Borg Species Designations: Identities & Explanation

Borg Species Designations: Identities & Explanation

The Borg were a pseudo-species of cybernetically-enhanced, half-organic, half-mechanical humanoids native to the Delta Quadrant, and an essential part of the Star Trek lore. Borg drones did not have individual consciousness, but were bound by a collective consciousness called a “hive mind”. Feared across the galaxy, the Borg assimilated other valuable species in an effort to achieve “perfection” by integrating the technological and biological qualities of the assimilated species.

The Borg used numerical species designations to identify various species and cultures they have encountered. In this article, we are going to give you a detailed insight into all these species and designations so that you know what every designation means. Here is a brief overview:

SpeciesTypePlaces of OriginSource
Species 116HumanoidSpecies 116 homeworld
(Delta Quadrant)
VOY: “Hope and Fear”
Species 125HumanoidUnknownVOY: “Dark Frontier”
Species 149UndefinedUnknownVOY: “Mortal Coil”
Species 180: FerengiHumanoidFerenginar
(Alpha Quadrant)
VOY: “Infinite Regress”
Species 218: TalaxiansHumanoidTalax
(Delta Quadrant)
VOY: “The Raven”
Species 259Undefined“Galactic Cluster 3”VOY: “The Gift”
Species 262UndefinedDelta Quadrant?VOY: “The Omega Directive”
Species 263UndefinedDelta Quadrant?VOY: “The Omega Directive”
Species 312UndefinedUnknownVOY: “Natural Law”
Species 329: KazonHumanoidUnknownVOY: “Mortal Coil”, “Relativity”
Species 521: ShivoliansSaurianDelta QuadrantVOY: “Survival Instinct”
Species 532: TureiHumanoidDelta QuadrantVOY: “Dragon’s Teeth”
Species 571HumanoidDelta QuadrantVOY: “Survival Instinct”
Species 689: NorcadiansHumanoidNorcadia Prime
(Delta Quadrant)
VOY: “Ashes to Ashes”
Species 2461: BrunaliHumanoidUnknown
(Delta Quadrant)
VOY: “Child’s Play”
Species 3259: VulcansHumanoidVulcan, Vulcan system
(Alpha Quadrant)
VOY: “The Raven”
Species 4228: HazariHumanoidDelta QuadrantVOY: “Think Tank”
Species 5174UndefinedDelta QuadrantVOY: “Hunters”
Species 5618: HumansHumanoidEarth, Sol system
(Alpha Quadrant)
VOY: “Dark Frontier”
Species 5973UndefinedGalactic Cluster 8VOY: “The Haunting of Deck Twelve”
Species 6291: YridiansHumanoidUnknown
(Alpha or Beta Quadrant)
VOY: “Equinox”
Species 6339 (β)HumanoidGrid 124, Octant 22-thetaVOY: “Infinite Regress”
Species 6961: KtariansHumanoidKtarisVOY: “Dark Frontier”
Species 8472Non-humanoidFluidic spaceVOY: “Scorpion”, “Scorpion, Part II”, “Prey”, “In the Flesh”
Species 10026HumanoidUnknownVOY: “Dark Frontier”

Now that we have provided you with this basic information, we can give you a brief introduction to each known species.

Species 116

Arturis 2374

Species 116, in the Borg species designation, refers to a species from the Delta Quadrant that was almost fully assimilated in 2374. The members of this race have the special ability to grasp other languages immediately. They have at least 23 colonies. Between 10,000 and 20,000 individuals survived the Borg attack on their solar system.

One such survivor is Arturis, who in 2374 sets a trap for the USS Voyager to avenge her alliance with the Borg against species 8472. He creates the USS Dauntless, leading the crew to believe the starship is a Federation innovation capable of traveling on quantum slipstream propulsion.

Species 125

Species 125 Dark frontier

Species 125 is the Borg designation for a species hitherto unknown to the Federation outside of the Borg Collective. However, it is likely that this species has been completely assimilated. The Borg Queen, as of the year 2375, was a member of Species 125 before she was assimilated, and thus had the body of a female of this species before having a cybernetic body built for her.

Species 149

Species 149 is the Borg designation for a highly evolved alien race in the medical field. The Borg assimilated from this species a technology that allowed them to reactivate drones even 73 hours after the event conventionally recognized as “death”. This resuscitation (or rather, resurrection) procedure involved the use of nanoprobes to fight and neutralize cell necrosis, while the cerebral cortex had to be stimulated with neuroelectric impulses.

Species 180: Ferengi


A humanoid Race from Ferenginar, whose first contact with humans was made in 1947 in Roswell, United States and who attacked the Starfleet Enterprise (NX-01), commanded by Captain Jonathan Archer, in 2151, but of which there was little information in the United Federation of Planets until well into the 24th century when it was believed that they had negotiations with the inhabitants of Deneb IV to install a base in Farpoint (later, it was revealed that this was a ruse by the Groppler of the basis to force a decision on Captain Jean-Luc Picard).

It was only on stardate 41386.4 that the Enterprise-D had a close encounter with one of its ships, which had stolen a P9 power converter from the Gamma Tauri IV base station. Pursuing her to the Delphi Ardu System, both were trapped by an unknown concentration of energy, forcing the crews of both ships to cooperate with each other in order to avert the danger.

Species 218: Talaxians

The Talaxians are a humanoid species from the planet Talax in the Delta Quadrant. They are a friendly and helpful species. They have mostly yellow, but also colorful skin and long hair that lies back. Their heart is about halfway down their chest and they have three lungs. Talaxian blood is red.

Technologically, the Talaxians are not as advanced as the Federation. They didn’t develop replicators or transporters. The Talaxians believe in life after death. According to this belief, one should meet all relatives and friends again after one’s death in the Great Forest, similar to the heaven of the Christian faith. The Talaxian burial ritual lasts a week.

Species 259

Species 259 is a technologically advanced and omnicordial life form native to Galactic Cluster 3. This species invents the pattern duplication process that lies at the heart of the Borg’s autonomous regeneration sequencers.

Species 262

Species 262 is the Borg designation for a relatively primitive race. This people will be assimilated in 2143. In their history books, this species describes a substance that burns the sky, the omega molecule. Through assimilation, the Borg first gain knowledge of the existence of this molecule.

Species 263

Species 263 is the Borg designation for a primitive race. This race is assimilated in the 22nd century when the Borg searched for information about the Omega molecule. This species believes that omega molecules are drops of blood from their creator god.

Species 312

Species 312 is the Borg designation for a race in the Delta Quadrant. Their technology is based on an unusual tetryon base. Many centuries ago, they witness a conflict between the Ledosians and the Ventu on Ledos.

To protect the inferior Ventu, they build up a large energy barrier. Later, Species 312 is believed to be fully assimilated by the Borg. Neither the Ledosians nor the Ventu ever hear from Species 312 again. Centuries later, the barrier is still operational.

Species 329: Kazon


The Kazon are a species of the Delta Quadrant. First contact with the Kazon is made by the USS Voyager in 2371, after the Caretaker dispatched Voyager and a Maquis ship to the Delta Quadrant. The Kazon are humanoid, tall in stature, with leathery skin and prominent bony facial ridges. In this way they resemble the Klingons. They are bisexual.

The Kazon wear very dense, firm head hair, which they tease into tall towers. Kazon are generally dark-skinned and dark-haired, with varying eye color. The Borg consider the Kazon too primitive to be assimilated. The Borg use assimilation to evolve. The Borg fear that assimilation of the Kazon will result in retrogression, making Kazon assimilation inefficient. The Kazon’s Borg designation is Species 329.

Species 521: Shivolians

Voth spectator

The Shivolians are a species from the Delta Quadrant. This species encounters the Borg and is given the designation Species 521 by them. When the USS Voyager docked at a Markonian outpost in 2376, a Shivolian visited the casino.

Naomi Wildman identifies this visitor’s species to Seven of Nine and also gives the Borg designation of the Shivolians. However, Seven of Nine says that Naomi’s mother, Samantha Wildman, doesn’t like hearing about Naomi memorizing Borg nicknames, and that she doesn’t appreciate it either.

Species 532: Turei


The Turei are a humanoid species native to the Delta Quadrant. They have whitish-light blue skin. In the 14th century, they join forces with other species to destroy the Vaadwaur. Since then, they have claimed the Vaadwaur subspace corridors and erased all data from any ship-keeping records of the corridors. Their ships are state-of-the-art in Federation technology, and they often use plasma bombs as weapons.

Species 571


Species 571 is the Borg designation for a race native to the Delta Quadrant who worshiped a deity called Brothara. When a small group of Borg drones was forced into a disastrous emergency landing on Planet 1865-alpha in 2368, one of the drones, due to the weakening of its connection with the Collective, was overwhelmed by memories of its previous existence. Among the drones were P’Chan and Lansor, both of whom managed to escape the Collective permanently some time before 2376.

Species 689: Norcadians


The Norcadians are a humanoid race from the Delta Quadrant. The homeworld of the Norcadians is called Norcadia Prime. They are best known in the quadrant for the martial art Tsunkatse invented by the Norcadians. Unfortunately, the Norcadians have also been plagued by the Borg, according to Penk the Borg are hated in the sector of the Norcadian homeworld, but unlike the Brunali, the Norcadians don’t give up all higher technology to be ignored by the Borg.

The Borg designation for the Norcadians is Species 689. There is a difference in physiology among Norcadians between children and adults, or at least between male and female Norcadians: Female Norcadian children have a facial bony crest that extends from the base of the nasal bone up to the forehead. Adult male Norcadians such as Penk, on the other hand, have two ridges in the forehead/temple area.

The Federation is only aware of one Norcadian ship, the Tsunkatse ship, which Penk is in command of. The battles are fought on it and then spread. The arena with the spectator tiers is located in the round center of the ship. Heavily armored and heavily armed, the USS Voyager is no match for the ship on its own, only being damaged by the Delta Flyer’s upgraded weaponry to the point where the shields are momentarily knocked out and the Voyager Seven of Nine, Tuvok and the Hirogen , which Seven was fighting, can beam out

Species 2461: Brunali


The Brunali are a humanoid species from the Delta Quadrant that includes Icheb. Unfortunately for them, their homeworld is very close to the exit of a Borg transwarp channel. This leads to raids and assimilation by the Borg once the Brunali make a relevant technological advance. For this reason, they also renounce most of the higher technologies and primarily limit themselves to farming.

Motivated by the constant threat of another Borgan attack, they manage to build a functioning society despite limited resources and technologies. However, they are ahead of the Federation in the research areas of biotechnology and genetics.

Species 3259: Vulcans

Vulcan marriage ceremony

The Vulcans are a humanoid-Vulcanoid species from the planet Vulcan. They are telepaths who have learned to suppress and control their emotions. They follow pure logic. The Vulcans are one of the four founding members of the Federation. Despite their logical and scientific nature, Vulcans are very attached to their traditions. Their culture is pervaded by many rituals that almost draw on the mystical.

These rituals are usually performed in ancient monasteries, temples, and other sacred sites found on Vulcan as well as other volcanic outposts (such as P’Jem). According to one of these traditions, Vulcans must survive ten days without eating or drinking in the volcanic desert by the age of seven. This ritual is called Kahs-wan.

A very similar ritual is the Tal’oth. They are engaged to each other as children, usually at the age of 7. The husband’s parents choose the wives and take care of all official affairs up until the Vulcan wedding ceremony, the Koon-ut-kal-if-fee. Until their planned wedding, the couple usually sees very little, if at all. The Vulcans assume that affection would form within the relationship.

After marriage, it is customary for the newlywed couple to live together for a year before either side goes about their business again. Married couples only touch each other on the outstretched index and middle finger. This gesture is also performed at the beginning of the Pon Farr. The Vulcan Constitution grants every Vulcan basic rights and personal freedom.

Species 4228: Hazari


The Hazari are bounty hunters from the Delta Quadrant. Their Borg species designation is 4228. The Borg specify the Hazari as “good tactical drones”. In 2375, Kurros hires the Hazari Y’Sek to bring Seven of Nine to the Think Tank. Therefore, the Hazari fighters attack the USS Voyager. However, Kurros’ plan fails and the Hazari form an alliance with Voyager.

Species 5174

Species 5174 is the Borg designation of an intelligent species from the Delta Quadrant. At one point, the Borg discover a small Species 5174 starship with its crew murdered and organs removed. In 2374, thanks to Seven of Nine, the crew of the USS Voyager realizes that the crew of that ship was killed by the Hirogen.

Species 5618: Humans

Rec deck crew 1

Humans are one of the most important population groups in the Milky Way. They have a habit of meddling in the affairs of other cultures and projecting their own moral code onto others. Despite everything, they are also capable of tremendous cruelty. This trait is so pronounced that in the 22nd century the Vulcans massively intervened in Earth’s space program, seeing humanity as a potentially aggressive and dangerous species.

Humans are generalists, very inquisitive, and adaptable, which can give them advantages over other races. The technological development of the warp drive takes far less time than, for example, with the Ferengi. They also master the threshold to Warp 2 in fewer years than the Vulcans, for example. The Q also recognize an extraordinary potential.

Q expresses this to Jean-Luc Picard, who recognizes this general disposition in him for a split second. In 2373, Q even intends to interbreed his species with that of humans in order to restore the Q continuum to its lost order. The Borg therefore also see the earth as a primary target for their assimilation. Despite several attempts in the 24th century, this does not succeed.


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This prompts the Borg Queen 2375 to use the former drone Seven of Nine to devise special strategies to conquer humanity. They have an irrepressible curiosity and a sense of competition, which is expressed, among other things, in ritual activities that they call sports. Both characteristics are of advantage when exploring the galaxy and should not be underestimated.

Furthermore, many people engage in activities that bring them joy. This also includes sports, but they also love the music that has accompanied them since the beginning of their civilization, the closeness to other individuals and practicing other leisure activities, such as board games or relaxing in their own rooms or on the holodeck.

Since the 24th century, they have mostly given up the pursuit of possessions. After defeating hunger, greed is no longer necessary. Since there is no longer a cost of living, the use of money goes out of fashion.

Species 5973

Species 5973 is the Borg designation for a multispectrum particle life form. The first encounter between the Borg and Species 5973 takes place in Galactic Cluster 8. In 2376, Neelix tells a story to the children aboard the USS Voyager. Azan believes a life form described therein to be Species 5973, but when Icheb describes it further Neelix can confirm that he is not talking about Species 5973.

Species 6291: Yridians

Jaglom Shrek

They have been thought to be extinct for a long time, but Rudolph Ransom manages to make first contact in the late 24th century. Because of this accomplishment, he becomes Captain of the USS Equinox. It is not known if the Yridians have a central government. The location of their homeworld is also not exactly known.

The Yridians encountered by the Federation seem only loosely connected. They are often hired by other races and do their job in groups or alone. Once they have information, they are unwilling to share it with others without appropriate payment.

Despite this, they are often seen on Federation space stations and planets. The dark machinations of some Yridians mean that their goods often have to be confiscated. The Borg refer to the Yridians as species 6291.

Species 6339 (β)


Species 6339 is a species from the Delta Quadrant. Its origin is in space lattice 124, octant 22-theta‎. The Federation only knows their Borg designation. Species 6339 has dark skin and a distinct skull. Two approx. 10 cm long horny processes protrude from the forehead. The astronauts of the species wear alien clothing, some of which fluoresces.

In 2371, species 6339 encountered the Borg for the first time. Since then, 11 billion individuals have been assimilated by the Borg, nearly wiping out the species. The last survivors are scattered on individual ships throughout the area. In 2375, species 6339 evolved a virus intended to attack the Vinculum on the Borg ships, thereby destroying the Borg ship.

The virus is injected into 13 members of this breed. These can then be assimilated by the Borg so that the virus can board the Borg ship. The plan is that the destroyed cube should lure more ships into range of the infected vinculum. However, the plan backfires when Seven of Nine is affected by the Vinculum aboard the USS Voyager.

To protect Seven from brain damage, Voyager takes the Vinculum on board and attempts to disable it. Species 6339 learns of Voyager’s plans and attacks to prevent the destruction of the Vinculum. Not much is known about the technology of Species 6339. However, their few remaining ships are probably relatively heavily armed.

Species 6961: Ktarians

Etana Jol

The Ktarians are a humanoid species with slightly feline features. Her forehead is divided in half down the middle and her eye color is yellow. They also have an eight-chambered heart. The homeworld of the Ktarians is Ktaris, in the 2360s they are not yet a member of the Federation. They are only admitted later, but sympathize with the Maquis.

The Ktarians have a specific burial ritual in which a multitude of small stones are placed around the grave. Each of these stones symbolizes a different prayer for the dead.

Chakotay once visits one of these tombs during an archeology expedition on Ktaria VII and takes one of the stones with him, only later realizing he desecrated the tomb. The length of a human woman’s pregnancy is doubled if the child’s father is a Ktarian.

Species 8472

Species 8472 close up

The outermost layer of species 8472’s body is muscle, not covered by skin. In their cells there is a multiple of DNA compared to humans. This complexity makes assimilation impossible for the Borg as the immune system blocks everything and actively destroys the nanoprobes. This species never rests and finds sleep strange.

The nervous system appears to function on the basis of bioelectrical impulses, as in humanoids. When threatened and with no way out, they inject a poison into their system in order to commit suicide. Species 8472 has five distinct sexes. The cells of this species have a highly complex genetic code and are able to convert other organic material and thus individuals from other species into their own kind.

Those affected dissolve from within. Another effect of this complexity is the extremely high resistance to the Borg nanoprobes, which in their normal modification cannot access the genetic code of species 8472. Species 8472 has high regeneration ability. Even the cold and lack of atmosphere in space doesn’t seem to bother her, at least for a while.

Species 10026

Species 10026 member 1

Species 10026 is a race from a planet in space grid 532 in the Delta Quadrant. In 2375, this species’ home planet was attacked by two Borg cubes and the Borg Queen’s ship. After the Borg adapt to the modulating phaser pulse of the ships of that species, the starship fleet of species 10026 is annihilated.

Of the small population of 392,000 life forms, approximately 300,000 are assimilated. The rest are killed on attack. With the help of Seven of Nine, four people are able to escape in one ship.

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