Brie Larson Shares Her Mentorship Role in the MCU: “It Only Gets Harder”

Brie Larson Confirms That She Will Return to Future MCU Projects

Brie Larson isn’t the most favored actress in the MCU right now, partly because of past remarks and some fans finding her portrayal of Captain Marvel lacking depth.

Despite recent setbacks, such as ‘The Marvels’ becoming the lowest-grossing MCU movie so far, Larson demonstrates her kindness by supporting actors new to superhero roles.

In the THR Roundtable discussion, Larson shared that she’s often the one to reach out to new superhero actors, giving them a heads-up about the less glamorous aspects of the superhero business. Mainly, she tackles topics like toilet problems.

I’m the first person to email everybody because it’s very specific and very strange. People are like, “I don’t know how to do this.” Yeah, no one does. Why would you? I’ll say, “Train, because you’ll want to be as prepared in your body as you possibly can because it only gets harder as the job goes on. And really understand how to be able to go to the bathroom in your suit.” The first Captain Marvel, it was a 45-minute thing to get me in and out of that costume.

Larson also shared that dealing with her costume makes it challenging to exude confidence and coolness on set, despite the expectations that come with portraying one of the most powerful MCU characters.

Brie’s character currently mentors young Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel, on-screen. While Kamala’s return to the MCU is confirmed, Larson’s future in the franchise remains uncertain. However, the actress confirmed that she still has much more to offer.

I think there’s still so much inside of Carol. I feel like getting to be on this team just cracked her open in a way that she hadn’t been, and I really loved that for her. I just loved her letting the shoulders drop a little bit, and not needing to feel like all the responsibility was on her. So I think that there is just so much more to go…

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