Flying Type Pokémon, and it will evolve into Staravia once it hits level 14 and finally into Staraptor at level 32.


This is a pretty strong Flying Type Pokémon with a solid attack power of 120 and some stellar speed of 100 to match. While it does have a fairly low defense of 70, it does have 85 HP and can withstand most physical attacks thanks to Intimidate.


This Pokémon is a Pseudo-Dragon Type and can be acquired by catching a Magikarp. Leveling up Magikarp to 20 can be tiresome, but it’ll be totally worth the trouble since this Pokémon can hit really hard.


Gyarados has an impressive 125 attack power, with 95 HP, 100 spl. defense, and 79 defense as well. It also has 81 speed, meaning that it can outdo the majority of Pokémon in terms of swiftness.


Balance is quite crucial for creating a solid team – so, having an Electric Type Pokémon on your team will be nearly essential. While other Electric Type Pokémon can also be pretty good, such as Luxray and Magnezone, Jolteon is possibly one of the simpler yet still effective options.


Jolteon is quite a fast attacker with 130 speed and 110 spl. attack – although, this Pokémon’s defenses are fairly low with only 65 HP, 60 defense, and 95 spl. defense. Players will need to acquire Eevee, after which they can use Thunderstone to evolve it to Jolteon, preferably before reaching level 15.


Garchomp flaunts some stunning attributes, such as 130 attack power and 80 spl. attack power, paired with 108 HP, 95 defense, and 85 spl. defense. This Pokémon also boasts 102 speed, making it faster than the majority of Pokémons out there.


Players will need to start off by catching Gible, after which it will later evolve into Gabite at level 24. From this point, it will evolve into Garchomp at level 48. It will take some time to get there, but it will definitely be worthwhile.


Weavile is the final member of the best Pokémon Platinum team. This Pokémon has some decent stats, with 120 attack power and 125 speed.


Its defensive stats are not great, with only 70 HP, 65 defense, and 85 spl. defense, but the offensive stats can definitely make up for it. Players can get Weavile by catching Sneasel and can evolve it to Weavile using Razor Claw.

Which Pokémon To Choose In Platinum?

While Infernape, Staraptor, Gyarados, Jolteon, Garchomp, and Weavile can definitely make for the best team in Pokémon Platinum overall, there are a few other approaches that players can have as well. There is a handful of other Pokémon that may be underrated or overlooked.


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Although they are not the ‘best’ or most popular, they can still make for an incredible team, and your choice will still ultimately come down to various factors. Below are some examples of the other combinations that can also make for the best team in Pokémon Platinum, depending on how you build them:

  • Torterra, Staraptor, Houndoom, Floatzel, Blissey, Gallade
  • Torterra, Luxray, Floatzel, Lucario, Rapidash, Gengar/Alakazam
  • Infernape, Luxray, Floatzel, Lucario, Roserade, Staraptor

How Do I Build The Best Team In Pokémon Platinum?

Once you get a hold of the best Pokémon for building your ultimate team, it’s all about finding the right move set for each Pokémon. Below are the best move sets for each of the best Pokémon in Platinum:

Infernape Moveset

Creating a solid move set for Infernape is fairly straightforward since this Pokémon is somewhat balanced, allowing players to teach this Pokémon both Physical and Special moves. Below is the most recommended Infernape move set in Pokémon Platinum:

MovePowerBase PPDescription
Flamethrower9515Has a 10% chance to burn.
Does recoil damage.
Can be swapped with Flare Blitz if needed.
Close Combat1205Can provide coverage against Ground Type Pokémons.
Can be swapped with Brick Break if needed.
Shadow Claw7015Provides coverage against Ghost Type and Psychic Type Pokémons.
Has a higher Crit chance ratio.
U-turn7020Allows Infernape to switch out after damaging an enemy.
Effective against Psychic, Dark, and Grass Type Pokémons.
Can be swapped out with Thunder Punch if needed.

Staraptor Moveset

Staraptor’s spl. attack is only 65, so there isn’t much point in teaching this Pokémon special moves. Still, this Pokémon can learn some pretty powerful moves along the way. Below is the best move set for Staraptor in Pokémon Platinum:

MovePowerBase PPDescription
Fly9015It’s a 2-turn 90 base power move.
Brave Bird1205Has 1/3 of the damage as recoil damage.
Players can teach Ariel Ace before reaching Brave Bird.
Return10A really strong Normal-type STAB move and its power can go up to 102 based on the friendship level.
Players can use Quick Attack until Return is acquired.
Close Combat1205Provides coverage against two of its weaknesses – Rock and Ice Type Pokémon.

Gyarados Moveset

This Pokémon has some brutal attack power, but its spl. attack is only 65, meaning it would be more worthwhile to spend time teaching it Physical moves – unless Special moves are necessary. Still, this Pokémon has access to some really powerful moves – in fact, some of the best Physical moves in the game. Below is the recommended move set for Gyarados in Pokémon Platinum:

MovePowerBase PPDescription
Waterfall8015A really strong Water-type STAB move with a 20% chance to flinch.
Players can teach Aqua Tail until they reach Waterfall.
Surf9510A useful HM that players may need quite a lot.
Bite6020A Dark-type move and is good against Psychic, and Ghost-type Pokémons.
Ice Fang6515A really strong Ice-type move with a 10% chance to freeze and a 10% chance to flinch.
Effective against Grass, Ground, Flying, and especially Dragon-type Pokémons.

Jolteon Moveset

The main strength of Jolteon is the Special attack since this Pokémon’s Physical attack power is quite low. Below is the most recommended move set for Jolteon in Pokémon Platinum:

MovePowerBase PPDescription
Thunderbolt9515The best Electric-type move Jolteon can learn, with a 10% chance to paralyze.
Players can use Thunder Shock before reaching Thunderbolt.
Shadow ball8015A really great Ghost-type move that can provide coverage against Psychic and Ghost-types.
Has a 20% chance to lower the target’s spl. defense.
Double Team15Increases Jolteon’s evasiveness.
Hyper Beam1505After using this move, Jolteon will not be able to move the next turn.
It is a very situational move, so you should only use this when needed.

Garchomp Moveset

Although this Pokémon’s Physical power is somewhat strong, its Special Attack is still superior. Players should definitely focus on teaching Garchomp Physical moves to make the most out of its strengths.


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This Pokémon has some incredible Physical moves, so you won’t be missing out on much in the Special move department. Below is the recommended move set for Garchomp in Pokémon Platinum:

MovePowerBase PPDescription
Dragon Claw8015A really good Dragon-type STAB move and is effective against other Dragon-types.
Earthquake10010The best Ground-type STAB move Garchomp can learn.
Does double damage if the Pokémon is underground.4
Players can use Dig before getting Earthquake.
Rock Slide7510Provides coverage against Ice-types.
Has a 30% chance to flinch.
Brick Break7515Provides coverage against Normal, Rock, Steel, Ice, and Dark-types.
Destroys screens like reflect, and light screen.

Weavile Moveset

Weavile’s special attack is inferior, meaning players should focus on teaching Physical moves instead of Special Moves. Below are the recommended moves for Weavile in Pokémon Platinum:

MovePowerBase PPDescription
Night Slash7015Dark-type STAB move that is effective against Psychic and Ghost-types.
Avalanche6010Ice-type STAB move that is effective against Ground-type, Flying-type, Grass-type, and Dragon-types.
X-Scissor8015Effective against Grass-type, Psychic-type, and Dark-types.
Metal Claw10015Steel-type move that is effective against Rock and Ice-types.
Has a 10% chance to raise Weavile’s attack.

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There is always room for adaptations, depending on what players prefer. But, Bastiodon, Lucario, and Abomasnow are considered to be three of the strongest competitors, providing solid coverage against most opponents that players will face.

Finding the best team in Pokémon Platinum will depend on a few factors and preferences, and there may not be a one-size-fits-all combination. But, the Pokémons on this list will definitely help you create a well-rounded and solid team that can take on even the toughest opponents in-game.

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