Black Adam vs. Thor: Who Would Win, & Why?

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Even though the DC and Marvel universes are entirely different from one another in the sense that there are unique characters in each of these universes, we do know that there are similarities in terms of the characters that they have. Of course, we have two lightning users in the form of Black Adam and Thor, who are both godlike beings and are powerful in their own right. But who would win in a battle between DC’s Black Adam and Marvel’s Thor?

Black Adam would undoubtedly win against Thor because he is far stronger and faster and has a host of different powers that Thor doesn’t have. In fact, Black Adam is actually exponentially stronger than Thor because the power scaling in the DC universe tends to be overblown compared to Marvel.

As powerful as Thor is in the Marvel universe, there is no doubt that Black Adam is a lot more powerful than him because DC seems to have characters that have exaggerated levels of power. So, with that said, Black Adam would win a fight with Thor at any given moment. And we are here to look at the reasons why Black Adam is so much stronger than Thor.


Black Adam is a regular human that was blessed with the powers of six gods. In that regard, he is given the strength of the Egyptian god named Amon, and this allows him to have superhuman strength that far exceeds almost anything else in the world of comic books. He is so strong that he can easily lift over 100,000 tons without much effort. Black Adam also has strength levels that are comparable to Superman because not even a Kryptonian can overpower him, and that means that his strength is easily immeasurable.


Thanks to his Asgardian physiology, Thor is far stronger than any regular human and is actually the most gifted out of all of the Asgardians in terms of his strength. He is so strong that he can go toe-to-toe against Hulk in a test of strength and is said to have a strength level that exceeds 100 tons in Marvel. Thor has also exhibited his strength in the comics and movies alike by being able to easily lift things that regular humans aren’t supposed to be able to lift.


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As strong as Thor is, Black Adam is far stronger. The strength scaling differences between DC and Marvel characters tend to be so wide as the Marvel characters don’t have overblown strength levels. Nevertheless, while Thor can lift tanks, Black Adam can lift buildings.

Black Adam 1, Thor 0


Similar to how he is blessed with an Egyptian god’s strength, Black Adam also carries the swiftness of the Egyptian god named Heru. This allows him to fly at speeds of Mach 10 while on Earth and at the speed of light whenever he is in space. On top of that, he is capable of running at Mach 500 when he is on his feet, and that means that he is almost just as fast as Superman but not nearly as fast as the Flash. Still, he is extremely fast because he possesses the speed of a god.

Thor’s Asgardian physiology allows him to run faster than regular humans and move at the swiftness and speed that surpasses most Asgardians because he is simply physically gifted. On top of that, whenever he is flying with Mjolnir, he can move at speeds of Mach 32. This allows Thor to move from one place to another without much difficulty, especially whenever he is traveling from planet to planet in space.


Yes, Thor is faster than a regular human and is capable of flying at Mach 32 whenever he has Mjolnir in his hands. However, he doesn’t have the extremely fast running speed that Black Adam possesses. On top of that, Black Adam can fly at the speed of light.

Black Adam 2, Thor 0


Black Adam is blessed with the powers of the Egyptian deity named Aten, and this allows him to have mystical powers. The most commonly used mystical power in his arsenal is his ability to project and blast powerful arcane lightning from any part of his body, and his magic is powerful enough that it can give problems to Superman. Thanks to Aten’s powers, Black Adam is also capable of inter-dimensional travel.


Thor is the god of thunder in Marvel for a good reason because he has the ability to channel lightning and use it as a weapon. In most cases, he does so by using Mjolnir or Stormbreaker as the medium, but he could also use his body to channel the lightning that he can summon. Stormbreaker also allows him to make use of the power of the Bifrost, which allows him to travel from one world to another.

Even though Thor has powers that are comparable to Black Adam, his lightning powers are not as powerful. Black Adam can easily project and blast lightning from any part of his body without the use of any tool or weapon to help him channel this power.

Black Adam 3, Thor 0

Endurance and Durability

Black Adam was given the Stamina of Shu, and this allowed him to fight without feeling any fatigue whatsoever. His highly advanced musculature doesn’t produce any fatigue toxins and allows him to go on for days without any rest. He is also able to survive without food or any kind of sustenance. On top of that, he is durable enough to take blows from Superman and any other superpowered DC being without showing any signs of injury whatsoever.


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Thor is one of the most durable characters in the entire Marvel Comics universe because he can take blows and survive them. He is probably the most physically gifted Asgardian of all time, and this allows him to survive attacks from multiversal beings and cosmic entities that are quite powerful. It is the fact that he is as durable as any other superhero in Marvel that makes him one of the strongest.


As durable as Thor may be, his body still needs rest and nourishment. On the other hand, Black Adam doesn’t even feel fatigued at all and can go on without eating or drinking. And the fact that he can go blow for blow with Superman speaks a lot about how durable he is.

Black Adam 4, Thor 0


Black Adam has been around for millennia because his origins can be traced all the way back to Ancient Egypt thousands of years ago. Throughout that time, he was the defender of his own nation of Kahndaq and even went as far as defeating entire alien invasions with his own power. As such, he has been fighting for thousands of years and has experienced almost everything there is to experience for a superpowered godlike being.


Thor may be old, but he has only been around for a millennium and a half. However, for hundreds of years, he acted as the protector of the nine realms and was the one often sent to protect all of the realms that were under the rule of Asgard. Thor is a frontline fighter that has amassed hundreds of years of experience preventing wars and keeping the peace within the nine realms. And that is why he is one of the most experienced characters in the entire Marvel continuity.

Both Black Adam and Thor are ancient when it comes to how long they have been around. But the fact that Black Adam has been around longer means that he is the more experienced fighter of the two.

Black Adam 5, Thor 0

Black Adam vs. Thor: Who Would Win?

Thor is indeed impressive when it comes to Marvel standards because he is powerful, strong, and very durable. But it is always unfair to compare a Marvel superhero to a DC character because of the fact that the superpowered beings in DC tend to have overblown power levels. This includes Black Adam, whose strength and power are so incredible that they rival some of the strongest comic book characters. That is why there is no way Thor, as powerful as he is, would be able to contend with a being like Black Adam.

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