Bleach: Is Giselle Gewelle Alive? What Happened to Her?

Bleach: Is Giselle Gewelle Alive? What Happened to Her?

In total, only five female Sternritter have been presented in the Bleach series, but the five of them – collectively known as the Bambies – made an impact and are among the most popular Quincy in the series. Now, because of that, people, of course, want to know about their stories and their ultimate fates in the series, which is what inspired this article. In this article, we are going to focus on Giselle Gewelle, the Sternritter “Z” – “The Zombie,” as you are going to find out what happened to her in the series.

Giselle Gewelle is the Sternritter “Z” – “The Zombie,” whose special ability allowed her to create obedient zombie pawns from both living people and corpses, using her highly potent blood. In reality, Giselle was biologically male, but she identified and was considered by everyone to be a girl. After losing to Mayuri Kurotsuchi, she refused to die from Yhwach’s Auswahlen and rebelled against him, joining forces with Liltotto and Bazz-B as they went to Wahrwelt. She and Liltotto fought Yhwach and were defeated and left for dead. But, a female Quincy working for Jugram saved them and healed them, after which they joined forces with Bambietta to save Meninas and Candice from the 12th Division. They ultimately succeeded, and all five of them are now alive and well.

The remainder of this article will give you a detailed overview of Giselle Gewelle’s fate in the Bleach series, especially in light of what happened to her after her confrontation with Ichigo and her rebellion against Yhwach. You already know what happened and how it happened, so we will just bring you the details so you know the whole context. Be careful, though, as the article will contain many spoilers, so if you don’t know all the details, be careful how you approach the text.

Giselle Gewelle was one of the more curious members of the Wandenreich

Like it is the case with most of the other Sternritter as well, Giselle Gewelle’s backstory is unknown. It was revealed that she is biologically male and that she was born male, but it is unknown how and when she decided to become a girl; everyone in the series refers to her as a girl, and they all consider her to be one, despite probably knowing the truth of her biology, so we can confirm that she is, indeed, female in Bleach.

Giselle Gewelle was seen, along with the other Sternritter, during the meeting where Yhwach named Ishida as his successor. Later, Giselle and the other female Sternritter reached Bambietta just after she had killed a subordinate, asking what was worrying her. Giselle teased Candice Catnipp a bit, which resulted in a small argument that was interrupted by Bambietta. Later, Candice asked Bambietta what was actually troubling her, to which she explained it was the future of the Wandenreich.


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After Bambietta’s loss to Sajin Komamura, Giselle, along with Candice Catnipp, Meninas McAllon, and Liltotto Lamperd, arrived at the scene of the fight feeling sorry for her defeated comrade. With Bambietta defeated and dying, Giselle, not wanting to give up on their beloved friend so easily, promised that she would save her using her special powers, despite the dying Bambietta protesting this.

The same group later arrives at the place where Gremmy lost his life and wants to kill Kenpachi, who is weakened after his fight with Gremmy. Giselle uses her “The Zombie” abilities to take out part of the 11th Division by forcing lowly Shinigami to commit suicide.

After Giselle and the other female Quincy all but incapacitated the 11th Division and threatened to kill Kenpachi, Ichigo Kurosaki appeared on the battlefield and was prepared to fight them. Meninas and Giselle asked who ‘he’ was, to which Liltotto explained that it was Ichigo Kurosaki, one of the Five Special War Potentials. Unimpressed by this, Candice immediately attacked him. Ichigo blocked Candice’s attack by grabbing her arm and simultaneously slamming her into a building.

The other female Quincy then launched an attack as a group but was also thrown into a building like Candice. Unlike Candice, Giselle and the others seem to respect Ichigo and his powers more. As Candice returned from the battle, she was furious with Ichigo. Candice pulled out a Heilig Pfeil without further ado and aimed it at Ichigo, as did the other Sternritter, but Ichigo successfully rejected their attack.

He also received reinforcements in the form of Renji, Ikkaku, Yumichika, Byakuya, Rukia, and Hisagi. These told Ichigo to keep going to Yhwach while they dealt with the enemies here.

Ikkaku and Yumichika decide to fight Giselle. Giselle acted as if she was an unarmed, harmless girl and taunted them by claiming that her opponents wouldn’t be real men if they just attacked a defenseless girl like that. But Yumichika noticed two things about this statement.

On the one hand, it was a clear provocation to attack, which made it clear that they really shouldn’t attack Giselle because something might be wrong with her blood. Second, Yumichika explained that Giselle lied about her gender since she was actually a man.

Giselle then got angry at that last remark and summoned zombie Bambietta to help her fight. Giselle then orders her to kill Ikkaku and Yumichika. However, the Arrancars, revived by Mayuri Kurotsuchi, then appear and defeat Bambietta. Shortly thereafter, Toshiro appears, whom Giselle had also turned into a zombie.

When Toshiro and Mayuri fight each other, it is explained in the fight that Toshiro was turned into a zombie shortly before his death, so he is actually still alive but no longer has a will of his own. In the ongoing fight between Mayuri and Toshiro, Mayuri gives Toshiro a drug that makes him see the past repeatedly. After Mayuri explained to him how the drug works, Toshiro collapsed from the side effects.

Giselle was soon defeated, but the situation worsened when Yhwach activated Auswahlen and robbed the Sternritter of their powers; Accutrone was killed by this, whereas Giselle and Liltotto (as Meninas and Candice had been defeated) rebelled, together with Bazz-B, and refused to be treated like that. They went to Wahrwelt, where Liltotto and Giselle faced Yhwach but lost, with a scene showing a lot of blood coming out of Giselle’s head. Fortunately for them, they were saved by a fellow Quincy, who healed them.


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After joining forces with Bambietta, the three of them worked on getting Meninas and Candice from Mayuri and his 12th Division, whose members took Meninas, Candice, and NaNaNa to Mayuri, who decided to use them for his own experiments.

Without revealing too many details, we can confirm that the two of them have been saved and that all five of the female Sternritter survived this and are alive and well as of the time of writing. This was officially revealed in the Can’t Fear Your Own World sequel light novel, which can be considered as part of the canon.

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