Blue Exorcist: The Eight Demon Kings Ranked by Power

Blue Exorcist: The Eight Demon Kings Ranked by Power

Blue Exorcist is one of the best-known and most popular shonen works ever. The series is still ongoing and it has, so far, provided us with a lot of twists and turns, which is why we have grown to love the series so much. The characters in the series come in different shapes and sizes, and in this article, we are going to talk about a specific group of villains from the series. There are eight of them, and they are known as the Eight Demon Kings – the most powerful Demons in the series.

The Eight Demon Kings are Satan’s children and are, apart from him, the most powerful Demons in the series. They are born directly of Satan’s powers (unlike the Okumura brothers, who were born to Satan’s lover), which is why they are so strong. The Majority of Demons in the series are classified based on their affiliation with one of the Eight Demon Kings and are considered to be that Demon’s “Kin.” In this article, we are going to list and rank the Eight Demon Kings based on how powerful they are, from weakest to strongest, telling you a bit about them and their powers and abilities.

8. Beelzebub, the King of Insects

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The first name on this list, also the weakest of the Demon Kings, is Beelzebub, the King of Insects. He looks like a child and has a lot of insect-like features. Due to his size, it makes sense that he is the weakest among his siblings, and he is depicted like that as well.

Virtually nothing is known about Beelzebub’s powers, but it is assumed that he is able to manipulate insects (such as the Demonic Chuchi) and probably use some attacks and spells that resemble insect-like movements and attacks. But, despite a lack of information, he has been confirmed to be the weakest.

7. Amaimon, the King of Earth

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Amaimon is a character we’ve seen in both the anime and the manga, which is why he is definitely among the more interesting names on this list. He uses a young man as his vessel and plays a somewhat significant role in the story. He is the seventh strongest among his Demonic siblings, which means that he is not that strong.

As the King of Earth, Amaimon is associated with Demons such as Goblin, Dekalp, Greenman, and Bariyon. His main skills are related to the manipulation of earth, but he is not as strong as he could be due to part of his powers being crystallized.

6. Astaroth, the King of Rot

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Astaroth is the sixth strongest among the Demon Kings, known as the King of Rot. He is a very interesting character who has a humanoid appearance, but his face is covered with a paper bag from which mushrooms sprout. He can also appear without a vessel.

As for his powers, they are associated with rotting, and even without a vessel, he is able to summon dangerous mushrooms that can kill in an instant, making Astaroth highly dangerous. He is associated with Demons such as Coal Tars, Ghouls, and demonic mushrooms.


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5. Egyn, the King of Water

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Egyin is the fifth strongest among the Demon kings, and he is associated with Water. He is currently an active secondary character, as he is a member of the Illuminati and one of their chief researchers. He usually hides his face and has been doing so for a long time.

His powers are related to water, and while we haven’t seen the details, we know that he can appear from puddles and manipulate water. He is generally thought to be associated with Demons such as Reapers and Kraken, which makes sense since they are water-based creatures.

4. Iblis, the King of Fire

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Despite being a woman, Iblis is known as the King of Fire, and she is the only female member of this group. She seems to be exceptionally powerful and while she has not had a major impact on the series and its plot, we can assume that she would be a truly devastating opponent if she gets her chance.

Her exact powers and abilities are unknown, but she has a natural ability for fire and fire-related attacks, so we assume that is the gist of her powers. She also seems to be physically strong, as she almost killed Osceola Redarm during their encounter. She is associated with Demons such as Peg Lanterns, Salamanders, and Muspell.

3. Azazel, the King of Spirits

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Azazel is the third strongest of the Demon Kings. He looks like a very old man with long hair and a very old beard. Not much is, sadly, known about him as he is only a secondary character in the current narrative of Blue Exorcist, but it can be assumed that he was once a very powerful and influential Demon.

As the “King of Spirits,” he is associated with Demons such as Ghosts and Byakko, and it can be assumed that his powers and abilities – which have also not been revealed – are somehow related to this aspect, although we don’t have any precise info.

2. Samael, the King of Time

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Maybe you didn’t recognize the name, but you certainly have recognized the face. Samael, the King of Time, is actually none other than Mephisto Pheles, or Johann Faust V, or Loki, or Raven, or whatever name you want to use. He is actually a very powerful Demon, and while he is associated with True Cross and Shiro, his true motives are unknown.

He seemingly did break off with the other Demon Kings, especially his father, and is officially considered to be the second strongest among his siblings. He has a variety of abilities at his disposal and is one of the series’ strongest characters.


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1. Lucifer, the King of Light

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An exceptionally powerful entity, Lucifer is Satan’s strongest child and is seemingly the most loyal of his children. He is an extremely powerful entity, as even Mephisto Pheles admitted that he couldn’t defeat him despite the fact that Lucifer hasn’t fully awakened his powers. He is currently leading the Illuminati.

His powers and abilities have not yet been specified, but we can confirm that he is definitely the strongest Demon aside from Satan and he has enough power to destroy the whole planet, which actually speaks for itself.

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