Bleach: Is Giselle Gewelle Trans, Gay, Bi, or Straight?

Bleach: Is Giselle Gewelle Trans, Gay, Bi, or Straight?

If any one individual Sternritter from Bleach needs and deserves some attention, it is definitely Giselle Gewelle, the Sternritter “Z” – “The Zombie.” And while Kubo has revealed little to nothing about Giselle’s story and background, he has managed to make her story exceptionally intriguing, and this is why Giselle is, undoubtedly, one of the more talked about characters from the final saga of Bleach. The issue of her gender and sexual orientation is important, which is why we will address it in this article.

As far as the canon is concerned, although biologically male, Giselle Gewelle identifies herself as a female, and she is, as has been implied, attracted to women; as far as the story is concerned, she never shows any sign of attraction towards a male character. From a biological standpoint, it would make her straight, but from a gender-based perspective, as a trans female, Giselle would be considered either bisexual or a lesbian. Of course, the manga has not elaborated on this officially, nor has any of the guidebooks, so we don’t have an official confirmation. Still, the conclusions are based on the facts we have seen and read in the canon materials.

In the rest of this article, we will tell you what you need to know about Giselle Gewelle and her private life, specifically her orientation, which is one of the more intriguing aspects of the final saga in terms of the Stenritters’ stories. We have provided you with an answer above, but since Giselle’s private life has not been a major topic in the series, we don’t have a straightforward answer. But we have some clues and hints, so we’ll just elaborate on the above-given answer. If you’re not fully up to date with Bleach, some spoilers might be ahead.

Giselle is biologically a boy, but she is considered to be a girl by everyone in the series

Giselle Gewelle is a very interesting character; we cannot stress that enough. Because most Sternritter were left without a background story or even a hint at one (with the notable exceptions of Jugram, Bazz-B, and As Nodt), Giselle’s story has been crafted in such a way that it definitely stands out, even though we did not get much background on her; but, Kubo found a way to do it, so allow us to tell you a bit about her in that aspect.

Giselle Gewelle is one of the five Bambies, the five female Sternritter who are supposedly led by Bambietta Basterbine (hence the name). However, the group dynamic is not really that straightforward. She is the Sternritter “Z” – “The Zombie,” and her power allows her to use her blood to turn people into zombies, both living and dead, which become her pawns. Her ability also gives her exceptional regenerative skills and the ability to heal others.

Personality-wise, Giselle seems to like to annoy others, whether they are an enemy or comrade. Candice Catnipp, in particular, is often deliberately provoked by Giselle’s comments and reactions; for example, Giselle mentioned that it was a habit of Candice’s to have fun with young soldiers, only to have fun again to act as if she hadn’t said anything. She also provoked Ikkaku and Yumichika, albeit unsuccessfully, to attack her, and she tried to insult Mayuri, but to no avail.


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Giselle also doesn’t seem to take anything seriously and mostly seems like a naive, happy girl, no matter the situation. This attitude of hers is useful on the battlefield, as she managed to taunt a group of Division 11 members to attack her, which triggered her abilities; as said, Giselle also tried to provoke Yumichika Ayasegawa and Ikkaku Madarame into attacking her and blatantly lied about her abilities, but this failed. In battle, though.

Giselle shows no compassion or mercy, neither in front of enemies nor in front of comrades, and nothing is too cruel for ‘her’ if she is set on killing her opponent, but Giselle says that she is not sadistic in nature. The reality, though, often contradicts her, as she is seen as exceptionally cruel to Bambietta and even threatens to turn her other friends into zombies. Giselle also considers ‘her’ life more important than that of her comrades and, in an emergency, uses them as her own zombies just to save ‘her’ life in battle.

She also seems to have a very twisted nature, as implied in the series, but this aspect has not been explored further, so we don’t have any precise data for you, so we have decided that we do not want to hypothesize in this instance. But, what we can tell you about, and we actually know that for certain, is the issue of Giselle’s gender.

Namely, there was a scene in the manga that got severely censored in VIZ Media’s English edition and which was also shown on Japanese television, only to be censored in the Western releases, in which Yumichika Ayasegawa uncovers the truth about Giselle.

After deducing that she was lying about her abilities while taunting them to slice her, Yumichika also said that Giselle referring to herself as a “girl” was a blatant lie, to which Giselle reacted very darkly. He explained that she actually smelled of semen, thus revealing that Giselle was actually a boy, which was confirmed to be true – Giselle’s biological gender is male.

On the other hand, Giselle refers to herself as female; she behaves and dresses like a girl, and all of her friends and allies refer to her as a girl; even Mayuri simply goes along with that. On top of that, when talking about how excited she got when she was killing Bambietta, she told Yumichika some shocking things that females mostly use. So, there is absolutely no doubt that despite her biological gender, she can be considered a girl.

In theory, this would make her a trans girl, although we can simply use the term girl here, as it won’t make any difference whatsoever. The series has implied that Giselle likes girls, but she is never attracted to any male character, unlike some of the other Bambies.


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From a biological perspective, since she is male, it would make her straight, but since she identifies herself as a girl and the series, as a whole, also considers her to be a girl, it would make her either a lesbian or bisexual. Again, we don’t have too many details here, as Kubo did not explore this issue in more detail, but we have provided you with everything we know based on what has been said and implied in the series, so you can, actually consider this as a valid and in-depth analysis of the issue.

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