Bleach: Is Komamura Dead or Alive? What Happened to Him? Will He Be Back?

Is Komamura Dead or Alive in Bleach What Happened to Him and Will He Be Back

As far as Bleach characters go, Sajin Komamura is definitely one of the more intriguing personalities we have seen in the series. Initially portrayed as a masked “monster,” it was revealed that he was actually an anthropomorphic wolf saved by Yamamoto and given a chance to do good as a Shinigami. He was one of the noblest and bravest Captains in the series and was also fiercely loyal to his ideas and especially Yamamoto. Komamura definitely has one of the best stories in the series, but also one of the saddest, which is why it is only natural that you might wonder what happened to him. In this article, we are going to tell you whether Sajin Komamura died in Bleach or not and what happened to him in the story.

Sajin Komamura was a very protective character who was not afraid to face an enemy, no matter how strong. He almost died while fighting Aizen, twice, during his fight with his former friend, Kaname Tōsen, and while fighting the Sternritter. After learning his family’s secret technique to transform into a human, he loses his Spiritual Powers and becomes a normal wolf; he is alive but has no abilities anymore.

The remainder of this article will give you a detailed overview of Sajin Komamura’s fate in the Bleach series. You already know what happened and how it happened, so we are just going to bring you the details so you know the whole context. Be careful, though, as the article is going to contain a lot of spoilers, so if you don’t know all the details, be careful how you approach the text.

Sajin Komamura survived, but at a great cost

More than 110 years ago, Yamamoto gave Komamura the opportunity to become a Shinigami, for which he swore allegiance to him until his death. So he met Tōsen again, who introduced him to Sōsuke Aizen. During his career, he became the commander of the 7th company. Only later does it turn out that Komamura is a member of the werewolf clan. This clan committed serious crimes in the past and were all turned into animals as punishment. Unable to endure the life of seclusion, Komamura left his clan until he was taken in as a shinigami by Yamamoto.

Komamura makes his first brief appearance at the Commanders’ Meeting sometime before Rukia Kuchiki is scheduled to be executed. While his vice-commander Iba has doubts about the correctness of this verdict, Komamura only says that it is his duty not to question the orders of the authorities (and Yamamoto in particular) but to carry them out. He later learns of Aizen’s death and takes Tōsen to Unohana to inquire about the facts. He and Tōsen agree to fight the Ryoka.


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When Kenpachi Zaraki joins Ichigo’s friends in their search for Ichigo, Komamura, and Tōsen show up with their second-in-commands fighting Zaraki’s officers elsewhere. He and Tōsen then fight Zaraki, who hardly has any problems in the fight. Tōsen asks Komamura to fight Zaraki alone, to whom Zaraki relents. Despite using his Bankai, Tōsen loses the fight. As his Bankai dwindles and Zaraki threatens to give him the killing blow, Komamura intervenes and tells the injured Tosen to run to safety.

Zaraki now fights Komamura’s Bankai, but mid-fight, Komamura senses Yamamoto’s Reiatsu and breaks off the fight. When he learns of Sōsuke Aizen’s betrayal, he immediately sets out to take care of the traitor. However, he is shocked that his friend Tōsen is in league with Aizen. While trying to stop them from escaping, he is badly injured by Aizen’s Hadō Kurohitsugi. After his recovery, he thinks a lot about what prompted Tōsen to do what he did.

Komamura shows up with several other commanders in the fake Karakura Town to stop Aizen and his allies. He defeats the Arrancar Pō, which threatened to destroy all the cornerstones of the false Karakura, with his Bankai. After Yamamoto-Genryūsai’s victory against Allon, Komamura protects the injured, being healed by Izuru Kira, and observes the other commanders’ battles against the Espada. Later, when Tōsen tries to attack Shinji Hirako, Komamura blocks his attack. He assures the Visoreds of Soul Society’s support in this struggle. He then turns to Tōsen and says he never thought he would have to protect someone else from Tōsen.

Tosen replies that he knew he and Komamura would fight each other. Before their fight can continue, Hisagi shows up and asks Komamura to join the fight against his former commander. As the battle progresses, it is revealed that Tōsen was given the ability of Hollowfication by Aizen and instantly defeated Hisagi. Even with his Bankai, Komamura cannot defeat Tōsen. Tōsen also uses his Resurrección, which gives him the ability to see. When Tosen sees Komamura, he calls him ugly, which saddens Komamura. Due to the enormous damage, his Bankai has received, Komamura himself suffers and threatens to be killed by Tosen.

Suddenly, however, Hisagi appears behind his former commander and stabs his Zanpakutō in the neck. He unleashes his Shikai and pierces Tōsen’s head with it. Lying dying, Tōsen then transforms back into his human form. Tōsen is finally happy to still be able to see the faces of his two friends and sheds a tear when Komamura says goodbye to him. Tōsen’s body explodes as a result of his injury, causing Komamura to turn hatefully on Aizen.

Just as he’s about to attack him, Ichigo comes out of a Garganta and attacks Aizen. Aizen taunts and provokes Ichigo, but Komamura stops Ichigo from rashly attacking Aizen in anger. Along with the other Shinigami and the Visoreds, they are now fighting Aizen. However, all fighters together cannot stand against Aizen and are defeated one after the other.

558Komamura transforms

Komamura first reappears when the Sternritter attack Soul Society and he is protecting some soldiers from Bambietta Basterbine. He wonders about the girl in the enemy army while remarking that the Gotei 13 may be short of soldiers when even dogs could become commanders. After Yamamoto’s death, the commanders mourn in the 1st Company buildings. When Soi Fon raised his voice at what Muguruma said, Komamura yelled that she should stop because she wasn’t the only one who felt like screaming.

He is also present when the Royal Guard arrives but remains in the background. A little later, in a cave, he talks to a giant wolf he refers to as “Great Grandfather.” Komamura explains that he came to learn the family secrets. His great-grandfather laughs at him and replies that his people do not interfere in these matters to keep his peace. He challenges Komamura, threatening to attack him if he persists, and Komamura accepts the challenge.


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In Quincy’s second attack on Soul Society, Komamura saves Hirako and Hinamori from Bambietta Basterbine. He now wears a helmet and some kind of armor again. When Bambietta destroys these, Komamura is seen in his human form. He activates his (altered) Bankai and eventually defeats Bambietta with it. Then he turns into a real wolf. This is compensation for having indulged in thoughts of revenge. After that, Iba appears and carries his now-defenseless commander away. It is later revealed that Komamura regained his strength and survived, and is now living as a wolf in the Division 7 barracks with Iba, who cares for him.

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