Blue Exorcist: Main Characters’ Ages, Heights, Weights, Birthdays & More

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Blue Exorcist is adored for its dark fantasy plot and unconventional storyline, but it’s also popular for its spread of interesting characters. Each character has something unique to offer fans, adding a dynamic blend of personalities and backgrounds to an already gripping premise.

Keeping track of these characters’ traits can be tricky, especially considering that not all of the characters in Blue Exorcist are human. Stick around to find out everything there is to know about the main characters in Blue Exorcist, including their ages, heights, birthdays, and much more. Potential spoilers alert for fans who haven’t gotten through the Blue Exorcist series yet.

Blue Exorcist
Main Character
Age RangeHeight (ft/ cm)Weight (lbs/ kg)
Rin Okumura15 – 16 years old5’8″/ 173 cm138 lbs/ 63 kg
– 134 lbs/ 61 kg
Yukio Okumura15 – 16 years old5’11″/ 180 cm154 lb/ 70 kg
Shiemi Moriyama16 – 18 years old5’2″/ 158 cm108 lbs/ 49 kg
Mephisto Pheles1,000+ years old6’5″/ 195 cm163 lbs/ 74 kg
Kirigakure Shura26 – 27 years old5’6″/ 169 cmUnknown
Shima Renzō15 – 18 years old5’9″/ 176 cm139 lbs/ 63 kg
Kamiki Izumo16 years old5’5″/ 164 cm108 lbs/ 49 kg
Shiro Fujimoto51 years old5’10″/ 177 cm136 lbs/ 62 kg
Suguro Ryūji16 years old5’11″/ 181 cm167 lbs/ 76 kg

What do we know about the main Blue Exorcist characters’ ages, birthdays, and Zodiac signs?

The main characters in Blue Exorcist age normally, although some characters live much longer due to being demonic or part demonic. Rin Okumura and Yukio Okumura are the youngest, starting at 15 years old and aging to 16 years old from Chapter 89 onward.


Shima Renzō is between 15 and 16 years old at the beginning of the saga, aging to 18 years old from Chapter 139 onward. Shiemi Moriyama is 16 years old at the beginning of the series and is believed to be around 18 years old by Chapter 135.


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Kamiki Izumo and Suguro Ryūji are both around 16 years old, while Kirigakure Shura ages from 26 years old to 27 years old as the series progresses. Shiro Fujimoto is 51 years old, while Mephisto Pheles is believed to be over 1,000 years old. The main Blue Exorcist characters’ birthdays and respective Zodiac Signs have been detailed below.

Blue Exorcist
Main Character
BirthdayZodiac Sign
Rin OkumuraDecember 27Capricorn
Yukio OkumuraDecember 27Capricorn
Shiemi MoriyamaMarch 6Pisces
Mephisto PhelesAugust 28Virgo
Kirigakure ShuraAugust 8Leo
Shima RenzōJuly 4Cancer
Kamiki IzumoOctober 11Libra
Shiro FujimotoMay 10Taurus
Suguro RyūjiAugust 20Leo

What do we know about the main Blue Exorcist characters’ genders, races, and blood types?

One of the most enjoyable aspects of the Blue Exorcist storyline is the combination of races, with main characters that are classified as human, demonic, and somewhere in between. Below are all of the main Blue Exorcist characters’ biological genders, races, and blood types.

Blue Exorcist
Main Character
GenderRaceBlood Type
Rin OkumuraMaleNephilimA
Yukio OkumuraMaleNephilimO
Shiemi MoriyamaFemaleNephilimB
Mephisto PhelesMaleDemonUnknown
Kirigakure ShuraFemaleHumanO
Shima RenzōMaleHumanO
Kamiki IzumoFemaleHumanA
Shiro FujimotoMaleNephilimAB
Suguro RyūjiMaleHumanB

What do we know about the main Blue Exorcist characters’ heights and weights?

Shiemi Moriyama is the shortest of all the main characters, measuring 5’2″/ 158 cm in height, followed by Kamiki Izumo who is 5’5″/ 164 cm tall. Kirigakure Shura is next with an average height of 5’6″/ 169 cm, followed by Rin Okumura who is 5’8″/ 173 cm tall.

blue exorcist characters

Next up is Shima Renzō with an average height of 5’9″/ 176 cm, followed by Shiro Fujimoto who is 5’10″/ 177 cm tall. Yukio Okumura has an average height of 5’11″/ 180 cm, followed by Suguro Ryūji who is 5’11″/ 181 cm tall, and Mephisto Pheles is the tallest of all the main Blue Exorcist characters with an average height of 6’5″/ 195 cm.

Kamiki Izumo and Shiemi Moriyama are the lightest of all the main Blue Exorcist characters, both with an average weight of 108 lbs/ 49 kg, followed by Shiro Fujimoto who weighs 136 lbs/ 62 kg. Shima Renzō weighs 139 lbs/ 63 kg while Rin Okumura weighs around 138 lbs/ 63 kg.


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However, Rin Okumura’s weight dropped to around 134 lbs/ 61 kg in Vol. 26, and he maintained this weight for the rest of the Blue Exorcist saga. Yukio Okumura weighs approximately 154 lb/ 70 kg while Mephisto Pheles has an average weight of 163 lbs/ 74 kg, and Suguro Ryūji is the heaviest of all the main Blue Exorcist characters with an average weight of around 167 lbs/ 76 kg.

What do we know about the main Blue Exorcist characters’ nicknames, occupations, and affiliations?

The main Blue Exorcist characters have unique and complex backgrounds, skills, and motives, which often tie into their chosen paths – creating a dynamic group that’s incredibly entertaining for fans to follow. Below are all of the main Blue Exorcist characters’ known aliases, occupations, and affiliations.

Blue Exorcist
Main Character
Rin OkumuraSon of SatanExorcist, StudentTrue Cross Order
Yukio OkumuraUnknownExorcist, Teacher, Student, Visiting Researcher (Formerly)True Cross Order, Illuminati (Defected)
Shiemi MoriyamaUnknownExorcist, Student, ShopkeeperTrue Cross Order
Mephisto PhelesThe King of Time, Johann Faust V, Loki, Trickster, RavenExorcist, Principal of True Cross Academy, Demon KingGehenna (Formerly), True Cross Order
Kirigakure ShuraYamadaExorcist, Teacher, InspectorTrue Cross Order
Shima RenzōUnknownUnknownTrue Cross Order, Myōō Dharani, Illuminati (Double Agent)
Kamiki IzumoUnknownExorcist, StudentTrue Cross Order, Illuminati (Formerly)
Shiro FujimotoFather Fujimoto, Old Fart, Old Man, SO-004, YukiotokoPriest, ExorcistTrue Cross Order
Suguro RyūjiBonExorcist, StudentTrue Cross Order, Myōō Dharani

What do we know about the main Blue Exorcist characters’ classes, meisters, and weapons?

In addition to holding unique skills and traits, each of these characters belongs to different classes with varying specializations and combat styles. Below are all of the main Blue Exorcist characters’ classes, meisters, and weapons.

Blue Exorcist
Main Character
Rin OkumuraExwireKnight (Training)Kurikara
Yukio OkumuraMiddle First Class Exorcist, Paladin (Temporarily)Dragoon, DoctorGrenade, Pistol
Shiemi MoriyamaExwireDoctor, TamerUnknown
Mephisto PhelesHonorary KnightUnknownUmbrella
Kirigakure ShuraUpper First Class ExorcistAria, Doctor, Knight, TamerFang
Shima RenzōExwireAria, Knight, TamerK’rik
Kamiki IzumoExwireTamerUnknown
Shiro FujimotoPaladin (Formerly)Knight, Aria, Tamer, Dragoon, DoctorBazooka, Grenade, Rifle
Suguro RyūjiExwireAria, Dragoon, TamerBazooka

That’s everything there is to know about the main Blue Exorcist characters, with stats thanks to the Blue Exorcist Wiki. Although these characters have unique origins, traits, and motives within the saga, being aware of their backgrounds can help fans gain a more comprehensive understanding of their roles within the overall storyline.

What do you think about the main Blue Exorcist characters’ stats? Let us know in the comments below!

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