What Is Quincy: Vollständig in Bleach? (& How Does It Differ from Quincy: Letzt Stil?)

What Is Quincy: Vollständig in Bleach? (& How Does It Differ from Quincy: Letzt Stil?)

All Bleach fans know that the Quincy are the final major opponents of Ichigo and the Shinigami. Led by Yhwach, the Quincy have returned to fulfill their plan and to initiate the Collapse of the Worlds in order to merge Soul Society with the Human World, just as their leader wants it, thereby erasing the boundaries between life and death. Now, it’s quite obvious why the Shinigami would oppose such a chain of events, but when the Quincy attacked the Gotei 13, their powers initially proved to be very uneven. This is due to a new technique developed by the Quincy called Quincy: Vollständig and in this article, we are going to tell you everything about it.

Quincy: Vollständig is a special form that the Quincy can activate, similar to a Shinigami’s Bankai. It presents an evolution and an update of the Quincy: Letzt Stil, which has since been labeled as outdated. Not all Quincy can achieve Quincy: Vollständig and each Quincy: Vollständig form is different, depending on the user, much like the Bankai. It gives the Quincy a significant power boost and additional abilities.

The rest of this article is going to provide you with all the information you need to know about the Quincy: Vollständig. You’ll find out what it is, how it works, and what it can do, as well as how it’s used in the series. We are also going to dedicate a special section to the old Quincy: Letzt Stil, as we are going to explain the differences between these two techniques. There might be spoilers in this article, so be ready.

What is Quincy: Vollständig in Bleach?

Like each of the three major groups of Bleach, the Quincy also have their special abilities, with the Quincy: Vollständig being the most powerful one. Quincy: Vollständig is a successor to the Quincy: Letzt Stil technique, which was scrapped about two centuries ago because it was unstable and archaic; after use, it would rob a Quincy of its powers, seemingly permanently, but there was a way to return those powers. The Quincy worked on evolving themselves and finding a much more suitable power boost, which would not be so unstable and which would allow them to retain the boost for a time. The result of that was the Quincy: Vollständig.


The Quincy: Vollständig varies from user to user and each Quincy that is able to activate it has a different manifestation. It is in that aspect similar to a Bankai that the Shinigami use, as well as the Resurrección of the Arrancar. It is usually activated via the Sanrei Glove, but different Sternritter have been shown to activate it without it; these are Gerard Valkyrie, who activated it by forming a Quincy Zeichen in the air telekinetically with his blood, Mask De Masculine, who has a belt that serves as a substitute for the glove, and Äs Nödt, who can activate it by rolling back his left eye, revealing a Wandenreich emblem on the inside of his eyeball.


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Quincy: Vollständig is usually stable and also allows the user to constantly absorb the Reishi around them, although this is not always the case, as in when Candice Catnipp’s Quincy: Vollständig activated itself due to the high concentration of Reishi surrounding her.

Quincy: Vollständig allows the Quincy to constantly absorb the Reishi around them thanks to an aureola-like disc above their heads, which constantly keeps attracting Reishi. This was first seen when Quilge Opie, the Sternritter J, activated his Quincy: Vollständig in Hueco Mundo – the disc kept absorbing the Reishi around Quilge, including that of living beings such as Chad and Orihime, but also Arracnacrs and the demonic Ayon. The latter was even absorbed by Quilge. Quilge Opie called this technique Sklaverei and it is unknown whether the name was just his, or to other Quincy use it as well.

Other abilities granted by the Quincy: Vollständig include flight, as the ability grants the user the power to use the Reishi wings generated by the technique for high-speed flight; creation of Spirit Weapons made entirely of Reishi, which are created from the gauntlet they usually wear around their wrist and can be used for both melee attacks and to fire a Heilig Pfeil; an enhancement of the Schrift ability through a power boost; usage of new techniques; and enhanced spiritual awareness, ad the Quincy can now sense Reiatsu to a far greater level than usually.

And while it does seem that a Quincy: Vollständig is overpowered, it has its downsides. The process of obtaining it is extremely difficult and it takes a toll on the Quincy’s bodies, whereas Yhwach’s Auswählen can simply remove it without any additional trouble. Also, a Quincy: Vollständig cannot be activated if a Quincy has stolen a Shinigami’s Bankai, as the two techniques cannot exist simultaneously. If the Heiligenschein is destroyed, the Quincy: Vollständig loses its powers, but the Quincy can retain the form he is in.

Finally, as we have said, a Quincy: Vollständig takes on different forms based on the user and each Quincy: Vollständig has a different name. Some even have more forms. The Quincy: Vollständig that have been revealed in the manga are:

UserQuincy: VollständigForm
Quilge OpieBiskiel (神の正義 (ビスキエル), Bisukieru; Japanese for “Justice of God”)Sword
Robert AccutroneGrimaniel (神の歩み (グリマニエル), gurimanieru; Japanese for “Walk of God”)Pistol
Bambietta BasterbineUnknownWings
Mask De MasculineUnknownN/A
Äs NödtTatarforas (神の怯え (タタルフォラス), tataruforasu; Japanese for “Afraid of God”)N/A
Candice CatnippBarbarriel (神の雷霆 (バルバリエル), Barubarieru; Japanese for “Thunder of God”)Swords
Liltotto LamperdGagael (神の飢え (ガガエル), Gagaeru; Japanese for “Hunger of God”)N/A
Meninas McAllonPornipora (神の力 (ポーニポラ), Pōnipora; Japanese for “Power of God”)Unknown
PePe WaccabradaGudoero (神の性愛 (グドエロ), Gudoero; Japanese for “Sexuality of God”)Bow
Giselle GewelleAzhalbiora (神の死 (アザルビオラ), Azarubiora; Japanese for “Death of God”)Unknown
Lille BarroJillel (神の裁き (ジリエル), Jirieru; Japanese for “Judgement of God”)Wings
Askin Nakk Le VaarHasshein (神の毒見 (ハスハイン), Hasuhain; Japanese for “God’s Poison Taster”)Staff
Gerard VaklyrieAschetonig (神の権能 (アシュトニグ), Ashutonigu; Japanese for “Divine Authority of God”)Sword

Other Quincy and Sternritter either cannot use Quincy: Vollständig or their Quincy: Vollständig haven’t been revealed, just as is the case with several members of the Gotei 13, whose Bankai have never been revealed, although it is certain that they can use them.

What is the difference between Quincy: Vollständig and Quincy: Letzt Stil?

After successfully completing the training with the Sanrei Glove, a Quincy is able to use Quincy: Letzt Stil. Quincy: Letzt Stil is a very intriguing technique. Not many details have been revealed about the technique’s background, but we have seen it in use in both the manga and the anime. Quincy: Letzt Stil is actually a last resort for a Quincy using the Sanrei Glove. As we have said, it is considered to be a “relic of the past” by the current Quincy as it is dangerous and unstable, despite its enormous power.

Quincy: Letzt Stil is used when a Quincy takes of its Sanrei Glove. By doing that, they can absorb all the Reishi around them, even beyond their usual limit. This, of course, gives them an enormous power boost, but their bodies ultimately cannot handle that much Reishi, so they end up losing consciousness and having their Quincy powers sealed; it was initially thought that Quincy: Letzt Stil completely takes away a Quincy’s powers, but that was proven wrong when Ishida managed to unlock them again after training with his father.


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Quincy: Letzt Stil was used by Ishida during the Soul Society Arc, during his fight with Mayuri Kurotsuchi, the Captain of Division 12. The move was so powerful that it almost killed Mayuri, who was saved takes to his uniquely special skills and abilities. On the other hand, Ishida was rendered useless for the rest of the mission and only managed to regain his powers at a later point in the story.

As said, the current generation of Quincy considers this technique useless. It is unstable and while it is a powerful last resort, it renders the user incapable of doing anything from that point onwards. Quilge Opie mentioned that Ishida’s grandfather was the last living Quincy who adhered to this technique, rejecting the evolution of the Quincy clan that ultimately led to the much more stable Quincy: Vollständig. This is also the main difference between these two techniques.

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