Bleach: Why Did Bambietta Call Komamura “Doggy”?

Bleach: Why Did Bambietta Call Komamura "Doggy"?

As far as Bambietta Basterbine, the Sternritter E (“The Explosion”) is concerned, she was a very interesting character in Bleach whose power was immensely powerful, and she was regarded, easily, as one of the most dangerous Sternritter in the whole series. And while we could definitely, discuss Bambietta’s powers and abilities here, we are actually going to talk about her relationship with one of her opponents, the Captain of the 7th Division of the Gotei 13, Sajin Komamura. Bambietta is the one who stole Komamura’s Bankai but was unable to defeat the powerful Captain, despite looking down on him. Bambietta Basterbine actually belittled her opponent so much that she kept calling him “Doggy” all the time, and in this article, we are going to explain that in light of their upcoming rematch in the anime series.

Bambietta Basterbine had a lot of fate in herself, as did all the Sternritter, which put her in a position where she could look down on her opponents. Because of this, she belittled the powerful Komamura and gave him a pet name “Doggy,” considering him to be a weak opponent that she could treat as a weak animal (he was, in fact, a wolf, not a dog), and that is the sole reason why she kept calling him “Doggy” throughout the series. Komamura would, ultimately, be the one to defeat Bambietta in his humanized form.

The rest of this article will focus on the relationship between Bambietta Basterbine, the Sternritter “E,” and her enemy, Sajin Komamura, Captain of the 7th Division of the Gotei 13. The two of them had a very specific relationship due to being on different sides of the battlefield, which heavily influenced how they perceived and called each other. This article will contain some spoilers, so beware; we will explain everything you need to know about this phenomenon.

Bambietta called Komamura “Doggy” because she thought he was inferior to her, but also because it fits her personality completely

When Yhwach launched his first proper invasion of the Seireitei, Bambietta attacked Soul Society with the other Sternritter, killing several Shinigami instantly. Just as she was about to attack more, she was stopped by Komamura, whose appearance she made fun of.

When Komamura wanted to find out how the opponents supposedly sealed Bankai and therefore activated his, it was revealed that the Quincy are actually capable of stealing the Bankai. Bambietta then attacked Komamura and his entire unit with his own Bankai, Kokujō Tengen Myō’ō.

Bambietta then seemed unstoppable and defeated a crowd of Shinigami. However, after they heard that General Commander Yamamoto was also fighting, a new fighting spirit awoke in the Shinigami, which frightened Bambietta a bit, as her opponents seemed to be defeated.


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She later withdrew on her leader’s orders without having killed Komamura, who actually suffered the least damage among the Captains whose Bankai had been stolen (Byakuya was almost killed, while Soifon and Toshiro were heavily injured).

Now, just before the second invasion of the Seireitei, Yhwach had given out the following order through Jugram: the Sternritter who managed to steal a Bankai had to defeat and kill the Captains whose Bankai they had stolen, which was a way of completely crushing the hope of the Shinigami.

This meant that Bambietta would have to face Komamura again, and she did, but while we’re not going to spoil the whole battle for you, we are going to tell you that it was a very different Komamura this time and that Bambietta regretted making fun of him.

So, now that you know the story, allow us to explain what kind of relationship they had. You have to understand that the Gotei 13 never had too many female enemies (Tier Harribel was actually the only female Espada, and she was too powerful to be underestimated, while the number of female Fracciones was also small).

So when Bambietta came as the first female Sternritter to be seen (it turns out that there are at least three more, or four if you do not question Giselle Gewelle and her gender), Komamura, who had a great fighting spirit and was an honorable fighter, was surprised, commenting how it was loathsome that the enemy would send (little) girls in a fight.

What Komamura did not know, although he meant nothing bad by his comment, is that Bambietta was a true maniac in battle and that her ability, The Explosion, was exceptionally powerful, as the balls she would launch at her enemies turned everything they touched into explosives. This caught Komamura off-guard. But, not long after Bambietta was labeled as a “little girl,” she observed Komamura’s appearance and gave him his own nickname – “Doggy.”

Well, it was quite obvious why Bambietta gave him that nickname: Sajin Komamura was a werewolf, i.e., an anthropomorphic wolf, and since Bambietta wanted to belittle him and make fun of him, she called him “Doggy,” giving him a pet name that shows just how inferior he is when compared to her, from her own perspective, of course. She kept calling him “Doggy” throughout and even on the eve of their second battle before Komamura revealed his human form, which surprised her in more ways than one.


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It was Bambietta’s pet name for her opponent that perfectly fit her personality. Bambietta was a narcissist, and while she was a fierce fighter, she was still a girl, so her feminine nature definitely influenced her behavior. “Doggy” is a name she would definitely use. It reveals a lot more about her personality and her lack of respect for her opponents due to her narcissistic, self-confident nature. And that is the story of the “Doggy” nickname that she gave to Komamura because of his appearance, as a symbol of mockery.

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