Can Blade Turn Someone into a Vampire or Daywalker?

Can Blade Turn Someone Into a Vampire or Daywalker?

Blade is a dark and very interesting Marvel anti-hero. All sorts of mystery trails behind him, and one of the main question fans are always asking themselves is can Blade turn someone into a Vampire, or even turn them into Daywalkers like himself?

Blade can feed on people, and doing so effectively turn them into Vampires, but until now there is no evidence that he can turn others into Daywalkers.

The original Marvel comics are, in fact, quite dark. Pretty much every single character that would one day become a Marvel superhero is a product of pain, heartbreak, and loss, which they carry every day as fuel for their heroic deeds against twisted and deranged foes. One of the anti-heroes born of pain and suffering is Blade, but can he inflict that same suffering on humans? Can he effectively turn someone into a Vampire or Daywalker? Keep reading to find out!

Blade the Daywalker

Blade was born in the 1920s after his biological mother was attacked by a scientifically created vampire named Deacon Frost during labor. His genetic code was altered during the attack, and he was born as a daywalker. His mother did not survive, and he was taken care of by a woman named Madame Vanity.

The series is particularly violent and messy. There are plenty of controversial events that cause supernatural consequences for humanity. Blade teams up with many different characters – sometimes, even enemies – in order to counteract these events, resolving issues like demon spawn, hell beasts, and ultimately vampires.


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What would Blade’s bite do?

Throughout the comic series, fans have debated the possibility of an effect of being bitten by Blade. What exactly would happen? It is important to understand how becoming a vampire actually works. 

Vampirism is ultimately a virus that is transmitted through saliva and blood contact. While it creates genetic alterations in the victim, it generally creates the same changes unless there are unique circumstances.

Although Marvel comics only state that Blade can become a full vampire, fans have turned to modern versions of the story, researching the potential outcomes by analyzing his genetics, as well as the difference between supernatural vampires and scientifically created vampires.

Supernatural vampires are pretty much the stereotypical vampires – they cannot enter your home without permission, and hate religious symbols. Scientifically created vampires are the same, but traditions, trinkets, and symbols have no effect on them, as they do not have that old-school vampire culture.

In order to figure out what sort of effect Blade’s attacks would have, we will need to have a closer look at many versions of Marvel’s Blade including the Marvel comics as well as on-screen productions of the series. 

It should be noted here that there is evidence of the TV series being a continuation of the film series, which is not quite the same as the Marvel comics. There has therefore been much debate as to whether this is canon or not. 


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Can Blade turn someone into a vampire?

There is evidence of scientifically created vampires turning others into vampires. This was in fact how Blade came to be. So, how does this affect Blade’s potential to turn others? If we consider the on-screen series of Blade as canon, there is evidence that indicated this possibility.

With consideration to the ‘Bad Blood’ gang that Blade encountered, there is proof of Blade turning others. He feeds on them and effectively turns them into vampires. Later within this story’s sequence of events, they begin wearing heavy gear shielding them from sunlight, and there is evidence of Blade’s weapons being just as effective on them as they are on any other vampire.

Since Blade was infected before or during birth, he is different from other vampires on a genetic and cellular level. He himself is mutated and not the virus he carries. This is indicated when he is told that the serum that reduces the viral load in a newly infected human – enough to keep it in check – would ultimately be ineffective for him.

Can Blade turn someone into a Daywalker?

Considering the above events, it is clear that this particular incident led to the group becoming vampires, with no daywalker traits whatsoever. They have to protect themselves from sunlight as they would be harmed by it. This indicated that one does not simply become a daywalker as the result of being sired by a daywalker.

This suggests that being a daywalker does not necessarily modify the actual disease, and the final outcome of whether the victim becomes a vampire or a daywalker is determined by how the disease is received and absorbed by the victim’s body.

In cases like Blade, the result of him becoming a daywalker as opposed to a vampire was due to the fact that he was an infant. This would have changed the way the body responded to the genetic alteration as opposed to the body of an adult, mutating itself to accommodate the virus as opposed to taking on its traditional traits.


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However, there are some within the series that believe it is possible. Deacon Frost, the one who essentially created Blade, believed that Blade’s blood was the key to becoming a daywalker himself. His blood was the key that allowed Frost to become whatever monstrosity he became at the end of the first movie.

The Daystar bio-weapon designed in the third movie also proved to be ineffective against Blade. He is truly something unique, and it is uncertain as to whether or not his characteristics can be duplicated or replicated in another’s body at all, let alone by means of a bite.

Nevertheless, there are those that will continue trying in an attempt to one day be ‘like Blade’. He is essentially the dream of every vampire, sparking jealousy and hatred within them. Every vampire would love to have the benefits without the downfalls and be able to bathe in sunlight after their blood-thirsty attacks on humans.

To date, there have only been classic vampire outcomes from Blade’s bite. Other means of using his genetics have led to more outlandish results, but nothing like the profile of a daywalker. Fans are left waiting for the day this may come to be. But, until then, there is ultimately no one quite like Blade.

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