15 Best Yellow Villains of All Time Ranked

Yellow Feature

While I’ve always associated yellow with brightness and cheer, it’s intriguing how many artists choose to defy this norm when creating their characters. Through their skin tone or apparel, these villains offer a fresh take on the color’s symbolism. Here’s my list of 15 unforgettable yellow villains who, whether draped in the sunny shade or showcasing it in their appearance, never fail to make a hero’s day challenging.

15. Etrigan (DC)


He doesn’t always play the villain; there are chapters where you can find this demon on the heroes’ side. Etrigan is a demon from hell who also happens to be a prince. Etrigan has always been a handful in hell to the point his own father had fathered Merlin to have someone strong enough to subdue Etrigan.

The demon was later summoned to earth to serve under Merlin in an attempt to protect Camelot. However, when it was clear they were fighting a losing battle, Merlin bound his half-brother to a mortal peasant named Jason. Since then, the two have brought chaos into the mortal world as a team.

14. Scream (Marvel)


Scream is one of the five symbiotes spawns that have appeared in Spider-Man comics. She was first bonded with Donna Diego, who was a volunteer for the Life Foundation that hoped to create super-cops. Scream, along with her siblings, would then attack Spider-Man and Venom. Scream has tried several times to convince Venom to teach her and the other symbiotes how to use their abilities but ends up fruitless every time.

13. Yellow Bomberman (Bomberman)

Yellow Bomber

He is introduced as a villain, but he now belongs to the heroes’ side after the two games he was present in. He is a secondary antagonist and aids Black Bomberman with his schemes. However, when White Bomberman defeats Black Bomberman and his colleagues in the second game, he has switched sides. By the third game, he becomes a playable character. Just like his color, he is cheery and naive.

He is among some of the characters who managed to get on Golem Bomber’s good sides. He is also one of the three Bomberman Brothers representing a color from the primary color wheel.

12. He Who Remains (Marvel)

He Who Remains

He eventually aided our heroes in the comics, but He Who Remains is an entity that values the balance of the world and time above all else. He is the past director of the Time Variance Authority and is the one responsible for creating the Time-Keepers.

At first, he did not believe in Thor, Jane Foster, The Warriors Three, and Zarrko that the three entities he was protecting would lead to the earth’s destruction once they awaken. So, he attacked the heroes. He even took Thor’s abilities away from him. However, he sided with them once he learned the truth about the life pods. In the end, he was the one who terminated the life support system of the pods.

11. Warbat (DC)


He comes from the Dark Multiverse and is a combination of an evil Batman and Mongul. He was a character recruited to become a member of the Dark knights by the Batman Who Laughs. He was set to aid the Batman Who Laughs in his invasion on Earth 0 with Perpetua. In the comics, he was the guard for Castle Bat under the direct command of the Grim Knight.

10. Minions (Despicable Me)


If you want to be the main villain, then you ought to have underlings under you. The Minions are basically wired to serve any villain they can find. These small yellow creatures are depicted to come from Switzerland but got bored and traveled to America for a better life or a new master to serve. While they seem rather dumb, they are actually pretty efficient, especially when it comes to building and repairing things. Minions are shown to be able to design, build, and repair highly complex inventions.


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The Minions were so popular that they even had their own animated feature in 2015. The film explains that the Minions are to seek out and serve villains. If they cannot find a master, they become listless and depressed.

9. Mongul (DC)


He was one of the tyrannical rulers of his own alien race in Warlord. The planet is an artificial satellite that travels the galaxy, gathering slaves that they will use for gladiators. This villain happened to pick up Superman for his gladiator combats. Mogul was impressed that the Man of Steel was winning match after match.

After Superman refuses to kill one of his opponents, Mongul decides to face Superman himself. Before Superman could lose, he was teleported away from the fight. His own people eventually overthrew Mongul after some time. He retreated to a small planet that he managed to conquer. There he meets Cyborg Superman, and the two of them team up due to their mutual hate towards Superman.

8. Yellow Claw (Atlas Comics)

Yellow Claw

A Fu Manchu type of villain from Atlas Comics. He was born 150 years ago in mainland China, and he claims to be the leader of a secret society called the “Eternal Empire” based in China. In modern-day, it is now called Atlas Foundation. Yellow Claw also managed to control HYDRA for a time.

Over the years, he has created elixirs that have prolonged his life and maintained his vitality so he may be able to perform in top physical condition. For years he has been planning to dominate the world for himself under the pretense of serving Communist China.

7. Belial (DC)


Just like his son, Belial also sports the same yellow skin color. This demon is an archduke of hell who eventually replaced Azazel on the Satanic Triumvirate. Belial eventually had a son named Etrigan, who even caused havoc in hell. Satan had to command Belial to control his own son. However, the demon could not punish his offspring properly due to Etrigan enjoying the punishment. Eventually, Belial grew tired of Etrigan and left hell for several years.


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Belial eventually returned with his third son Merlin. He intended to create a new heir strong enough to contain his firstborn. He and Merlin worked together to keep Etrigan under the servitude of his own brother. However, Nelia eventually lost to his son and was even banished by him into a Pit with Beelzebub.

6. Sukamon (Digimon Adventures)


Sukamon is a Virus type Champion level Digimon who served as a major hurdle to the DigiDestined at the early parts of their journey. Sukamon was born from a pile of scrap data thrown into the trash of a computer. Usually, on a Sukamon, you can find a Chuumon, a small rat-like Digimon who works like a devil on the shoulder that tells Sukamon to do evil deeds. In Digimon Adventures 1, the pair are part of Myotismon’s army.

Sukamon is a regular enemy Digimon in the series and the game because it is a virus-type Digimon. Its prior form is usually Numemon, and it can possibly digivolve to Etemon, Platinum Sukamon, and King Sukamon.

5. Bill Cipher (Gravity Falls)


Is a pyramid-looking inter-dimensional demon who serves as the primary antagonist of Gravity Falls. Bill has always hated living things. He purged his own dimension along with his parents in his old world and is out to take over the human world in the series. Bill managed to come into contact with Standford Pines and convinced him to create a gateway for him to enter his dimension. However, once Ford out Bill’s plans, he shut down the project and accidentally fell in the dimension portal, trapping him and Bill.

By the time Gravity Falls start, Bill is not formally introduced till the episode Dreamscape. In the episode, Gideon Gleeful is able to summon Bill, and the two agree to help each other with their plans. However, Bill’s condition was never revealed to the viewers. Once Bill was formally introduced, the series takes a darker turn, and most of the story is focused on stopping Bill from materializing into the 3rd dimension.

4. Mojo (Marvel)


Mojo is a creature that belongs to a race of spineless beings. The planet eventually gets named after him, now called the Mojoworld belonging to a pocket dimension called the Mojoverse. The structure of power in this world is based on the television industry, and Mojo became their king by taking over the channels. Mojo captured a newly blinded Psylocke, and he implanted a bionic eye that would allow Mojo to see whatever she saw.

Psylocke eventually gets rescued by the X-Men. Frustrated, Mojo sends Longshot to join the ranks of the X-Men so that he can use them as his pawns later. Mojo’s actions would usually have something to do with filming or getting footage of certain events due to how his world works when it comes to power. He would constantly meddle with the heroes to improve his ratings. At one point, he let the Wolverine star in his own TV show. On another occasion, he sent both the Wolverine and Spiderman on a broadcasted adventure to a dystopian future.

3. Baba Yaga (Marvel)

Baba Yaga

While her skin is usually green, during Herc issue 10, it was yellow. Baba Yaga is the Russian goddess of the earth and is a Deiva deity. In Russian legend, she is known to be a witch that has survived centuries ago. She managed to stay alive all these years by feasting on travelers who would wander through her forest. She would memorize other women or reanimate their remains and make them servants that would search for other food for her.


2. Yellowjacket (Marvel)


Yellowjacket is the name of several heroes and villains in the Marvel Universe. To focus on just a single villain who took the name Yellowjacket, I decided to just talk about the one in the MCU since I believe more people are familiar with him. Doctor Darren Cross was obsessed with replicating Pym’s Particles that he was willing to sacrifice anyone for the sake of creating his own. 

He succeeded, but Hope van Dyne and Antman managed to destroy the research done to make the particles. He became Yellowjacket and tried to murder Antman. He was later shrunken to a sub-atomic level.

1. Mr. Burns (The Simpsons)

Mr Burns

Well, you don’t have to have super powers to be counted as a villain in the story. Mr. Burns is the owner of Springfield’s Nuclear Power Plant, and he serves as the primary antagonist of the adult cartoon The Simpsons. He is also the city’s wealthiest, oldest, and most powerful citizen. It is not beyond Mr. Burns to do evil deeds, even murder, to get what he wants.

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