Black Adam vs. The Hulk: Who Would Win, & Why

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The Black Adam movie is now nearing its release date as people are now trying to get to know more about this DC character and what he can do, especially when compared to some of the characters that we already know. While they belong in different universes, it can be difficult to avoid comparisons between Black Adam and the Hulk because they are both very strong. So, who would win in a fight between Black Adam and the Hulk?

Black Adam would win in a close fight against the Hulk. It might be true that the Hulk probably has strength and durability on his side, but Black Adam has more firepower and is a lot smarter than this hulking beast. Nevertheless, this should be a very close fight, and the Hulk also has a chance at victory.

The Hulk is probably one of the most powerful Marvel characters when we look at pure strength alone, but not even his strength will be enough to defeat a man with the powers of multiple gods. That is why Black Adam should still be able to handle the Hulk well but will find it difficult to dominate him. In that regard, let’s look at this battle in greater detail.


Black Adam is immensely powerful because he was blessed with the strength of the Egyptian god named Amon. In that regard, Black Adam has the strength that allows him to stand against some of the strongest beings in the universe and even match Superman’s own strength. He is incredibly strong and can easily lift tanks and buildings with relative ease because he does possess the strength of a god. That is why DC characters that face him in battle have found it difficult to defeat him.


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Hulk’s strength is infinite in the sense that he is as strong as he needs to be. At his base, Hulk is already incredibly strong and could easily destroy buildings with his strength. But when he gets angrier, he becomes stronger, and that means that he is infinitely strong as long as he has a reason to get angrier than he already is. In fact, world breaker Hulk is powerful enough to destroy cities and planets on his own because he has reached a strength level that far surpasses any other character in Marvel.


No matter how strong Black Adam is, Hulk will only get stronger than him. A fight between them would only force Hulk to grow angrier, and that would eventually allow him to surpass Black Adam’s strength.

Black Adam 0, Hulk 1


Blessed with the speed of the Egyptian god Heru, Black Adam is also incredibly fast whenever he’s flying or running. In space, he could reach the speed of light whenever he’s flying. On Earth, he has a speed that could reach Mach 10 in flight. However, on foot, he could easily exceed speeds of Mach 500, and that means that he is incredibly fast. Black Adam is so fast that he could almost reach Superman’s own speed but still pales in comparison to the Flash’s speed.

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The Hulk might not look like a speedy character, but he has strong legs and amazing reflexes that allow him to move incredibly fast. He can run fast enough that he could outrun an aircraft while he is on land. The Hulk has also shown the ability to react quick enough to mortar shells and missiles because he can catch them before they hit him. In fact, he could even match Namor’s swimming speed while underwater because his body is simply powerful enough to allow him to move fast.


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No matter how strong Hulk’s body is and how fast it allows him to move, he still doesn’t have the same speed that Black Adam possesses. This means that Black Adam might be able to speed-blitz him in a fight because of their difference in speed.

Black Adam 1, Hulk 1


Black Adam is blessed with the power of Aten, and this allows him to use magic effectively in battle. His go-to arcane power is his lightning energy blast, which is powerful enough to deal damage to an invulnerable being like Superman. On top of that, he can shoot lightning from any part of his body and can control lightning to the degree that far surpasses what any other lightning user can do in DC. Of course, he could also perform other feats of magic and can even travel through dimensions.


The Hulk doesn’t have any powers because he is simply given an incredibly powerful body that itself is his power. This body allows him to reach incredible levels of strength, speed, and durability. The Hulk’s body also has a regenerative healing factor that allows him to steadily heal from injuries and wounds. And the icing on the cake is his ability’s adaptability, as it allows him to adapt to situations and conditions that would normally be fatal to other beings.

As powerful as the Hulk’s body may be, Black Adam’s powers are incredible. His mastery over the arcane is astonishing as it allows him to blast lightning and fry his opponents with it. Not even Hulk’s body would be able to withstand Black Adam’s powers, which are strong enough to damage Superman.

Black Adam 2, Hulk 1


Black Adam has the stamina of Shu and the courage of Mehen, and these allow him to have an incredibly powerful body that is unbelievably durable. He can live indefinitely without eating, sleeping, or any kind of nourishment because his body sustains itself. Black Adam doesn’t feel fatigued as well, and that means that he can keep on fighting without getting tired. On top of that, his body is strong enough to withstand any kind of damage as it allows Black Adam to go toe-to-toe with incredibly powerful beings like Shazam and Superman without getting injured.

The Hulk’s durability is the stuff of legends because he is functionally immortal. That means that his body can withstand almost any kind of damage because of how indestructible it is and how it can adapt to any kind of condition. Even if the Hulk were to get injured or wounded, he has a regenerative healing factor that allows him to heal quickly enough. And the scariest part is that his body adapts to all sorts of environments and conditions such that the Hulk could adapt to conditions that would normally kill anything.


The Hulk’s functional immortality is what is scary about him because he can probably adapt to whatever Black Adam can throw at him and heal from his injuries in no time. That is why he is one of the most dangerous Marvel characters of all time.

Black Adam 2, Hulk 2


Black Adam possesses the wisdom of Zehuti, and that means that he is an intelligent and wise character that is smarter than most other powerhouses in DC. It is his wisdom that allows him to think of strategies that could defeat his opponents in a hurry. Of course, a great leader such as Black Adam needs to be wise to lead a country like Kahndaq. In that regard, he has the wisdom of a leader and the tactical intelligence of a military commander.

adamthrone 1

The Hulk is a mindless beast that only thinks about destruction, even though Bruce Banner is one of the brightest minds in the world. Professor Hulk, a version in which the character has the Hulk’s strength and Banner’s mind, is very intelligent in a scientific manner, but it ends there. And even if Professor Hulk is indeed very smart, he is held back by the fact that he doesn’t have the Hulk’s constantly increasing anger levels.


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As mentioned, the strongest version of the Hulk is a beast that only thinks about destruction. He lacks the intelligence of Bruce Banner, and that is what can hold him back against an intelligent character like Black Adam.

Black Adam 3, Hulk 2

Black Adam vs. The Hulk: Who Would Win?

From what the scoreboard says, it is clear that this is a close fight between Black Adam and the Hulk. However, Black Adam will most likely win in the end because he is faster and smarter and has more powers at his disposal. Still, it is clear that he will struggle against the Hulk’s infinite strength and constantly adapting body. He will find it hard to deal damage to the Hulk’s durable physique, and that is why this is going to be an incredibly close battle.

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