Black Krrsantan vs. Chewbacca: Who Is the Strongest Wookie?

Black Krrsantan vs. Chewbacca

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Even though we have seen Wookiees in the Star Wars universe in the past, Chewbacca was the only Wookiee that had a prominent role in the franchise. However, the introduction of the black Wookiee Black Krrsantan in The Book of Boba Fett changes everything, as this Wookiee may end up playing a big role in the series. But who between Black Krrsantan and Chewbacca is the stronger Wookiee?

Both Black Krrsantan and Chewbacca are just as strong as one another. This was proven in the Marvel-released Star Wars comics, where the Wookiees battled it out with no clear winner coming out of the brawl. However, both Black K and Chewbacca have their own strengths.

The current Star Wars canon puts Black Krrsantan and Chewbacca at a level that is equal with one another, as far as their first and only battle is concerned. However, to get to know and understand why there is no clear winner between the two Wookiees, let us look at their capabilities in greater detail.

Physical strength

Black Krrsantan looks like he is bigger and stronger than any Wookiee we have ever seen because his black fur and his mean-looking face make him look a lot more intimidating. Of course, Wookiees are known to be quite strong, and that means that Black K is just as strong or even stronger than any other Wookiee in the galaxy.

Chewbacca may not have the same intimidating aura that Black Krrsantan carries, but there is no mistaking the fact that he is incredibly strong as well. As Han Solo himself said, he has seen Chewbacca ripping the arms off a person with ease. This means that he could also be just as strong or even stronger than any other Wookiee.

That said, there is no clear decision as to which between Black K and Chewie is physically stronger. In the comics, they seem to be equally matched with one another in terms of strength. As such, no one gets the point here.

Points: Black K 0, Chewie 0

Hand-to-hand combat skills

One of the things that made Black Krrsantan a legendary bounty hunter in his own right is the fact that he used to be a gladiator who fought for the Xonti Brothers. He spent a lot of years honing his fighting skills as a gladiator. On top of that, he worked several years as one of Jabba’s henchmen. This means that he is one of the best hand-to-hand fighters in the galaxy, and that makes him terrifying when you couple his skills with his brute strength.


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Chewbacca is no slouch when it comes to fighting, and Wookiees seem to be natural fighters thanks to their training and natural fighting instincts. However, in terms of his feats, Chewbacca usually gets by using his bowcaster instead of his brutish strength and hand-to-hand combat skills. We are not dismissing the possibility that he could be a good fighter, but we haven’t seen a lot of that in the Star Wars canon.

Because Black Krrsantan spent years as a gladiator in the hopes of honing his combat skills, he is the superior hand-to-hand fighter when compared to Chewbacca. That’s why he gets the point here.

Points: Black K 1, Chewie 0

Bowcaster Skills


Black K, like any other Wookiee, prefers to fight using the traditional Wookiee weapon called the bowcaster. We know that, as a bounty hunter, he is capable when using his bowcaster as his primary weapon. And he wouldn’t be a legendary bounty hunter in his own right if he wasn’t a good shot.

Chewbacca, on the other hand, has proven time and time again that his skills with a bowcaster are exceptional. He has been using this weapon throughout his entire life, and he has displayed amazing skills with it. And while we rarely see Force users struggling against blaster-type weapons, Chewbacca was able to wound the powerful former Jedi Kylo Ren with his bowcaster after he saw Han Solo getting murdered.

We are yet to see some of Black Krrstantan’s feats with a bowcaster. Regardless of how good he is with the traditional Wookiee weapon, the fact that Chewie was able to injure the powerful Kylo Ren, who was able to stop blaster fires easily using the Force, is amazing feat that earns the good Wookiee a point.

Points: Black K 1, Chewie 1


Black Krrsastan has always been described as a brutish thug because of the fact that he has spent his entire life as a fighter. We are yet to see some of his more intelligent feats, but what we can conclude here is that he is not the most intelligent Wookiee. He is more on the brutish side when it comes to his combat prowess.

On the other hand, Chewbacca might not seem like he is intelligent, but he has actually displayed plenty of intelligence as far as his technical skills are concerned. He knows the inner workings of droids and other machines to the point that he was able to build a transmitter out of a wrecked ship. While that won’t help him in combat, it can prove useful in other things, especially when he has to use his intelligence to get the upper hand over a more brutish opponent.

We are not saying that Black K is dumb. However, Chewbacca’s feats of intelligence are currently far ahead of what Black K has shown. As such, we are giving Chewie the point here.

Points: Black K 1, Chewie 2


Black K

Experience-wise, we know that Black K has seen it all. He has spent years fighting as a gladiator and further honed his skills by working under Jabba the Hutt as a bounty hunter. Take a look at Boba Fett, for example, who became as strong as he is due to his bounty hunter days. And if you factor in how Black Krrsantan spent a good part of his life as a gladiator fighting different opponents, his experience is topnotch.


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Chewbacca had experienced a lot of fighting in his own right as well, especially during the days when he was fighting alongside the Rebels. His days as Han Solo’s muscle when they were smugglers could have also been useful in improving his experience as well. However, Chewie’s experience was more in line group on an actual battlefield instead of one-on-one combat.

Both Black K and Chewbacca are very experienced fighters that have seen a lot of combat in their lifetime. However, as mentioned, Chewbacca’s fighting days were more in line with fighting on an actual battlefield, and that might not help him when it comes to a one-on-one slugfest. Meanwhile, Black K has experience on both the battlefield and various conditions that allowed him to hone his fighting prowess and instinct as a fighter. That is why we are giving him the point here.

Points: Black K 2, Chewie 2

Black Krrsantan vs. Chewbacca: Who Wins?

As it stands, both Black Krrsantan and Chewbacca are equal when you look at their individual strengths. Black K might be better in other fields, but Chewie also has his own specific strengths as well. That is why it is tough to say which between the two Wookiees is the strongest one. Of course, the comics also showed us that there was no clear winner in the first slugfest between the two beasts.

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