Bleach: Here’s What Bambietta Wanted from Giselle!

Bleach: Here’s What Bambietta Wanted from Giselle!

We have already discussed Bambietta Basterbine and Giselle Gewelle here on Fiction Horizon. And while Bambietta was, more or less, a standard shonen character, Giselle was intriguing in more ways than one, so their relationship, especially in light of what happened between them, is interesting. In this article, we will discuss one specific scene from the series, as you will find out what Bambietta actually wanted from Giselle in that scene.

Contrary to popular opinion, Bambietta actually wanted more of Giselle’s blood, as she needed it to survive because she became addicted to it when she was zombified. Kubo intentionally made it look ambiguous due to Giselle’s nature and the nature of her relationship with the other Bambies, but Bambietta never wanted anything intimate; she simply wanted more blood. This was confirmed in the Can’t Fear Your Own World light novel, revealing that Giselle and Bambietta survived (along with some other Sternritter) and that Bambietta was still a zombie. She had the same cravings as in the main manga, but the light novel explicitly confirmed that she wanted Giselle’s blood and not something else, as some theories suggest.

The rest of this article will focus on a specific scene from the Bleach manga and anime, which caused a lot of commotion among the fandom, as it was intentionally ambiguous. Of course, the scene has an explanation, and it is known what it actually meant, but fans who haven’t read all of the related works might be a bit confused, which is what inspired this article, as we are going to tell you everything you need to know about the scene, including what Bambietta really wanted from Giselle. Some spoilers might be present, so be careful how you approach the text.

Bambietta wanted more of Giselle’s blood; there was nothing sexual there

Okay, the scene we are discussing happened when Giselle faced Yumichika and Ikkaku. After Yumichika revealed Giselle to be a boy, she got angry and summoned the zombified Bambietta to fight them. While Bambietta defeated the two of them, Mayuri Kurotsuchi soon arrived in his Sun God suit and stopped the fight. While Giselle conversed with Mayuri, Bambietta stood up and said, “I want it…Gigi’s…I want it…I want it. Please, I can’t resist… I can’t resist, Gigi…I want it.”

The scene was highly suggestive, with Bambietta grabbing hold of Giselle, craving for something with a drooling mouth; Giselle slapped her and called her disgusting at the moment but told her that she would reward her later, after the fight, which made Bambietta obedient once again.

Now, due to Giselle’s facial expressions, the highly suggestive nature of the scene, and the implications given about the nature of Giselle’s relationship with the older Bambies (Liltotto is not included here, as she is still a little girl and she openly threatened to devour Giselle with her power on more than one occasion), fans – and we cannot blame them – thought the worst about this scene, especially because it had, only moments ago, been revealed that Giselle was biologically a boy.

Naturally, many fans thought that Bambietta was referring to Giselle’s genitals, but that is simply not true. Before we actually reveal what she was referring to, allow us to explain the relationship between Giselle and Zombie Bambietta.


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After Komamura defeated Bambietta, the other female Sternritters came to their dying friend, with Giselle in the middle, and reassured Bambietta that everything would be alright and that she would stay with them because they would miss her if she were going. Realizing what Giselle was planning on doing, Bambietta begged her not to do it, but Giselle proceeded to kill Bambietta, and no one thought it strange at the time, nor was it clear why she did it; nonetheless, it would soon become clear why. Namely, Giselle used her The Zombie to turn Bambietta into a zombie, and she later used her as a pawn in fights.

Giselle Gewelle’s ability is quite special. With this ability, Giselle cannot be truly killed by any attack. Even with the largest cuts, she can continue to talk and walk as if nothing happened. In addition, she gains complete control over another person’s body as soon as they come into contact with her blood.

The affected individuals subsequently turn into Giselle’s “zombies,” which she can control at will and even coerce into committing suicide. In addition to several deceased Shinigami, she also used this on Bambietta Basterbine, whom Komamura came dangerously close to killing. The Reiatsu of her victim determines how efficient Giselle is with her talent; the stronger the target, the more blood she needs. In Bambietta’s case, Giselle needed to kill her first because both of them were Quincy, but she did not hesitate to do it.

As you can see, Giselle ultimately made Bambietta her pawn, which ultimately meant that Bambietta depended wholly on Giselle and that she was, in a way, addicted to her. Giselle was her master now, and she depended on Giselle’s mood. Still, knowing how strange Giselle’s personality is, we can understand why Bambietta seemed to be both afraid and in need of Giselle.

Plus, Giselle was a sadist, and she also had a very perverted nature, so from that perspective, it has to be said that Giselle enjoyed her control and violence. Hence, Bambietta’s position was certainly not great. But, this was merely an introduction whose main purpose was to explain why Bambietta had such an addictive relationship with Giselle as a zombie, which will serve as a basis for our final answer.

Based on what we’ve said, we can once again state that it doesn’t surprise us that many fans thought that Bambietta’s desires had a sexual connotation based on all the revelations in the story and the other facts we know. But we can confirm that it was not sexual and that Bambietta was actually desiring more of Giselle’s blood. Namely, after being zombified by Giselle, she became addicted to her blood, which is a side-effect of The Zombie.

Giselle’s blood was a power source for Bambietta, so she craved it so much. The craving was so big that it simply added to the confusion surrounding the situation as a whole.


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But, the sequel light novel, Can’t Fear Your Own World, revealed the truth finally. Namely, the light novel confirmed that Giselle and Bambietta, among others, survived and that Bambietta was still a zombie. She has the same cravings as in the anime and with the same intensity, but the light novel makes it clear – explicitly – that Bambietta actually wants Giselle’s blood and that the thing she loves is Giselle’s blood and not anything else. The light novel can be considered canon, so this is the definitive answer to this question.

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