Blue Lock Team Z vs. Team X: Which Team Is Better and Will Win?

Blue Lock Team Z vs Team X Which Team Is Better and Will Win

In episode three of Blue Lock anime, we have seen how a match between Team Z and Team X played out. What is going to come next in the upcoming episodes? The matches so far have been intense, and we’re going to take a look at what the first match in the second trial was like for both of the teams. Where are their strengths and weaknesses? Finally, we will try to answer the question if Team Z going against Team X will win and which team is better.

We can definitely say that in their first match with Team X, Team Z lost, and just by looking at their results Team X is the better team. Things get interesting if we try to compare how things would have played out now when Team Z has figured out how to work as a team better. Because of the existing rule of the Blue Lock competition is that the player who has scored the most goals will be able to continue competing, even if his team did not win the matches. This is where we could argue Team Z is stronger because it got to continue competing as a team, and Team X did not move on further in the competition.

If you are interested to find out more about how the two teams are different, stay with us and keep reading!

Strength: Kunigami vs Shohei Baro

Team Z’s first match as a team was with Team X, and with that came the first challenge. They had to figure out how to work together when they are all chasing the spotlight at the same time. Everyone has the same goal and that is to win the Blue Lock competition and become the best striker in the world.

Isagi was the tactician of the group, he didn’t know back then that this was his strength. So in real-time, we are watching their growth as a team and especially Isagi’s path to discovering his talent. Since everyone was so focused on winning for themselves, trying to score goals on their own, Team Z fell apart early in the game.

At first, everyone was in a state of chaos, teammates were turning against each other and nothing was progressing in the game. Until Shohei Baro pushed through his and Team Z’s team members and scored the first goal. This made everyone realize that if they don’t step up their game, they will soon lose it.


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A fascinating thing also happened during the game and that’s something that Isagi noticed, after the first goal by Baro, his teammates stopped fighting and started to follow Baro’s lead. Switching the focus to Baro and Kunigami, we can definitely say that they both have immense power when it comes to long-range shots. If they were to go up against each other it might even be a tie, with maybe Baro potentially winning.

Just based on the fact that Baro knew what his strength was even in the first match and he has been honing it since the beginning. With training focusing on his long-range shots, Kunigami only recently pushed through his initial range of shooting.

Speed: Chigiri vs Shohei Baro

From what we have seen so far Baro has a lot of talents and is the one who is holding his group together, and it was because of him that they got to move further in the competition. He definitely fits in the category of a specially talented player, because his strengths are not focused on only one area.

With that said, just like Isagi and the rest of the team, in their match with Team X were still figuring out how to implement their strengths in the game. Chigiri was only at the beginning of his path to facing his fears because at that time he was trying to cover for himself. Making up excuses of how he didn’t want to reveal his strengths to his teammates.

Choosing positions that didn’t suit him, in the end, resulted in a very safe game for him. If he were to face off against Shohei Baro now, this would be a completely different game for him. We can definitely say that even if Baro is quite fast, Chigiri would win in this field easily.

Tactics: Isagi vs Shohei Baro

When it comes to calculating your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses, Isagi has that gift. It is more based on spacial awareness, but after a couple of tries, he can predict where opportunities lie for the team to score. Shohei, on the other hand, has the brute force and we have seen, at least from their initial match that he is much of a calculating person.

He believes in his strength and speed, and his tactic is to arrive where he would score against the other team. There was a hint of calculation when he found himself surrounded by Team Z, after they recognized his strength, he passed the ball to his other team tame helping them score.


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At the end that pass was something that further helped the team bond and try to work together without trying to outperform each other. Just looking at the situation Shohei was in, when he was surrounded, most likely this would be the reaction of anyone who wanted to win the game.

To sum up, Isagi is definitely the stronger one in the tactics area, if they were to face off with each other now, Isagi would most likely win in that field. We can also very clearly see who the winner was in Episode 3 of the series, and this was Team X, but if they were to face off with each other once more, it would be a different result. The final element worth noting is that in the end, Baro’s team did not move to the next stage of the competition, only Baro himself because of the many goals he had scored over the course of the competition.

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