Black Panther vs. Wolverine: Who Would Win & How?

panther vs wolverine

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The world of Marvel Comics has a lot of different popular characters that are known for their fighting abilities and enhanced physical capabilities. Of course, we can’t help but forget about the characters that are incredibly gifted in terms of their fighting abilities and are known to rely on rare metals. Black Panther relies on the power of Vibranium, while Wolverine is known to have an Adamantium-reinforced skeleton. So, in a fight between Black Panther and Wolverine, who is likely to win?

Wolverine is likely going to win in a fight against Black Panther. It might be true that Vibranium is potentially more durable than Adamantium, Wolverine is simply stronger and more skilled than Black Panther. On top of that, his healing factor is going to make it tough for Black Panther to put him down.

Throughout the entire history of Marvel Comics, Wolverine has always been one of the most resilient characters due to his healing factor and tough-as-nails personality. Of course, while Black Panther himself is strong and tough, not a lot of villains have actually found a way to defeat Wolverine and his healing factor. That said, let’s look at this fight in greater detail.


Thanks to the power of the Heart-Shaped Herb, which is a plant that grew on Vibranium-rich soil in Wakanda, Black Panther’s physical capabilities were enhanced to the point that they were able to reach peak human levels that are similar to Captain America’s own enhanced physical capabilities. In that regard, he is able to lift up to 800 pounds and can wrestle with incredibly strong animals, such as rhinos. He is also capable of easily lifting a man with one arm.

While Wolverine was never born with enhanced strength, the procedure that gave him an Adamantium-reinforced skeleton allowed his body to become stronger as well because his skeletal system is now capable of allowing him to carry incredibly heavy objects. As such, he is known to be able to lift up to two tons, thanks to his enhanced strength. This allows him to bridge the gap between him and superpowered characters with superhuman physical capabilities.

wolverine strength

Even though Wolverine was never born with superhuman strength, he is still stronger than T’Challa due to the fact that his body is reinforced by his strong Adamantium skeleton. As such, he is about twice as strong as Black Panther.

T’Challa 0, Logan 1


Black Panther’s body also became more durable due to the physical enhancements he underwent. As such, he is capable of withstanding attacks that would normally kill regular people. Of course, his Black Panther suit is made of Vibranium, and that means that it is capable of absorbing some of the strongest blows that his enemies could muster. And there’s also the fact that his indomitable will makes him a lot more resilient than he is supposed to be.


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Normally, Wolverine’s body isn’t a lot stronger than a regular human being’s body, except for the fact that he is capable of withstanding attacks that could break bones or severely injure a person. This, of course, is due to his Adamantium-reinforced skeleton. But what makes Wolverine incredibly hard to defeat is the fact that he has a healing factor that allows him to almost instantly recover from any wounds or injuries he suffers from. As such, no matter how injured or wounded he is, Wolverine keeps on getting back up as if nothing happened.


Black Panther is very durable, especially because of his suit. But he can’t do anything about the fact that Logan can brush pain and injuries off with his healing factor. That is why Wolverine takes this round once more.

T’Challa 0, Logan 2


Due to his royal lineage and the advanced sciences of Wakanda, T’Challa is a polymath. That means that he is an expert in a lot of different fields of sciences and technology, as he is basically a genius that is almost at the level of Tony Stark in terms of how intelligent he is. He has a high level of knowledge in a lot of different fields outside of science and technology, and that is why he is also an effective leader and ruler.

black panther leader

Wolverine was never the smartest character in Marvel Comics as he is but a simple man that goes about his business. But he isn’t dumb as well, as he is actually capable of figuring his way out of a tough situation using unconventional methods. However, the problem with Wolverine is that he has a lot of different gaps in his memory due to how long he has been alive and how he often experiences traumatic situations that make him lose his memory. This is one of the biggest weaknesses in Wolverine’s armor.

This isn’t even close because Black Panther is simply so much more intelligent than Wolverine, who even has trouble remembering his own history. As such, T’Challa takes this round without any trouble at all.

T’Challa 1, Logan 2

Weapons and Equipment

As mentioned, Black Panther and Wakanda rely heavily on Vibranium, which is a metal that allowed Wakandan civilization to thrive and surpass any kind of technology on Earth. While Black Panther relies on conventional close combat, his armor is equipped with technological advancements that improve his ability to withstand damage. He can also use his armor to return some of the vibrations that his suit absorbed during a fight.

panther suit

Wolverine’s greatest weapons are his Adamantium claws, which are said to be so hard and dense that they could cut through any known metal in the universe and are able to damage Thanos, whose skin and muscle tissues are just as durable or even more durable than the Hulk. In that regard, he is capable of damaging and slicing through almost anything imaginable. Other than that, he doesn’t have a lot of different weapons and equipment.

Even though there is a good chance that Wolverine can slice through Black Panther’s Vibranium suit, he doesn’t have any other weapon in his arsenal. On the other hand, Black Panther has a suit and a set of weapons that allow him to have an advantage.

T’Challa 2, Logan 2

Fighting Skills

Black Panther was trained in the art of Wakandan martial arts since he was young. On top of that, he was also trained in different forms of martial arts and combat to prepare him for his role as the future king and protector of Wakanda. As such, he is an expert in close combat situations and is capable of using almost any kind of weapon in a fight. He is so skilled as a martial artist that, at certain points, he is able to match the prowess of characters like Iron Fist and Captain America.


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Wolverine is said to have mastered every form of hand-to-hand combat on the planet and is a master of different fields of martial arts. On top of that, he has been fighting for a very long time, and that allowed him to compile decades of experience that no other character on Earth could match. In fact, he has taught most of the X-Men the art of hand-to-hand combat due to his expertise in this field. 

wolverine fight

There is a very good reason why Wolverine is a class 7 in terms of his fighting skills, while Black Panther has a class 5. And this is due to the fact that Logan is simply the better fighter due to his vast experience.

T’Challa 2, Logan 3

Black Panther vs. Wolverine: Who Would Win?

As you can see, this is actually a pretty close fight between Black Panther and Wolverine. While Black Panther is smarter and has the advantage in terms of his equipment, Wolverine is stronger and has better fighting skills. But what really allows him to gain the advantage over T’Challa is the fact that he has a healing factor that allows him to heal almost instantaneously. We don’t know how Black Panther is going to counter such an ability that not a lot of different Marvel characters can match.

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