Bleach: What Is Sklaverei & What Does It Do? Who Can Use It?

Bleach: What is Sklaverei & What Does It Do? Who Can Use It?

All major groups in Bleach had a variety of special powers and abilities they could use in battle. This is what made them so special and why the fights in the series were so intriguing. In this article, we are going to focus on Quincy, as we are going to explain one specific ability that has been featured in the recent episode – Sklaverei, which is actually part of a series of innate abilities that Quincy possess.

Sklaverei (which is “Slavery” in German”) is an innate ability of the Quincy that becomes active when a Quincy: Vollständig is active. The Quincy can, as we know, absorb Reichi, but Sklaverai does it in the most brutal way – it literally enslaves the surrounding Reishi and allows the Sternritter to gather it. They can completely absorb anything that has Reishi (objects, attacks, barriers, environments, and even people), save for Hollow Reishi, which is toxic to them (in some cases, they can absorb it, but it has side-effects and they’re unable to control it). It is absorbed through the Heiligenschein (Halo), and when the Heiligenschein is destroyed, Sklaverei is automatically stopped. The Quincy use it to further increase their own power.

The rest of this article will provide you with all the information you need to know about the Sklaverei technique and its relation to Quincy: Vollständig. You’ll find out what it is, how it works, and what it can do, as well as how it’s used in the series. We are also going to dedicate a special portion of the article to its relation with other aspects of Quincy’s power, as we are going to explain the differences between the Sklaverei and everything else. There might be spoilers in this article, so be ready.

Sklaverei is an innate technique related to Quincy: Vollständig

As we have said above, Sklaverei is an innate technique of the Quincy tied to their Quincy: Vollständig. So, to properly explain Sklaverei, we first have to remind ourselves what Quincy: Vollständig is and what it does.

Quincy: Vollständig is actually the evolved and more stable form of Quincy: Letzt Stil, which gives the Sternritter a power boost that is similar to the release of a Zanpakuto. It is typically activated using the Sanrei Glove, but some Sternritters have demonstrated its use without one.

Abilities granted by the Quincy: Vollständig includes flight (as the ability grants the user the power to use the Reishi wings generated by the technique for high-speed flight), creation of Spirit Weapons made entirely of Reishi (which are created from the gauntlet they usually wear around their wrist and can be used for both melee attacks and to fire a Heilig Pfeil), an enhancement of the Schrift ability through power boos, usage of new techniques, and enhanced spiritual awareness, as the Quincy can now sense Reiatsu to a far greater level than usually. The main downside is that it is very difficult to achieve, and it takes a giant toll on Quincy’s body.

But, aside from the abilities we have mentioned above, the Quincy: Vollständig is also a prerequisite for the Sklaverei ability. How? Thanks to the Heiligenschein, the halo that appears above Quincy’s head when they activate Quincy: Vollständig. Namely, the Heiligenschein allows the Quincy to absorb the nearby Reishi, and that ability is called Sklaverei. So, Sklaverei is the ability of a Quincy to absorb the Reishi of everything around them that actually has Reishi.


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This is an exceptionally potent and dangerous ability, as it not only significantly increases the power of an individual Quincy and their attacks, but it can also be a passive danger for those nearby. How?

Well, the Heiligenschein can absorb the Reishi of just about anything with it. A physical object, like a weapon or a building? No problem. It can be done. A barrier or some other manifested technique, like Orihime’s or Chad’s abilities? Sure, we’ve seen Quilge Opie do it without too many problems. The environment? Absolutely – we’ve seen Quilge Opie absorb the sands of Hueco Mundo, and the Bambies absorb the environment of the Wandenreich that has replaced the Seireitei. But can it absorb people? Well… yes. Sklaverei is so powerful that it can actually absorb bodies as well, which was seen when Quilge Opie began absorbing the bodies of Orihime and Chad in Queco Mundo. So, as long as it’s made of Reishi, Sklaverei can absorb it.

How is that done? Well, the technique is extremely powerful; it makes sense, actually, as it is a manifestation of Quincy: Vollständig, which is a potent technique per se. So, Sklaverei literally enslaves the surrounding Reishi (the world “Sklaverei” means “Slavery” in German), which means that it subdues it to such a degree that nothing can actually resist the power of the technique.

Quilge Opie and the Bambies have done it in the series, and we’ve seen how their powers grew at that point. But don’t think that this technique doesn’t have its downsides; it’s not omnipotent.

The first obvious issue is the Heiligenschein, the halo. Namely, Sklaverei is activated via the halo, which actually absorbs and concentrates that power. So, if one were to destroy the halo, which isn’t all that difficult if you’re strong enough, Sklaverei also ends, which is a major downside in that aspect. The other downside is related to Quincy’s usual weakness – Hollows.


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Namely, Hollow Reiatsu is toxic to Quincy. Most of them would die from it, but those who are powerful enough to avoid death are still poisoned, hurt, and weakened. If a Quincy can absorb Hollow Reiatsu (as Opie did in Hueco Mundo), their bodies become unstable, they are turned into monsters, and they cannot really control that power all too well, which is a major downside.

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