Can Moon Knight Die, or Is He Immortal?

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One of the things that were revealed during the events of Marvel’s Moon Knight series is the fact that Marc Spector relies a lot on Khonshu’s power whenever he’s fighting villains. He uses the armor of the Moon Knight, which allows him to become stronger, faster, and much more durable. However, the durability part is probably its best feature because of the fact that Marc doesn’t seemingly die whenever he’s wearing the armor. So, in that regard, can Moon Knight die, or is he immortal?

Moon Knight isn’t immortal but has a healing factor that’s on par with other Marvel characters like Wolverine and Deadpool. We saw this healing factor in effect in episode 3 when he was able to survive several spear thrusts that would’ve killed any man. However, this only works when he’s wearing Khonshu’s armor.

While Moon Knight certainly isn’t the strongest Marvel character out there, it is his healing factor that allows him to stand up against the baddest villains. Nevertheless, he isn’t immortal because a clear shot on the head or probably a completely fatal wound might end up killing him. It’s only that his armor allows him to heal rather quickly, and that’s something we are here to look at.

Can Moon Knight Be Killed?

Moon Knight is one of the newest characters in MCU lore and has become quite popular among different Marvel fans out there because of how fresh the take is on the character. Simply put, Moon Knight isn’t like any of the other MCU characters out there in terms of his personality, style, and powers. That said, his powers have been quite interesting during the entire run of the Moon Knight series.

Throughout the Moon Knight series, one of the things that we notice is the fact that Marc Spector is the one in control of the Moon Knight powers because he has complete use of the suit given to him by Khonshu as the avatar of the Egyptian god of the moon. He uses this armor whenever there is a fight because it grants him superhuman strength and the ability to use the crescent moon blades that are found on his chest.

That said, while his increased strength and improved fighting capabilities are quite obvious whenever he is wearing his armor, one of the things that we did notice in episode 3 of Moon Knight is the fact that he was able to survive several spear thrusts to his body, and such attacks could have easily killed any normal human being. Even the Steven Grant version of Mr. Knight didn’t feel a ton of pain when he was impaled, and Marc Spector was later shown to be able to shrug some thrusts with relative ease.

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Given the fact that Moon Knight was able to survive attacks that would have killed other people, does that mean that he cannot be killed?

It is possible that Moon Knight can be killed. However, it is also possible that he has a healing factor that allows him to survive attacks and wounds that would’ve been fatal to other people. Of course, the Moon Knight armor also adds to his durability.

In episode 2, Marc told Steven that he should’ve worn Khonshu’s armor, which he called the ceremonial healing armor that can be found in Khonshu’s temple. This means that the armor that Marc wears adds to his overall durability because it allows him to heal rather quickly, and that also explains why Steven doesn’t seem to have any visible wounds after waking up from the times when Marc took over the body to fight evil.

This healing factor is probably on par with what Wolverine and Deadpool have because, in episode 3, he didn’t have any visible wounds after removing the spears from his body. Moon Knight also didn’t look like he was in a lot of pain after getting impaled, as even Steven didn’t wince a lot when he got impaled while in his Mr. Knight form. 


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It could be possible that the only reason why it is difficult to kill him is the fact that he is quite durable and is capable of healing from his wounds rather quickly. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that he can’t die. 

How Can Moon Knight Be Killed?

Another reason to believe that Moon Knight can be killed is the fact that Layla had to save him while he was pinned down. After getting impaled by several spear thrusts to his body, Moon Knight was pinned down and was unable to move. Then a man on a horse was on his way to deliver a strike before Layla shot him.

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This suggests that the man on the horse was actually about to deliver a blow that could have been fatal to Moon Knight had it landed on the right part or had it dealt enough damage that the armor’s healing factor wasn’t going to allow Marc Spector to heal.

In that regard, it is possible that Moon Knight can still be killed if he suffered a wound that his healing factor might not be able to heal or if he’s suffered enough damage. A good shot on the head or a spear thrust through his heart could kill him. Of course, severing his head could also be a good way to kill him.

That said, it is quite possible to kill Moon Knight as long as the attack is strong enough to deal enough damage that would make it difficult for his body to heal. If he couldn’t get killed, then he wouldn’t have to bother dodging attacks as he could just easily tank them.

Also, it is worth noting that he is probably able to heal from his wounds whenever he’s wearing the Moon Knight suit, which Marc called the ceremonial healing armor of Khonshu. So, if he’s not wearing his armor, any wound that is normally fatal can probably kill him.

Is Moon Knight Immortal

While we did talk about Moon Knight being incredibly hard to kill because of his healing factor while he is wearing his armor, immortality is an entirely different thing because it is tied to a person’s natural death due to aging. So, is Moon Knight immortal?


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There is no reason to believe that Moon Knight is immortal, as it was hinted throughout the series that he can still die. The reason why Marc Spector didn’t want Layla to get involved in the entire mess is the fact that Khonshu is looking at her as his possible replacement. This means that he can die and that Khonshus is on the lookout for a new avatar. Of course, other Egyptian god avatars in the past have also died as well.

Can Moon Knight Come Back To Life?

In the comics, one of the things that Khonshu has done several times was to bring Marc Spector back to life. Moon Knight has died several times in the comics but was often brought back by Khonshu. But can the series version of Moon Knight also come back to life?

It is possible that the MCU version of Moon Knight cannot be brought back from the dead if ever he did indeed die. That’s because, as mentioned, Khonshu was already looking at Layla as his possible replacement if ever he did die. As such, the possibility is that Khonshu’s armor can heal people who are on the verge of death but will not bring back the dead.

Nevertheless, we still haven’t seen the full capabilities of Moon Knight in the series. We may be able to see either the armor or Khonshu displaying the ability to bring Moon Knight back to life, but that remains to be seen as the series progresses.

How Did Marc Spector Die Before Becoming Moon Knight?

In both the comics and the series, Marc Spector died or was on the verge of death before he became Moon Knight. Both of these versions show Marc dying in the sands of Egypt during one of his missions as a mercenary.

The series version explains that Marc Spector was working as a mercenary to retrieve something that Layla’s father probably found while working as an archeologist. He explains that his partner got greedy and started executing Layla’s father’s team of excavators. And when Marc tried to stop his partner, he himself got shot as well as he was dying in Egypt before Khonshu rescued him.

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